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One thing has been clear since the Flames and Oilers swapped problems this summer ⁠— James Neal and Milan Lucic will forever be inextricably linked.

2019-10-09 7:51:00 PM

One leads the NHL in goals (6); the other in penalty minutes (26) and fights (2). Yes, it’s early. But so far both Milan Lucic and James Neal have fit in the way their new teams had hoped, writes EricFrancis.

One thing has been clear since the Flames and Oilers swapped problems this summer ⁠— James Neal and Milan Lucic will forever be inextricably linked.

Neal’s night powered the Oilers to a win on Long Island.Lucic’s fists turned a 3-0 deficit into an emotional comeback thwarted by Drew Doughty in overtime.One thing has been clear since the Flames and Oilers swapped problems this summer ⁠— Neal and Lucic will forever be inextricably linked.

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Both former 30-goal men carry onerous contracts for the next four years while battling the reality they are post-apex in their careers.Both were massive disappointments in their respective cities where disengagement, foot speed and father time appeared to be their biggest opponents.

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One leads the NHL in goals (6); the other in penalty minutes (26) and fights (2).Yes, it’s early.But so far both have fit in exactly the way their new teams had hoped, leaving fans in their previous stops scratching their heads.When told of Neal’s goal binge after Tuesday’s game, Lucic was quick to understand updates on one another’s comeback attempts will be ongoing, as one can’t be mentioned without thinking of the other.

“For sure, you’re not going to be able to get away from it,” said Lucic who, like Neal, has clearly embraced his new digs.“I can’t focus on what other guys are doing on other teams or you drive yourself nuts. He’s a natural goal scorer and I do things more than scoring goals. But I’ve got to find a way to chip in sooner than later.”

Offensively, it’s not necessary.Sign up for NHL newslettersGet the best of our NHL coverage and exclusives delivered directly to your inbox!NHL Newsletter*I understand that I may withdraw my consent at any time.Flames fans would be content if Lucic repeated last season’s six-goal campaign, as long as he flexed his muscles regularly enough to ensure his Calgary cast feels insulated from the abuse opponents haven’t been afraid to inflict.

With two fighting majors against league heavyweights so far, his presence has been appreciated by teammates and Dome-dwellers who’ve welcomed the beefy North Vancouver native with “Looooooch” every time he’s on the ice.“It’s good – obviously you appreciate it from the fans,” smiled Lucic, 31, who had just three fights last season in a city in which he was the whipping boy.

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“You just have to keep it going on a night-to-night basis.”Bingo.Neal is using top-six minutes and prime real estate on the power play alongside Connor McDavid to regain his scoring touch, and Lucic is reinvigorated as a role player on a team that desperately needed his snarl.

Both teams craved having those roles filled, which was why the trade was a no-brainer from the start.That doesn’t mean news of Neal’s four-spot didn’t feel like a Lucic gut punch to some Flames fans who may have taken a brief respite from reality and wondered if perhaps the team should have stuck with Neal.

Wrong.Neal was never going to be successful in Calgary after the mail-it-in, seven-goal season he had last year.Disengaged at best, Neal offered nothing to a team that outbid itself to hand him US$28.75 million.He arrived in less than optimal shape and wasn’t popular in a dressing room where his stall was in the far corner for a reason.

Clearly upset he wasn’t given a top-line role with the Flames early on due to the instant success of Elias Lindholm alongside Johnny Gaudreau and Sean Monahan, he was unable to chip in any other way.He didn’t use his size to hit anyone, he was never involved in scrums and he was too slow to fit in on the Flames second line, which would have involved playing defence.

The depth in Calgary and his attitude made it crystal clear that as a one-dimensional player he was never going to work out in Cowtown.The Flames spent the last two years searching for moxie and grit, making Lucic attractive as part of a provincial switch aimed at salvaging something – anything – from a pair of bad deals.

Lucic clearly had his own engagement issues, openly admitting after the trade he was having a hard time getting motivated on a bottom-dwelling club he felt pressure to be better on.In Calgary, he feels relaxed in a role more suitable to his skill set.

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It’s certainly safe to say most Alberta residents – north and south – saw Edmonton as having the higher upside on the deal.The fact is, a 25-goal bounceback for Neal doesn’t mean the Oilers would “win” the swap.Ultimately, the best judge of which team came out better revolves around a season-end review determining if Neal could help land Edmonton a playoff spot and if Lucic’s role can help Calgary past the first round or two.

