Erin O'Toole plans to meet with truckers protesting vaccine mandates in Ottawa | CBC News

2022-01-28 3:21:00 AM

Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole says he will meet with truckers taking part in a protest against vaccine mandates set for this weekend on Parliament Hill.

Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole says he will meet with truckers taking part in a protest against vaccine mandates set for this weekend on Parliament Hill.

Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole said Thursday he will meet with truckers taking part in a protest against vaccine mandates set for this weekend on Parliament Hill — but does not plan to meet with the actual organizers of the convoy.

The protest, initially billed as a demonstration by Canadian truckers against vaccination rules in their industry, has expanded in recent days to include people with much broader grievances against the federal government and its handling of the pandemic.

Some of those organizing the protest have expressed hopes of dissolving the government upon their arrival in Ottawa."There are other groups using the plight of truckers to bring division, hatred, and we need to call that out and stamp it out," O'Toole said, later repeating a call for Canadian politicians to "lower the temperature" around the protest.

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Maxine Bernier P.P.C.has already did ! So real reason for The O tool to bother ! Glad he's gonna meet the truckers. I hope his first discussion is the absolute disrespect of the war memorial. Males are constantly abused by hateful feminists, practicing discrimination & insulting us by calling it equality. Men it is your right to SAY NO & give feminists what they give you, hateful, abusive sex laws, child custody laws, affirmative actions laws, all against men

He must be a while supremicist then 🤣🤣🤣 Did Erin O’Toole ever meet with First Nations protestors when the rail blockades were happening? No - he wanted to send in the army and wipe them out These guys are lowering themselves to the lowest voters. Just because the yell a lot doesn’t make them right it makes them crazy people. Show how poor education system pushed them out

🤮 in an alley with a photographer thanks CBC for at least mentioning the 90% of truckers that are working and supplying us now

Global Affairs Canada is under 'cyber attack'Politics Insider for Jan. 25: Canada considers sending weapons to Ukraine; a convoy of protesting truckers makes its way to Ottawa; and Erin O'Toole's leadership gets questioned Powerful words from Ayanna Pressley: 'We cannot remain silent when our government sends $3.8 billion of military aid to Israel that is used to demolish Palestinian homes, imprison Palestinian children, and displace Palestinian families. A budget is a reflection of our values.'

He does know the don’t want him to lead either right They have their own people This guy is unbelievable. Just the other day he was promoting a Vaccine Mandate. He flip flops so much, I can't believe people believe anything he says! CBCNews These are his “people” anyway. Not going to change anything with the other 90%

Erin you are so un Canadian . Looking for someone to accept his ideology even when it goes against the majority. Mandates are essential to curb the pandemic. The people protesting are against these as well as other outstanding issues from the far right . You will not get my vote. He’s proving himself to ba leader of truckers only, not a party which is meant for Canadians as a whole, not the white truckers

Meanwhile the coward is hiding in his cottage. 😂😂😂 Why the heck should the taxpayers have to foot the bill for increased security and policing. The RRsighthound should be footing the bill for this. I am done with you. You had every opportunity for months to be a leader.

Organizer behind anti-vaccine mandate convoy says it won't tolerate extremists as online rhetoric heats up | CBC NewsA key player behind the convoy travelling to Ottawa to protest a vaccine mandate for truckers is distancing her movement from the increasingly extremist rhetoric online being associated with the protest. The OPP are going to escort the convoy right through to Ottawa. Seems pretty well organized with no objections from the police. The only negative crap comes from treasonous propagandists like CBC. We will remember You and the hate you have spread throughout Canada. So unvaccinated Canadian truckers, who cannot enter the US without being vaccinated, are protesting in Canada because of a Canadian vaccine mandate to re-enter Canada from the US, which is a country they cannot currently enter because they are unvaccinated. Huh?

Serving waffles? protip Stand down erinotoole let PierrePoilievre handle the dirty work Of course he is those are his people angry whites who think they are so entitled that no rules apply to them Datoole....WASTE OF SPACE and Time 🙃 And that right there is why no one should vote for him! A small fringe group does not get to dictate to the majority...

