‘Everything to gain’: Trudeau pitches to African envoys for UN security council seat

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Trudeau pitches to African envoys for UN security council seat with speech

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Trudeau pitches to African envoys for UN security council seat with speech

Trudeau spoke at a pre-reception address on Tuesday night to an audience of about 200 people, most of them diplomats from African countries. He previously visited two African countries, Ethiopia and Senegal , as part of his government's campaign for the council seat.

Air Canada extends China flight cancellations to April 10 over COVID-19 outbreak “In all our conversations, one thing was clear: We have everything to gain by working together on the priorities we share. Canadians, like people across the African continent, want to see real progress on the issues that matter most to them,” said Trudeau. In Ethiopia, he met leaders attending the African Union summit to win support for Canada. In Dakar, Senegalese President Macky Sall said he would try to drum up support for Canada’s bid among African countries. READ MORE: Champagne continues Caribbean campaign in Trudeau’s place for UN Security Council seat Africa, with its 54 voting countries, is a key voting bloc in the secret ballot that will take place at the UN General Assembly in June. Canada will need at least 128 votes in that election for a two-year term on the council starting in 2021, but faces stiff competition from Norway and Ireland who are also campaigning. Trudeau has said winning the position would give Canada more influence on the world stage on issues such as peace, security and human rights. Story continues below advertisement PM on foreign tour as pipeline protests rage on in Canada PM on foreign tour as pipeline protests rage on in Canada He committed Canada to a council run in 2015 as part of his “Canada is back” pledge, following the 2010 loss of a seat to smaller and economically fragile Portugal under the previous Conservative government. Trudeau was accompanied Tuesday night by Mary Ng, his international trade minister, Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne and Ahmed Hussen, the Somali-born minister of families, children and social development. READ MORE: “If our goal of making sure that Canada deepens its trade and investment ties, as well as people-to-people ties, the African diaspora, the African-Canadian community is key and central to that effort,” Hussen told the gathering. © 2020 The Canadian Press Read more: Globalnews.ca

'United Nations' be aware of ' Trudeau ' man of incompetence as a leader, man of 2 faces and indecisive person without any substantial degrees. Puke city. Should be worried about what's happening in your country. Not pitching for a seat at a US puppet organization. Lollllll Those countries are run by corrupt warlords that’s the only similarities

Fuck this guy Hey Trudeau How about you focus on Canada right now for once No offense Africa.. weren't having some issues. The destruction of tracks are now putting public safety and lives at risk. THE ENTIRE COUNTRY IS AT RISK OF DERAILMENT. TrudeauMustGo, TrudeauWorstPM Ever! TrudeauCorruption, GeorgeSoros's PuppetMinister,

.JustinTrudeau is an embarrassment. Pandering and buying his way to a UNSC seat. Why? What could georgesoros be planning having his PuppetMinister do this? I hope the WhiteHouse and realDonaldTrump is paying close attention to this. TrudeauMustGo TrudeauWorstPM ever! 'Trudeau is a dictator! Always telling us what to do... don't help Canada at all!' 'Where the fuck is this guy, he is never around, not doing a thing! He's always overseas talking to world leaders & connecting Canada with countries at a key time in wavering foreign relations.'

Protesters in Tyendinaga, Ont. given until Sunday night to clear blockades crippling CN rail network‘The Mohawks would have taken down everything,’ a hereditary chief said, had Trudeau not made ‘antagonistic’ speech There is nothing left to discuss. The time for dialogue is over. Clear the blockades and arrest anyone who resists GetTheTrainsMoving Believe what you want - doesn’t make it true acoyne

The United Nations started where Hitler left off... Where do you think they got the idea for a one world government!! Is JT honestly ignoring our crisis, or did I miss a speech about how to solve what’s happening in Canada? This guy must have been trained by Harper ! Trudeau is insane, and the media needs to start doing their job and not sucking up to him. I’m so sick of him throwing our money around. If he wants to donate money he can donate his own. TrudeauNotFitForOffice TrudeauMustGo TrudeauMustResign

This is JT’s plan to get Canadians to fight each other, to feed his ego! Then go off to get a seat on the United Nation’s Security Council then come home on his white horse to save the day, by saying “okay, enough is enough! Everyone be nice”. Problem solved🤦🏽‍♀️ Had enough of this shit show yet Canada?

