Dozens arrested as Hong Kongers protest planned national security laws

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Hong Kong Police said 53 people had been arrested and charged with unlawful assembly, adding that earlier some protesters tried to blockade roads in the area

Women are arrested and led onto a bus by police during a protest against China's planned national security law in Hong Kong on June 28, 2020.Hong Kong police arrested at least 53 people on Sunday after scuffles erupted during a relatively peaceful protest against planned national security legislation to be implemented by the mainland Chinese government.

However, chanting and slogans were shouted towards police and later scuffles broke out in Mong Kok, prompting police to use pepper spray to subdue parts of the crowd. Hong Kong Police said on Facebook that 53 people had been arrested and charged with unlawful assembly, adding that earlier some protesters tried to blockade roads in the area.

China has said the law will target only a small group of troublemakers as it tackles separatism, subversion, terrorism and foreign interference in Hong Kong.


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Call for global sanctions on China! HongKong HongKongProtests China StandWithHongKong protest PoliceBrutality

kerokero_HKer Hongkonger well knew CCP Chinazi & HKPolice are extremely evil & brutal Totalitarianism long ago.. Though this time a much bigger crisis, HKer is still fighting For justice, HumanRight & democracy! Tks for StandWithHK 🥰 SOSHK FreeHK HongKongNeedsHelp NewWestBerlin

The child was scared by the police as his father was being caught for no reason.

A family was separated by the HongKongPolice; and the kid watched his father being arrested.

CCP tyranny broke the promise and wanna replace hk into an anonymous mainland city No matter how oppressive NationalSecurityLaw is, Hongkongers will never give up to fight for a new, free and democratic Hong Kong. Will the world StandWithHongKong and BoycottChina together?


Everyone see, those arrested were citizens in causal chill wear going out on Sunday. This is HKPoliceTerrorists and HKPoliceState. FightForFreedom StandWithHongKong

Joke! Shameless! Xi Jingping regime has arrest hundreds of dissidents in China. Civil society is destroyed totally there. No one can speak a single word against Xi. This is what they call national security. NationalSecurityLaw StandWithHongKong

PoliceBrutality is HK Gov's tool to supress freedom of assembly. The NationalSecurityLaw is CCP's tool to suppress FREEDOM.

The tyrannical regime, combined with nationalsecuritylaw, must reinforce hkpolicebrutality. HK has become a HKPoliceState where HKPF can arbitrarily arrest pedestrians, absurdly separated the father from his son and wife. Magnitskyact must be imposed to sanction HKPolice

No more financial hub in Hong Kong. Not safe to run business here anymore

When the presence of the police actually threatens citizens, this place is already a failed state; and it also shows that the police had aldy became terrorists, endangering everyone's life and freedom HKPoliceTerrorists hkpolicebrutality

No one is as safe as they used to be. This fabulous island will not drown physically, it is her characteristics that are buried - freedom, rule of law, justice, financial & political stability!

This is horrible act of violence that will not and should not be tolerated in any part of the free world. These so call police has done this for months, yet Carrie Lam's government cave and never disciplined any of these rogue officers because there are too many of these.

The national security law is weaponized to exterminate dissent who strive for freedom & democracy in HK. The CCP is destroying HK's rule of law. Expect arbitrary arrests of Expats and locals in the name of 'threat to national security' just like Spavor & Kovrig StandWithHK

Now Hong Kong ❌ Freedom of speech ❌ Freedom of assembly ❌ Freedom of press ❌ Freedom to keep silent ❌ Freedom to walking on street SOSHK StandWithHK HKPoliceState

The CCP continues to use force to suppress the freedom of Hong Kong people. Hong Kong people have no room for negotiation with the CCP. Please believe the will of the Hong Kong people to fight to the end hongkonger HongKong CCP StandWithHK

Protest is not a crime.

Shameless HK police. Arbitrarily arrest innocent citizens instead of the triads and gangs in 721 incidents. PoliceState

Even freedom of dissent is exploited.

Those are not protesters, many of them are just passed-by, Hong Kong is a police state already.

Ahh, ordinary, law-abiding citizens can now get on with their daily lives

Hong Kong has fallen But so has CCPs camouflage BoycottChina for her violations of human rights and freedom

Public’s fear HongKong HongKongPoliceTerrorists HongKongPoliceBrutality

They are just walking on the street!

Not that we are not going to voice out But the cost is getting higher and higher NationalSecurityLaw OneCountryOneSystem

PoliceBrutality never stop in hongkong With more and more innocents bring arrested, you can already foresee the impact of NationalSecurityLaw and it has become a PoliceState soshk HongKongPoliceBrutality CCP_is_terrorist AntiChinazi StandWithHongKong

HongKong has become a police state. No one can escape from it including foreigners. Therefore, international help and sanctions against the evil CCPChina is crucial to protect not only HKers, but also foreigners in HK. HKPoliceState HKPoliceTerrorism BoycottCCP

The law is yet to pass while Hong Kong Police already act what they want with no penalty. They scared children, attacked citizens, cover up criminals and arrested ppl who questioned them. HongKongPoliceStatus HongKongPoliceTerrorism HongKongPoliceBrutality

No reason to restrict the freedom of assembly. We are born with freedom of assembly.

