Ford cabinet to discuss new public health restrictions as COVID-19 cases spike: sources | CBC News

2022-01-02 10:46:00 PM

Ontario could soon bring in new COVID-19 restrictions as it tries to find ways to slow the rapid spread of Omicron variant.

Ontario could soon bring in new COVID-19 restrictions as it tries to find ways to slow the rapid spread of Omicron variant.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is meeting with his cabinet on Sunday to discuss additional public health restrictions, CBC News has learned.

Social Sharing Ontario reintroduced capacity limits at restaurants, bars and retailers on Dec.Social Sharing Dr.New Ontario reports 18,445 new COVID-19 cases on New Year's Day, a pandemic high Public Health Ontario warns that the new daily case high of 18,445 reported New Year's Day is "an underestimate.Social Sharing Curfew a sign of 'government's failure to prepare,' say Quebec opposition parties CBC News · Posted: Jan 01, 2022 8:10 AM ET | Last Updated: 3 hours ago In an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, restaurants in Quebec had to close their dining rooms as of 5 p.

19 CBC News · Posted: Jan 02, 2022 2:36 PM ET | Last Updated: 32 minutes ago Ontario Premier Doug Ford, shown at a news conference in Toronto on Oct.22, 2021, and his cabinet are meeting on Sunday afternoon to discuss additional public health restrictions, CBC News has learned.Lisa Barrett says she's confident people will be able to manage their own COVID-19 cases.(Chris Young/The Canadian Press).(Chris Young/The Canadian Press) Public Health Ontario on Saturday reported 18,445 new COVID-19 cases in the province.

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Everyone is trying to fix covid and the environment. Capitalism is driving climate change and Covid. How come nobody is talking about fixing capitalism? Greed that's why. The very nature of capitalism, will not work with any solution, to problems it creates. Seems like plugging a leaking dam with a band-aid. Just stop already, it makes ZERO difference. Restrictions just serve to make the population borderline suicidal at this point.

We are not going to slow this down by closing restaurants and gyms. Just because politicians make statements and dream up rules, doesn't mean they're right. They have had almost 2 years to fix this. Whatever he does, too little too late VoteFordOut2022 Before Canadians charter rights and freedoms are used please ask yourself this one question. Did Doug Ford increase the number of beds and nurses needed too end these violations of our constitutional rights! The answer is simply…not one cent was spent. This is not about Covid.

Hopefully journos don't cave & ASK TOUGH QUESTIONS !! Enough. Are we to believe this is anything other than ongoing GOVT failure to responsibly allocate our tax resources for the very expensive health insurance we share? For what we spend, we should not be worrying about staff or bed shortages when the common cold threatens capacity

Wait...what did I miss? Less people in hospitals and dying from the COVID cold than typically die from the annual flu and Dictator Doug is shutting down communist Ontario again. Why!? Because hand picked, highly paid so-called science advisors said so. I'm out!! My granddaughter, despite two inoculations, is struggling with covid-19 no thanks to the asshats in Queens Park and in Parliament. The government needs to be careful or there will be a repeat of the French Revolution.

Mexico anyone?

Disease expert explains how to self-monitor your COVID-19 infection | CBC NewsPremier Tim Houston said Thursday that Nova Scotians will need to manage their own cases of COVID-19 in light of milder symptoms and thousands of new cases across the province in recent weeks. We are all healthcare experts now! Sounds like a reasonable advice. It’s not perfect but it checks all the boxes. If you are sick stay home until you feel better and take precautions. She is also saying you don’t need a nanny government to tell you if you are sick or not. Take two aspirin but don't bother calling in the morning

Why can't we close the airport ? “Folks…” So what happened to these amazing vaccines that were supposed to get us back to normal? The government fires many staff for not being vaccinated and now we have to pay the price once again for our leaderships incompetence. Awesome! How bad is Omicron? DATA HESITANT!

Update: Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Health Minister Christine Elliott and health officials are holding a press conference to make an announcement at 10 a.m. ET today. Details of the briefing have not been released. The damage is already done, people were allowed to gather for the holidays so we’re back exactly where we were in Jan 2021, mass outbreak only worse. Too little too late unfortunately.

fordnation don’t close the gyms 21 days to 21 months. I feel bad kids are one are suffering my daughter doing online learning again for her safety but hard in person learning. kids working hard there studies and the teachers as well overwhelmed with another lock down its hard for everyone MY WISH- END IT IN 2022 JPN/INDIA/BRA/CH WILL END PAND W TRAD SCI US LED/EUROPE 'mRNA FOCUSED' NO END US ACTIVE CASES 13M+ 4500X CH'S 2,886 4400X JPN's 2,913 140X India's 91K 130X BRA's 100K TRAD SCI WORKS CORBEVAX/COVAXIN/HCQ/AZI/LPV/IVM JPN ALLOWED IVM 8/13 -98% SINCE

We want our lives back!!!! Stop controlling us. This is beyond disgusting and messed up at this point.

