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Gas Prices, Canada Gas Prices

Gas prices in Canada will feel slight impact from Saudi attack, for now: analysts

Saudi Arabia is racing to restore production, but analysts say global impacts could broaden as more time passes.


Drivers “pretty much coast to coast” can expect a five-cent increase on gasoline per litre come Wednesday, analysts say.

Saudi Arabia is racing to restore production, but analysts say global impacts could broaden as more time passes.

Story continues below Typically, Canada transitions from summer- to winter-blend gasoline around Sept. 15. During this time, prices can drop anywhere from three to four cents.

If the incident overseas happened a few weeks earlier, that price could’ve been much higher, he said.

Saturday’s drone attack on Saudi Arabia’s energy infrastructure cut off oil production and sent crude prices rising.

WATCH: Drone attacks on Saudi Arabia oil plants may halve crude output

Roger McKnight, a senior petroleum analyst at En-Pro International, said gas prices in Eastern Canada and those west of Thunder Bay are “linked” to the situation in Saudi Arabia.

“But this is really unprecedented because we don’t know how long this is going to be going on.”

Saudi Arabia is racing to restore oil production, but it could take weeks before full production capacity resumes.

The weekend attack led U.S. President Donald Trump to authorize the release of American strategic reserves, should they be necessary to help stabilize markets.

Trump later asserted that the U.S. is “locked and loaded” to respond to the weekend drone assault.

“It’s a horrendous effect on diesel,” said McKnight.

He warned that a surge in diesel could have a trickle-down effect over time — including getting food to the table.

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This is good news for the Canadian Tax Collection Service. charlesadler Alberta should be happy, oil prices will probably rise for awhile. A good war in the Middle East is probably something they will cheer for. KSA oil enslaved you? Too bad Canada closed most of its refineries. We're stuck using world prices for our fuel unlike most exporting countries

I just filled my tank at $1.104 for a total of almost $45. The Mercedes that pulled up beside me, pumped $10.23! These companies find any reason to raise price they are in the buisness of making money that their only purpose. best way to combat is stop driving use public transport or start cycling walking.

Funny the world analysts say different.. Gouging by oil companies assisted Do your research or stop pretending your anything but a mouth piece for big oil 7% loss to the entire planet 4% regained by the north switching to winter blend Price increase negligible Next week expect another price increase due to the changeover to winter gas!

The Saudi attack is going to affect the price of October prices not Wednesday’s. 🙄 We are getting ripped off again 20 for BC

What the drone attack in Saudi Arabia means for gas prices in CanadaA drone strike in Saudi Arabia took out more than five per cent of the global oil production capacity, but analysts say the impact on prices at Canadian gas stations could be minor. Hmmmm... I wonder. rexglacer What the drone attack in Saudi Arabia by an OPEC country will do to 🇨🇦's gas prices now that turdeau has effectively destroyed the energy sector in 🇨🇦. There fixed it for you. TrudeauMustGo

Oh the fake attack. Meanwhile we produce it and still have to pay more Well, of course they will raise the prices! Anytime, anyone sneezes, or there is any kind of a disruption SOMEWHERE in the World, they raise the prices! Never mind that the gas in the tanks or in the system is already paid for; RAISE THE PRICES! WE NEED MORE PROFIT! Raise the gas

Why 5¢ ? The Saudi attack is just an excuse that is not justified charlesadler Is that “5 cents” BEFORE or AFTER all the multitude of taxes? 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Wouldn't it be nice if we could get our oil from our own country? Oh, wait...🙄 Time to really concentrate on other forms of energy If only someone ACTUALLY built a pipeline in this country.... Oh wait...

Plus another ten-cent increase in November, if liberal_party wins in October and hikes the Carbon Tax as promised?

Crude oil prices surge after Saudi Arabia plant attackThe attack Saturday on led to the interruption of an estimated 5.7 million barrels of the kingdom’s crude oil production per day, equivalent to over 5 per cent of the world’s daily supply. Another reason for me to learn more about clean energy Maybe Iran could pick up the slack if we ask nicely. Western Canada shakes it head as Eastern Canada winds up those wind turbines and solar panels. After all the arrogance they have shown towards the west and not wanting our oil but loved the transfer payments. Think of that Oct 21st eastern Canada, you like that foreign oil?

The cathmckenna Electric Car Company is still not happening. I guess that's why she got her boss to buy her a pipeline. All the better to tax you with my dear. So says 🐎 The Carbon Tax Kid. ⛽ cdnpoli ⚡🚗💁😳🍻 charlesadler This driver has put $$$ down on an electric car. Tired of this nonsense. BS all BS

so oil prices drop and were told prices at the pump take weeks to respond because they arent completely correlated..oil prices rise, price at the pumps go up immediately..also why are we buying saudi oil when we have so much here at home.

Iran dismisses U.S. allegation it was behind attacks on Saudi Arabia oil sitesThe attacks Saturday claimed by Yemen’s Houthi rebels resulted in “the temporary suspension of production operations” at the Abqaiq processing facility and the Khurais oil field, Riyadh said.

Attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil plants threaten U.S. gasoline price hikes, particularly in CaliforniaThe recent drone attacks may start a gasoline price hike across North America Good Of course Doug Ford will blame the federal carbon tax.

Second Alberta man told to remove pro-oil and gas shirt during Parliament tourFor the second time this month, a Calgary man was told to remove his “I love Canadian oil and gas” shirt while visiting Ottawa’s Parliament. Pure BS! Some people are allowed to wear headwear that covers their face, but freedom of expression is not allowed on ones’ clothing .... Our laws are weakening ... cmon Canada! TrudeauMustGo

Iran dismisses U.S. allegation it was behind Saudi oil attacks Iran has denied that it was involved in Yemen rebel drone attacks the previous day that hit the world's biggest oil processing facility and an oil field in Saudi Arabia . Iran will own the US when the Democrats get back in power. Biden will forget who Iran is Quit LIEING Iran 🇮🇷 or your days are numbered ! 👇 U.S. pointing fingers again? Wonder whos fingers were up whos arse to point.

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