I am disappointed with Trudeau, but this F up leading the PC party leaves people with zero good options. Just remember they support Bernier. Of COURSE he will. RubberSpine FluTruxKlan Finally Tonka Trucks meet Mr Potato Head

'So many angry people': Experts say online conversation around trucker convoy veering into dangerous territoryAs a growing group of truckers and supporters make their way to Ottawa in a protest against vaccine mandates, experts say the rhetoric online concerning the convoy is getting increasingly worrisome. CTVNews The army should be there with full weapons! This is an elected government and these grifters need to be shown who runs this country! acoyne CTVNews Great a gaggle of dumb conspiracy theorists, racists and bigots are trucking to Ottawa to protest... *yawn* Ottawa could use their grifted funds to support local hotels and businesses (wait can they get in anywhere?) CTVNews Experts and media looking for someone to blame need to look in the mirror.

And he says it will be away from the min protest. In other words, where there is no press to take pictures of him being a nitwit. He walks a fine line. Dancing to the base who will cut him off at the knees at the first opportunity. I wonder if progressive will ever be part of the conservative ideology again.

CBCNews OTool to be productive as a leader should be meeting with the truckers association president publicly in front of the truckers to quell this mess. Even CA Gov concedes the dumb truckers still wouldn’t be able to cross the US border, Biden says no. Buy a toque Erin. Anything to get attention because he certainly has nothing to offer the Canadian people other then his hate & fear Mongering & his sick obsession with Trudeau.

lmao, but he supports of fully vaxxed so he is a liar Here’s some news The Ottawa media will be making like Pravda and Xinhua today: Lining up to parrot the Permanent Crisis line that any resistance is not only futile but 'racist, bigoted, xenophobic and......unpatriotic' They may eat him What? To give them lollipops and koolaid?

Why an anti-vaccine trucker convoy called the Freedom Rally is driving across CanadaOn Jan. 23, a convoy of big rig trucks embarked for Ottawa from Vancouver in protest of the federal government’s new COVID-19 vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers They are bored! Anti-Mandate *. But why would journalist integrity matter at this point Oh against the Canadian mandate but can't enter USA either cause of the USA mandate.. it's quite insane really

who O'Fool....? Of course PC and Americans are the root of this. SELLED MY VOTE FOR LIBERALs So for him playing politic is more important than a simple 10 seconds that it takes to be vaccinated for the safe health of Canadians. The Antivax took over that rally. If he does this, I will never vote PC. We have to pull in the same direction to get over the pandemic - he is so out of touch with what we need from our leaders.

Mr. O'Toole - too bad you are muddying the waters between the right to peaceful demonstration (praying it is, in fact - that) and inappropriate political intervention. You should not be using this situation to advance your agenda. That's what we have elections for. Why? It's not like he can do anything about their demands.

All these replies saying “oF COurSe hE wiLL” Do you people have a point to make with that? Will Erin O’Toole be wearing a red tie, to meet the Anti Vaxxers truckers. Opportunist!

Ottawa police prepare as convoy protesting vaccine mandate heads to nation's capital | CBC NewsOttawa police are preparing for the arrival this weekend of a massive convoy of protesters opposed to pandemic public health measures — but they say they don't know how big the event will be or how long the protesters might stay. All the hate towards each other is disgusting. Protesting is what you do when you disagree with a policy. Millions of people disagree with the mandate. No matter the side you are on, we are all countrymen. You can disagree with people and still respect them. This reminds me of that movie where the guy starts running, gaining tons of followers along the way. Then, after accomplishing nothing, he turns around and goes back and all the dummies that were with him were left wondering what to do next. .....Good movie. 🤣🍿

Going for his voting base. Take the 10% by all means! ❤️🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦❤️❤️❤️❤️PRESIDENTS OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE AND TELL THE GLOBALISTS. F OFF✅ No surprise there!! I think he was one of the silent organizers...working behind the scenes.🤣🤣🤣 Should be funny! Remember O'Toole, we don't negotiate with terrorists.

