Economic development minister says parliamentary process too slow for coronavirus response

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'We have to be reacting very fast, and our parliamentary system sometimes is longer,' Melanie Joly told Global News.

Coronavirus Parliament Canada Sweeping Legislation, Coronavirus


“We have to be reacting very fast, and our parliamentary system sometimes is longer, and so we wanted to make sure that the minister of finance had… that power,” Canada’s minister of economic development said.

'We have to be reacting very fast, and our parliamentary system sometimes is longer,' Melanie Joly told Global News.

coronavirus pandemic. “We have to be reacting very fast, and our parliamentary system sometimes is longer, and so we wanted to make sure that the minister of finance had… that power,” she told Global News on Tuesday morning. The original version of the legislation, as first reported by Global News, would have given Finance Minister Bill Morneau the power to spend money and raise taxes without parliamentary approval. READ MORE: An amended version of the legislation removed that clause but retains the ability for cabinet ministers, with Morneau’s approval, to dispense “all money required to do anything” in the event of a public health emergency. Trending Stories Live updates: Coronavirus in Canada Story continues below advertisement “People are moving fast, governments are moving fast because the pace of this pandemic is very high, and so that’s why we need to adapt,” Joly said via Skype from Montreal. The legislation was criticized by Conservative Leader Read more:

TrudeauLiedPeopleDied TrudeauMustGo WelfareMedia ExitUN Now is not the time for anyone to be dinking around! I don’t care if JustinTrudeau wants to give permission to little green men on the moon to pay for their asteroid gas from Mars, Canadians need this Bill to pass! Team up with the BlocQuebecois for a majority and get it done!

What a pathetic attempt to justify the Liberals terrifying attempted power grab. you actually think EVERYBODY is as stupid as the small subset who voted for trudeau.... Pure garbage. inky_mark Crap! After the delayed blockade actions and the delayed border closures? Stop preying on our democracy

This was all Gerald Butts. He should not be allowed anywhere near our countries politics and Trudeau should know better. They got caught with their hands in the cookie jar! The books don't balance themselves now, and they want faster decisions and more control? They can't manage it now. 🤔 Hiring unqualified people to be Ministers at least guarantees they will follow your inane ideological lead. TrudeauDictatorship

Spanish opera singer Placido Domingo has coronavirusSpanish opera singer Placido Domingo says he has become infected with the coronavirus. Thanks Hope he will make a full recovery God

No way ! He only has one trigger !! Increase taxes !!! Bill_Morneau No, we need to act .. but within the law and democratically! BS Bullshit. Trudeau team dealing with this is so subpar I can’t even listen to any request for more control Tyrant Dont give these libetals any kind of powers Bullshit

North Korea doubles down on missile development, military exercises with global focus on coronavirus outbreakSome international experts are skeptical of North Korea’s assertion that it has not had a single case of the new coronavirus, which was first detected in neighbouring China

Pure BS! It was an attempt to overthrown a legitimate election and you know it. We aren’t as stupid as you think. Kim jong trudeau BULLSHIT!!!!!! They haven't reacted fast to anything yet That's bullshit and she fkn knows it For 2 years, gtfo Damage control. Not to worry melaniejoly , the state media will surely have your back. TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauMustGo

Sounds a wee bit like a knee jerk reaction. Time for a no confidence vote. Going to miss the recession and go straight to a depression. Ok 🙄

Ben Kuzma: Coronavirus concerns keep NHL governors in holding patternBen Kuzma: Coronavirus concerns keep NHL governors in holding pattern

Flights still arriving from China. Government didn't do anything for months, aside from send 16 tonnes of PPE to CHINA. More concerned about racism than Canadians health? Now they need speed? Evil always wears a veil, we just saw under Trudeau's!!! TrudeauLiedPeopleDied Keep spinning...before u know it people will totally tune out Canadian msm. We are awakening.

Then they shouldn’t have made the opposition wait days to table their legislation. cdnpoli We don't believe your endless lies..Canadians want a audit and accountability of every cent you spent. Canadians have lost all confidence in your ability to govern Canada. Circumventing Parliament, especially in a minority govt that lost the 'popular vote', is a threat to Canadian democracy melaniejoly. This no longer a majority govt & it's time this govt realized that Bill_Morneau JustinTrudeau cafreeland

People of Canada need to take a stand, anyone who try’s to take advantage of a bad situation on the backs of others need to be exposed and needs to step down immediately!!! yes Justin am talking about you , no need to use Mr here And the spin begins Oh bullshit, libs want a way around a minority seating so they can have free reign to impose more dictatorship laws and un garbage.

NO! Bahahaha. The Do Nothing Liberals want to act fast? Achieving nothing since 2015

Canada’s Top Doc Warns Against Unproven COVID-19 Treatment Touted By TrumpDr. Theresa Tam cautioned against unproven coronavirus treatments like chloroquine. You take the word of someone who called us all racist a few weeks ago and said China China good. She is dangerous please tell Danielle Smith Thank you Dr. Tam! 👍

Very sketchy...unreal... We want full autonomy and control. We have to bankrupt every Canadian and every Canadian business owner and tax payer, while we give ourselves $150M worth of raises. Stupid tax payers, give us full control and stop your whining about due process and civil servant accountability

Not all the power. Absolute garbage. Utter nonsense. As much as Trudeau admires China, we don’t want to live in a Communist Country. No thanks. They seem to be doing okay in South Korea and in the US with treating this virus successfully. Did all of Melanie Joly brain cells go 'dead' all of a sudden? Baloney! liberal_party thought they could pull a fast one on Canadians when they weren't looking or listening in a pandemic! But rob us of a self indulged pay hike & a CARBON TAX melaniejoly JustinTrudeau CanadianPM AndrewScheer PierrePoilievre