Win-win seemed the most probable outcome, which is exactly where it’s trending early.Both teams are getting far more out of the new player than their previous employer did.A Neal resurgence would certainly help the Flames personnel-wise as hitting the 21-goal mark would land Calgary a third-round draft pick this summer, as long as he outscores Lucic by at least 10.

As a trade-off, Lucic’s deal is more onerous to buy out than Neal’s.Sadly, the first Battle of Alberta isn’t until Dec. 27.Until then, the only salvos fired will continue to come via endless texts between the two fanbases. Read more: Sportsnet »

EricFrancis Hahahahahaha focus on getting comfy in the penalty box then in the press box EricFrancis This article is a joke, talk about not aging well, Real Deal Neal made it a joke in less than a week!!! EricFrancis Typical Eric Francis trash reporting. Can't believe this guy is still employed😂 EricFrancis Just a reminder at the quality you pay for at Sportsnet

EricFrancis He doesn’t score goals at all though EricFrancis I do things more than score goals🤪 EricFrancis “Flames fans would be content if Lucic repeated last season’s six-goal campaign, as long as he flexed his muscles regularly enough...” $6 mil for 6 goals should have no one content. What an awful article. Not an ounce of objectivity, just bitterness seeping throughout

EricFrancis This article is one of the worst I've read. $5.5M for those pims/fights. EricFrancis He meant “other than scoring goals”. EricFrancis Wait till the season is a few more games in. Neal has done more for the oil than Lucic will the whole season. EricFrancis Flames fans are sure sour!!! 😂😂😂

EricFrancis Flamers and Francis face the fact this trade was a fucking joke since day 1! Neal has already played 12mins on Edmontons top PP unit and only had a total of 16:50mins with Calgary’s PP unit all season! What do you expect? The guy really wasn’t put in a position to succeed. EricFrancis So the flames hoped to lose games because looch can’t stay out of the box?

EricFrancis EricFrancis Francis finding any material to make this trade not look as brutal as it really is! EricFrancis Just cut and paste Lucic's quotes from the last few years...nothing to see here folks-move on. EricFrancis Eric Francis shut up!!!!!! You're losing credibility by the day. The whole hockey world is laughing at you. Don't think we forgot you're prediction that the Oilers will be the worst team in the league.

EricFrancis This article is so painfully hard to read, I had to give up half way. Wow, I don’t suppose you cover the Flames by any chance? 🤔 EricFrancis This article is a major hit job on James Neal, unnecessarily frankly. I wish Luc well in Calgary but fear the game has passed him by. The writer needlessly has to trash Neal’s time in Cgy to try to balance the scales. Reads very petty......homerism aside.

EricFrancis Please. The only people in Edmonton “scratching their heads” are the ones wondering how Holland managed to pull off that deal EricFrancis Hahahahahahaha EricFrancis Hes been saying that for 3 seasons now.... maybe you just cant chip in anymore. EricFrancis ThankyouCalgary Spec EricFrancis Sooooooooo......the Flames were hoping to spend a lot of time on the PK this season? I don’t get it.

EricFrancis I can’t believe I need to say this to a professional hockey writer, but: taking penalties is bad EricFrancis The idiocy in this article is staggering. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is worse than the self-serving schlock released by the CalgaryFlames PR department. Biased, trite and rather poorly written to boot. Good for a laugh, though. 🤣🤣

Spec EricFrancis So you’re telling me, Calgary wants to be short handed all the time? Perfect fit then for Lucic and the Lames. EricFrancis Eric, thanks for the chuckle. Could be the dumbest thing I’ve read in years EricFrancis Yikes. You guys published this? EricFrancis I will never understand why leading in penalty minutes is a good thing.

EricFrancis This is so stupid lol EricFrancis EricFrancis OMG...Francis is so desperate right now, trying to spin this in such a positive light. I’m an Edmontonian living in YYC...and let me tell you every single person I know teased me daily about Lucic and that contract when he was Oiler. The Looch jokes were endless...so quiet now...

