Government wins unanimous consent to pass emergency COVID-19 legislation

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Trudeau said the government is trying to balance the need to act quickly to help Canadians with the need to remain accountable to Parliament.

Coronavirus, Andrew Scheer


Trudeau said the government is trying to balance the need to act quickly to help Canadians with the need to remain accountable to Parliament.

The government won unanimous consent to quickly pass emergency legislation to free up $82 billion to help Canadians weather the COVID-19 crisis.

He guaranteed Bloc support to approve the legislation. 1:47 Coronavirus outbreak: Scheer says Conservatives would like to see measures allow for parliamentary oversight while House is on break Coronavirus outbreak: Scheer says Conservatives would like to see measures allow for parliamentary oversight while House is on break The Commons eventually returned briefly Tuesday evening to extend the day’s sitting. Negotiations with the Conservatives were to continue and it remained possible that the Commons could yet approve the legislation by the end of the day. If it does get through the Commons, the plan was for the Senate to approve it Wednesday, followed immediately by royal assent. At a morning news conference, Scheer said the Conservatives had no issue with the relief package promised by Trudeau last week. But they wouldn’t agree to give the government a blank cheque to spend and tax as it pleases for almost two years, as initially proposed in a draft of the bill shared with opposition parties on Monday. Story continues below advertisement “Any conversation about new government powers should not get in the way of passing this much-needed assistance,” he said. “Canadians are counting on us.” Even as Scheer was speaking, Prime Minister tweeted that the legislation would be tabled “without clause 2,” suggesting the bill would not contain the offending elements. READ MORE: Coronavirus: Nearly 1 million Canadians applied for EI last week At his own news conference outside his residence, where he remains in self-isolation after his wife contracted COVID-19, Trudeau said the government is trying to balance the need to act quickly to help Canadians with the need to remain accountable to Parliament. “It is an exceptional situation that requires extreme flexibility and rapidity of response by governments to be able to help Canadians and react to a situation that we’ve seen is moving quickly every single day,” he said. “So saying, we have a Parliament that works, we have an Opposition that is doing its job of making sure that we are taking the right steps the right way.” 3:28 Coronavirus outbreak: Scheer calls on federal government to separate relief bill from other measures Coronavirus outbreak: Scheer calls on federal government to separate relief bill from other measures Trudeau arrived late for his news conference because he was on the phone with opposition leaders. He said the government was negotiating “up until the last minute” to find a way to give it the flexibility it needs to get the money into Canadians’ hands quickly while maintaining “our democratic institutions and the values that are so important to us all.” Story continues below advertisement Blanchet said the Bloc agrees the government needs some flexibility to quickly get financial relief to Canadians and businesses without having to recall Parliament each time — but that extraordinary power need not last longer than September. Scheer, meanwhile, sidestepped questions about whether the Tories are prepared to vote against the emergency-aid bill if it’s not changed to their satisfaction. Defeat of the bill would be a vote of no confidence for the minority Liberal government and possibly trigger an election. The bill only needs one party’s support to pass the Commons eventually but it needs the support of every MP present to be put through on the one-day schedule the Liberals want. READ MORE: Trudeau unveils $82B in aid for families, business amid coronavirus uncertainty “Our hope is that (the government) will stay focused on providing to Canadians, not focused on a power grab. Not focused on giving themselves unprecedented new powers,” Scheer said. The Conservative position on the bill was complicated by one of its own MPs, Scott Reid, who threatened on his website Tuesday to show up in the Commons, despite not being one of the designated 11 Tories who were supposed to be present, and deny the unanimous consent needed to expedite the bill’s passage. 1:54 Prime Minister Trudeau losing patience with people who don’t practice social distancing Prime Minister Trudeau losing patience with people who don’t practice social distancing He later amended his post to say he has no objection to same-day passage of the relief measures provided MPs have enough time to read and understand the bill. Story continues below advertisement Parliament adjourned on March 13 until at least April 20 as part of a countrywide effort to curb the spread of the virus. It was recalled Tuesday to deal with the emergency aid package but with only about one in every 10 MPs present in the Commons, seated at least two metres apart. After agreeing to extend the sitting beyond 7 p.m., Scheer began to cross the aisle to speak privately with Rodriguez. The two men pulled up short and spoke to each other at a safe distance. View link » Read more:

ARE YOU THAT GULLIBLE OR JUST STUPID? He has NO interest in Canadians, just his EGO. What we can expect from the dimwit who said he admires the Communist Chinese Dictatorship. TrudeauMustGo TrudeauDictatorship how did he think that was reasonable? Parliament can convene periodically to provide oversight. Underhanded, sneaky attempt at a power grab

Was this before or after he tried to become an autocrat? Talk about being in someone’s pocket One word for this article.... BULLSHIT !!!!! Wow talk about twisting what really went on tuesday about Trudeau's power grab. Global news is fake news . . . looks like global is vieing to be the voice of the new dictatorship . . . cbc will respond unfavourably . . .

