Ending Ont. rail blockade by force would create future problems, minister says

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Ending Ont. rail blockade by force would create future problems, minister says

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Ending Ont. rail blockade by force would create future problems, minister says

Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller says he believes sending in police to break up the blockade in Tyendinaga , Ont. by force would only result in more disruptive protests in the future.

Instead, the government should learn not to repeat what he sees as the mistakes of the past, Miller said Sunday in an interview on CTV's Question Period. "Do we use all means to ensure that there's a peaceful resolution to this, or do we just dig in like we've done for years and decades and come to the same conclusion? We keep repeating the same errors," the minister said. "My advice to my colleagues is let's make sure we get to a peaceful solution. That involves dialogue." Miller was a part of dialogue himself on Saturday, when he took part in a nine-hour meeting with representatives of the Mohawk First Nation. He told reporters after the meeting that there had been "modest progress," but refused to elaborate. Protesters erected their blockade near a rail line in Tyendinaga Mohawk territory more than a week ago. Canadian National Railway (CN Rail) obtained a court injunction to end the demonstration soon after. Police have repeatedly requested that the protesters leave, but have not forcibly remove them. There has been significant disruption to rail service since the protest began, with CN Rail halting all trains in Eastern Canada and Via Rail ending passenger service across the country. The rail lines have said that they do not feel it is safe to pass trains so close to the blockade, and that they cannot maintain their networks without passing trains through that spot in eastern Ontario. The federal government's unwillingness to force an end to the blockade has drawn criticism from some politicians including Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, the latter of whom has been criticized for saying the protesters should "check their privilege." Miller said Scheer's remarks were raised during his meeting in Tyendinaga territory on Saturday. Asked for his response to the likes of Kenney and Scheer, the minister said anyone with an interest in the situation should "not get absorbed by fear or ignorance" but instead talk to those involved in the protests and learn about their grievances. "Let's realize our mistakes from the past and make sure they don't happen again – because this problem is not going away anytime soon, and if we don't solve it the right way [with] peaceful open dialogue, it's going to come back again and again and again," he said. Miller's call for conversation over condemnation was echoed by Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde in a separate interview on CTV's Question Period. "You're going to resolve this through peaceful dialogue – that's what's got to happen, no question," he said. The protest in Tyendinaga sprung up in solidarity with a separate rail blockade in northern B.C. by members of the Wet'suwet'en First Nation who oppose the current plan to run a natural gas pipeline through their traditional territory. All elected Wet'suwet'en band chiefs along the route have approved the pipeline, but their authority does not extend to the entirety of the traditional territory. Miller said that if there was "significant progress" at ending the dispute in B.C., his meeting Saturday left him with the impression that resolving the situation in Ontario would become much easier. Asked for a more specific timeline, he declined to give one. "I'm dealing with a highly volatile situation. I don't have the luxury in dealing with what-ifs. I'm dealing with what about now – and now we engage in dialogue, peaceful, open dialogue, and see if we can make some headway," he said. The minister said the government and protest leaders would be in touch again on Sunday, with an eye toward setting up another face-to-face meeting. RELATED IMAGES A protester stands between Mohawk Warrior Society flags at a rail blockade on the tenth day of demonstration in Tyendinaga, near Belleville, Ont., Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020. (THE CANADIAN PRESS / Lars Hagberg) Related Stories Read more: CTV News

👎Our minister needs to stand his ground ....unreal that a hand full of un employed tugs can stop our railroads which is costing us millions per day .... My God !!! What kind of a country do we have ...... People are and will not put up with this shit any more .... Right now, NO Force is just Encouraging this Unlawful Activity!! Send in the Police, Army whatever and clear these Lines NOW

Rewarding illegal behaviour will create future problems What does he know. Remove them If he won’t act..... resign And we don’t have problems now? End it, worry about the future when it gets here. Having enough jails? Build more And who says 'guns blazing' arrests are made peacefully if necessary unless protesters are armed and use deadly force first!

Not taking action will only embolden more disruptions over every minor protest whether pipelines, indigenous rights, work strikes, school tuition fees, health care, etc. Etc. Canada would be constantly blackmailed and extorted . Let’s make a deal. What could possibly go wrong? So the rest of Canada has to suffer? Grow some balls

Ont. rail blockade still in place as police keep watchMembers of the Mohawk First Nation are to meet Saturday with Federal Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller at a CN rail crossing in Ontario.