No more freedom and democracy in Hong Kong... Unlawful arrests and brutal assaults happen every day now, esp when the CCP is pushing hard for the evil national security laws. Wish the free world would aligned and fight against the tyranny. MagniskyAct StandWithHongKong


After seeing this photo I think you would understand how valid these arrests were. outrageous shameless HongKongProtests hongkongpolicestate HongKongAutonomyAct needed

Hong Kong is now a police state: they will arrest whoever on the streets as they want. Rule of law is dead.

HKPF randomly arrested people in a crowded area, Monk Kok. There were people hanging on the street with their family during the weekend. National security law will be passed and enforced next week. It is likely these people will be on the watching list. PoliceBrutality

In the past year, the number of arrests was close to 10,000, while the official prosecution was less than 1,800. The police is want to make Hong Kong people “cannnot”; “will not” take to the streets to demonstrate again. NewWestBerlin EnemyOfThePeople

Today, a young kid witnessed the arrest of his father. Terrified, and kept crying. His mother tried to prove to HKPoliceTerrorists their family stayed tgt all the time, yet being ignored. Why does a young kid have to go thru this? Clearly human rights has been deprived in HK.

And the government said we enjoy the freedom of speech and protest

Even the law hasn't been passed, HongKongers freedom is already getting more suppress from CCP 1/ All recent demonstrations were banned 2/ Police arrest people randomly 3/ Pro-Beijing ppl attack HKer without consequences And HK govt claims HKer enjoy more freedom & rights☹

Arbitrary arrests are unacceptable. NewWestBerlin 5DemandsNot1Less FightForFreedomStandWithHongKong MilkTeaAlliance BoycottChina HumanRights PoliceState SOSHK MagnitskyActNow

One country two systems is over now. Hong Kong is at the Police state

HKPoliceTerrorism believe that they are supported by CCP ! Please sanction both parties and free HK! FightForFreedom StandWithHK

Please stop the tyrannical CCPChina from destroying the core values of the world that we all share - freedom and human rights. SanctionChina SanctionCCP StandwithHongKong CCP_is_terrorist CCPLiedPeopleDied MagnitskyActNow

Dear world, Hong Kong is in emergency as CCPChina will enact the NationalSecurityLaw in a few days. The evil law will legitimize CCPChina’s oppression of freedom and human rights in Hong Kong. Please end this madness before the monstrous CCPChina gets its grip to the World.

kerokero_HKer HongKongProtester is resisting the evil CCP Chinazi & its shameless puppets for long time.. So much pain, PoliceBrutality, Exhausted & Traumatized.. but HKer is not going to give up hope, justice & humanright.. Pls help HongKonger HongKongNeedsHelp FreeHK StandWithHK

Do the HK police have specific duty to arrest law abiding citizens?

And Beijing's henchmen, the true criminals, easily got away after attacking a minor. 'Your footages of the thuggery won't be accepted,' HKPolice told civilians as they escorted the attackers away. This'll be HongKong tomorrow, under the draconian NationalSecurityLaw. SOSHK

The CCP unilaterally violated the Sino-British Joint Declaration signed at the United Nations, Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong and a high degree of autonomy! The CCP clearly challenged international laws. Now the CCP enforces a national security law, which severely damages

It appears that the HongKongPolice is obsessed with randomly arresting innocent civilians. Hong Kong has fallen into a PoliceState & where people's safety is endangered by the police, who is supposed to protect the people standwithHongKong HongKongProtests

Hong Kong police arrest the child’s dad, and the kid was scaring. HKPoliceTerrorists hkpolicebrutality

HongKong no longer enjoys freedom of assembly and speech. The CCP rips off every chance of dissenting from Hongkongers. Will you stand with HongKongers to deter the CCP's encroachments on the free world? StandWithHongKong

The national security law is not going to secure the safety of the people and there is no room for people to say no

This is HK today.😷😞😭

The truth is HK now HKPoliceState. Police use excessive unlawful force to disperse protesters, brutally beat arrested ppl, pepper spray & insult journalists, indiscriminate arrest of peaceful protesters. All are recorded & prove they aren't professional.

HK ppl use their tear, blood & life to prove China is a totalitarian reigme. The world should beware of China threats. Its devil long arm has reached every corner in the planet. Stop & sanction them now. Help HK & help the world StandWithHK MagnitskyAct

This is how you fight against an oppressive government.

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