Spec EricFrancis EricFrancis Just so everyone knows EricFrancis is being serious in this article, this is not a joke article and yes it does prove how much of a bitter hack of a journalist he is EricFrancis I couldn’t give a whiff what Neal does, but I hope we don’t get a 3rd for his efforts. Flames season defined by team results not that of individuals and certainly not out with the collective. 🔥

EricFrancis Oh man.... articles like this are credibility destroyers. That was a hard sell, trying to say 1(!!) fight is equivalent to a 4 goal game. Thanks for the laughs bud! Spec EricFrancis Spec EricFrancis Ya except Calgary could have got someone to do the same thing that made 5mill less then lucic 😂

EricFrancis I dont know why this guy even writes. Biased fool, lying to himself. Spec EricFrancis Lol EricFrancis “The fact is, a 25-goal bounceback for Neal doesn’t mean the Oilers would “win” the swap.” - I LOLed pretty hard at this gem of a quote EricFrancis Sorry but who’s helping their team win?

EricFrancis 'Flames fans would be content if Lucic repeated last season’s six-goal campaign' 😾 EricFrancis I'd be embarrassed to say this at the water cooler at work besides writing it nationally. Embarrassing EricFrancis These are the types of ridiculous articles that become very hard to explain in short order. Like declaring Chiarelli a genius I December.

Spec EricFrancis Alright Eric, a few things here: - I don't think you know what the word 'inextricably' means - No GM in the league would agree with your point that offensive contribution is not necessary - The way the contracts are structured, we won this trade the day it was made Spec EricFrancis Since when are penalty minutes as important as goals...what a terrible article

EricFrancis This is a dumb take. The flames made an absolutely moronic trade. Spec EricFrancis 'a 25-goal bounceback for Neal doesn’t mean the Oilers would “win” the swap' Actually, as it would likely put the Oilers in the postseason, it does. Spec EricFrancis Eric Francis trying to spin the Lucic-Neal trade as win for both teams is hilarious..one has 6 goals while the other has 1 shot in 3 games 😂 Oilers Flames

EricFrancis Spec EricFrancis Spec EricFrancis Just cant wait for you guys to see how multidimensional Lucic is! We will take our 1 dimensional goal scorer all day long. Win win ?...?...? I guess! PS Lucic has a soft heart, you guy shouldn't make him fight so much. ABC EricFrancis I hope both teams continue to get the same returns from the trade they've both 'enjoyed' so far.

Spec EricFrancis Penalty minutes gonna win them some games? Spec EricFrancis Hmmm. So fights and penalty minutes are as important as goals? The reality is no matter how big and strong a player is if they are a liability on the ice you can’t play them. This will make more sense to Flames fans as time goes on.

EricFrancis Fuck me....Eric Francis could not be more of a homer...calls out Neal while more or less giving Lucic a pass for years of the same thing.. hillarious Spec EricFrancis Trying to justify the flames getting robbed in this deal, so lame EricFrancis Boy this is a silly, silly take EricFrancis Live shot of Eric Francis outside Saddledome carrying water for the Flames.

Spec EricFrancis Love to win games by getting the most penalties!!! Spec EricFrancis Live look at every Flames fan reading this article.... EricFrancis 😆😅😂🤣 With those stats how many PIM's are you projecting Lucic to have? 54 fights and 700+ PIM's? EricFrancis EricFrancis is delusional. Whatever makes him sleep better at night I guess..

Spec EricFrancis this article is hilarious..... good try though EricFrancis EricFrancis Bahahaha what a homer. Unbelievable EricFrancis 26 mins and 2 fights for 6 million? Laughable. EricFrancis I still still remember Milbury emphatically ask Francis on HNIC who made him the Czar of Hockey..... This Column is a terrible attempt to sell Calgary fans that they architected a stellar deal here. Disappointing read. Keep shovelling

EricFrancis Ah, Journalism: the profession in which one bends facts and stresses half-truths in order to lead a reader to the writer’s desired conclusion. I don’t mean to sound harsh but you should be heavily embarrassed by this. Be better, if you’re able. EricFrancis EricFrancis Are you insane! Lucic was tagged by Mcdermid, never landed a solid shot. Then to throw a little gas on it, Doughty owned him in the corner. Lucic is done if he can’t handle Doughty!