Marc Miller your fired!! Nope because 1. Its been legally established the railway is on crown land not mohawk land and 2. They are violating court order injunctions which legally demands RCMP to arrest and remove protestors and any and all blockades Shouldn’t have gotten this far. The longer you wait the worse the fall out will be.

Pulling me over for speeding or using my cellphone while driving by force ie flashing your police lights & using your siren could create future problems for speeders and distracted drivers. You mean like not encouraging protesters to block railways and cause millions of dollars in losses for the Canadian economy in the future Yeah that would be a tragic mistake. 🙄🤔

Not ending them will be worse. Are these blockades on public land (roads) or private land (railroads) arrest them... Strange comment because liberal_party VERY seldom think about 'the future'. That's why they can increase the national debt month after month after month without worry!

Seatbelts on school buses coming to Sudbury, Ont., as part of federal pilotAn intergovernmental task force says seatbelts can provide an additional layer of safety for more than 51,600 Canadian children who use school buses each day. Really in Sudbury, with less traffic to deal with then major cities , yes folks this is your Gov. brain power hard at work for you , Can I ask why not across Canada or is that to much thinking on the Governmental task force to answer? Are you going to get five year olds to wear seatbelts?

ya think? Lol Ya. Caledonia x 10. PR nightmare because the police/Gov't damned if they do, damned if they don't. Bottom line: No one will be happy. No, it won't Somebody better move it. SpinelessLeaders They are terrorists & should be arrested and removed from rail tracks and pipeline routes. Those protesting that are non-Canadian should be escorted to the border and black listed never to be allowed entry into Canada. One law for all Canadians. MarcMillerVM JustinTrudeau

No. Not enforcing rule of law will cause future problems. caledonia Looking at you OPP FFS?! NOT ending it, gives these criminals license to do this anytime they dont get their way?! DoBetter In the mean time I just got lay off. And soon to be many more And you think appeasement works? Ask Neville Chamberlain about that. When you give radial authoritarians an inch, they will always take a mile. Arrests need to be made before things really do get out of hand. Certainly seems like we’re close.

Couple arrested in Brampton, Ont., on charges related to CRA telephone scamRCMP allege the couple were go-betweens who received cash in Canada from victims and took a cut before shipping the balance to scammers in India This is reportedly the couple Indian immigrants....of course Scam done by scum. If some victims could have only 5 minutes with them in a closed space. That would be the true justice. BTW I got the call and it threw me of badly, but did not become a victim. Do not trust any call from far east ote anywhere else but Canada. Accent tells it

Yes it would , but the blockades will continue for the next 200 years anyway. As long as they can hold Canada hostage and get away with it they will, it’s time to stop the bull let’s get on with running OUR country Bullshit so what is the plan, keep kissing their ass until they see their wrong. The courts have issued at least one injunction, enforce the law, arrest the protestors, put an end to these protests

Not removing them will create more problems in the future than removing them after they've had their 15minutes of fame. LIKE HELL IT WOULD!! It's sad to see a nation having no choice but to go against another because of injustice and the complete lack of faith in the administrators, time you give them their land and their money pretty sure they can administer their own lands and finances.

I wonder what the protesters have learned from this? Laughable. There will always be problems with eco-terrorists . Not removing the blockade gives legitimacy to their cause. Just what Trudeau wants. The systematic dismantling of Canada.

Transport Canada to launch school bus seatbelt pilot programs in Sudbury, Ont., and B.C.Participating B.C. location will be announced at later date It’s bizarre they are not used. Vestiges of 1930s and 1940s vehicle safety standards.

So in the meantime.....we're slaves! Charge them with terrorism or sue each one personally. They cannot hold the Country Hostage. Only an activist govt would say this. All 20 elected Aboriginal leaders affected by the pipeline have approved the pipeline. Apparently mob rule prevails in Canada. Some think they're so morally superior they don't have to follow the law and court orders. Expect more groups to ignore the law if nothing is done.

That is such crap. If you show people that there is no consequences for thier actions that will not keep them from doing it in the future. If you show the rest of the country that you cant rely on law enforcement you will create a backlash and both sides will escalate What? Upholding the law will create future problems? I’m confused...

