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Elizabeth May

Full, exclusive federal election coverage. Breaking news, features and latest poll results on the 2019 Canadian general election.

2019-09-11 7:30:00 PM

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May sees potential for a Green surge in the fall election. The party leader hopes her experience, passion for the planet will garner the Greens more seats than they won in 2015 via flanaganryan ctvelxn elxn19

Full, exclusive federal election coverage. Breaking news, features and latest poll results on the 2019 Canadian general election.

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👎🏽👎🏽 Ewwww. Nothing worse than a green surge 😳🤮 Isn't she American? Like actually 100% born in America, American By surge, they mean 10 seats at most. Pretty good for a one issue party, but by no means a force to be reckoned with. flanaganryan Plus Jesus is on her side! flanaganryan Surge! Let’s hope the surge she experiences will be the tide carrying her out

flanaganryan She also was predicting that many greens would be elected in Manitoba, how did that turn out? flanaganryan She’s dreaming! flanaganryan I'm expecting the same thing that happened in Manitoba. 0 seats flanaganryan The Greens have gone full Marxist as evidenced with their platform. 'Free money', social housing, .... all paid by who? I guess that explains the defections from the New Brunswick NDP to the Greens.

flanaganryan I would be shocked flanaganryan No shit? One more seat would be potential! ctvqp flanaganryan Personally I hope she gets drunk and passes out under a pub table on Election Day and is swept under a rug🤷‍♀️ cdnpoli nevermay flanaganryan She's a braindead moron who gets more airtime than PC ndp ppc comb. Why? Has someone invented cold fusion. How will we produce food? Tractors and trucks dont run on batteries. Oil is essential to modern life. Alternatives, wood, coal. To produce an elec car 12 times the energy

flanaganryan And Quebec separatism , should be interesting!! ctvqp flanaganryan If she reflected virtually any of my political beliefs, sure. Since she's damn near the polar opposite of what Canada needs, hell no. ctvqp flanaganryan she will support the most corrupt pm and party in Cdn history and that is a dealbreaker.

flanaganryan dream on flanaganryan What is would like see happen it the political party's to do a live stream on twitch(or another platform) where citizens can ask questions and the parties can actually explain there position with out the other party's interrupting. flanaganryan Where did they find a grad picture of ElizabethMay

flanaganryan . cdnpoli bcpoli Elxn43 flanaganryan I wouldn't bet on it. ctvqp flanaganryan 🤪🤪 ctvqp flanaganryan No surprise that she had to inform Canadians that she was from the planet Earth. flanaganryan CTV watches CBC News. WOW !! CBC gave May the most Election launch airtime & CTV has copied them to a tee. Remember her Greens are Not a Parliament recognized Political Party. Until recently Greens had only 1 seat in Ottawa. They now have 2 LoL & get more air than main 2 parties

ctvqp flanaganryan We love the vision but you need more credible candidates for broader electoral support. Keep plugging. flanaganryan Conservatives that recycle- no thanks. flanaganryan In Manitoba The NDP gained vote share and seats. 'The Green Party of Manitoba was shut out once again in its bid for its first seat. Party leader James Beddome ran and lost against Kinew in Fort Rouge -- his fifth attempt at a seat.' ElizabethMay theJagmeetSingh

flanaganryan Sure lol flanaganryan May obviously hates the oil industry which is also Canada's largest export. May should lay off the whiskey

Elizabeth May clarifies position on abortion, says Green Party screens out candidates who disagreeLast month, Ms. May and the Green Party said MPs would be able to reopen the issue because the party doesn’t whip votes globepolitics Bernier literally called transgender people “perverts”, and just says “ok” globepolitics They are much cowards as the Liberals and Conservatives The important question isn’t who will or will not reopen the debate. It’s who has enough courage to actually place it into law. globepolitics meanwhile two parties proudly and openly hate LGBTQ people (including their leaders!) and Canada just treats it as normal.

Asteroid as powerful as 10 billion Second World War atomic bombs may have wiped out dinosaursScientists have discovered evidence that the impact of an asteroid as powerful as 10 billion Second World War-era atomic bombs caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. May have but prob not! most likely got wiped out by the pole shift. I was not around. Don’t care Same for humans if Russia and North Korea continue with their nuclear weapons programs.

Greens clarify abortion stance after May says she wouldn't 'silence' MPsThe Green Party says there is 'zero chance' that any of its members would attempt to reopen the abortion debate in the House of Commons, issuing the clarification after leader Elizabeth May said she wouldn’t silence any Green MPs who felt compelled to bring the issue forward. Humm..FakeNewsCTV pushing the US abortion debate on Canadians again I see. The Greens have been making a lot of 'clarifications'. I know some people have twisted what she said, but there's also genuine confusion based on her words. If the Greens were elected, they could never be effective because they'd be so mired in self-inflicted controversies. The real question isn't who would or would not reopen the debate It's who has the courage to actually put it into law All any of the parties are doing at the moment is using the issue to manipulate voters while doing absolutely nothing of any consequence

Vegans, vegetarians may have higher risk of stroke — but experts argue balance is keyVegans and vegetarians need to make sure there is balance to avoid having an unhealthy diet, experts say. I'm primarily vegetarian bordering on vegan (just how it is, not a militant lifestyle) but have high LDL cholesterol. Trying to figure out why. Guess what, omnivores, pescatarians, flexitarians, people on Keto diets, Paleo diets, low-carb diets, the atkins diet, also all need to make sure there's balance in their diets. This is common-sense. Duh No. I won’t even date one. Thank you, next!

New York Yankees' Mike Tauchman out 6-8 weeks with calf strain, may be done - TSN.caMike Tauchman is expected to be sidelined for six to eight weeks after sustaining a Grade 2 strain in his left calf while fielding a ball in Sunday night's 10-5 win over the Boston Red Sox.

Remember where you were on 9/11? Study suggests memories may be distortedDo you remember where you were on Sept. 11, 2001? A new study suggests that whatever your memories are of that tragic day, there’s a good chance you’re wrong. I was living in Montreal working for an amerikan company & talked daily to New Yorkers & watching the morning news when the 1st one crash was breaking news & saw the 2nd tower crash live as it happened. It was raw & terrifying. I too well remember that day & the following weeks. Hardly. I remember I was watering the garden and my neighbor came running out and told me and we ran into her house and watched it on tv. This has NOT changed. As always GlobalNews is full of it! I was at a house rental on top of a mountain, sleeping when I got a text that was a bit vague asking to pray. I had no tv, no radio. I learned all about it, the next day, at work.