EricFrancis What in tarnation? EricFrancis Bahaha 🤣 Stop it, my sides!! EricFrancis As per Toronto media rules, James Neal is now the best player in the world. If it works for Mathews at 4 goals, then Neal gets it at 6. EricFrancis Delete this EricFrancis PIMS don’t win championships EricFrancis Typical Eric Francis reporting. Was there a need to totally slam Neal in this article or was it done to make Flame fans feel better? Why destroy a player’s character the way Eric did in this article? I am actually surprised Sportsnet allowed this to go public. Very unprofessional

EricFrancis Even the Sportsnet tweet reads like... Francis said this... not us... we think he is an idiot too. EricFrancis EricFrancis EricFrancis awful, damaging thinking that sets hockey back generations.. please remove this and CoachsCornerDC immediately before more harm is done EricFrancis What an absolute hackjob lol

EricFrancis EricFrancis great writing man wow EricFrancis Each team got what they needed EricFrancis Wasn’t the whole point of the swap just to cancel each other’s NTCs before the Seattle draft Steve_Taylor56 haven't read it, but heard the comments last night and mentioned to you... Also contributing to ratio.

EricFrancis Completely agree with you EricFrancis Lucic is exactly what the flames need! All the haters need to go back to their moms basement! EricFrancis beautiful EricFrancis EricFrancis Eric Francis is a hack. EricFrancis EricFrancis Sometimes the jokes just write themselves. EricFrancis 😂 EricFrancis NOW HEAR THIS: PENALTY MINUTES AND FIGHTING MAJORS ARE HEREBY DEEMED AS VALUABLE AS SCORING GOALS. Carry on.

EricFrancis Best lipstick on a pig attempt ever. Lolll ChrisMo96328267 EricFrancis The best thing about the Lucic/Neal trade, by far, is that it is making the Battle of Alberta matter to fans more than it has in a long time. Also, 6 goals in 3 games, a contract that can be bought out, and a much more useful player, so there's that.

EricFrancis This is so bad. Francis is the ultimate homer. He makes US football announcers sound sane. Paying a guy to have 2 fights and 28 PIM, 6 mil is not what the Flames wanted. At all. They lost the game. As the season progresses Lucic gets worse and worse. Neal needed a change however EricFrancis Good job, Brad! Proud of you, eh? EricFrancis

EricFrancis EricFrancis Ffs EricFrancis Flames hoped for a million dollar fighter? 🤭🤭 come on now EricFrancis Ahhh yes. Leading in penalty minutes. Certainly that is what they are paying Lucic for. Maybe we should start calling them 'Lucic Points' instead. EricFrancis One contributes to his team's success. One breaks the rules. Who's better? There's no way to know.

EricFrancis EricFrancis What's the matter, Sportsnet? Did Francis not catch enough sh*t last night? 😂😂 EricFrancis This is total garbage. Francis should probably be sued for slander. EricFrancis When it comes to Erics ability to analyze hockey EricFrancis argyllroberts Eric Francis is the Culligan man. This guy can carry water better than anyone.

EricFrancis In what world is getting penalties something a team hopes a player will do. Especially in place of a player who scores goals... This is an incredibly stupid take. EricFrancis I wonder how many muscles Francis pulled reaching that hard.. EricFrancis LOL Penalties are not a positive stat EricFrancis

EricFrancis Come on. Sure Neal wasn’t right for us, but Lucic hasn’t been good. We had a decent scoring chance too when he decided to drop the gloves. And there’s no denying we should have gotten more for Neal (even if it was just a lot more of Lucic’s salary retained). EricFrancis You’re just ok with a 6 million dollar enforcer? Pretty sure your Gm as the oilers was hoping The player they have acquired was going to rebound. One has one hasn’t. No way Brad Treliving makes this trade if he thought Lucic was only capable of 6goals.

EricFrancis L EricFrancis Good grief 🙄 EricFrancis Today in things that don’t matter, Milan Lucic is tough EricFrancis Teams want to be short handed and trade perennial 20 goal scorers for 1 shot on net so far? EricFrancis Does Luc score 6 goals all year tho? EricFrancis The flames hoped that Lucic would lead the league in penalty minutes? I don’t think so, you can bring toughness without costing your team a man down everytime... Edmonton beyond won this trade

EricFrancis This is why he’s on the Flames payroll. EricFrancis shaftuss fouad_s EricFrancis EricFrancis Calgary has 9 goals total as a team. Neal has 6 already. There is no way to spin this as positive for Calgary after 3 games. Plus Oilers are 3-0 va 1-1-1 for Flames. Let’s wait until the end of the season and even a couple more years before we pick a winner (it’ll be Flames!)

EricFrancis EricFrancis Lucic literally took an AHL defenseman off the ice for 5 minutes....for hitting... *checks game notes*......Lucic EricFrancis This is satire, yes? EricFrancis If it were me I would have simply not published this article EricFrancis Honest to God—this might be the most pathetic sports spin job I’ve ever read.

