Facebook bans some, but not all, QAnon groups, accounts

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'Is that supposed to be a bad thing?' U.S. President Trump was asked about the growing QAnon movement - a virulent conspiracy that believes he is saving the world from a cabal of satanic cannibals. More here:

Facebook said Wednesday it is banning groups and accounts associated with QAnon and a variety of U.S.-based militia and anarchist groups that support violence. But the company will continue allow people to post material that supports these groups -- so long as they do not otherwise violate policies against hate speech, abuse and other provocations.

The conspiracy theory emerged in a dark corner of the internet but has recently crept into mainstream politics. Trump has retweeted QAnon-promoting accounts and its followers flock to his rallies wearing clothes and hats with QAnon symbols and slogans. "We will continue studying specific terminology and symbolism used by supporters to identify the language used by these groups and movements indicating violence and take action accordingly," the company said.


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Well he’s right

He! Trump! Your nuts 🥜 !


It’s a human nature ability, NOT to hear any good, when looking at people you despise.

Perfect answer to silly question


🤣🤣🤣 oh how the media does spin the narrative Corruption abounds FakeNews Media

testing WEBB DIAGNOSTICS. please have one of your reporters to address this topic to mister Trump. please do your D&D the vest testing is at our door! webbdiagnostic medmira

Do you have proof to suggest it is just a 'conspiracy' theory?

Does CTV even cover Canadian stories? or just regurgitate CNN Orangemanbad crap?


Saving the world from pedophiles is now a bad thing according to MSM and CTV. Well played CTV, well played. Idiots.

QAnon are patriots.

Can somebody explain, WTF is wrong with that idiot, or better yet, what is right about that moron. Does he not understand when not to open his mouth and say stupid shit. My god. Unbelievable

You know the media is sick and twisted when the glaze over the 'pedophile' part.

Nice spin

Associated Press story. CTV is there nothing in Canada from 🇨🇦 reporters? Maybe look into the whole “build back better” slogan being used by Democrats and Liberals at the same time.

He is right about one thing. When the US is gone the rest of the world will revolve into chaos. We all need to ensure that never happens.

Restricting flights from hotspots doesn't help. Wearing a mask doesn't help controlling the borders doesn't help with the virus. Russian collusion conspiracies. How dare you talk about other's conspiracy theories!

He’s insane.

Qanon can aptly be characterized as a cult .

Save the post office

Well is it?

Well, in all fairness to the quote...the Left is rapidly eating each other. Look at how they are devouring Ellen. BBQ anyone?

😂 Pig Media CTV wallows in anti-Trump conspiracy theories 24/7/365.

Key word was “satanic PEDOPHILES, and cannibals”. What’s wrong CTV, to close to home

Pedophiles. Get it right

I would like to see the on the fly answers to that question, amongst the super geniuses in the comments here. 🤣

He said he doesn't know much about them. Then he said is it a bad thing to save the world from pedofiles. Report the facts you bunch of hacks.

GOP frantically searching for a Cannibal preferably a Satanic Cannibal to speak at the convention next week just after the Pillow guy and before the gun totin white supremacists.

It’s not Shaun of the Dead it’s “Donald and the Damned” - not appearing at a movie theatre near anyone due to COVID

Figure it out.


It's a fair response, no? Is QAnon a bad thing? They are pushing back the 'war on family'

'Saving the world from a satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals' is the logical and semantic equivalent of 'saving the world from the looney leftards' Go Trump!!

From liberal progressives is a good thing.

Is CTV promoting child rape and eating human flesh? WTF

Enjoy the show

He’s lost his marbles

Trump2020Landslide TrudeauCorruption TrudeauCrimeMinister TrudeauResignNOW

Qanon believe your trying to save thr world from satanic pedophile cannibals.. Trump - is that suppose to be a nad thing Q CONFIRMED Get ready sheep. The rabbit hole goes deep

Too many people are talking.

CTV's lies are pathetically bad

Great answer, President Trump!!!

Justin likes to paint his face black and make fun of black people


'saving the world from a satanic cult of PEODOPHILES and cannibals' is the question as it was asked..... His answer of 'is that supposed to be a bad thing' is correct - at least, I hope you think his answer is correct - if not, you're the problem... WWGIWGA

Is realDonaldTrump really that stupid! Yes he is that stupid but the American people must realize he is a lunatic not of sound mind but corrupt beyond belief.

yes in canada...

can we trade trudeau for trump please.. at least trump hasnt done black face 3 times...

Great clip CTV. Do you disagree with Trump? I'm not a Q person but they're not rioting in the streets, beating up Biden supporters or assaulting police officers are they? I'm pretty sure most of them have real jobs, pay their taxes and obey the law.

What an incredible misquote! Bravo!


Vote Trump

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