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Enough people have to take a COVID-19 vaccine for it to be efficient, Fauci says

Enough people have to take a COVID-19 vaccine for it to be efficient, Fauci says

2020-09-18 2:30:00 AM

Enough people have to take a COVID-19 vaccine for it to be efficient, Fauci says

If too few people get a COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available, it won't help reduce the spread of the deadly virus, the U.S's top infectious disease official said.

"It's a combination ofhow effective a vaccine isand how many people use it," Fauci said. "If you have a vaccine that is highly effective and not enough people get vaccinated, you're not going to realize the full, important effect of having a vaccine."

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The less protective a vaccine is, the more people need to get it to provide population-wide immunity, Fauci said. The fundamental goal is to get the level of infection so low that when there are little outbreaks, they're easy to control, he said.A recent poll from

the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 54% of respondents said they would not get the vaccine if it was available for free before the November 3 presidential election -- a time frame suggested by President Donald Trump but one health officials say is unlikely.

Separately, the Pew Research Center found that only 51% of Americans surveyed said they would get a COVID-19 vaccine if it were available today -- down from 72% in May. The survey found 77% thought it was "very or somewhat likely" that a vaccine would be approved before its safety or effectiveness is fully understood, and 78% said they were concerned vaccine approval will move too fast.

Most, 76%, said they were concerned about the side effects and said that was the main reason they would "definitely or probably not" get a vaccine.The hesitancy of many people to get a COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available is an issue that needs to be urgently addressed, said Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health.

"Those who are vaccine hesitant have had their hesitancy enhanced by a variety of things that are happening right now, particularly the unfortunate mix of science and politics," Collins said at an event hosted by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. "I don't want to have us, a year from now, having a conversation about how we have in our hands the solution to the worst pandemic of more than 100 years, but we haven't been able to actually convince people to take charge of it," Collins said.

Fauci said he still thinks it will be the final months of the year before a vaccine is proven to be safe and effective. ''I would still put my money on November/December," Fauci said during a Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute panel on global pandemics.

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, there have been more than 6.6 million cases of coronavirus reported in the United States. More than 197,000 people have died.Rich nations have grabbed most of the vaccine supplyRich nations such as the U.S., Britain and Japan have bought up more than half the expected supply of coronavirus vaccine, the international anti-poverty nonprofit Oxfam said Wednesday.

These countries represent 13% of the world's population, but have bought up future supplies of 51% of coronavirus vaccines, Oxfam said.The group used data collected by analytics firm Airfinity to analyze published deals between governments and vaccine makers. Oxfam calculated five organizations -- AstraZeneca, Russia's Gamaleya, Moderna, Pfizer and China's Sinovac -- have the combined production capacity to make 5.94 billion doses. That's enough to cover 2.97 billion people -- less than half the world's population, if everyone needs two doses, as seems likely.

"Supply deals have already been agreed for 5.303 billion doses, of which 2.728 billion (51%) have been bought by developed countries including the UK, US, Australia, Hong Kong & Macau, Japan, Switzerland and Israel, as well as the European Union," Oxfam said in a statement.

The rest have been bought by or promised to developing countries including India, Bangladesh, China, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico among others, it added."Access to a life-saving vaccine shouldn't depend on where you live or how much money you have," said Oxfam's Robert Silverman. "The development and approval of a safe and effective vaccine is crucial, but equally important is making sure the vaccines are available and affordable to everyone. COVID-19 anywhere is COVID-19 everywhere."

Oxfam noted that AstraZeneca has pledged two-thirds of the doses it produces to developing countries.Seven coronavirus deaths linked to one wedding Read more: CTV News »

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What did u say? Vaccines are poison. Regardless of how small the dose, a small amount of poison doesn't suddenly become not poison. American's can't honestly believe this goof? lockdown orders the 'greatest intrusion on civil liberties' in Canadian history 'other than slavery.' Imo Or we could just wait for herd mentality to eliminate the virus, according to Trump.

Enough Fauci! I'd rather you work on a vaccine for Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes. Covid-19 by itself won't likely kill you but those three are the Big 3 in North America that will. Don’t need a vaccine. Not a pandemic Sorry, you and bill gates can take a hike Enough people have to take a COVID vaccine so pharma and government can get rich

How about taking a dose of the truth CTV and run a story on the steadily declining deaths rates instead? He is a lier. He funded Wuhan P4 lab that creates CCP virus. He is part of evil. They want to make money from vaccines to create virus! As I said earlier the fast tracked vaccine needs to happen so they can mass inject before the “potential” 2nd wave, that way when it doesn’t happen next Winter/Spring due to herd immunity they can claim the Vaccine was effective and recommend it yearly. Win-Win for Big Pharma.

why not just get the virus? and get the immunity naturally? Him and all his family first 🙄 just like the gas chambers in Nazi Germany You guys!! How is it you always stir up this mob of dissenters whenever you put out a story? Is it you Is it us How did our worldviews become so alienated one from the other? TheGreatDeceiver has a lot to do with it.