EricFrancis This may be the worst tweet EricFrancis This dude gets paid to do this? The standards at Sportsnet aren't very high huh... 😂 EricFrancis EricFrancis ahahahahahhhahahahahhaha EricFrancis What a horrible take...Lucic will have no value in the playoffs because he’s too slow and they can’t afford for him to take stupid penalties. The need to be a little tougher and heavier I get, but he’s overpaid and not good!

EricFrancis This is the 2nd Flames reporter/commentator to imply that PIMS is just as, if not more, important than GOALS EricFrancis yeah one ripped 4 dingos and the other got a bunch of pims and has a nmc!! great trade!! EricFrancis This article is hilarious. The only way you could’ve taken a bigger shit on Neal is if you literally dropped your trousers. Fine if you think Lucic is “the man” for Calgary but good lord.

EricFrancis What has Lucic done so far that Zac Ronaldo couldn’t? Why didn’t the option of buying Neal out and paying $600k for a face puncher fit into your analysis? EricFrancis How about measuring it later rather than now. Lucic becomes a problem if you cannot sign high end players or trade for any when they have their cap space tied up in Lucic’s contract.

EricFrancis POPPYCOCK! This headline should read “Oilers clear winners of provincial trade after 3 games” instead you have a guy who is rubbing the Flames back, telling them “it’s gonna be okay pumpkin” Brutal EricFrancis HAHAHAHAHHA, how comical 😂 EricFrancis Hahahahaha the Flame propaganda campaign continues

EricFrancis EricFrancis hunwala AsangaWeli suranga_s DaTakenKing888 come in guys. The waters warm EricFrancis This might be one of the worst articles I’ve ever read EricFrancis There is not a bigger homer than you. imacSportsnet blushes reading your inane rambles. EricFrancis Congrats for finally taking the title away from Spector for the dumbest shit written for Sportsnet. What an odyssey!

EricFrancis Nice fan boy article EricFrancis Kudos for keeping a straight face while saying this stuff. Man, Joaquin Phoenix is going to get the Oscar but you should get a nomination, Eric. No one is actually dumb enough to believe this drivel let alone talk about in on TV or put pen to paper. Right?

EricFrancis See Lucic being in the penalty box instead of on the ice is probably the better option, so in a way this is correct EricFrancis LOL who do you compare this?!!! EricFrancis EricFrancis How are you so bad at this? EricFrancis Hahahaha Hahahaha EricFrancis Uhhh, what I highly doubt Calgary is hoping Lucic leads the league in penalty minutes and fights. Especially when he’s putting his team on the PK for taking extra, unnecessary instigators.

EricFrancis PIMs can be traded for goals now right EricFrancis I wonder why you guys are losing so much money on that tv deal, it's a real head scratcher EricFrancis This is a terrible headline EricFrancis lmao EricFrancis For once it's not the Edmonton SN beat writer making an ass of himself. EricFrancis anyone else been taught since they were 3 that penalty minutes are a bad thing?

EricFrancis love the hockey media! EricFrancis Imagine hating lucic? A bunch of pussies out there huh, no wonder Boston dominates everything EricFrancis 'One guy does this thing. The other guy does this other thing. BOTH ARE THINGS! Things are good!' EricFrancis One can actually take and make a pass and skate and shoot and generally play actual hockey, the other is Milan Lucic

EricFrancis oiler fans be like GDNorrie EricFrancis People still have trouble with understanding this trade. It was a really good hockey trade. But Oilers fans were always going to play this card if Neal outscored Lucic. Neal is paid to score, Lucic is paid to grind. They are both doing what the clubs acquired them for

EricFrancis You should hire people who don't have mosquito larvae for brains EricFrancis *jams on brakes* *backs up clown car* *opens door* *honks nose* Hop in, people, we're going CLICKBAITING! EricFrancis Great how you tried to made this trade look even ....hopefully the Flames and Oilers can make another deal SweetTrade

EricFrancis I hoped Lucic wouldn't hurt the team, but I guess the team had other hopes? EricFrancis “Courtnall for Kordic gave both teams what they needed!” EricFrancis EricFrancis Lol EricFrancis EricFrancis milan lucic is like conservatives with debt which is where they're just absolutely convinced the terrible results are for some reason useful and good

EricFrancis One is super valuable, the other is outdated and pointless EricFrancis they're literally called 'penalties' bro EricFrancis EricFrancis Lol goals = penalty minutes and fights. What is this, fantasy hockey? EricFrancis I can’t imagine writing this and actually believing it. I know the Oilers media guys get piled on for carrying water for the team but this is next level homerism.

