'Freedom convoy' rally hits Parliament Hill, demanding end to vaccine mandates

2022-01-29 9:45:00 PM

'Freedom convoy' rally hits Parliament Hill, demanding end to vaccine mandates

'Freedom convoy' rally hits Parliament Hill, demanding end to vaccine mandates

Thousands of truckers and others opposed to cross-border vaccine mandates and other public health restrictions have rolled into Ottawa on Saturday for a rally on Parliament Hill.

Don Finlayson of Oshawa, Ont., says he received two shots of COVID-19 vaccine and got “really sick two weeks ago,” but plans to be in Ottawa for two or three weeks.VACCINE MANDATES, requiring those who are unvaccinated to quarantine when returning to Canada. The United States has imposed a similar mandate, with unvaccinated truckers having to quarantine as well when entering the country.

nearly 90 per centBut as is the case with the rest of society, he says there are drivers who support the convoy and others who don't.met with some participantsPOLICEOttawa police did not report any arrests Friday night or any major incidents. Police are not allowing trucks to park in front of the Prime Minister's Office due to security concerns.

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The secret is that this person Muhammad Qasim bin Abdul Kareem could be assigned for the status of Imam Al Mahdi in future by Allah Almighty. His dreams are coming true. I wonder if they realize all other “mandates” are provincial responsibilities? We'll all get the Omicron vaccine when it's ready in March. And the unvaxxed will be slapped with more restrictions, as they should.

We can't end mandates in the pandemic cause it would cause more people to get rid in this crisis. These truck drivers,brainwashed people & white supremacists are using misinformation to try to get these mandates gone. We have to blame right wing media for this misinformation. 95% of health mandates are provincial. The pretend truckers who organized this thing should have stayed in Alberta and protested Jason Kenney.

Thank you for what? Delaying shipments of essential goods because the 10 year trucking PhD they think they have is more credible than medical professionals and peer reviewed facts? I support all healthcare workers to go strike tomorrow Thank you truckers who did NOT take part in this freakshow. Things should remain peaceful at the TruckersForFreedom2022 barring the inssetion of left wing agitators who would most certainly confront peaceful protestors in an attempt to foment violence.

Canada does not want ANTIFA in Canada 🇨🇦. BLM illegally Transfer to Canada to buy a mansion to support their illegal operations . No ANTIFA of BLM in Canada 🇨🇦.

Trudeau concerned trucker convoy converging on Parliament Hill could turn violentPrime Minister Justin Trudeau says he's concerned about the potential for violence during this weekend's planned protest on Parliament Hill by truckers and others joining the crowd. That’s a possibility whenever thousands of people converge. Literally hockey games result in violence. His policy has been abusive to Canadians so I wouldn’t be surprised if it got ugly either. 😬😫 He is so concerned that he 'quarantined' needlessly, insults the whole group and then hides somewhere. He needs to grow some balls and answer for what he has done to Canada. He can bring all the premiers to take some of the heat. The very unintelligent on the way in this TruckersForFreedom2022 , violence most likely going to happen sadly, too many very low iq people and this ConvoyForFreedom2022 shows that in its supporters 💀🤣

We should care about the competence of authority figures making live or death decisions. In Canada, The Prime Minister is a school teacher, the Minister of Health an economist & the head of the Public Health Agency is a vet.HRWcanada OntHumanRights ONgov canadanurses It takes a lot to push Canadians to protest, let alone protest in minus 20 degree temperatures. We have give health and gov two years. They blew a shit load of money and nothing but mayhem to show for it.

Thanks to the Truckers who went to work and didn't participate in this BS. cdnpoli FluTrucksKlan KarenKonvoy KarenConvoy2022 TruckersForFreedumb GetVaccinatedAndBoosted vast majority of canadians are way better that this I demand an end to the constant horn honking, those protesters are going to be both deaf and dumb.

The energy in Ottawa this evening is epic. Probably close to 500K+ people swelling every street around parliment. UNITED WE STAND Just get vaccinated to stop the pandemic Total BS. New low

Police preparing for ‘significant’ protests at Parliament Hill as trucker convoy begins to arrive in OttawaTrucks, pickup trucks and other vehicles were driving through downtown Ottawa on Friday, many decked out with upside down Canadian, United States and Ontario flags All those anti vaxxers in one place without masks. What could possibly happen? “Tiny fringe minority” This is absurd. They are going to disrupt everyone's lives based on their bullshit. It's fuccking disgusting. Arrest them all and send them home. What a waste of fuel and time

Disgraceful Barf 🤮 Very sick and misguided group of people. Thanks for making Canada embarrassed! Store shelves still full Thank you to the vaccinated truckers, which is the majority! These attention seekers do not speak for most Canadians! COVIDIOTS Thank you vaccinated truckers Am I missing something, don’t the truckers have to be vaccinated to get into the US now, so who cares that we have the same rule when they come back?

