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Faizal Khamisa connects with Elliotte Friedman and Chris Johnston to dissect the NHLPA's decision to continue negotiating with the NHL on a 24-team return to play format.

2020-05-23 9:20:00 AM

“It is good news… but there are still tweaks that need to be finalized.” FriedgeHNIC and reporterchris join SNFaizalKhamisa to explain what Friday's vote by the NHLPA means and what happens next. Watch the full video here:

Faizal Khamisa connects with Elliotte Friedman and Chris Johnston to dissect the NHLPA's decision to continue negotiating with the NHL on a 24-team return to play format.

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FriedgeHNIC reporterchris SNFaizalKhamisa For all of the people saying this is stupid/asterisk cup etc... Watch this - Champs With Poor Records, Rule Changes and Playoff Format Changes in the NHL via YouTube You may learn something...🙊🙉🙈 FriedgeHNIC reporterchris SNFaizalKhamisa Will be great to see hockey again but this 24-team format is a mistake.

FriedgeHNIC reporterchris SNFaizalKhamisa Holy shit FriedgeHNIC that is epic. FriedgeHNIC reporterchris SNFaizalKhamisa NHL is a joke... ThIs is stupid. Season should be scrapped.

Penguins players vote 'yes' to NHL's proposed return-to-play format - Sportsnet.caThe Pittsburgh Penguins voted in favour of the NHL's proposed return-to-play format, NHLPA representative Kris Letang told Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman. What? They like paycheques too? Weird “It’s a great challenge for our team right off the bat,” Kris Letang told FriedgeHNIC. FAN590 Are you going to post how each team votes?

NHLPA vote first of many big steps before NHL can return to play - Sportsnet.caFriday's vote by the NHLPA Executive Committee was the first tangible progress towards finishing off the 2019-20 NHL season after more than 10 weeks of uncertainty brought on by the novel coronavirus. reporterchris Never thought I’d say it... I’m DARN READY as I’m ever going to be for fanless NHL run at the CUP playoffs Hockey!!!! N.B. 😖😖😖 leader of typos, grammatical, and other autocorrect forced errors 😹😹😹😹... reporterchris Please nhl. Be the first and don't apologize for it. reporterchris Also, yesterday the United States declared foreign athletes as essential workers and they can thus enter the US.

NHLPA Executive Board approves NHL's proposed return to play format - Sportsnet.caBREAKING: The NHLPA Executive Board approved the NHL’s return to play format, pending further negotiations on issues related to resuming play. June 1st? Habs are in the playoffs! How is this an agreement. all they said is they need to negotiate more ?

NHLPA expected to finish vote on Return to Play format by Friday night - TSN.caThe National Hockey League Players' Association's executive board is in the process of voting on the 24-team Return to Play format and the voting process is expected to be completed Friday night, reports TSN Hockey Insiders Pierre LeBrun and Darren Dreger.

NHLPA Executive Board voting on proposed 24-team playoff format - Sportsnet.caThe NHLPA's Executive Board is taking a vote on the 24-team return-to-play playoff format proposal, sources tell Sportsnet's Chris Johnston. The vote is ongoing and results aren't expected until tomorrow. reporterchris hockey is returning!! reporterchris They should cancel the season. Season ticket holders don’t want a “Mickey mouse” playoff format. No fans in the stands 189 regular season games & playoffs can not be made up. The boarder between Canada & the US is closed until the end of June. reporterchris Just call it a day already.

Flames' Brad Treliving on return-to-play proposal: 'I’m good with that' - Sportsnet.caOne concern about the NHL returning to play is all the work teams will go through to prepare, only to be quickly eliminated from play. However, despite that obstacle, Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving says a best-of-five series is enough games for things to be fair.