Welcome to a recession, courtesy of government incompetence . I’m conductor and engineer for the railway just got laid off thank you to are Canadian government for help It would be the lesser of two evils🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇨🇦 Club, cuff, arrest, prosecute,jail. No problem unless you’re a liberal.

Canada doesn't tell police what to do, Trudeau says of rail blockadesAmid pressure to end Indigenous protest blockades of vital Canadian rail links, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the disruptions must be resolved through dialogue, not by ordering in the police. “Enforce the laws” - seems reasonable. Someone must tell them not to. They did when it came to the politically motivated attack on Admiral Norman

Just do it. Just bust therm and move on. They are not legal and have no rights to do this. Use as much force as you need to get these bums off the illegal blockade. SMH .... U reward Criminal Behaviour Expect more !!! Get those Rail Lines open NOW!! Arrest the Blockaders .... How on earth could that cause issues !!!

It’s time for the white man to block roads in and out of the reserves ! See how they like it ! When will the protesters be considered terrorists. If the PM doesn’t want to take action........who will? The powers vested in a railway right of way are way out of proportion to a peaceful protest. Let them speak,let Canadians hear and give the various govts a mandate to settle these various claims ...

Is the distinguished minister willing to forfeit his salary until resolving the blockade that is holding the economy hostage in solidarity with those who are losing their salaries? NOT ending it will ALSO create problems. And it would be the protesters decision if for e would be used, not the police. You can choose to obey the law, or not and face the consequences of your choice.

So you don't know what to do. Can't blame Harper Ford or even Trump.

Wet’suwet’en solidarity protesters block rail lines in VaughanThe demonstration occurred as Federal Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller met with members of the Mohawk First Nation near Belleville, Ont., where a rail blockade has entered it's 10th day. Weaponizing colonization mistakes from the past. No lessons learned. 20,000 small, sometimes competing advocacy groups in Canada The Liberal message is that they can ☑️ Block national railways ☑️ Hijack buildings ☑️ Impede roads and highways All felony acts going down with impunity right now. They're convinced people won't eventually push back

Talk to the protesters? When they are doing something ( blocking train tracks) that the rest of us Canadians were always taught was dangerous & illegal? Nope. I don't reward bad behaviour, sorry. Bullshit... most of them aren't Canadians .... identify them and boot 'em out The problems by NOT removing them and NOT enforcing the law will be what creates problems in the future for Canada.

Without force, they will never end. Bullshit, show a little backbone. EI should be down there taking names & marking them down as not available for work & cutting them off of EI Breaking the law doesn’t mean you get arrested any more? I’m going to start speeding everywhere from now on!!! Future problems? Name them

Have we learned anything now? That if the Indigenous community gets pissed off they can literally shut down the entire country, in massive numbers, AND get away with it. So the Government needs to learn how better to mitigate these entire blockades. A travesty of the government. Oh please. All the left extremists who have been encouraged to form this protest - against the FirstNations Wetsuweten votes and wishes, get off the tribal land and go home. These aren’t native people... the non news has covered these “facts” multiple times. credibility

Get them off public property or in the case of either CP or CN private property Trudeau's media Stenos in the Ottawa Press Gallery are enablers of thugs, hoodlums, terrorism. Prime examples; sympathy for blockaders, Khadr, glorifying that murderous Iranian general and their willingness to excuse illegal border crossers. Canada is now TehranNorth

Don't worry so much about the future. It will take care of itself. But only if you take care of current events and situations. Being weak-kneed is NOT smart, liberal_party ! Let me get this straight. If I and a handful of my fellow French Canadian supporters set up a blockade on the 401 in order to promote our own right for sovereign rule in Quebec, then you would not remove us for fear of later repercussions. I think not. All of Canada is suffering.

But in my opinion force is the only way. We should be calling these protesters terrorists because that is basically what they are for holding all Canadians hostage. getcanadamoving Its impossible to do now, without a major fallout. RCMP out west fucked up royally, and now law enforcement has a major issue on their hands right across the country. Somebody has to be held accountable for lack of leadership

It's incredible how people who supposedly believe in 'free expression' will lick the rcmp's boots and call for Kent State-style police violence the *second* that expression becomes even slightly inconvenient, or is done by people who aren't white. So that truck runs on gas right ? So shouldn’t these protesters walk or bicycle, to save the environment.