Lying snake is our not so honorable PM JustinTrudeau.. Get your heads out of the sand and actually read what was proposed. 2 years of totalitarian control by Trudeau. No oversight, no house or senate votes needed for anything. Unlimited ability to spend and tax citizens without any oversight. Much more too! Do your job.

Hitler, leftist hero: Ldr of National Socialist Worker's Party, socialist policies, 1st animal & enviro laws, govt intervention in pvt industry, seized firearms, ended private property, vegetarian, childless dog lover, drug user, admired Islam, & killed millions of white people

Cannabis companies pen letter seeking government help amid COVID-19Cannabis companies are calling on Ottawa to provide immediate help for the industry, hurt by the steps taken to slow the spread of COVID-19. WTH Um really. Canada..the first drug dealers in the world who can’t sell weed

Except that's not what they did. At all. Get half to build housing and grocery subsidies for healthy unemployed as well as sick and handicapped instead of giving subsidy of 375 a month *IF you can find a place to rent and need to tip in the rest of the actual rent with the food subsidy*. Stop non-profit grow headcounts

You have sold your soul to the devil ... many times ... Go to where you belong ... to HELL ... and never come back !!! Hahaha. He’s accountable alright to no one and the paid off media keeps giving him a free pass. defundmedia He acted like a Gold Digging Whore trying to steal power like a Tin-pot dictator. This would almost be traitorous trying to grab power

I'Am disabled and i worked for 30yrs. I don't see what money is available to me and many like me that have less help then the people who never worked and are able to work and get medical,dental,housing,taxi's,drug plan and nothing to worry about. Why disabled people are alone. Act quickly please to stop this virus!

How much if our money are you getting? Remember the Phoenix pay thing? It’s still going on after 3 years. Government can’t even pay itself. You’re not getting a penny of that money peasants!!! This is not a fully true report. There was an attempt at a power grab, it got shut down and put back in favor of all 🇨🇦.

Provinces tighten freedoms, police get help from citizens in fight against COVID-19Police forces in Canada are getting extra powers, more flexibility and even help from citizens reporting on one another as governments seek to enforce decrees aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19. CTVAtlantic Here in Nova Scotia Dr. Strang discouraged reporting on those who don't follow the rules & called those who do report 'rats'. Police state? Did u check out Costco in Windsor Ontario this morning. The savages are running wild with no care for there fellowman.. no police enforcing at all

Accountable to parliament? When ALL OPPOSITION MPs would be voting to give a minority liberal gov ttl control thus nullifying their own PHUKING jobs.nothing sinister there eh! Now CDNs know Trudeau had & has nil intentions to truly help CDNs & Canada..votenoconfidenceNow It's amazing how many lies and distortions can be bought with media 'subsidies'. What do you think will happen to you when your patron is gone?

And you believed him? Accountability does not go with anything JustinTrudeau says or does as the PM stephenharper is missed by Canada! Another lie? Was this before or after he increased your corporate welfare payments To other countries Trudeau said.... biggest lier in Canadian history. I don’t trust this idiot, he got caught trying to screw Canadians, again

Ontario To Reduce Hydro Rates Amid COVID-19 PandemicOntario to reduce hydro rates amid COVID-19 pandemic Isn’t it funny how the government can do basically everything we bitched about. School debt on pause (could easily be wiped out if wanted), and now hydro is finally going down. What a joke. Bravo Bravo........ Something like 80% of the price of electricity in Ontario is pure markup. If I remember correctly, they call it a Competition Fee... We have the cheapest electricity on the planet and it’s not “fair” to others so they mark it up.

