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Cdnpoli, Elxn 43

Election debate: a breakdown of false, inaccurate statements leaders made

Each of the six federal leaders made statements with varying degrees of accuracy on Monday night.


Each of the six federal leaders made statements with varying degrees of accuracy on Monday night. Here's the fact check: cdnpoli elxn43 canadadebates2019

Each of the six federal leaders made statements with varying degrees of accuracy on Monday night.

The bad news continued for the company over the ensuing months, and in early August it announced it was cutting its quarterly dividend by 80 per cent and getting out of the business of fixed-price construction contracts, where the company eats any cost overruns, which the company’s CEO said was the “root cause of the company’s underperformance” for the quarter.

Also, over the course of the last month, the stock price has gone up.

The party says the source for that statistic is a 2017 study from the Fraser Institute, a right-leaning think-tank. The study explored how fiscal changes the Liberals made in their first two years in office were affecting the middle class.

But the study failed to take into account other fiscal measures that considerably bolstered families’ bottom lines, several economists point out. Among them, the major Canada Child Benefit.

“I think it should be considered part of any serious analysis of the fiscal program of the (Liberal) government,” said Kevin Milligan, an economist at the University of British Columbia.

“Eighty per cent of families with kids cannot, by definition, be paying more taxes as a result of the cancellation of tax credits that were reaching between 10 per cent and 32 per cent of families with kids,” she said in an email.

“We see with Mr. Trudeau he says nice words, but he gave $6 billion in corporate-loan writeoffs last year.”

His party sourced that example to media coverage of the federal government’s Public Accounts, the annual document published by the federal government that lays out in detail how and where it spends money.

Leaders’ Debate Wrap: Jagmeet Singh stands out in the pack

“At the end of the day, there’s not going to be full recovery of the taxpayers’ investments that were made back in 2008-2009 — in the sense of cash recovery,” former finance minister Jim Flaherty said in 2011.

Singh’s figure on the Liberal government’s loan writeoffs is accurate but there’s much more to the story.

“Canada receives more immigrants per capita than any other western country, three times higher than the U.S. … It is the equivalent of one Nova Scotia every three years, the population of Nova Scotia every three years here in Canada .”

Immigration levels in Canada are determined in three-year chunks, which is likely why Bernier used the time reference.

But that’s a red herring, points out Sharry Aiken, a law professor and immigration expert at Queen’s University.

Leaders’ Debate Wrap: How Maxime Bernier defended his policies

It found that in 2015, the U.S. has the highest number of immigrants — defined as foreign-born individuals — with 48 million, roughly six times the number in Canada, which that year has an estimated 7.6 million.

In 2017, 1,127,167 people were granted permanent residency in the U.S., representing about 0.3 per cent of the population. That same year, 286,479 people were granted permanent residency in Canada, representing about 0.8 per cent of the population.

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Imagine being stupid enough to think that MaximeBernier said that Nova Soctia gets 1,000,000 immigrants every three years. is 'a lot of baloney' We are all individuals we all have different needs. Our government has played this game for as long as I been alive here in MY CANADA and for the adults that have been raised in this country lived through this you should he ashamed this happens every election stop the divide.

I love this shit man. You people call yourselves Canadians. That debate should of shown eveyone the power struggle in the government between the 2 sides that have destroyed our country. This is not about left and right this about divide the people to control power in government There was only 1 party and leader that openly lies to Canadians that is Scheer and the Conservatives

I don't have to read the global article to no it says trudeau amazing, Singh beautiful , may graceful,scheer homophobe,racist,misogynist and stomps on kittens. I get a kick everytime I hear GlobalNews doing a fact check. Where was the fact check when the Russian collusion was the top news agenda? Pushing lies and false narratives, yes we still remember. Hypocrisy.

Unsurprisingly, Trudeau’s statement that the Globe and Mail SNC Lavalin story was false received zero mention. 'The allegations in the Globe story are false' The world laughs at trudeau and Canada. cdnpoli elxn43. Last night, the laughter got louder.

Global presents federal leaders’ debate bingoYou can bet the party leaders will find ways to work in their favourite talking points during the debate. Use this bingo card to try to keep up with them. CanadaDebates2019 elxn43 cdnpoli You forgot The Globe and Mail injunction Saturday October 4,2019

Six leaders set sights on English-language election debateSix leaders set sights on English-language election debate GlobePolitics globepolitics NDA..NDA. Canadians deserve to know the truth before the election kkirkup Feeling overwhelmed by all the news this election cycle? Get informed on the leaders, the issues and the latest headlines all in one place: kkirkup .AndrewScheer we understand how you feel about JustinTrudeau but can we please make this debate about the issues and not just a trash fest? Thanks.

Blog: 2019 Canadian election leaders’ debateConservative Leader Andrew Scheer attacked Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's use of two planes for his election campaign, calling his defence 'privileged.' CanadaDebated2019 elxn43 cdnpoli Read more: CKNW Scheers whole campaign has been about attacking Trudeau. I take this as I have to knock the big guy down a peg. What he fails to see is he is pointing out who the big dog still is. 630CHED Attacked is a strong word. Challenged is more like it. AM980News Perfectly honest and corroborated by May Singh Bernier and Blanchet

Watch live: 2019 Canadian election leaders’ debateThe six party leaders will be facing off in the official Leaders' Debates Commission’s English debate on Monday at 7 p.m. ET. It is absurd they are allowed to talk over each other None because this is pathetic Shut MaximeBernier up. Take control moderators. I really think candidates should be put in sound proof boxes for debates to cut down on this crude talking over each other business. Pipe the questions in. Turn on and off their mics. Elxn43 electiondebate cdnpoli

Scheer pledges to get rid of admissions fees for Canada’s national museumsAndrew Scheer made the announcement on an otherwise quiet day, as the party leaders prepare for the English-language debate later today. I just threw up in my mouth. Flashbacks from my high school days. For everyone? That's stupid, it's a great source of tourism revenue. Make it free for kids / locals sure, but to throw away the income is just dumb.

REPLAY: Fact-checking and analysis of English-language federal leaders' debateReplay the live blog as journalists and experts analyzed claims made during the federal leaders' debate. This was by far the most entertaining of any debate I've watched. Not a single news outlet commented on theJagmeetSingh’s comment about indigenous. His promise to them was better welfare. Now if that isn’t racist I don’t know what is In his mind these people are only good enough to get welfare? Opportunities? Nah, they just get good welfare Scheer won in a landslide. Trudeau was embarrassing as always. Singh was entertaining but can never be taken seriously. May is a blowhard and the rest were irrelevant with little meaningful logic to offer.

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