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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, U.S. President Donald Trump

Globe editorial: When Donald Trump goes low, Canada should go high

When Donald Trump goes low, Canada should go high @GlobeDebate

2020-04-07 3:07:00 AM

When Donald Trump goes low, Canada should go high GlobeDebate

The Trudeau government should show we’re with our friends in Michigan, and with all Americans - don’t hit back, send help

This translation has been automatically generated and has not been verified for accuracy.Open this photo in galleryU.S. President Donald Trump holds a press briefing with members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force on April 5, 2020 in Washington, DC. Last week, U.S. President Donald Trump ordered the manufacturer 3M to stop exporting protective masks, including to Canada.

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Sarah Silbiger/Getty ImagesAt the western end of the world’s longest undefended border, straddling the frontier and overlooking the Pacific, is the Peace Arch. “Brethren dwelling together in unity,” reads an inscription on it.Beneath the huge structure, iron gates are mounted on the inside walls. Above those on the west side is written: “1814 Open one hundred years 1914.” And on the east side: “May these gates never be closed.”

At the other end of the continent, nearly 5,000 kilometres away, there’s a border marker erected around the same time, between St. Stephen, N.B., and Calais, Maine. “This unfortified boundary line,” it says, “should quicken the remembrance of the more than a century old friendship between these countries. A lesson of peace to all nations.”

Story continues below advertisementIt’s been a while since anybody’s pulse has been quickened by the world’s most spectacularly boring border. And therein lies the lesson.More than a hundred years ago, Canadians and Americans built monuments to the friendship and co-operation that have grown along a line once marked by conflict, suspicion and war.

It’s easy to forget, and so most have forgotten, that U.S. troops once burned and looted Toronto and, in retaliation, Washington was captured and torched.But faint echoes of that history remain. Among the 14 Canadian military heroes commemorated at the Valiants Memorial, next to Ottawa’s National War Memorial, five made their names fighting against the United States. And when Americans sing their national anthem, few ponder the strangeness of a song about defending themselves against us.

Thanks to the wisdom of generations of leaders on both sides of the border, that’s a distant, barely remembered past.But the danger of co-operation giving way to conflict and friendship turning to grief is always there. Particularly at a moment when a pandemic has thrown governments into a panic and the White House is occupied by a man who never met a friend he didn’t want to stick it to.

Last week, U.S. President Donald Trump ordered the manufacturer 3M to stop exporting protective masks, including to Canada. The company’s N95 masks are much in demand and the world currently has a shortage. This has created a mad scramble, with wealthy countries fighting against each other for supply, and even U.S. states and the federal government coming to blows.

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Story continues below advertisementIn this case, 3M pushed back at the President’s demand, saying that disrupting global supply chains risks harming everyone, including the United States. The U.S. both imports and exports protective equipment, and sources material around the world. For example, a special wood pulp mix used in many masks comes from a mill in Nanaimo, B.C. It’s about 90 kilometres from the Peace Arch.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has repeatedly been asked how he will hit back at Mr. Trump. He has repeatedly rejected the idea. That is wise. Eye-for-an-eye retaliation would have us all go blind.One measure Mr. Trudeau has been urged to consider involves closing the border to commuting Canadian health workers. Around 1,600 nurses live in Windsor, Ont., but cross the border every day to hospitals in Detroit. That city is the epicentre of a massive outbreak, and has recorded almost as many COVID-19 deaths as all of Canada. At the Henry Ford Hospital, 40 per cent of the nurses are Canadians. Without them, health care there would collapse.

Should Canada cut off Detroit’s lifeline? Of course not. Instead, the Trudeau government should show we’re with our friends in Michigan, and with all Americans. Don’t hit back. Send help.Rather than making it harder for these brave Canadians to do their critical jobs in the U.S., Canada should give them a hand. Detroit has a lot of empty hotels these days, and Ottawa should rent several of them and offer Canadian health-care workers in the city free lodging, for the duration. Help our nurses to continue saving American lives, while reducing the risk of them infecting their loved ones back home through daily border crossings.

Most Americans are ashamed of Mr. Trump. They’ve been ashamed for the better part of four years. A gesture of generosity on the part of Canada would be a reminder, to people of goodwill on both sides of the border, that this isn’t how the world is supposed to be. We’re better than this.

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GlobeDebate I can't remember where I've heard that before but I feel like it worked out last time GlobeDebate When Trump goes low we should step on him. GlobeDebate It is the only way to be when you are dealing with a narcissist! You will never win, so you my as well be seen doing the right thing!! GlobeDebate Most of us are high, thank goodness!

GlobeDebate Well, it's good that weed is legal, then; because we would be high all the time. GlobeDebate Hard not too!!! GlobeDebate When g go fake we should mention that GlobeDebate Trump ordered 3M not to sell to Canada? You communists collaborators might want to check your sources. When are you publishing the follow up propaganda piece about Huawei donating masks?