Evening Update: Police preparing for ‘significant’ protests at Parliament Hill as trucker convoy arrives in OttawaAlso: Ukraine plans to employ sleeper agents behind Russian lines if Moscow invades Waste of fuel Thousands of supporters braved the cold enroute. Too many in the cdnmedia think, 'Grimy 'lower class' people, like truckers, are all violent and racist and should listen to opinions, not voice them. Truckers, stifle yourselves.' Try to be open minded and ignore the Antifa fascists and fake truckers.

Hahahaaaa, finally Canada got his freedom! Hope they get rid of stupids is well! 😂😂😂😂😂 Stop calling this Freedom Convoy. If you think your freedom is in jeopardy, why don’t you go to China for a year or so. When you get back I am sure you will be grateful for what you have today! NO thank you f’truckers!

Get vaxxed or stay in 💩hell. Has anyone told them just how many mandates come from the Provinces and Territories? A bunch of PRO MANDATE bot on here. When one posts a reply the all agree lol 😂 That’s not all they are demanding an end to They don’t speak for me. I am in full support of any and all vaccine mandates

This has turned into a all everything protest. Generally people fed up and just venting/ releasing pent up frustration. Interesting how JustinTrudeau came in contact with a positive omicron case so needs to ‘isolate’ over the weekend FreedomConvoy2022 freedomconvoy22 cdnpoli I heard a song on CBC this morning calling it 'the omicron-voy super spreader'

The latest on the anti-vaccine mandate protest happening on Parliament Hill | National NewswatchNational Newswatch: Canada's most comprehensive site for political news and views. Make it a daily habit. Ohhhh Nooooo! Hundreds 😕

Hey put this on your headline- show what these 'protesters' are really about *You spelt All mandates wrong. Let me think about it ... no. I think canadian truckers would be horrified to be associated with this modern day klan rally Grow up, get vaxxed, and get back to work. 90% of TRUCKERS ARE VACX’D in 🇨🇦 So this BS is BS & lots of ANONYMOUS 💰 so who is behind this BS🤬

Stream the worldwide revolution going on? Use your influence to bring truthful awareness? FreedomConvoy2022 WorldWideFreedomRally freedom canada belgium japan england france The guy holding up the sign spelled truckers wrong.🙃 As always, chimpanzee policy makers set policies, as they still have their job, with full benefits, and contributing towards their retirement plan, yet many ordinary people's lives are affected by such policies! The problem is within the system itself!

As ‘freedom convoy’ heads to Parliament Hill, politicos say Conservatives are supporting a ‘loser of a political issue’As the so-called 'freedom convoy' reaches Ottawa to protest vaccine mandates and COVID restrictions, politicos say Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole faces a delicate balancing act keeping happy factions of his caucus, many of whom support the movement. 'It's a high-wire act for O'Toole, but so far he's not exactly been a member of the Flying TheHillTimes TheHillTimes Matt_HorwoodHT CanadaTruckers FreedomConvoyCanada FreedomConvoy2022 From protest to movement to become an election call. Canadians have international support for a regime change JustinTrudeau

“The misinformed convoy” rally hits parliament hill. I have fixed it. What a shameful bunch Parliament protest FreedomConvoy2022 . Glad majority of Canadians are vaccinated and abiding by public health regulations As always, food corporations such as Loblaws, Sobeys (the thieves) & Walmart benefited the most from this 'COVID-19' saga, soaring prices and taking an advantage for racking up profit from people's pockets!

The COVID aftermath: more & more rich immigrants will pour their money into this damaged economy, so the average house price will reach $1.5 millions in major expensive cities in North America! Gas price over $1.5/L POOR NEW GENERATIONS! 4 over 1.5 years, some people lost their chance 2 contribute towards their retirement plans, even though they were taught time is money! Education got hit hard &new generations lost least proper education! What is the meaning of life experience 4 new generations? Going online?

The %1 cleverly used this COVID saga by muzzling scientists who were against such extreme lock down measures around the world. No more G7 G20 protests, instead they virtually set policies 4 controlling the word better than before! Sorry social justice seekers! Go home and take your demands with you! I’m sick of selfish uneducated people who would never turn down a government handout. No gratitude at all

Impeach Justine Trudeau! Thank you truckers for your tremendous support for sending more patients with covid to hospitals. Individual freedom versus public safety - over to you truckers and supporters. CTV's political position is extremely obvious from this headline and picture. CTV has promoted this convoy despite full knowledge of who arranged it and the individuals in it. Do better.

Thousands of protesters opposed to COVID-19 rules converge on Parliament Hill, with more en route | CBC NewsA convoy of thousands of truckers and other protesters have descended on Parliament Hill to call for an end to COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other public health restrictions — a raucous demonstration that has police on high alert for possible violence even as organizers urge the growing crowd to be peaceful. Travelers Haven on Prince of Wales for sure. In case there’s a Russian invasion right? The diefenbunker is ready for him.