Opposition parties need to bring this gov't down NOW! NoConfidenceNOW TrudeauDictatorship cdnpoli

Lower your standards, and other parenting tips to help you in this time of crisisHere are some strategies to help you parenting as coronavirus pandemic turns life upside down

One day turnaround isnt fast enough for the liberal twits? All they had to do was tick to the initial proposed bill, instead of looking for a bill that gives them long term dictatorial control. To hell with them. What’s the difference between a hoarder for profit during a pandemic and the lpc? Nothing. They both look for opportunities to screw their neighbour when they are most vulnerable

Too slow? It was this government that waited 3 months to shut down travel from China. Corrupt and incompetent power grabbers They got caught. Report that. All of a sudden this has become a priority in the face of reality. Look what a good job you get, even if you are utterly incompetent — if you play ping pong. Ping pong is Melanie’s strength. MelaniePingPong cdnpoli 🥜🥜

gag ..tell that to folks gonig on EI that wont see money fro weeks dont react fast to anything but a handout to you rexglacer That is about as lame a response as you are likely ever gonna hear. It sounds more like an alibi. *Absolute power corrupts absolutely*

Never underestimate the resilience of a cityThe coronavirus pandemic has shown urban areas to be vulnerable, but history has proved them resilient Sure.

melaniejoly fast acting at spending money, but wait months without stopping flights from most infected areas. That's the liberals. SPEND without FIXING or LIMITING the problem. Sure could use $7M from a temporary skating rink when there's an emergency of epic proportions. Eh? Says the guy who took two months to shut down international airline travel!

That is complete crap. The soldiers died defending our democracy didn’t tuck tail and run. Surely to god our MPs can clean themselves enough to go to work. Aaaaaand here come the lies. Streamlining a system is not the same as usurping the system. This was nothing more then a shady sleazy power grab at a vulnerable time. Unscrupulous authoritarian leftist streak always remains just below the surface.

LiberalsLie Liberals also don't like asking permission for anything. Canadians gave them a minority for a reason - and they have blown it by attempting to grab it back at the expense of the average Canadian TrudeauMustGo Let's make AndrewScheer or fordnation interim PM Bullshit, that was a blatant attempt to create a Totalitarian government. The real question is, Who wants to kill us more? The liberal_party or the cdnmedia cdnpoli

I can't believe any of his little cadre can dare to use 'reacting very fast'. They do know we've been paying attention all this time don'y they? The most corrupt federal regime in Canadian history is officially attempting to seize absolute power. When will people wake up to the fact that he's a wanna-be-dictator?

Shame on you liberal_party melaniejoly Bill_Morneau you broke the trust during the hardest time. Again proofing WEAK leadership and poor judgment. CBCTheNational EvanLSolomon CTVNationalNews PnPCBC rexglacer WTF is this airhead doing speaking in public on important matters? Where is the gender parity Min. for Middle Class Prosperity? I'm sure she could reassure the middle class during this crisis. What a f'n shit show!

Liberals using COVID-19 to set up a totalitarian government while in a minority position. Disgusting. 'We wanted to make sure that the Finance minister had the power' - So, we wanted to suspend any public debate and parliamentary process. Anyone that voted Liberal should be shaking their heads... this is shameless on their part.

rexglacer Yeah based on past spending I cannot see this ending well for Canadians. Parliament can vote quickly. Don’t give JT the power. Just one law away from a dictatorship. opposed to closing the boarders.

rexglacer F*CK NO. Thank you please come again when you have an idea that doesn't turn us into Cuba. So much for the democratic process, don't give into them Yes Comrade, in Trudeau's own words... 'Because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime' If only our old Canadian democracy could be more like China!

Quota filled Minister lecturing Canadians So checks and balances are slow. How dare democracy and law get in the way of Justin. attaching a power grab to much needed cash for canadian's and then trying to modify it and push it through again is borderline betrayal of trust and faith melaniejoly You're party needs to re think what you're doing (2/2)

Canada is not in good hands. liberaltoiletpaper The liberal government mind as well be buying up all the toilet paper and sell it back to the Canadian people at a profit. We need a government we can trust, liberals arnt looking out for the people they should be protecting. Way to line your own pockets shame

Wannabe Dicktaitor trudo saw a chance to deliver Canada completely into hands of his globalism masters... so close... keep voting sellout libtard and it will happen. TrudeauMustGo Bullshit! Opposition parties can be ready to sit within 24 hours. There is no need for the minority government Liberals to have play these political games. It is devious and the epitome of dirty politics.

Oh my god stop lying Melanie melaniejoly you presented a spending program last week, it could have been approved within hours today, instead you tried to remove any kind of oversight on taxation, spending etc for 21 months. You're governments actions were crass (1/2) I think this is too much permission for Young Justin. I don’t think that he could handle it in a good way. He should be made to go back to the house for amendments and increases in authority and spending.

Bullshitters are gonna bullshit, I guess. I see what you did there Melanie Joly. Shameful. A naked grab for supreme power during a pandemic. Absolutely disgusting. Anyone who believes this is agreeing to live in a dictatorship. TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauLiedPeopleDied TrudeauMustGo Bullshite lady.... Hahaha you have to act fast NOW because you’ve too busy worrying about political correctness and racism for months and did absolutely nothing to stop this catastrophe from happening

No in this case for financial authority slow is fast. If you haven't noticed Minister Canada was and still is bleeding. You screwed up our energy policy you allowed the Foreign shut down Canada movement to flourish. There are no pennies left in the piggie bank. Yl Liar Marxism is on the march. TrudeauDictatorship

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