Freeze rent payments. Protect Canada. Do not release prisoners from jail. Protect Canada. Lock-Down cities from coast to coast. Protect Canada. FREEZE RENT, this must be stressed. We have enough homeless people already. FREEZE RENT for 6 months. Liberal backed media spin. Well done Global JustinTrudeau Watching him this morning has me frustrated, typical politician not answering and avoiding point blank questions

Government needs to suspend all personal and business mortgages for 90 days. No applications no begging just do it, across the board. Protect our homes protect our businesses Still cheerleading for this asinine excuse for a man Global? I would say 'shame on you' but you don't care. Media sucks. Hey Global if you think the Liberals did not plan for this your dreaming. Also Trudeau does not give a damn about Canadians. If he did he would not have called us all Racist, sent our medical supplies to China and would have closed our borders and flights.

How about some honest reporting? Garbage media. When has that POS ever been accountable to Parliament? The government must ALWAYS be accountable to parliament. It’s the only way they can be accountable to the PEOPLE! This guy is poison !

Ryan Reynolds Answers Justin Trudeau’s Call To Spread COVID-19 AwarenessSeth Rogen and other Canadian celebs are stepping up to help 'plank the curve.' Well Ontario barely closed anything so i guess the spread will continue I am moved moved by words from regular people. People who have no job/income by staying home. People who are really making a sacrifice, not celebrities and rich politicians. Great.

Liars! Report the attempted power grab!!!!!!!!!! Is the PM aware that facial hair is a source in which the virus harbors & thrives in easily & spreads especially since most men tend to touch it often ? Male essential service providers have been told to shave off their facial hair, y isn't he setting an example ?JustinTrudeau

but if stephenharper had attempted this? all your yellow journalists would be flexing their apocalyptic creative writing skills on a dark dystopian future. you are liars of the worst order, apparatchiks and traitors. NO MORE STATE FUNDS FOR THE MEDIA A power grab. Simple. Easy to say. And the truth. Why can’t CBCNews CTVNews and any other broadcaster say that. It’s time to start reporting the news and stop trying to cover it up. If you have to kiss liberal ass to keep the doors open then maybe it’s time to close

You're carrying the water for him. Parliament can act quicker than laws and regulations can be written. You are INFERRING that CONSERVATIVES are not interested in helping Canadians. THAT is what you are inferring. THAT is a LIE. SHILLS. He's not a leader. He does not have the experience. He's weak. Global News is spreading more Lies. Are you Effin kidding me. We all know what Trudeau is doing. Quit lieing for him. It’s way to obvious ‼️

This headline describes what really happened Deception tactics, appearing innocent of unconstitutional power grab plans. Independent transparent investigation into planned coup against the people of Canada by the government is mandatory to complete justice. Ultimately The truth will prevail. JustinTrudeau cafreeland

Unfortunately the Liberal's have done nothing in their tenure to be accountable to Parliament. On the contrary. But you keep on keeping on to prop up this corruption. Canadians are watching.

There’s a ‘special place in hell’ for scammers amid COVID-19 pandemic, Alberta premier says'There must be a special place in hell for people like that,” Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said when referring to those who prey on the vulnerable amid the COVID19 pandemic. Yes. The liberals and trudeau trying bald-faced to form a dictatorship with the leverahe of a global pandemic. B*st*rds There will always be 'scum of the earth' around. Fortunately, there are more kind and caring people. There was a movie where once a day Hitler was brought into Satan's office to have a full pineapple shoved up his ass. We need a government department that does that to scammers. I am willing to come out of retirement.

You Are a criminal Step Down and Bring the Minister who replaced the other Criminal Because Both Failed There Duty to Report and Lay Indictments against You. As Canadians we are to Adhere to the Criminal Code not your Shakespearean Acts. You Claim Accountability but talk CIRCLES No taxation without representation. All citizens have a duty to resist tyranny.

No. Trudeau is trying to gain power as despotic rulers do. During a crisis, Mr. Trudeau was ready and willing to become your dictator for your own good. Even during a pandemic, Trudeau can’t be trusted. JT and the LeftieLiberals tried to sneak-in legislation allowing them to raise taxes and spend freely. What a bunch of absolute LOW LIFES ! One of the most corrupt governments on the face of the earth !