EricFrancis EricFrancis I love this song EricFrancis EricFrancis 6 mil for fights and penalties? If that's what the Flames are looking for, I can't say I love their chances this year. EricFrancis Bothers Francis that Neal is scoring now, but has to say Lucic is been beneficial for the Flames by being a deterrent? When all he’s done is F all and taking dumb penalties and can’t even fight anymore.

EricFrancis this is just plain horrific, 'flames would be happy with 6 goals and flexed muscle' Sportsnet actually gives you money for this? It's 2019 and we're regressing years of hockey related analysis and research for this type of shit. Remarkable. EricFrancis Everyone in Calgary media team and Lucic desperately trying to make this fit inlcuding this article

EricFrancis are you kidding me with this shit EricFrancis Well Lucic does help his team by taking himself off the ice, so I guess Francis has a point. EricFrancis You really need to fire Eric Francis - he truly embarrassed himself and the sports broadcasting community last night. Having a pro-Flames bias is one thing but outright lies about the team wanting to accrue penalty minutes is something else.

EricFrancis ThirdGathers loooool aight EricFrancis EricFrancis EricFrancis Go easy on Eric, he broke his back having to carry this much water for the Flames organization. EricFrancis The new NHL, more penalty minutes & more fighting. EricFrancis What a terrible article. Oh and Eric, Lucic actually lost that fight last night.

EricFrancis PIMS are not equal to goals. Say it again. PIMS are not equal to goals EricFrancis lol ok

James Neal becoming 'Real Steal' with dominant start to Oilers tenure - Sportsnet.caLifted from Calgary in exchange for lumbering Milan Lucic, James Neal has stormed out of the gates in record-setting fashion in Edmonton. A four-goal performance Tuesday added to that hot start, leaving the 3-0 Oilers an optimistic bunch this October. EdmontonOilers Spec EdmontonOilers Spec Might be the only person in the world that thought this EdmontonOilers Spec That’s awesome, and yay for him, but eff me. 3 games dude. Slow down. And, I’m an Oilers fan. Need a bit more of a sample.

Button: One bad year with Flames doesn't define NealJames Neal is one-goal away from matching his total of seven with the Flames last year. Craig Button explains why Neal is a 20-goal scorer and one bad year with Calgary shouldn't take that away from him. He credits Ken Holland for making a great trade to acquire Neal from the Flames. CraigJButton Neither does one fluke ass game scoring 4. Lol CraigJButton One game with the oilers doesn’t rejuvenate a career, or define a player. Give it some time! He may find himself as a healthy scratch in 10 games.

Lucic goes looking for MacDermid after taking stiff hit - Sportsnet.caWatch as Milan Lucic goes looking for some retribution after taking a stiff check from Kurtis MacDermid. *While the Flames were about to score Lucic is an expensive enforcer, hope Flames like being handcuffed against their cap space when the time comes with his high price contract!!! Lucic needs 4 fights tonight to make the trade even... Flames LAKvsCGY

James Neal becoming 'Real Steal' with dominant start to Oilers tenure - Sportsnet.caLifted from Calgary in exchange for lumbering Milan Lucic, James Neal has stormed out of the gates in record-setting fashion in Edmonton. A four-goal performance Tuesday added to that hot start, leaving the 3-0 Oilers an optimistic bunch this October. EdmontonOilers Spec EdmontonOilers Spec Might be the only person in the world that thought this EdmontonOilers Spec That’s awesome, and yay for him, but eff me. 3 games dude. Slow down. And, I’m an Oilers fan. Need a bit more of a sample.

Sheahan to make debut for Oilers on Tuesday in return from concussion - Sportsnet.caThe Edmonton Oilers have activated centre Riley Sheahan from injured reserve and he is expected to make his debut for the team against the New York Islanders on Tuesday.

Eight Ends: Marc Kennedy continues paying early returns for Team Jacobs - Sportsnet.caThird Marc Kennedy continues paying early returns for Team Brad Jacobs helping his new squad add to its haul by winning the Stu Sells Toronto Tankard.