Finally coming out of hiding. Wtg Erin who?!? Oops, may be the conservative leader O'Toole will catch Covid, talking to the anti-vaxx truck drivers....hope not...but personally I would stay way... Except they likely don’t want to meet with him so….. Performative O’Tool

Where is Steven Haroer and the Heritage Front when you need them?! SCREAMING AND KICKING HE COMES.... LEADER MY ASS. Way to go The same guy who was at home for the holidays will try and meet with truckers 'outside of the Hill core so it can be done effectively'...mmmhmmmm. Cue photo op erinotoole DefundCBC

I have a severe brain injury and any thing administered into my body is death to me so quit trying to murder me canada I thought so, I hope he doesn't get himself caught up in some Crazy, that won't look good will it. I wonder if Maxime Bernier shows up too and they compete for voters What a tool .. Of course he will...

When are the Tories gonna boot O’Toole. They would be better off bringing back Harper. O’Toole’s days are numbered. Ambrose seems to be a good choice to replace him.

erinotoole hey it’s not about vaccine mandates .. it is about infringement of rights and freedoms … probably why us conservative folks have zero confidence in your ability… it’s about the finer details … wake up AlbertansFirst jkenney PremierScottMoe liberals fordnatiom Nobody cares and you shouldn’t either.

We want names and times. We want to know who he talked to and what they said. I hope the media actually follows through on this one. Keep asking what he said. So Erin is now supporting MAGA, conspiracy theorists and racists. Charming. Of course he will, he has no shame, no values, no conscience and desperately wants votes and profile from anywhere he can get it; he’s betraying the 85-90% of truckers who have done the right thing by getting vaccinated. That’s all it takes. Craven.

Of course he is.... traitor freedumbConvoy2022 Ever the politician, O’Toole is following the advice of his handlers, trying to curry favour with his fringe base. This foolish act of desperation will only serve to further alienate his party from mainstream Canada. 😂going to the bottom of the barrel to get votes😂 Embarrassing. The Cons will not win the next election, that’s for sure. Trudeau 👏👍Great job you are doing. Vast majority of Canadians do not support these truckers

We want PierrePoilievre This should go well.

Bad idea let the truckers don't get paid cuz I want them to suffer Perhaps O’Toole invited the protesters and funded them? Perhaps he could ask the organizer of the Go Fund Me page for the truckers why SHE withdrew a million dollars & then tell them to get vaccinated!!! Idiot! You are the reason why Canadian are devided. How can you support anti vaccine groups. How many people have to die. The government should turn away if unvaccinated people go to emergency.

1 in 5 Canadian truckers is South Asian. 1 in 3 are immigrants. I'm still looking for those ratios to be reflected in the convoy. No evidence of it so far. Curious. Embarrassment!!!!!!!!!!!!! Won’t bend for a minority ! It’s not a protest, it’s a toxic masculinity parade! You’re going to meet with people who have amongst them those bearing arms and wishing to create a civil war? You have lost all credibility as a leader of the opposition let alone the leader of a country. This is 10% of truckers - do you think the 90% will applaud you?

Will Faith Goldie be there in solidarity with him… FlipFlopOToole KarenConvoy

Yeahhhh he’s going to read them his book Dirty politics. Pandering to the fringes again. That's why he'll never be in the PMs office. CBCNews DefundCBC Disgusted He should. And his opponents can then link him to the unsavoury elements in that convoy. Earlier today, Erin O'Toole accused the government of not caring about the working class, even though 90% of truckers are vaccinated and doing their jobs. Erin's that boss we've all had who only favoured the minority of co-workers who were the laziest slackers in the workplace.

This is mandates for all Canadians not just the truckers , they travelled for all Canadians . Very proud of them 🇨🇦🇨🇦 That should be a real clown show

I dislike Aaron O’Toole. Greatly. Too late. Why stand firm with the 90% of Canadian truckers who are vaccinated when you can crawl on your belly and grovel at the feet of the anti vaxx 10% right erinotoole. The CPC_HQ are not a serious party and Erin O’Toole is a disaster of a human being. Oh, he really wants to do this, doesn’t he?