Say no to mandatory vaccinations! Dr LiMeng Yan: the virus is from the lab in Wuhan ! Fauci is a running dog 🐕 of CCP! So I guess Fauci is fomenting dissent against the vaccine in order to be able to suggest a mandatory regime would be more effective. Got to give it to these guys, they are sneaky. Or, we could just get to hurd immunity naturally.

I will only take it if it is forcibly injected into me. I would go to jail before taking it. Thats just like trump saying the virus will go away by itself, ya know, it will just fade away and be non existant, yup, it will go away by itself, trust me, it will go away. Dont know if hes just actually stupid or stupid knocked on his door to many times.

He’s heavily invested in the vaccine industry along with Bill Gates. Enough people to make him more best. This shills is heavily invested in a covid vaccine! Who believes these folks anymore? Help me understand SWEDEN 57 deaths per 100k pop. No strict lockdown No mandatory mask QUEBEC 68 deaths per 100k pop. Strict lockdown Mandatory mask Are we that brainwashed Canada

But let’s listen to the patent owners ofcovid who stand to make the most off it. Let’s now listen to people risking their freedom to bring you the truth with the exact same experience. We need to pick and choose what professionals we listen to ;) The lady who worked next to fauci for her entire life developing aids and cancer treatments Judy a makovits went to jail for exposing fauci and says vaccines and masks will fuel this pandemic. Judging by our increase in numbers ten fold 6 months in after mask bylaws I’d say...yep

Immunity has already been reached. Deaths are lower than the flu with the vaccine. And Fauci takes 6000 uid of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C daily. The recommended VitD is 1000 uid. Go figure right! Don’t look at me... I will not take it. Line 'em up and knock 'em dead! Lol ... doesn’t sound very effective!!

Ok, start with media and politicians first. Hmmmm so the vaccine only works if 7.8 billion people take. If 5.2 billion take its a dud. Oh ok I get it now. Thanks Fauci. LIVE NOW TRUMP RALLY Watch realDonaldTrump - Get the truth MSM lies MSMIsTheEnemyOfThePeople fear porn and yellow journalism Why would I take a vaccine from which nearly 20 million people have already recovered successfully without one? 97% of people recover and don't even know they had covid because their symptoms are mild or they are asymptomatic.

that is because he wants to make money off it. Efficient of effective? Have the vaccine ready first then tell people to take it. 🖕 That’s a new one!! Only if Fauci says it’s ok. No one should believe trump. Perfect all the liberals and democrats can take it :) Of course....

Nearly one in four Canadians believe officials exaggerate threat of COVID-19, poll suggestsRespondents in Alberta were more likely to believe the threat was embellished, followed by Atlantic Canada and Quebec, with Ontario at the bottom Poll probably underrepresents real numbers... people are afraid to speak for fear of being called conspiracy theorists or alt right So let's try to understand this: Nearly one in four Canadians thinks that 194,000 deceased (in the US) via Covid19 have exaggerated their condition? TheNewVehicleInYourDriveway numbers should actually be 100% believe it's a scamdemic but too many believe the media/government wouldn't lie to push their own agenda

COVID-19 cases in India surpass 5 million as experts warn fatality rate may increaseIndia has added more than 1 million COVID-19 cases this month alone and is expected to become the pandemic’s worst-hit country within weeks, surpassing the United States, where more than 6.6 million people have been infected Which fatality rate may increase? Don't be so lazy

Study hints COVID-19 may have been in the U.S. as early as DecemberResearchers believe they have found evidence that the novel coronavirus may have been circulating in the U.S. as early as late December, about a month before the current timeline from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows. Here is the facts: And Canada I believe You guys are sooooooo boringggggg

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How a Kennedy became a ‘super-spreader’ of hoaxes on COVID-19, vaccines, 5G and moreRobert F. Kennedy Jr. was once an acclaimed environmentalist, but his anti-vaccination advocacy and conspiracy theories have made him a magnet for misinformation in the pandemic The msm is worried that the truth is coming out. Kennedy is telling the truth. The msm & politicians are lying to us & have been all along. OMG I guess the word come down from the overlords that his speech in Berlin was far too powerful and even though the MSM ignored the story it was shared on social media thus the message spread. Your damage control sellout nonsense is so obvious only the sheep will buy into this billgateslovesyou WHOislord russianbot Sorosrules NWOisCool

For some COVID-19 patients, the first symptom is not a cough, but a strokeAccording to a new study, for some COVID-19 patients, the very first sign of the virus attacking their system doesn’t come in the form of a cough or difficulty breathing but in something far deadlier: a stroke. 🤨 Lol. The magical virus that is no smirks or everything is a symptom. scam How many