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Green Party, Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May pitches Greens as holding balance of power in minority government

Elizabeth May pitches Greens as holding balance of power in minority government


Elizabeth May pitches Greens as holding balance of power in minority government

The Green Party of Canada says every policy in its platform -- from the economy to health, foreign affairs, immigration and transportation -- is viewed through the lens of the climate crisis.

May acknowledged the reality of the polls, which peg Green support well behind those of the Liberals and Conservatives, at her platform launch.

"I'm running to elect as many of these wonderful candidates as is possible so that a caucus of Green MPs can assist Canadians, particularly in a minority situation."

Watch Elizabeth May unveil the Green Party platform

The Green platform also places a heavy emphasis on reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, including a pledge to implement the calls to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.

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Except the’s already said she won’t support the Conservatives. And who is she going to prop up with 4% of the vote? Let's hope not! Weve seen what a disaster that mix has brought the Country in BC ... 2 radical Greens influencing safe pipeline choice in a Province where the population is in favour on them. Scandalous politics

Elizabeth May and the Green Party to hold balance of power in a Minority Government ? 👇 The fact that Greens can vote however they want makes them effectively independents with environmental concerns. There were more indie MPs than Green and PPC ones when writ dropped too. Really not a credible party structure. Progressives better to back NDP to ensure minority gov.

Maybe we could have the election first😆 Really with all that one seat? Ya think... She already said she wouldn’t support any of them. What’s the deal? Just for the record, the NDP was the first party to reveal its platform, and did so back in mid June of this year, and currently it is the NDP that is poised to hold the balance of power should there be a minority govt

That's definitely not happening. Even Bernier will get more seats than green. How does this alcoholic get to her events? Does she walk, ride a bicycle or use OIL to fly?

Elizabeth May unveils Green Party platformGreen Leader Elizabeth May urged Canadians to 'vote for what you want' as she unveiled her party's platform in Toronto. Watch her full statement here: cdnpoli elxn43 We don't want any Nutbars in Office ! Liz May has one goal. Just one. Take as many VOTES away from the Liberal party as possible. Free tuition? Puleese. But if it can steal away a vote...throw it out there. Did she mention China? We need to stop buying their cheap crap and buy higher quality made in Canada. Sure it will be more expensive but we will get it fixed instead of throwing it away. Win win , more jobs less global pollution.

Women is bat shit crazy . Oh wouldn’t that be great.. back to Middle Ages It’s too bad she’s nuts Which Greens? The 9/11 Truthers? The anti-smart-metre tin hat freedom fighters? Or--everybody's favorite--the burn-Israel Nazis? gmafb The woman that believes WiFi does harm to children's brains and should be banned from schools... perfect.

She very well could be the kingmaker. Big fantasies like the one she has about the economy when all the industries are abolished. let get you home Liz, drunken Liz They will still be useless when Sheer and the Conservatives win a majority.

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Yuuuup.... just like in BC. Guess my opinion on that! 😡

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LIVE: Green Party lays out party platformWATCH LIVE: Green Party Leader May launches the party's platform: cdnpoli elxn43 Someone get her more ice for her drink pisstank She is going to end the oil & gas & mining industries and increase the housing industry. Anyone have any experience in digging caves or building mud huts?

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