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Elxn 43, Cdnpoli

Get out and vote Green in the election, May tells climate protesters

Get out and vote Green in the election, May tells climate protesters #elxn43 #cdnpoli


Get out and vote Green in the election, May tells climate protesters elxn43 cdnpoli

Green Leader Elizabeth May supports activists who are blocking bridges to spur efforts against climate change , but she says people should get out and vote if they want real action.

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But she quickly adds that voting Green in the coming federal election is the most effective way to ensure Canada confronts the climate emergency by significantly curbing greenhouse-gas emissions.

May says the Greens will oppose construction of a fossil-fuel pipeline anywhere in Quebec.

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She is so out touch with reality We need one of the networks to have a Harry Potter movie marathon on the 21st, that will ensure none of them will show up. And heat your house with The are the new left terrorists on the globe Your big steaming pile of crazy lost you a lot of votes last night. Singh should send you a thank you card.

Fuck no! hahaha that's the only hope she has to get any f'in votes... lunatic crazed eco alarmist and brainwashed kids... which is why she wants 8yo to be able to vote... XD haha what a dink May you have a serious issue science facts are not the IPCC they are a political front to appease there political bosses

What is labyrinthitis, the condition BC Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver suffers from?Online B.C. health website HealthLinkBC says the condition occurs when the part of the inner ear that helps control an individual’s balance gets swollen and inflamed

May leads a party of professional protestors who are being used by leftist elitists to accomplish their end game. Basically they are on welfare. This coming from an American born convict! Check MY facts! Yes, vote for the watermelon party collapsitarian. GET OUT AND PLANT SOME TREES ,AND HAND IN YOUR CELL PHONES AND COMPUTERS,AND GET A FUCKING JOB ..

Not because you called the green party ir mean that you have a clue No way. No way I’m voting for a drunk Not in this life time. She would be number 5 on my list Why was she even at the debate?

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Every time we have a federal election I keep hoping this is the one where Loony Liz will finally lose her seat and (hopefully) move on to another career. Unfortunately she's poised to do well this election so I suppose I'll have to wait 4 more years. Didn’t she support Gian Gomeshi? And Omar Khadr? And wants to give out free narcotics? Nope. Not gonna vote for you.

Have to ask: What has the Green party actually done actively to reduce pollution, educate, etc., around climate and pollution control? Anything at all. Although the party is named 'Green,' my opinion is it's a misnomer. They could be called the 'Beige party' for what it's worth. Greens will soon discover that a large portion of these people are just hungry for attention and protesting means more to them than voting.

On our way! They don’t even know where there next meal is coming from. Good luck getting these losers to vote!

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2nd whistleblower may have fresh information for House DemocratsA new whistleblower is stepping forward in the Democrats' impeachment inquiry with what their lawyer says is 'firsthand knowledge of key events.' Global: Trump released the transcript. You can read it yourself. Go ahead, try it. You can do it. You don't always just have to regurgitate the talking points. You could do some actual reporting! Just imagine what we would know if Canadian media did actual investigative reporting into the Canadian Government, instead of simply ignoring, deflecting and covering up, Canadian Government scandals. As opposed to the other “whistleblower” who just made shot up. Hey Global, why no articles on the real crimes of Biden and the Democrats in the Ukraine? Is it because the fourth estate is dead and now you’re just a bunch of presstitutes?

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New whistleblower may give House Democrats fresh leadsHouse Democrats leading an impeachment inquiry of U.S. President Donald Trump's dealings with Ukraine may have fresh information to work with after a new whistleblower stepped forward with what the person's lawyer said were firsthand knowledge of key events. The desperate usually succeed because they have nothing to lose. Yes, Into another fake narrative that will spend the tax payers dollars. This will once become another witch hunt in which realDonaldTrump will have done nothing wrong. The agenda that this new wave of CorruptNews is blatantly biased as well as FakeNews.

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