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Coronavirus, Covıd-19

From curbside pickup to home delivery: COVID-19 is shifting how Canadians get groceries

Will grocery delivery and curbside pick up remain after the pandemic is passed?

2020-05-23 8:33:00 PM

Has the way you get groceries changed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic?

Will grocery delivery and curbside pick up remain after the pandemic is passed?

Home delivery is slowing though, they’re getting about 45 orders a day there.“I’m hoping the delivery can stay,” Spinelli said, adding she’d like to continue the service for seniors with mobility issues, or people with weakened immune systems.“Curbside, we’ll see how it goes.”

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Spinelli is hopeful customers will feel safe returning to the stores soon though.“The Italian Centre is very much a gathering place. It’s a very different feel than walking into a big box store,” she explained.“They come here because they’re really connected to our team, they see our friends here. That’s what I think makes us different.”

The grand opening of the Calgary Italian Centre Shop took place on July 2, 2015.Italian Centre ShopLike the Italian Centre Shop, which also serves restaurants, Gordon Food Services was significantly impacted by the restaurant restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus.

“When the pandemic lockdown happened and restaurants were forced to close or not allowed to have any in house guests, our volume took a significant drop,” director of sales Joel Marsh said.As consumers worried about potential food shortages, the company had a warehouse full of products, but nobody to sell it to. Necessity pushed the 120-year-old company to try something new.

Story continues below advertisement“We’ve decided to offer our products, which are normally available to restaurants and institutions, to the general public through our Gordon Express platform,” Marsh said.launched about a month ago in Alberta. Customers can shop online and pick up their groceries curbside. It’s also available in Ontario and Quebec.

Recently the company added $15 next-day delivery as well.The most popular items are typically meats.“Steaks, chicken, seafood – items that have somewhat been in limited supply in the retail environment,” Marsh explained.Tweet ThisBut Gordon Express is carrying a wide array of products, including dry goods, cleaning supplies and produce. The service has been slowly growing and the company is optimistic demand for it will continue post-pandemic.

McKinsey’s recent survey found even though user growth of curbside pickups is through the roof in Canada, up 168 per cent, only 26 per cent of people intend to continue this practice post-pandemic.Grocery delivery, up 75 per cent, is more likely to remain popular, with 38 per cent of Canadians surveyed stating they plan to have their groceries come to them in the future.

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Story continues below advertisementIn a statement, Loblaws, which operates major grocery stores including Real Canadian Superstore and No Frills said its online shopping experience has also increased significantly through thePC Express app and website

.“As the demand grew to levels we didn’t expect for years to come, the business scaled up in order to serve more people, faster, including hiring hundreds of new personal shoppers and adding thousands of slots every week to increase capacity across the country.”

Tweet ThisThe statement went on to say, “while our PC Express service levels have begun to normalize following the unprecedented spike in use, we believe as consumers return to normal shopping that we’ll continue to see higher demand, as people have become comfortable with the technology and accustomed to the convenience.”

Atin Edmonton, owner Jerry MacLachlin said he started offering free curbside pickup in response to consumer demand.Story continues below advertisement“We really like to listen to our customer’s needs and stay on top of their asks: one of which was an option that they not have to come into the store.”

He said he’s shifted some employees from departments that had to close into other roles in the store, including picking orders.“Because of how fast we needed to move, we weren’t able to build an actual website where you would select products and add it to a cart, but we do it by email. There’s a human being on the other end of that email.”

MacLachlin estimates they fill about 60 orders a week and could do more. The service is being offered free of charge. Read more: »

Of course it has. I get a few hundred in groceries now so I only have to go every 6 weeks or so. Before, I would barely keep anything in the house and just go get what I felt like eating that night or for a couple days Stand in line at Costco for 10 minutes and have only a certain number of people in the store. Not having to wait for an eternity for a till to open up I will take it any day.

I can’t concentrate , I have to think about the rules and forget what I have to pick up 😡 No. I walk against the arrow direction Personally no..That being said all depends on the big grocers....When this all started they were good stepped up fast & made it work.However somewhere along, there's always some schmuck thinks he can improve shit thus makes weekly idiotic changes that only slows the whole process

Comments are insane. Shopping online is great. Drive up and they load into the trunk. Done in 10 minutes. BOOM. Hope this curb side pickup lasts forever. Thanks GroceryGateway Nope. I don’t like humans to begin with so I always shop right when the open or right before closing. Can’t stand masks so I refuse to wear one. No price matching is a piss off so I’m spending way more. The pandemic rules are bs. Won’t be long before everyone revolts though!!

I have learned to shop online and will never go back. I love it! No, we like to get our own, we used a smaller grocery No Frills at the start, our regular jont is back to Superstore for most things Spend my time in line singing Back in the U.S.S.R😊. I used to love just shopping. Now it is stressful and things I like are not there anymore. I hate it actually.

Nope. This is a Dumb Question since the pandemic end is such a Long Long way off we need to worry about staying Safe Now! Ask in about a year! Nope. And in my community people haven’t changed either and it’s great. Yes. I shop during the 1st hour and I wear a mask. We let most of the groceries sit for a day before putting them away, except for frozen and perishable items.

Not at all. You ? Ya it takes longer Absolutely not. BUT very little of our food dollars are spent at a grocery store anyway. What little online groceries I bought (~$100) were speciality spices. We had no groceries delivered. So for us, nothing really changed with respect to food. Reading these replies is why I get everything delivered and will continue to isolate until we can get a treatment or vaccine. Too many fools who do not care a whit about the wellbeing of others. Maybe you’re lucky and get light symptoms but some of us will die if we get it.

You are fucking kidding me by asking this question... it hasn’t change it was imposed on me.🙄 Yes. Must go at 7am, before breakfast, to have a chance at no (or very short) lineups! Will be quite onerous if this stretches into next winter. Delivery is far too slow & expensive. I've switched stores. Get most of my groceries from Giant Tiger now. Also don't have to find a quarter or loonie for the cart.

Well it was never fun before but now it’s just stressful. Hate walking around with the mask and waiting in line outside to get in. No There’s been a security guard at my grocery store for a few years. Only difference, now he mentions the sanitizer and basket / cart option. People don’t follow arrows anyways. If a line builds in a isle, they walk around to the other side.

Definitely It will not be the same ever again Nope. Not at all. No gloves, no sanitizer, no mask, no hysterical nonsense. Yes, now I can't buy everything I like, when I want. There are all these ridiculous rules about where to stand and walk, made-up 'pandemic' jobs like 'greeter/social distance reminder/cart sanitizer' and security guards everywhere. It's revolting what we're doing.

I tried online grocery shopping. Selection is limited and order filling can take up to a week. Message from the one who predicted coronavirus. Dr. Anthony R. Fehr, Assistant Professor of Infectious Disease at the University of Kansas. He was one of about a hundred people in the country studying the coronavirus full-time.

Not really I've been getting my groceries delivered for nearly 2 years now so it's no different. Yup,it’s not fun anymore! Nope. 52 Years Ago, a Pandemic Flu Killed 100,000 in the US and Nothing Shut Down—Not Even Woodstock 2009 H1N1 Vaccine Caused Brain Damage in Children. Dr. Anthony Fauci on “Vaccine Safety” Issues

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COVID-19 pandemic forces young Canadians back to their parents’ homesA Canadian study found that 44 per cent of millennials already dealt with precarious work conditions such as contract work and unpredictable incomes before the pandemic I thought that was just the economy generally.... for... the past 7-10 years...? My son he lives 20 minutes away from us with his family (wife&two baby boys). And since March 1st my daughter has been working from home (here with us) her office extended that until September 😃

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