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Coronavirus, Covid-19

Federal prison officials acted too slowly against COVID-19, proposed class action lawsuit charges

Federal prison officials acted too slowly against COVID-19, proposed class action lawsuit charges

2020-04-22 8:15:00 AM

Federal prison officials acted too slowly against COVID-19, proposed class action lawsuit charges

Joelle Beaulieu alleges she was rebuffed when she sought gloves and a mask, and says she wasn’t immediately tested despite exhibiting clear symptoms

The application for a lawsuit for plaintiff Joelle Beaulieu, an inmate at the federal women’s prison in Joliette, Que., was filed at the Montreal courthouse on Monday.The filing is on behalf of all federal inmates incarcerated in Quebec since March 13, and alleges that federal prison officials acted too slowly in implementing protective measures at the institutions.

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Beaulieu’s action seeks $100 per day for all federal inmates since Quebec declared a medical emergency on March 13, and an additional $500 lump sum for those stricken by COVID-19.The allegations have not been tested in court and Quebec Superior Court has not authorized the application.

Correctional Service Canada did not immediately respond to a request for comment.Beaulieu said in a 24-page court document that she believes she’s “Patient Zero” at the institution northeast of Montreal.She has been housed at the facility for about a year and performed cleaning chores around the facility, which is how she believes she was infected.

Beaulieu alleges in the filing that she was rebuffed when she sought gloves and a mask, and says she wasn’t immediately tested for COVID-19 despite exhibiting clear symptoms.She further alleges she did not have the necessary help and care when she became very sick.

“The applicant, Ms. Beaulieu, felt diminished and discredited,” the filing states. “She felt that she had been overlooked by prison authorities and that her life was of little value to them.”The applicant felt diminished and discredited According to figures published by Correctional Service Canada on Monday, three federal prisons in Quebec have reported cases of COVID-19 — Port Cartier, the Federal Training Centre and the Joliette Institution.

Of the 114 confirmed cases in Quebec, 51 were at the women’s only facility where Beaulieu is an inmate.There are also 64 positive cases in British Columbia — where one inmate has died — and eight cases in federal prisons in Ontario.The situation in Quebec provincial jails is different — a spokeswoman for the Public Security Department said as of Tuesday, there are no confirmed COVID-19 cases among inmates.

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it’s all about the $$$’s These people should be the last concern of any government. They made a choice that landed them in prison and this, unfortunately, is one of the repercussions for their actions. Gloves and masks should go to hospitals, care homes, and the public before prisoners get anything They should act even slower. Let all the criminals get corona.

The article should state her age. Most people at the time were not getting tested at the time when she believes she got it, nor were they getting care, just told to self isolate. JT will pay up. $10 million per person. Do not allow inmates to profit from this pandemic. If anything this is on the feds. They have a direct line to WHO and should be the ones making this calls

OttawaHealthLaw Not surprised. It was a slow roll out. Is it possible to sue JustinTrudeau and Dr Tam et al for acting too slowly not to mention calling Canadians racist for wanting the borders closed months ago? Fuck the prisoners at this point. We’re all screwed Take it up with the guy that left the boarders open and tanked the country. Prisons last sorry. Sounds awful doesn't it.

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