Love Watching how hypocritical the right-wing is, if a bunch of them were protesting and a liberal government wanted to use Force to arrest them. You would never hear the end of their whining about how the left is Taking away free speech and trying to sensor them. Comments section is very disappointing. Indigenous rights is in question, land is being taken before resolution of all parties. RCMP enforcing company gains, like colonialism. Im proud of the protestors, they aren't in the wrong 🇨🇦🕊️✊ WetsuwetenStrong

A lot of BS!! Enough, imprisonment is the only solution for these home-grown terrorists. The weak willed Trudeau gang. How can a country maintain economic stability being held hostage by a tiny group of people who seem to have no jobs but rely on government handouts. If laws are not enforced the beginning of anarchy and corruption.

That’s because this liberal govt led by the useless Punk is pathetic plain and simple. Every other non Indian in Canada has to follow the rule of law. Cut them all of my tax paying money and arrest all the non Indians involved and send them to China for quarantine for 3 yrs. It appears the Rule of Law has morphed into the Rule of Outlaw in Canada.

Is that an electric truck? Use force. These clowns are costing me money for no reason. If us ol white folk did this they would toss our asses in jail in a heart beat. No dialogue. Just jail.

This endless dialogue shows that indigenous people can use the power of blockades as a weapon at any time and for any perceived grievance. Not really 80% of them agreed to it in a plebiscite, all elected chiefs did and so did 8 of 13 Hereditary Chiefs...and 2 of the 5 dissenting Hereditary chiefs ran for band chief and lost...why is media not telling the TRUTH

Don’t know who’s advising the chiefs but there not living in the real world. For who, the activists? The white man is hated so much now ,please don’t escalate it further by using force on any blockades who cares! arrest them all Who is the actual people who represent the 1st nation.....it seems that side of the bargaining table is having a power struggle between elected chiefs and the traditional chiefs. That has to be sorted before going forward.......

How about we shut the gas off to the people’s homes that are on the blockades Please apply the law... if I blocked an intersection because I thought cars were a pollution problem, I'm sure I would be arrested.. the impact of not following the law is larger than 'future problems' - why are so many inept folks elected

So what's the plan? Block train indefinitely until the pipeline projects gets cancelled? So we just have no trains or no pipeline in Canada because a group of people says so and parks trucks on railway tracks?

Oh well it would solve current ones especially if you lit up all those nice tides people with some use of force Fight for them not against them. It's was our land all Canadians are immigrants on our land. Stolen and we were put on shitty reserves and in horrible residential schools. My Gran and my Nan were taken from my great grandparents which they never saw again.

And currently we don't have a problem? Of course, they can be forceful but the law can’t, idiotic socialism disease we have in power, Nope Yeah at that ballot box for Trudeau ! We're creating future problems by NOT taking action. We're saying it's okay. Time to grow a pair. Canada is an embarrassment to the world.

I wonder how long the govt would allow a group of Alberta farmers or O&G workers to block trains or roads before they were removed by force? 1 hr, 30 min ? Write a bigger check. That’s what it’s all about Beg to differ. Not using force opens up further lawless behavior.

Ok then, you guys have fun with no propane, boil water advisories amongst other things. I'm doing just fine where I am, let's see if your mind changes after another week of this. Didn’t Justin say politicians don’t tell the police what to do. Who is lying now Minister, you or Justin? cdnpoli No, it would tell people the rule of law is enforced, and there are consequences for breaking it.

Appeasement fails every time. It is time the RCMP started to uphold the law for all Canadians and STOP this insanity Great!! While you guys mess around hundreds of thousands suffer. Shortages? Layoffs? The total inconvenience of NO rail service, passenger or otherwise. Don’t worry about that. Worry about the feelings about a small group of people protesting a pipeline that is 3000 miles away.

Didn't realize they actually aren't blocking the rail line at all. Maybe if they all got off there asses and worked for a living they wouldn’t have time for this nonsense. 🤬🤬🤯 Cats out of the bag, problems will be regular now. Other groups will expect level treatment on other matters.

Problem Solver!!!!! Suddenly they’re proud natives when the government doesn’t give them what they want. Once this is over, they will go back to drinking and huffing gasoline. Either you resolve it, or you should be replaced with other capable one who has backbone and determination to restore the order with whatever approaches including law enforcement.