Ontario reports 18,445 new COVID-19 cases on New Year's Day, a pandemic high | CBC NewsPublic Health Ontario reports record-high 18,445 new COVID-19 cases for Jan. 1. Case count underestimated due to latest testing availability, officials note. There are 12 new deaths. More fulsome figures available on Tuesday, following holiday weekend. Flu cases 😂 fulsome? Not sure “fulsome” is what was meant.

Half of the kids at school does not even wear mask properly as i saw when i picked up my daughter at school..and now no covid reporting in school is sign that we are waiting for tsunami wave of covid infections in school by the time dog realizes..will b 2 late.. So you’re closing schools an indoor dining but but you’re you’re allowed to go to a Raptors game yeo makes sense

Hey Twitter what local businesses do you think your city will lose this time around? 🤦‍♂️ ugh who cares just fucking spread it. if this shits gonna kill me id rather just get it over with. Because gyms are a super spreader n it doesn’t help with people’s mental health 👀 🙄 done with this ass-hat Delay in person learning until there is a strong downward trend….don’t risk our health care workers and education workers and children

fordnation is too scared of hit pieces from left wing outlets! People need to stop relying on our government to feel healthy and safe. Get off your asses and better yourselves. Oh and have some guts to tell these jokers NO. Please shut down everything for atleast 4 weeks, except pharmacy and grocery? Close Schools till march break, there is no vaccine for small children Better late then sorry

COVID-19 in Quebec: What you need to know this weekend | CBC NewsQuebec reports 17,122 new cases of COVID-19 and eight additional deaths. The provincial government's 10 p.m. curfew went into effect on New Year's Eve. Measures such as closing restaurant dining rooms & delaying the reopening of schools also now in effect. 17000 cold cases Death rate is even far below 0.1%

He’s not doing a “great” job anymore. I even believe he’s fed up with this BS ya can tell everyone he talks it’s written all over his face. Either step down or come up with a realistic plan that works. Doug ford needs to go .. when is this stupid plandemic gonna end .. have them not made millions off this pandemic wake up ppl

Could? Ontario has the highest case count since the pandemic FordFailedThePeople Covid_19 It’s getting crazy, something has to give Restrictions are clearly logical under the circumstances. So why are we considering allowing our partially vaccinated or unvaccinated children to eat with 25-30 others in school? Schools are told to prepare for combining classes due to expected illness of staff/students.

Once again no proactive plan in place. He waits until we hit crisis levels then he starts thinking about restrictions. We need a proactive gov't not a reactive one! If they stop testing then cases will stop too! Doug Ford is persuaded heavily by lobbyists. Why else would the government flip flop so often?

Fake fake fake news Ontario government should: a) focus on numbers that matter the most - hospitalization rate. b) spend money where it should be spent, that’s improving the healthcare system e.g hire more doctors and nurses, increase hospital beds, build new hospitals, etc..

Ontario reports 16,714 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday | CBC NewsOntario reports another 16,714 COVID-19 cases today, down from Saturday’s pandemic record-breaking 18,445 cases. Case counts are underestimated due to restraints on testing capacity. 224 people with COVID-related illness are in ICU. vaccinesdontwork Only down because ford nation silenced the science eh 😡😡 Toronto_TODAY5 Case counts have always been undercounted, let's be honest. Even more so now though

Well it will spread and then it will disappear. Some people will get the sniffles. Some old people will develop pneumonia like they have since the beginning of time. It’s political. It’s all about the money. It’s driven by the media. Full stop. Why? Sure. Two weeks to flatten the curve Folks are reeling from Ford withholding COVID testing from almost everyone. Now he’s halted reporting child care & school cases, leaving kids & families unprotected. People deserve a gov that keeps them safe, not one that cuts testing & reporting to hide its bad choices. ONpoli

The virus is rampant. Government cannot stop the spread other than by offering more vaccines and rapid tests, and increasing health care staff. Stop the nonsense! How many in hospital and what is the % to infection and comparison the the worst times prior when they took our freedoms away? Let’s not lose our minds because the media wants remain relevant!

