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Colorado Police, Colorado Police Elijah Mcclain

Elijah McClain’s parents sue Colorado police, medical officials over 23-year-old’s death

Elijah McClain’s parents sue Colorado police, medical officials over 23-year-old’s death

2020-08-11 8:49:00 PM

Elijah McClain’s parents sue Colorado police, medical officials over 23-year-old’s death

Police put McClain in a chokehold, and paramedics gave him 500 milligrams of ketamine to calm him down.

2:22Elijah McClain death: 3 officers fired, 1 resigned after photo surfaces of mimicking chokehold Read more: »

Bear, 3 cubs caught on video casually strolling through B.C. backyard

An Okanagan resident came home during the lunch hour and spotted a mother bear and her three cubs ambling through her backyard.

Do he had under lying conditions

Ottawa signed a 10-year, $382 million, sole-sourced contract with AMD Medicom for medical masksSince the contract was signed in April, the company set up a plant in Montreal that is set to manufacture millions of masks a year Where are the masks? Of course Trudeau did. Friends helping friends. I’d be checking Panama accounts for deposits. When does al this nonsense from the federal Liberals end?

New York’s true coronavirus death toll remains a mystery as officials hold dataUnlike other states, New York only counts residents who died on nursing home property and not those who were transported to hospitals and died there, which could add thousands more to the count. Cuomo should be arrested IMO: The coronavirus has become a political tool that the media and politicians are using to input fear and division into society in an attempt to affect the 2020 presidential election. Perhaps the most important election in America's history. Oh man come on the lid has been blow wide open the FakeNewsMedia has somehow convinced people that 30million people have died form COVID when its only a 100,000.

McDonald's sues ousted CEO, alleging employee relationshipsMcDonald's says it's suing Stephen Easterbrook, the CEO it ousted last year over an inappropriate relationship with an employee, alleging that he covered up relationships with other employees and destroyed evidence. It’s a good point, but it’s important to remember that the allegations are very specific and specific reasons for the lawsuit. Just what the world needs. More drama. What's the big deal? So he likes McMuffins.....

Samwel Uko’s family calls on Sask. government to begin inquest promised in June'It’s taking a long time. We need to know exactly what happened, how it happened and how the hospital is planning to deal with all of this.' - said Justin Nyee, Samwel Uko's uncle.

Belarus leader threatens crackdown on protests after thousands arrestedBelarus' authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko warned Monday that the opposition protesters who challenge the official vote results extending his 26-year rule will face a tough crackdown, Finally! The good people of the world are rising one country at a time. This is the beginning of anarchy, government over reach does this kind of thing.

Morikawa showed the poise of a veteran to cap off dramatic PGA Championship titleA little over a year ago, Collin Morikawa didn't have any status on the PGA TOUR but at the age of 23, he showed the poise and calmness of a veteran to hold off a surging field to claim his first-career major. TSN Golf analyst Bob Weeks breaks down his impressive final round.