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Greens pledge to regulate tech giants to ensure only ‘verifiable identities’ on platforms

Are verified social media accounts on your list of concerns that you want candidates to tackle? #cdnpoli #elxn43


Are verified social media accounts on your list of concerns that you want candidates to tackle? cdnpoli elxn43

Is it possible for a government to enact this type of regulation, and would it actually address the problems the Greens have referenced? Global News asked three experts.

WATCH (Sept. 16, 2019): May outlines how she plans to pay for promises in Green Party platform

For starters, the idea of “quasi-licensing” social media users is a proposed solution to an early discussion in the Canadian context, according to Michael Geist and Elizabeth Dubois, two professors at the University of Ottawa.

WATCH (Sept. 11, 2019): Green Leader Elizabeth May launches election campaign

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Geist added whistleblowers to the list of those who benefit from anonymity online, arguing there are circumstances “where anonymous accounts serve real value.”

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‘It’s good to see these issues becoming part of the campaign’Caraway said that current privacy legislation in Canada is more focused on limiting what private organizations can do with the user information it collects, adding that the Greens’ proposal is almost a swing “in the opposite direction.”

Geist noted “there is a certain amount of irony” in the proposal, given citizens and governments are currently seized with and scrutinizing the extent of the personal information that major tech companies are collecting, as well how they’re using it and how well they’re protecting it.

“There’s no doubt these are really important issues that … merit debate and, in some instances, will merit real regulation.”

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“We take cyber threats to our democracy very seriously, including fake or anonymous social media accounts used to interfere with our democratic institutions. That’s why we’ve put in place a plan to prepare and respond to the threat and have ensured the government of Canada mobilizes government-wide expertise to anticipate, recognize and respond to these threats,” the statement said.

This spring, the Liberal government asked tech giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google to sign a declaration promising a dozen initiatives to protect the integrity of the Canadian election this fall. One of those initiatives was removing fake social media accounts.

Global News will update this article if it hears back from the Conservative Party.

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I finally Joined social media at 47. I thought it would be fun to mess with the liberals a bit. I'm most likely going to quit social media because all I see is hate, decisiveness and trying to silence voices. It's a very sad state of affairs and so much hateand anger is unhealthy 770CHQR Even though I'm comfortable, so far, with sharing my real life identity social media this should not, as a rule, be demanded of all social media platform users.

Serious? CanadianGreens ElizabethMay want a dictatorship system ? What about Freedom of speech ? elxn43 polcan cdnpoli MaximeBernier AndrewScheer How about gas prices or here’s one, cost of food! Only being able to use social media if you give a social security number? They’d lose all their users. Phone number is already a stretch

What this tells me is that the Greens have a ordinary soccer mom's understanding of how technology works and a pretty rudimentary understanding of how misinformation is spread. This is stupid....there are plenty of reasons for anonymous accounts that have nothing to do with trying to trick people. Second, right now I can put my account at my real name...Fred Smith, does that make you feel better? it shouldn't my name isn't Fred Smith.

Elizabeth May pitches Greens as holding balance of power in minority governmentThe Green Party of Canada says every policy in its platform -- from the economy to health, foreign affairs, immigration and transportation -- is viewed through the lens of the climate crisis. Yuuuup.... just like in BC. Guess my opinion on that! 😡 They will still be useless when Sheer and the Conservatives win a majority. drunken Liz

Elizabeth May unveils Green Party platformGreen Leader Elizabeth May urged Canadians to 'vote for what you want' as she unveiled her party's platform in Toronto. Watch her full statement here: cdnpoli elxn43 We don't want any Nutbars in Office ! Liz May has one goal. Just one. Take as many VOTES away from the Liberal party as possible. Free tuition? Puleese. But if it can steal away a vote...throw it out there. Did she mention China? We need to stop buying their cheap crap and buy higher quality made in Canada. Sure it will be more expensive but we will get it fixed instead of throwing it away. Win win , more jobs less global pollution.

A list of some of the Green Party's promisesThe Green Party released its platform Monday, with a focus on climate and reconciliation. Most of these I agree with, implementation will be impossible though so good luck with that.

LIVE: Green Party lays out party platformWATCH LIVE: Green Party Leader May launches the party's platform: cdnpoli elxn43 Someone get her more ice for her drink pisstank She is going to end the oil & gas & mining industries and increase the housing industry. Anyone have any experience in digging caves or building mud huts?

Evening Update: The latest on arrested intelligence official Cameron Ortis; U.S. says attack on Saudi oil facilities came from Iran or IraqElection 2019: Bernier to join leaders’ debates; Greens unveil platform; Liberals vow child-care support Must have some BIG batteries on these drones! The attack almost certainly came from the within Saudi Arabia, probably from the Eastern Province. To suggest otherwise is dim witted. Attack on Saudi lol facilities came from the Globe and Mail. Press freedom applies to everyone, where's my colum? Why would anyone believe the US intelligence service? Been there before. That war is still going on. Give world domination a rest US. Stay out of it.

Green platform proposes help for energy workers displaced under aggressive climate planGreen platform proposes help for energy workers displaced under aggressive climate plan GlobePolitics globepolitics Gonna stop sendinf their taxed money to other provinces via equalization until the region most affected has transitioned to a solid economy? globepolitics Very foggy plan.

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