Yes, keep swinging into the air while immolating livelihoods, that's sure to help. Watch Dr. Malone 👇🏼 Based on what? Has he talked to Arthur again

More federal prisons report COVID-19 outbreaks, dozens of new cases among staffNew outbreaks were reported at three Correctional Services Canada facilities following outbreaks earlier this week at three other federal institutions VaccineAbuse VaccineOverUsed Backfire

Can’tada Mass hysteria. Open everything back up and live your lives. It's not going away. Get vaxxed, or your 1th booster, don't get vaxxed, whatever. Take care of yourself, and carry on. So fordnation considers lowering the indoor limit to 10, but schools can remain open. 30 kids in a class. LOL. Does anyone know what they’re doing in our government Come on JustinTrudeau give some of your (unlikely) brilliant thoughts

If they were seriously concerned about managing this virus they would have started acting when cases started spiking in October. Just like EVERY action taken by this gov, anything they come out with will be purely driven by politics and optics. Complete failure onpoli MORE TESTING MORE ANTIGEN TESTS AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC. BETTER TRACING? SHUT DOWN THE BIG VENUES AND MALLS AND ALLOW SMALL BUSINESSES TO GO ON. FORD HOW ABOUT YOU JUST STEP DOWN

Either you trust science which is opposite to what you report or you trust Big Pharma of which you're right on target for misinformation! I'm going with Big much is Pharma paying you to sell false information to fill their pockets? As per usual, fordnation Sflecce celliottability are 4-6 weeks too late. A MasterClass in incompetence, all of them. Remember, Ontario. And vote them all out. Every single last member of OntarioPCCaucus.

Schools are going to be a challenge. Omicron will spread like wildfire in schools. Question is does our government have a better plan than simply business as usual. Right on cue, Doug Ford announces that his government might be planning to make an announcement about the possibility of doing something, or nothing, at some point in the future, but they’re just waiting to see how it goes. DougFordResign FireKieranMoore

Ontario reports 1,144 people hospitalized with COVID-19 as it marks another record in new casesOntario is reporting another 16,713 COVID-19 cases and 15 more deaths, according to its latest report Friday morning. There are 1,144 people hospitalized with COVID-19. Then this “Dr. Moore confirmed that about 50% of them are currently for people who aren’t actually suffering from COVID but have gone to hospital with something else, like a broken leg, and just happened to test positive for the virus.” Peanuts. Unless the tabulate the data and actually be truthful , it’s all lies, lies and damn statistics..

WHY? everything he wants to restrict all requires full vaccinations!!! Does this mean that the vaxxed are just the same as the unvaxxed? Every single person that lost their job because they decided not to get jabbed needs to be reinstated immediately!! The Ford pandemic guide: - Feign outrage & surprise - Claim to only listen to the experts, while ignoring them - Patronizingly chastise Ontarians - Blame-shift, avoid any accountability - Do NOT take action - Hide - Impose half-measures when public pressure is unbearable - Repeat

Are we selling K’s KooKies? After WW II all the media and all the doctors and nurses and all the government officials that cooperated with the Nazis, were given a necktie party. Swing baby, swing. Surely this is not seriously being considered at this point? You have deployed vaccinations and advised they would work and allow a path forward. Yet here we are. Serious question what do we do when another variant comes around?

I am venting because Ford wont read this. There is no perfect solution, whatever you do you will be under scrutiny, either woke or antis. This virus it seem to be slowing down with strength, hopefully you can see this. No more lockdowns Let’s wait a little longer for the donors At least hockey isn’t cancelled 🤦🏻‍♀️ who runs minor hockey jfc

So will you lock down mcDonalds? And Walmart are you guys sure? in south africa herd immunity happen with omnicron and no overrun of hospitals... are you guys trying to scare people? Closing the places that require the vaccine passport to enter 🤔. Makes a lot of sense. This province is a fucking joke.

We should be celebrating the Omnicron variant Again foot dragging like usual...... fordnation celliottability billwalkermpp OntarioPCParty Where has the management been? Mistake after mistake... Apparently nobody learns. CP24 TorontoStar TheTorontoSun nationalpost NewsBayshore OwenSoundST GBTWnews OwenSoundHub

Mental His own daughter has not been vaccinated yet? She is one of those anti-vax groups. Can we just carry on with life?! Wow how to lose the next ontario election step one THIS SHIT How will he know, testing in Ontario is virtually impossible to get.

Find ways? What have we learnt in last 2 years? If we want to slow the rapid spread the only option is a mini lockdown. But with lockdown we will have more problems. 😐 Restrictions should have started long long ago against barbaric globalization & zoo type mixing of different gene pools, then having independent economy, domestic vac industry, genetic data vs herd inoculation,,, silly & random fools babbling tipsy words while being in suits.

GeoffyPJohnston Please help me in spreading this 5th Covid wave is the sole responsibility of fordnation. Ford's inaction has caused FordsOmicronWave. PLEASE RETWEET FordsOmicronWave fordnation found another revenue stream they can prioritize while leaving everyone else to suffer? Testing is done, what next?

