From serious to scurrilous, some Jimmy Hoffa theories

2021-11-25 8:54:00 AM

From serious to scurrilous, some Jimmy Hoffa theories

From serious to scurrilous, some Jimmy Hoffa theories

The FBI's confirmation last week that it was looking at a spot near a New Jersey landfill as the possible burial site of former Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa is the latest development in a search that began when he disappeared in 1975.

Who put it forth:------Self-described hit man Donald "Tony the Greek" Frankos in a 1989 Playboy magazine interview.------Former Hoffa aide and strong-arm Joseph Franco in the 1987 book "Hoffa's Man."------Sheeran.Theory:Outcome:

Theory:Outcome:Who put it forth:--------Reputed Mafia captain Tony Zerilli in the online "Hoffa Found." Zerilli was in prison for organized crime when Hoffa disappeared, but he claimed he was informed about Hoffa's whereabouts after his release.

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He was ahead of his time. Close encounters of the 3rd Kind was actually a documentary concerning the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa? That kind of theory?

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