One of the reasons we are in this situation in the first place is due to the 15% unvaccinated non complying narcissists who don’t want anyone TELLING them what to do -I understand those that have health reasons that didn’t but the others were just being defiant that’s it😢 And where is the PM? Cowering away from these heroes. TrudeauIsACoward TrudeauResign TruckersForFreedom2022

They are domestic terrorists! COVIDIOTS At least thank the 90% that got vaccinated and can deliver the goods. These guys vandalized a statue of Terry Fox, in case you didn't get yet that they hate disabled people Freedumb. There fixed your grammatical error. You're welcome. You don’t have to call them what they call themselves. “Anti-vax”, “anti-federal-government”, would be more accurate than “freedom”. Please don’t reinforce their frame. Please do better.

Thank you truckers and all supporters! True Canadians have your back!

Held by a person too scared to show their face. Please stop calling it a 'freedom rally'; it's a super spreader rally brought to you by the selfish, ignorant, vulgar, and misinformed. Paid for by foreign donations... What will they do after the government says no? Will they go do some real work? l hope the vaxxed live long enough to witness this Great Reset .

United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland, and the Netherlands have all dropped the mandates. In Canada Trudeau called Canadians racist and went into hiding again. That crowd is so white it’s blinding! Haven’t seen a single minority in all the coverage. Bunch of RACISTS at the Capital today. Find me ONE person of Color in that crowd! ONE!

Nice 6/49 win for the Gofundme organizer. That's not a 'freedom' rally, it's an antivaxx/anti-mask rally. Here's what a freedom rally looks like: That crowd is so white it’s blinding! Haven’t seen a single minority in all the coverages. Bunch of RACISTS on Capital today.

Demanding to end ‘ALL’ mandates…get it right if you’re going to report it CTV is out of touch , but they are american owned ! Found a better pic that represents the protesters better. Glad they could have their say. But while they're in the Nation's Capital, maybe they can man up and get vaccinated. Bunch of goofs …

Let it be known....Most Canadians, most truckers included, do not....do not....agree with this protest. Most of us are fully vaccinated and complying with the rules and regulations that are keeping us safe.

made in describing the convoy, Montreal resident Chris Eid said many people disagree with what is happening in the country.In an interview with The Canadian Press, Trudeau says the "freedom convoy" is no longer a protest against the federal vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers and has morphed into a forum for a small minority of "very angry" people opposed to all public health measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, some of whom espouse violence.and some carrying signs with obscenities directed at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.A Ukrainian serviceman ducks in a trench on the front line in the Luhansk region, eastern Ukraine, Jan.

“And that's why we're here. We're fighting for our freedom and liberty,” he said. But he says threats of violence should not go with the territory for anyone who steps up to serve, including politicians and health-care workers. “I just want Justin Trudeau to come talk to the people, to his people.S. He's supposed to unite us and he's been doing the opposite, unfortunately. A key convoy organizer has urged people to remain peaceful, while Canada Unity, a group behind the protest, falsely believes it can work with the Governor General and Senate of Canada to bypass existing systems of governance and reverse pandemic-related restrictions and penalties.” Don Finlayson of Oshawa, Ont. Tight security is noticeable, with soldiers standing guard outside the main subway stations.

, says he received two shots of COVID-19 vaccine and got “really sick two weeks ago,” but plans to be in Ottawa for two or three weeks. This report by The Canadian Press was first published Jan. Mr. “It's not just about the jab. Like everybody thinks all the truck drivers here are worried about the mandate. RELATED IMAGES. We're not,” said Finlayson, who runs a construction company. He said they have been in regular communication with organizers and that police will be extremely concerned if large demonstrations continue into next week. “We're here for the Indigenous who have no fresh water. The world is turning its eyes to China, and China is ready!” But 2022 is not 2008, and the Winter Games are not the Summer Olympics.

We're here for children not to wear their masks 10 hours a day …. We're here for the homeless, we're here for the veterans … This is not the way it goes. Sloly would not say, when repeatedly asked to clarify, who or which groups he was referring to as “parallel demonstrators. We need to make sure that all our Canadians stand together.” VACCINE MANDATES The freedom convoy began in part over a federal government decision to impose a vaccine mandate on cross-border Canadian truckers , requiring those who are unvaccinated to quarantine when returning to Canada. The United States has imposed a similar mandate, with unvaccinated truckers having to quarantine as well when entering the country. Sloly said Ottawa police are prepared to investigate, charge and prosecute anyone who acts violently or breaks the law in association with the demonstrations. KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP/Getty Images Canada shut out of Western allies’ talks with the Taliban in Norway: Canada meetings earlier this week with a Taliban delegation in Norway, where Western diplomats from several allied countries joined in a discussion about human rights and Afghanistan’s worsening humanitarian crisis.