Good! He should because it’s not what the shameful media has made them out to be CPC_HQ What is he thinking? Im thinking he won’t be PM. Not even close. This is a good idea. He needs to take a stand. CBCNews Don’t cover it! CBCNews Careful of the wolf in sheeps clothing….

Wow. Then he’ll whine that JustinTrudeau won’t. No government official should meet with them and give them a bigger voice. Ppl held it against him but JustinTrudeau was exactly right about the convoy. But you do you erinotoole. A real tool for the far right. These arent truckers. They are anti vaxxers

DavidWCochrane Why did you use the spelling 'tr'? To what end? WTF is he going to do about it, other than get photo-ops with assholes Of course, he does. He wants their vote erinotoole I always thought you were an ass…but you’ve outdone yourself this time. mais! quelle surprise non! CBCNews no doubt the best advice Erin n Pierre could be given is pick words very carefully. They should have learned by Mr Trumps verbal rallying of the troops, N what it led to that Jan 6 day. WORDS at an emotional rally, matter. !! Go easy you 2. Go too far, say bye to careers

CBCNews He SHOULD tell them that vaccines save lives and refusing them (without a legitimate doctor-directed reason), is selfish and harmful. He lost the election because he sides with novaxx ….. did he learn anything from that?

Know when to lead, and know when to sit down. I am a conservative at heart, and this guy is what’s wrong with the party. Pandering to fringe minority groups, desperate. Good. You should have won, not Trudeau and his crooked election Of course he would votes, even from morons, are still votes. Integrity is lost forever.

I can't see this going over to well. His backstabbing party is setting a crap for him. What a fucking joke. Just another reason why Conservatives should never win another election. He’s been spotted.. update Will he ride off into the sunset with them? He needs to make sure he is talking to a trucker or a western separtist, an anti-vaxxer or just a right-wing nutjob. The later 3 will probably be the majority.

CBCNews Please do that OToole, That should pretty well cook your goose. You know that this is not a democratic way of protesting in Canada. The first demonstration that I ever saw a fist pump used was by Fidel Castro. A Communist! Lol at Cabelas … the holy land 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Good luck ever getting voted in next time! Political BS - not worried about all those dying from Covid! CBCNews Excellent ! So he’s finally trying to pick a side He’s a little late to the party for this one. He simply waited to see when it was the prime time to jump in to try and score a few political brownie points. Sorry Mr. O’Toole, to little and waaaay to late.

Will he meet with the Nazis too? Anything for a vote, huh. Desperation Antisemitism pnpcbc OtooleTheFool Let’s not jump into conclusions too soon. Give him a chance. Let’s see what he tells them Erin’s trying to get those PPC votes back. Kinda 'Trump Like' move on ya Erin? FluTrucksKlan We have a real problem with this protest it’s very scary and violent.O’Toole’s should get all government parties together how to end this violent protest instead O’Toole’s is complaining and pointing fingers he’s not concerned about no one

Perhaps, the Truckers have become pawns in FreedomConvoy2022, erinotoole, CPC_HQ and MaximeBernier's social and political conundrum as a systemic one - supporting a fringe driven by psychological factors that they are barely aware of. Dirty political games

Alternative headline: erinotoole sees political opportunity. Has he contacted anyone in WH to discuss their exact same rule? onpoli KarenKonvoy Because of course he will, wherever he think he might grab a few votes 🙄 And just yesterday he said he wouldn’t. No surprise, after all Scheer met with the Yellow Vests.

I wonder how his stupidity in this is going to turn out. His opportunity to say “I’m a leader. See, I’m willing to meet with the protesters unlike our PM.” All a political stunt and I’m glad erinotoole lost the election. CBCNews He needs to tell them to get vaccinated and follow the advice of their union.

Risky DavidWCochrane “Truckers” Sounds about white.