Quit kissing ass and start being journalists. 😡 f Trudeau wants to work quickly he’d Eliminate emergency war act as well& only have provisions for care. But he continues pelosiing his imbalanced demands with care. Let people die & return to biz as usuals rather live in a sick free Canada than canazuela CPC_HQ AndrewScheer

No, he isn't. This is all about a power grab. Balance the need to act quickly? They sat on their ass for months before doing anything. And when they did claim to do something, they lied, and continue to lie. Trudeau is 100% responsible for the mess Canada is in right now. TrudeauLiedPeopleDied PM changed tune after realizing that his power-grabbing clause didn't fly. IF U WANT TO TRULY HELP CANADIANS, U COULD'VE MADE A BILL THAT GIVES CDNs THAT MUCH NEEDED AID, PERIOD! Instead u added a clause abt sweeping power on ur gov't 2 tax & spend w/o parliamentary oversight

7-Eleven warns Calgary customers after employee tests positive for COVID-19A 7-Eleven in Calgary has asked staff to “self-isolate with pay for 14 days,” adding that it wants customers who were in the store between March 4 and 17 to contact Alberta Health Services. But yet after the mass 'closure' announcement from Ontario Quebec ...... Almost no changes are actually made. FlattenTheCuve or just appear we want to 'with pay' 👍 CP24 fordnation JustinTrudeau Wow, if 7-eleven can pay its workers, why aren’t more larger companies doing the same...? They are just handing out ROE’s. What is the money the government setting aside for companies for..? I thought it was to pay workers...

Is that how the slime all spins it? For 22 months? Who is he trying to kid? He must all be morons at Global. Ya, you can Trust a Trudeau! Seems to me the lieberals have been defeated! Trudeau tried to become a dictator! TrudeauDictatorship Liar. Always trying to work an angle. Still haven’t figured out the UN Security Seat angle yet- suspect Trudeau is trying for a cushy job of some sort.

Utter Bull shit. This power grab attempt by Trudeau was absolutely disgraceful. Balance this. Canadians understand that there is a crisis, but they also see the literal dictatorship that you tried to impose, with unlimited spending for over a year and a half, and the ability to raise taxes with impunity. No thanks....

Cute way of framing the attempted overturning of the election results. Trudeau's reaction after reading this tweet.

Bullshit. Why didn't he just split the 27 bill of the rest and pass it? Because he's a lying pos. Nothing he's said or done has been honest Why was it no big deal for 2 months then all of a sudden extreme panic? Why didn’t we begin producing medical equipment a month ago? Why didn’t we ban flights a month ago? You mean act quickly like this? 👇🏻

*fails power grab you know this bill was a smoke screen for a power grab Accountable!!! We all know this is a straight up lie. Trudeau would never use that word because he doesn't even know it exists. Right How about simply follow what has worked for 150 yrs Um No, the Trudeau government is trying to give itself more power and avoid accountability


Your headlines are absolutely nauseating More like tried to take advantage of a crisis situation and exploit distracted people. Why do you need blind unchallenged power till 2022 if the crisis is only going to last 2 months trudeaulied Canada Somebody just give him a crown and maybe he’ll settle down.

ya, sure. It should be an easy go dude Shilling for our little wannabe dictator again. I guess the Trudeau dollars truck still stops at your offices. TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauMustGo Good, at least we got consensus and the Bill passed. See, if they all work really hard and have a foot on their neck, they can get stuff done.

Minority Liberals with less than 35% of the citizens votes attempted to give themselves a majority gov. With zero oversight or opposition is somehow a commitment to be accountable to parliament? Liberal logic? Shame on you You’re a Fake News organization that supports a Fascist Dictator. Your Supreme Leader tried a power grab at the last second to increase his power and remove rights & freedoms of Canadians. He jeopardized the bill & you closed your eyes FakeNewsMedia

Plus give you more power when that is the last thing you need. Hey Global, the CDC & WHO both recommend against giving Liberals rimjobs during this pandemic.

Do what ever it takes sir. Check out Saskatchewan. You forgot “Without any oversight of their spending and taxation until December 2021” anyonebutconservatives That’s all I have to say. Hahahaha! The need to be accountable to Parliament t he says. Then why did he try to sneak through a bill giving himself all unrestrained power and control!? Hahaha

Saving lives but ruining their retirement investments. Ethical dilemma... China is refusing to sell Canada protective equipment after JustinTrudeau the traitor gave China 16 tonnes of PPE on the day the first Canadian died of Wuhan plague. Report on that you propaganda filth. he is good! times were bad. solutions delayed. i lost some time :) all is legit

they want to purposefully let the virus spread among people who are at low risk, so that a large part of the population becomes immune, seems like only explanation 🤷‍♂️ tries to become dictator overnight JUST TRYING TO REMAIN ACCOUNTABLE, YOU GUUUUISE!!

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