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Elxn 43, Cdnpoli

Elizabeth May calls once more for taxes on major internet companies

Elizabeth May calls once more for taxes on major internet companies #elxn43 #cdnpoli


Elizabeth May calls once more for taxes on major internet companies elxn43 cdnpoli

Green party Leader Elizabeth May is reiterating a commitment that a Green government would 'level the playing field' by implementing taxes on companies like Facebook and Netflix.

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May would also give a veto power to Quebec over agreements that affect its culture.

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how is that going to help the environment? This woman is just a money grubbing psycho Looney tunes leftie and I wonder where the internet companies would get the money to pay the taxes 🤔 Where do you think internet companies are going to get the money to pay the additional taxes? Green parties platform free things tax the hell out of everything

Well you just lost my possible vote Good luck in trying to tax things online It should be free and uncensored so people can learn by everyone. Leave the internet alone please You may as well just write in “Hillary”. these companies already pay taxes ... and charge tax to their customers. What's going on?

Leave my Netflix alone!!! And treat QC the same as every other province. No it will be passed on to the consumer! So dumb. And who’s going to pay the taxes for these internet company’s. wow so stupid she is.

May urges climate protesters to get out and vote GreenIn Longueuil, Que., on Tuesday, Green Leader Elizabeth May says she backs the movement known as Extinction Rebellion, whose members shut down Montreal's Jacques Cartier Bridge. Of course she does. If only the dinosaurs had the wherewithal to block some bridges...ofcourse, the pterodactyls would have still made it to work on time. Total loon.

That will be passed on to consumers. Why does the Canadian media give this moron a microphone ? Yeah. Good idea. It’ll reduce the nonsense that we’re having to put up with. canadavotes2019 Most leftists are stupid enough to believe that corporations don't pass on these taxes to the consumers. Look how many of them get elected. It's pretty sad actually.

Elizabeth May is hypocrisy queen, top to bottom using fossil fuel made products (including 469 grams of her face makeup)!!!ElizabethMay Get lost Can’t wait for 4 more years of not hearing her opinions. Good thing it's impossible to run out of other peoples money or policies like this would have been really destructive historically, literally every time they were tried.

Sorry Bernie Sanders, we don’t need any more taxes. Giddy up!

Get out and vote Green in the election, May tells climate protestersGreen Leader Elizabeth May supports activists who are blocking bridges to spur efforts against climate change, but she says people should get out and vote if they want real action. They don’t even know where there next meal is coming from. Good luck getting these losers to vote! On our way! Greens will soon discover that a large portion of these people are just hungry for attention and protesting means more to them than voting.

Haven't heard any of the leaders with a sensible platform from top to bottom. I hear them say something amazing then followed up by 4 or 500 stupid policies. Guys it's not the companies that get taxes in the end, it's all Canadians. Why? Obviously these companies are great moral citizens and will eat this extra cost out of their profits in order to pay for environment saving windmills and solar panels 🤣

And the internet will increase so at the end of the day we costumers will pay the difference. Don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out! 😒 We call for a tax on Elizabeth May! Tax them if you think it will help. But taking taxes off of green consumer tech will help more. The more accessable it is the more will be bought the more will be made. notaxongreen

Why they will only charge us for the internet .you mizzzz may are stupid. You might know who picks up the tabs for said taxes, hint, same taxpayers that pick up the tabs for all of your expenses

Recuperating Bernie Sanders says he may slow down campaigning paceSanders’ campaign has said he will be at next week’s Democratic presidential debate in Ohio. But it hasn’t commented on if or when he’ll resume campaigning before that – or what his next steps will be I wish him well. I also wish he would stop and spend time with his family. It’s okay, because he’s sitting down with NBCNews tomorrow Get out Bernie and enjoy yourself with your good wife . No worth it . As they say LIFE’S SHORT!

Um, if you tax big companies, do you think for a minute they will not pass that cost on to the customer? The consumer ALWAYS pays - that's the average taxpayer being 'taxed' more as it were. And price of Internet to consumers goes where? She is obviously not all there and I found it actually funny listening to her. She would completely destroy our economy within months. Poor lady.

The left calling for more taxes ... shocking I have fenceposts smarter then that She is pandering to Quebec with this announcement, she is getting desperate as even Singh is kicking her tail in the most racist province in Canada Meaning she wants to Tax us more. She needs more taxes, just like the libs and ndp do. They need to promise to, then pay for everything for everyone, that’s how they plan to do it.

COMMENTARY: How a strong economy — and strong public sector — may give the Liberals an edgeCOMMENTARY: People who feel more economically secure tend to resist the idea of voting for change, and in a healthy economy, there are many signs pointing to the Liberals being re-elected, writes charlesadler cdnpoli elxn43 charlesadler For home owners yea make sense. For non home owners, you can all thank liberals charlesadler Income inequality still going up. I respectfully disagree. charlesadler

Corporations are not going to stay in Canada with high taxes. If they can invest elsewhere and increase profits, they will go. They are in business to make money for shareholders. Nothing else. She is crazy. Which means the Tax will be passed down to US, The consumer..... Fantastic!! It will be wonderful when she goes away

If you ever want to know how to blow and election and drop your poll points through the floor watch this bimbo. How about NO Another out of touch dope that has no concept about why companies no longer want to invest in this country, why there’s less good paying jobs in this country and why people can’t afford to live in this country.

And less on liquor. 🙊 This Garbage from this DUMB Woman who will never be elected as the Prime Minister of Canada 🇨🇦. LOLOLO

2nd whistleblower may have fresh information for House DemocratsA new whistleblower is stepping forward in the Democrats' impeachment inquiry with what their lawyer says is 'firsthand knowledge of key events.' Global: Trump released the transcript. You can read it yourself. Go ahead, try it. You can do it. You don't always just have to regurgitate the talking points. You could do some actual reporting! Just imagine what we would know if Canadian media did actual investigative reporting into the Canadian Government, instead of simply ignoring, deflecting and covering up, Canadian Government scandals. As opposed to the other “whistleblower” who just made shot up. Hey Global, why no articles on the real crimes of Biden and the Democrats in the Ukraine? Is it because the fourth estate is dead and now you’re just a bunch of presstitutes?

Oh those posters are of ElizabethMay? I thought it was a new organic grocer opening up in town.

Recuperating Sanders says he may slow down campaigning paceBernie Sanders began reintroducing himself to the 2020 campaign on Tuesday, venturing outside his Vermont home to say that he doesn't plan on leaving the presidential race following last week's heart attack -- but that he may slow down, Yip. All the way to a halt.

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