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Father of 5 dies from coronavirus on twin daughters’ 10th birthday, wife says

His wife says the hospital repeatedly sent him back home to self-quarantine, even on the day he died.

2020-04-06 10:00:00 PM

“We’re broken and hurting,” his wife said. “We don’t know how to survive without him. He was the rock of our family.”

His wife says the hospital repeatedly sent him back home to self-quarantine, even on the day he died.

.Last Sunday, Melody Aravena received the devastating call from an Orange County hospital, informing her of husband Rolando Aravena’s tragic death, the Time Herald-Record.He was 44.“We’re broken and hurting,” she told the publication. “We don’t know how to survive without him. He was the rock of our family.”

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READ MORE:Detroit bus driver dies of COVID-19 after ranting about passenger who openly coughed“The government and healthcare system failed us. They waited too long (to take actions),” she said. “On his last day, the hospital still told us to stay home and self-quarantine, but he was dying.”

Rolando started showing COVID-19 symptoms, like chills and fever, on March 19. A week earlier, he’d been sent to work at a Manhattan hospital as a field technician for Verizon.Story continues below advertisementMelody told the publication that his workplace didn’t provide him with any gear to protect him from contracting the virus.

[Sign up for our Health IQ newsletter for the latest coronavirus updates]They called the coronavirus hotline in the city right away and waited five hours on the phone beforeon March 26, KCTV News reports, but his condition worsened as they waited for the day to come.

4:28Coronavirus outbreak: Lady Gaga announces ‘One World: Together at Home’ concert showCoronavirus outbreak: Lady Gaga announces ‘One World: Together at Home’ concert show“The doctors sent him away three times,” she claimed on Instagram, per the broadcast station. “Even with an oxygen level of 89.”

Trending StoriesYoungest COVID-19 death so far in Canada is Alberta woman in her 20sThey went home with an inhaler and instruction to self-quarantine, only to find themselves back in hospital on March 29 when he began having trouble breathing.She was told she couldn’t stay at the hospital, and went home to blow out her daughter’s birthday candles.

He died hours later. Two days later, she received her husband’s positive coronavirus test results.READ MORE:The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines state that anyone with an oxygen level of 94 per cent or below must be hospitalized.The Time Herald-Record says his level was 90 per cent before he was given an oxygen pump.

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What!!! And this is why I lose faith in God. Why would a loving God allow this? Condolences to that family. How horrible so sad to hear this... Pray for the family ChinaCoronaVirus So upsetting. Dam man this is a very sad story thus poor kids without their dad 😥 RIP😢 And the hard reality of life is hitting them hard and hitting the rest of the world sorry people but begging for money or asking for help is a thing of the past we must look out for who number one yourself as of right now till things change

What type of idiot has more than three kids in this day and age come on people think about it That is so sad sorry to hear of your loss Awe this is so sad! My heart breaks for this family! Take this seriously people, your life and everyone around you depends on it! Let’s not have anymore families destroyed by this horrible virus!

This is tragic and condolences to the family. I would like Global News to highlight more Canadian victims of this terrible virus pls as well 🙏🏽😞 So sad! 😢 🙏🏿 POTUS you are to blame for this death and every other death in the USA related to COVID-19. Like you say “Many, Many deaths”. You need to stand down immediately and allow a competent person run the country.

Dayum Fake news 💔💔💔 🙏🏽 So sad...... WOW! Very sad news. My condolences to the family. May he rest in peace. Heartbreaking. Prayers for the family. He will be remembered as one of the good guys. Sad 😢 to hear prayers for the family Heartbreaking. They did everything they could to get help but no help was available. That is awful. Condolences to the family. :(

so sad to read stories like this, I feel so bad for his family Perhaps you need to look into and report on the Local case in LONDON ONTARIO, i which father of triplets died after being repeatedly rejected care/treatment. 😢 You won’t hear China’s condolence to his family . We hope when this all clears people kind wakes up .

This is beyond sad. Such an unnecessary loss of life. Praying for the family. Five kids? Sounds like he's the lucky one. 💔💔💔

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