Sad that there was nobody better to vote for 🤷‍♂️ Trudeau is setting himself up for a cushy UN job later on. Phony SOB

At Black History Month Event, PM Reflects On ‘Dumb’ Use Of Racist MakeupPhotos of Trudeau in blackface and brownface rocked the Liberal election campaign last fall. Canada ... And the media that created Trudeau in the first place lap it all up like the enablers and hypocrites that they are.

that idiot is still pushing this UN crap, ask Canadians if they want our laws enforced or Trudope focused on this UN crap. STOP THE BLOCADES His priorities are quite obvious!!! Idiot. Forget the UN. The Country is in crisis. Canada is becoming a banana republic under Trudeau’s “leadership” This is what you voted for!!! While Canada is facing numerous serious crises, he is on an ego trip, lobbying for this useless UN seat JustinTrudeau canada

JustinTrudeau POS. No words! Now.. we have a crisis here.. One look at how your country has been shut down and you think they want you on the security council? Quit wasting time and get your priorities in order Trudeau. Unethical, Blackface may not be Canada’s best rep. While our economy burns and his anarchists destroy our lively hoods.

Tory Leadership Hopeful Says She’ll Try To Bring Down Liberals Right AwayTop Tories are blaming Trudeau Liberals after Teck pulled its Frontier oilsands mine application. Teck required Oil at $65/barrel for Frontier to be profitable, meanwhile Western Select is at $30.88/barrel.... I understand they are playing politics, yet it's still ridiculously stupid. Because what Canada needs most is another multi-million dollar election that will return exactly the same results. Send in the clowns....

Global, Everybody hates you. Who would possibly pay to listen to your crappy propaganda? Why don't you die? Daniel He's moved on already...crisis averted in Canada apparently. Can't run his own country who would give him more. But as usual he stammered, the speech having went off the rails. Nothing else going on in Canada that the Prime Minstrel oh sorry Prime Minister should be concerned about

Hey. The Go Trains were blocked by anarchist today, it’s becoming a FreeForAll in Canada thanks to Trudeau and he is out bribing African for the UN seat NO ONE iN Canada wants except for his own ego? TrudeauNotFitForOffice TrudeauMustGo UN UNGeneva NO SEAT for Trudeau! Trying to set up a cushy un job before he gets shit canned by canadians

FFS !!! Sigh 😔 we are in trouble if this is more important than our what is happening in Canada! I’m almost scared that he WOULD get on the UN Security Council.

‘Don’t be a jerk’: Victoria Turk’s new book Kill Reply All is a comprehensive guide to online etiquetteThe British journalist offers helpful dos and don’ts on everything from e-mail to online dating

Canada disintegrates into chaos while Trudeau fiddles for an impotent place on an autocratic council of the most corrupt and intrusive organization on the planet. JustinTrudeau cannot EVEN manage the chaos in Canada, why he insiste in trying to get an UN Seat? To do what? Travel more and solve less problems? The vacation Ended 3 weeks ago. liberal_party Bill_Morneau MarcGarneau CPC_HQ cafreeland

Are you kidding me...we have a damn crisis here and JustinTrudeau is still pandering to the UN. How many more Canadians dollars are you going to bribe nations with? No wonder the indigenous leaders have doubts in your ability to govern just like most other Canadians do. Nothing else on his plate? You should report that Trudeau's tunnel vision is failing Canada.

Send him to Trenton for 21 days he looks and acts sick Still preoccupied with a vanity UN seat, while he should be LEADING 🇨🇦! TrudeauMustGo TrudeauWorstPM Like now, this isn’t happening now is it? If JustinTrudeau can’t even manage the security of our transportation infrastructure, how does he think he has anything to offer to World security.

I guess there are no other pressing issues in Canada.... JustinTrudeau 😡👎

Not his first rodeo: Bumgarner admits to roping under alias - Sportsnet.caBumgarner has discretely competed in rodeos for a while, including in March of last year two days before pitching for the San Francisco Giants in a Cactus League spring training game. Why does this not surprise me at all curranwalsh Such a country boy. Sure miss him in SF calgarystampede

Why in the fuck did he go on his little vacation to Africa when they are all here hearing the same garbage? What were you really up to skippy? I think he should resign Hummm Security? Who besides our part time PM wants this? This is nuts, the country is going to hell and your fraudulent media is promoting Trudeau and Africans. Completely and unequivocally crazy, the media corruption and collusion is out of control.

Tell the UN to F off and take black face with them Trudeau supports homophobia.

Trudeau revisits blackface embarrassment during Black History Month Justin Trudeau acknowledged his own past history of unconscious racism during a celebration Monday of Black History Month. He should re-visit the unemployment line He is zoolander

How awkward is this for Blackface Asshole

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