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Flood costs in Canada could nearly triple by 2030 with no mitigation

Flood costs in Canada could nearly triple by 2030 with no mitigation

2020-04-23 11:18:00 PM

Flood costs in Canada could nearly triple by 2030 with no mitigation

The World Resources Institute, a Washington-based global think-tank, says flood damage to urban infrastructure will cost the world more than $700 billion a year by 2030

In Canada, the urban price tag could be close to $6.6 billion, nearly three times the cost in 2010.Story continues below advertisementSamantha Kuzma, one of the authors of the flooding project, says floods will also affect thousands more people each year, from about 200,000 in 2010, to more than 350,000 in 2030.

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Climate change will be responsible for about one-third of the increased flood risks, but most can be blamed on population and economic growth that will see more people and businesses set up in areas becoming more prone to flooding.Kuzma says those numbers could change dramatically if countries make flood-mitigation a priority, with an estimate that Canadians can prevent more than $2 in damage costs for every $1 spent on things like dikes, berms and drainage.

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Time to move away from flood plains and river banks, cliffs and do not allow structures that impede water flow in above areas. Easy as pie. No fighting climate change is all about platitudes, taxes and indoctrination. The fact that civilizations throughout history either moved, adapted their infrastructure, or perished, is a mute point for today's Liberals.

Carbon tax money at work perhaps? Canada’s population grew by roughly half a million people in the last year.. how much of this potential future flooding has to do with a massive increase in infrastructure being built to house all these new people year after year? Tired of hearing “could” from “experts”...

Derp, stop building on flood plains. Morons.

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