I think many of us are coming to terms that we will get it and survive without hospitalization. Herd immunity might be on the horizon Too late! We need paid sick days for everyone!! Doug the Disaster All governments lied saying the vaccine was a ticket to a normal summer...or did they say Christmas ? Must have meant Easter 2027

fordnation NatashaFatah RosieBarton what Mr Ford is waiting for now? 10,000 plus cases and no lock downs any more? Do vaccine working? So many questions to answer, why all citizens so confused? Vaccinate children however leave school staff as it is? What’s going on here?

Ontario needs to fire fordnation to slow the overall deterioration of Ontario After 2+ yrs of this pandemic still confused as to why politics & politicians r blamed both for it, to slow it, to stop it and even to end it. Look in the mirror ppl. Yup only ones responsible r u and u and u. This is fucking nuts

N95 mask is mandatory They could soon do something... They're considering it... !! Lol Give it up Ford As the last horse disappears over the horizon fordnation tries to distance kick the barn door closed. tolittletolate Good Job Ford.. What's gonna happen with the schools reopening.. Give your head a shake buddy. Shit gonna hit the fan.

This is pathetic fordnation . You have been told what to do but obviously, money is more important than saving lives. VoteFordOut2022 FordFailedKids Ontario

Clueless Conservatives. Listen to the doctors- do not open schools. Keep schools closed for two weeks! LGLizDowdeswell please remove fordnation from his position as Premier of Ontario. This to the sounds of gaskets blowing in synchronicity …. Plough the kids into schools with no testing, no plan, no absolute assurance of safety …. Then pick on the restaurants …. Doug Ford just leave and let an adult do this job

LET’S KEEP GOING BACKWARDS!!! Fantastic idea! VoteFordOut2022 You have left us in the DARK Omicron will get us out of the pandemic. Open things up, let things take its course and stop being scared of the new flu virus Oh wait! It will not include restricting attendance at Raptor games, Maple Leaf games or any other thing of corporate interest or keeping the work force from generating money. So Douggie you are caught between a corporate rock and a public hard place again. $’s

Why? We're vaccinated, fuck this! You can't hide from this thing forever, time to let nature run its course!

How about the exact same restrictions as there are in schools? After all, schools are the safest places on earth according to this government. Doug is wrong again but better than the 2 commie opposition parties who would lock up the province for good and throw away the keys. So those blabbering will want to taste a lying lieberal leader in charge? Good luck and good by wallet with Trudy and liberals running ontari-owe

A bit late, there, Numty. Typical Dougie. See the poll numbers tank. Panics. Closes gate after horse has bolted. FordfailedOntario VoteFordOut2022 What a fucking joke this entire government is But.... don't send students home when another kid in the class gets it right? Give your heads a shake. You'll have plenty of time in June anyways

You are not going to provide testing or information about cases and we are just going to trust that restrictions are needed? It doesn't work that way! Complete abdication of responsibility from fordnation and MOH! Ya he's trying real hard.. new restrictions ?

The discussion is happening because they are looking at the polls. It has nothing to do with our safety. How much could possibly have changed since Thursday's announcement? The fordnation and ONgov continue to connect spread and case numbers to restrictions to reduce ICU cases. However, they have no idea of case numbers due to a failed testing program. This lesson should have been learned in wave 1. KFLAPH GovCanHealth

Always planning for a plan that will lead to an announcement about an announcement..what more damage can be done?seniors in ltc ✔ teachers ✔ students ✔ sick days ✔ vaccine roll out ✔ 4.4 billion ✔ rapid tests ✔ pcr testing ✔ Healthcare ✔ nurses ✔ iron ring ✔ whats left Just cutting off testing didn't work Mind-blowing 🤯

JeffreyLuscombe Most people are vaccinated. Let those who are live their lives British Medical Journal this week. Governments cannot control this. Never could. We have become obsessed with metrics that are only prolonging the pandemic. The fact you rely on these people to tell you how to live and make decisions is sickening. If people managed their own risk effectively based on their own health and well being we would be so much further ahead. But unfortunately no one can apparently make an independent decision

Only have grocery stores open, everything else shutdown including Walmart and the big box stores We DON'T need more restrictions ! We need to ride out this weak variant and get back to normal. fordnation CanadianPM JustinTrudeau

No thank you. Triple vaccinated or not this variant will run through almost everyone in Canada and the US by the end of January. Almost everyone will not notice. Ford is going to take a big dump; should be the only headline these days. 💩 Ford and his cabinet should discuss ways to euthanize themselves out of our misery.