CBCNews Not a good idea dum dum Erin who? CBCNews Birds of the same feather flock together. CBCNews Lol. Well of course he would. 🙄 I'm gonna go back to my nap...which was interrupted by the sound of desk pounding... I already know how his day has been going. I'm content. 💤 If he won't get his own caucus to follow the vaccine rules, he will fit right in with the truckers. FREEDUMB.

Pass me the ball CBCNews Like Trump meeting Rocket Man. Just gives legitimacy by acknowledging! CBCNews Are you going to Ask them to get their Vaccines? Once you meet with them. erinotoole Im sure Skippy will be there too So same Question Erin has no power....Why....What's he going to do?....🙄

When people show you who they are believe them. Believe erinotoole that he supports this trucker convoy. This is all about politics, he lost and will never, ever be prime minister. This is not about vaccine mandates, it’s all about politics. erinotoole has shown his hand. CBCNews No one cares Tool CBCNews Junior decided to hide under the bed, being a coward… it takes a man to talk and listen to Canadians! That is democracy!

CBCNews The evil era is toward the end. Just like Andrew Scheer Erin O'Toole only wants to meet with the Yellow Vest Movement and the Proud Boys Of course he will. He needs to beg for their votes bc they’re being purged to PPC. CBCNews As apposed to Justin Trudeau “2022 Hide and Seek World Champion” TrudeauMustGo

CBCNews This is all great and people can feel good about the passion behind it, until a group of wingnuts decides they should storm parliament. It seems crazy, right. People in the US woke up on Jan 6, 2021 thinking the same thing. Stop indulging and making this aspirational.

All he’s doing is patronizing a small bunch of ignorant, selfish people who are just wasting everyone’s time. The grocery shelves in my area are packed. We order food online to numerous restaurants and there is never a situation where they don’t have a menu item. whocares CBCNews Of course he will.

"I will be meeting with truckers, I will be meeting with parts of the convoy.Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre , the party’s finance critic, claimed the government’s vaccine policy is “emptying grocery shelves and ballooning food prices,” leaving some Canadians to “go hungry.Social Sharing.A group of truckers and concerned citizens began a cross-country trip to Ottawa over the weekend, in protest of vaccine mandates in the country.

I will try and do it outside of the Hill core so it can be done effectively," O'Toole told an evening news conference. The protest, initially billed as a demonstration by Canadian truckers against vaccination rules in their industry, has expanded in recent days to include people with much broader grievances against the federal government and its handling of the pandemic. “Time to end Justin Trudeau’s ,” he said in a recent social media post. Some of those organizing the protest have expressed hopes of dissolving the government upon their arrival in Ottawa. "There are other groups using the plight of truckers to bring division, hatred, and we need to call that out and stamp it out," O'Toole said, later repeating a call for Canadian politicians to "lower the temperature" around the protest. She claimed the policy would result in the loss of thousands of jobs and “empty shelves in Canadian retail sectors. WATCH | O'Toole on his plans to meet with protesting truckers O'Toole says he will meet with truckers heading to Ottawa to protest 2 hours ago Duration 1:38 Opposition Leader Erin O'Toole says he wants to hear the concerns of truckers who will be in Ottawa to rally against vaccine mandates. Organizers for the convoy insist they are abiding the laws and intend for a peaceful rally in Ottawa this weekend.

1:38 But the Conservative Leader also voiced opposition to Liberal policy choices. It’s up to politicians to advocate for solutions in a cost-of-living crisis, in a supply chain crisis in a way that’s responsible and respectful of the public health crisis we’re in. He said the government's insistence on making vaccines mandatory is unjustly causing people to lose their jobs. In a tweet posted just minutes after his news conference ended, O'Toole said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals want to "smear and demonize" truckers. I regret that the Conservative Party and Conservative politicians are in the process of stoking Canadians’ fears about the supply chain. Truckers were our heroes at the start of the pandemic.Now Trudeau and his Liberal allies want to smear and demonize them.” Funds frozen: The convoy’s online fundraising campaign — which raised $3. “Some of the organizers are trying to get people to dial back the rhetoric, but the genie's already out of the bottle,” he said.

Let’s get the truth out. 👇 — .