However, the convoy has come to represent a general opposition to vaccine mandates and passports, as well as public health restrictions, most of which have been put in place under public health orders at the provincial and territorial level. Trudeau has previously said that nearly 90 per cent of Canadian truckers are vaccinated. Speaking to CTV News Channel on Saturday, Private Motor Truck Council of Canada president Mike Millian said surveys the organization has done suggest the number is closer to about 75 per cent. We’ll be gathering evidence should there be any acts of violence or unlawful behaviour. But as is the case with the rest of society, he says there are drivers who support the convoy and others who don't. "It's a bit of a polarizing topic," he said. during the second quarter.

"Our association agrees with vaccines, but we have stated that we were against and are against vaccine mandates for essential workers and truck drivers. The United States similarly this month implemented a vaccine requirement for cross-border truckers." Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole on Friday met with some participants of the convoy and said he supports the truckers' "right to be heard.” Some Conservative MPs, as well as People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier, are expected to arrive on the Hill to speak and show their support for the protesters. POLICE multiple Ontario police forces , including Toronto, York Region, Durham, London and the Ontario Provincial Police, are assisting Ottawa police and the RCMP. “The enemy is not vaccination, the enemy is COVID-19 – and the best tool to fight this enemy is to be vaccinated,” Mr. Ottawa police did not report any arrests Friday night or any major incidents. The TSX also advanced, but gains were a little more modest.

Police are not allowing trucks to park in front of the Prime Minister's Office due to security concerns. Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson wrote on Twitter that police confirmed cars parked on the grounds of the national cenotaph, which includes the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, have been removed, calling the act "a sign of complete disrespect. Duclos did not provide any and Dr." Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly is encouraging city residents to avoid the downtown area. Police are anticipating “significant traffic delays and disruptions” along several downtown streets. MPs and government staff have been advised to avoid the parliamentary precinct this weekend. In the first week of January the data shows that 46 per cent of unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people who were tested at the land border tested positive for COVID-19.04 points, or 3.

Police have said that they do not have a confirmed number of demonstrators, but are preparing for a few thousand attendees. The Parliamentary Protective Service is also anticipating up to 10,000 demonstrators. Blockades have been set up at various points in the city. Tam said Friday “the government has increased those vaccine requirements as time goes by because we just know how effective vaccines are. As a result, many people will have to park elsewhere and walk to Parliament Hill. Some trucking industry leaders have raised concerns over the escalating rhetoric coming out of the convoy, as well as fringe groups attaching themselves to the movement.66 per cent, to 34,726.

One group involved in the convoy known as "Canada Unity" wants to see the Senate and Governor General unilaterally overturn the federal vaccine mandates — something that is legally impossible. “Most of our nation’s hard-working truck drivers are continuing to move cross-border and domestic freight to ensure our economy continues to function,” the alliance said last week. Ottawa police also said they received a "direct threat" to the safety of their officers from a counter-protest source and are aware of "other groups and individuals" who may not “share the same peaceful goals." Sloly said interactions with the convoy's organizers have been “productive and co-operative" and police are prepared to investigate, arrest, charge and prosecute anyone committing violent acts or breaking the law. However, he said while the convoy’s organizers have given assurances that the demonstration will be peaceful, with planned events Saturday and Sunday, he expects there to be other “lone wolf” protesters who are not directly affiliated with the main group.” However on Thursday he spoke strongly in support of truckers and said the convoy is a “symbol of the fatigue and the division” in the country and he would meet with some protesters. Sloly also warned of “social media actors,” who may or may not be in the city, but will try to incite “hate, violence and in some cases criminality.

” Meanwhile, organizers from Canadians United Against Hate have cancelled a planned in-person vigil in Ottawa to mark the fifth anniversary of the . The vigil will instead be held virtually. Mr. With files from CTV News Ottawa, CTVNews.ca's Rachel Aiello and The Canadian Press   view larger image Protesters participating in a cross-country truck convoy protesting measures taken by authorities to curb the spread of COVID-19 and vaccine mandates gather on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022. “I’ve consistently said I don’t think someone should lose their job when we can find ways to keep people safe,” he said.

(THE CANADIAN PRESS / Adrian Wyld) A protester participating in a cross-country truck convoy protesting measures taken by authorities to curb the spread of COVID-19 and vaccine mandates holds a sign as he protests on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022. (THE CANADIAN PRESS / Adrian Wyld) A person walks by a truck with a “Freedom’ on it before the departure of the trucks from Kingston to Ottawa, in Kingston, Ont. Kevin McHale, executive director of the Sparks Street Business Improvement Area (BIA), said some businesses will stay open during the protests, while others have decided to close when the convoy arrives., on Friday, Jan. 28, 2022.