GlobeDebate Orange Man Bad. GlobeDebate I constantly remind myself that Trump isn’t America and America isn’t Trump. Most Americans despise this pathetic excuse for a man and can’t wait to turf him out in November. We can’t take his bate to endanger the most successful cross-border relationship in the world.

GlobeDebate So Canada always has to go high? Lol 😂 GlobeDebate Media should be “taking aim at Trudeau” since he GAVE AWAY 16 tonnes of PPE to China a few weeks ago in a PANDEMIC...!!!! China sent some crap back we CAN’T use like they sent to Australia, Spain, France and the Netherlands...INCOMPETENCE KILLS...

GlobeDebate NOT all American's voted for this heartless sob and YES he is more than an embarrassment. Our country has failed under his administration. God help us GlobeDebate Donald J doesn't understand high GlobeDebate This is a good idea. GlobeDebate Low: Protect the people you swore to protect. High: Protect everyone but those who you swore to protect, especially veterans who swore to protect the same people, but actually did. -The Globalist and Anti-Male

GlobeDebate Good grief. Was it bring your kid and let them do your job day at globe and mail? Pathetic. GlobeDebate Former PM Paul Martin is right COVID19 is bigger than any one Leader or any one Nation 'It takes a community to raise a child' It will take the whole world in cooperation to win the battle against COVID19Pandemic WHO G20 cdnpoli JaroGiesbrecht

GlobeDebate Let’s not forget that Trudeau sent millions to China in January. Can you blame a country for not taking care of its citizens?! GlobeDebate We are.... Prime Minister Trudeau does not fall for trump’s con game. GlobeDebate Why not ask why Canada didn't support Canadian manufacturing? GlobeDebate No matter what Canada does we are 10x higher than Trump is. And sad that we call it Trump and not the USA as the people over there are amazing!

GlobeDebate Didn’t JustinTrudeau send 16 tonnes of medical supplies to China, ultimately leaving Canada with a shortfall? Asking for a friend. GlobeDebate Telford approved,await further instructions. GlobeDebate Yeah? How’s that working out? When we go high in response to his going low...he sneaks back in and rabbit-punches you. Or steals your wallet.

GlobeDebate GlobeDebate I wish he would just go away. See GlobeDebate How dare he stand up for his people (who are dying faster than we are contracting) and make sure they get proper care. He should be hiding in his house for 4 weeks where he belongs. GlobeDebate Well, it didn't work for HillaryClinton, but it just may work for Canada

GlobeDebate 'Goes low'? Trump's baseline is bedrock. He lives low. GlobeDebate Trump makes for a good excuse for people looking to justify their own extremely low standards Them and a bought and paid for media attempting to earn their bribe GlobeDebate Trudeau sent 16 tonnes of ppe to China when he knew that we’d need it here, as usual is asking the wrong questions 👇🏻

GlobeDebate Love him or hate him, Trump is out there leading from the front and taking on the lying media. Skippy Trudeau is hiding in his lair and come out long enough to spew meaningless liberal bullshit. GlobeDebate When G&M slither, cut head off snake GlobeDebate Didn't work for Hillary. GlobeDebate Only a left wing lug nut could write this

GlobeDebate Screw that! We need a strong backbone and response to this horseshit! fordnation PeterMacKay JustinTrudeau nytimes BBCWorld 3M TorontoStar WHO GlobeDebate False. Fake News. Canada was always being considered but first response had to be stabilizing production. Another case of Canadian media nonsense.

GlobeDebate Canadian economy will rise at great pace, the US should be good friends with them always! GlobeDebate STFU GlobeDebate Which means going absolutely nowhere, as usual GlobeDebate No

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Diane Francis: Canada should reciprocate Trump’s medical export ban and bring our doctors and nurses homeDiane Francis: Canada should reciprocate Trump's medical export ban and bring our doctors and nurses home Trump had to steal the respirators or he would eat it during the next election. It is in human to pull doctors and if we start a trade war Trump would love to shut the oil valves from Canada. They don’t need the oil. Imagine when the food trucks stop. If they haven't come home yet, guess what. But please keep up with your totalitarian ideas. Just stop this senseless bickering. The USA has always been our greatest friend.

3M Strikes Deal With Trump Administration To Continue Mask ExportsThe Minnesota-based company supplies respirators to the U.S., Canada and Latin America. Of course U.S. will send supplies to Canada cause Canada threatened not to send them the paper (only made in Canada) to enable 3M to make the masks. No masks for us then no supplies for 3M to make them. Shouldn't have come to this. Should be there for each other. More Trump B.S. Of course he backed off when called out on it. LOL

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