Who cares. These babies need some tough love to get in line. The more you coddle them and tell they how good their behaviour is, the more worse future problems you Will have. Maybe if they say PrettyPlease and offer a lifetime of free Timbits they will volunteer to end it...think about it..you already seem to have given up. LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

In the end when negotiations fail and rail is still paralyzed then it is time for action. In the end the state must be prepared to use coercive force if all else fails. Otherwise anarchy and civil war. Imagine the show of government force if these weren't leftists protesting. Bulldoz the whole lot of them!!Throw them all in jail!! Enough is enough! You went to court. YOU LOST!!

It is tax time, I hope you didn't pay them LOL Tell these layabouts to go get a job ! Not syphon taxpayers money 😠 ... and let their leaders negotiate in an adult manner.

Pretty sure, making our laws mere suggestions, optional depending on your politics/racial identity will definitely create future problems and has created problems in the present. Maybe the majority of Canadians should be the force because apparently there are no laws. Problem is this majority have jobs they are required to be at.

The only way to end future problems is to fully consult and obtain a consensus with Indigenous peoples. Then together, legally shutdown poseurs and troublemakers (paid/fake activist) that seek to divide both nations under a false flag. kinda like stopping the pipelines? They'd just have another Oka Crisis except this time, unlike last time, it will be displayed on social media for all to see and all to judge Canada

I find it interesting that “hereditary chiefs” not the ones elected are the ones who have set this off. If we can’t support democratic process in our own country we have have a serious problem. Enforcing Canadian law would create future problems? Well damn, we better just let these terrorists continue to break our laws and hold our country hostage. 🤡🌎

You already have future BIG PROBLEMS by letting them have their way once again!! just A bunch of thugs standing their pretending to be brave😡😡😡😡 because they know the trudeau government wont do ANYTHING to protect our country Letting terrorists win will create even more.

They played this fool like a finely tuned violin. Stopping drug dealers will cause future problems Stopping illegal firearm sales will cause future problems. Stopping human trafficking will cause future problems. Sounds really fuckin stupid when you apply that headline to other things that are illegal, eh?

NOT if the RCMP Did their job.... oh that’s right out Idiot PM says “he can’t tell the police what to do” 😳 🤬MORON🤬 What a terrible situation. I hope this helps provide solutions for struggling Natives. People should join protest if they have been wronged for any reason, everyone should get out there and protest imo

The minister is a idiot. The blockades are illegal & a criminal act committed by those doing it. 4 decades problems of Indigenous “sovereignty' of that have been encouraged and reinforced by our governments & politically correct politicians like this fool, aided by media. No surprise The liberal_party and NDP jumped into bed together and sold out Canadians and in this particular case the overwhelming majority of indigenous Canadians on the route who support the project and by all rights should be the only people considered regarding this issue

This is the government's plan They paid these people to do this 🇨🇦wake up Canada 🇨🇦 Anyone who has worked hard all your life well here she goes right down the drain All the while our joke of a leader Justin is 🏊‍♀️✈🌊🤽‍♂️🌴 Then cut off their free monies! Giving in sets a precedent and allows the few protesters to think they are invincible. Restoring society by strength shows we will not be bullied by a few inconsiderate protesters

Weak pathetic govt Actually signalling that anyone can blockade bridges ,Railway crossings etc with no consequences creates anarchy as you will then be boxed in to not responding to civil disobedience to demonstrations you may not find as politically correct or virtuous. While doing nothing will most certainly create future problems....the world now knows we’re weak, we have a spineless government lead by a spineless “leader”

Just let the trains run... they will move. Not much can stand in the way of a freight train. Including wood pallets Bullshit. YES, THAT PESKY OLD RULE OF LAW THINGY !! This time next week if nothing has been done by Trudeau and the Liberals and thousands of Canadians are laid off from their jobs and critical shortages are occurring. Who will then finally stand up for Canadians ?

How do they expect them to end then? When the majority of Canada and those support the pipelines show up they are going to wish they had supported the police when the crowds were small and no force would have been needed. Saying you have to talk means you handcuffed the police. Should have been disbanded right away....

Enforcing court orders should never be done. Arresting criminals should never happen. Paying a ransom is always the best way to go, over, and over, and over again. Just let it go on and watch it grow. Canadians I defy you to go out and break the law. If we fight our enemies they win-Justin Trudeau. Liberals are an appendage of the monster they created.

Just get out the guns . They will move Tout à fait raison

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