Doug Ford swallows bee during live press conference in Dundalk

2022-08-12 7:32:00 PM

Twitter is buzzing after Ontario Premier Doug Ford swallowed a bee during an announcement in Dundalk, Ont. on Friday.

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Social media is buzzing after Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford swallowed a bee during a live news conference in Dundalk, Ont.

Twitter is buzzing after Ontario Premier Doug Ford swallowed a bee during an announcement in Dundalk, Ont. on Friday.

Article was updated 10 mins agoSocial media is buzzing after Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford swallowed a bee during a live news conference in Dundalk, Ont.Ford is on site for an announcement with Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation, and Trade, and was discussing the status of Ontario’s health care.

Leading up to incident, a lone bee can be seen buzzing around Ford’s head before it disappeared into Ford’s mouth mid-sentence.“Holy Christ, I just swallowed a bee!,” exclaimed Ford. “I’m good, he’s down here buzzing around right now. He has a lot of real estate.”

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Mercy. I trust he's all right? kamikabee maybe the bee can't stand the words of politicians and their bullshit and wanted him to shut up Your tweet was quoted in an article by bandt I've swallowed or inhaled bugs when out running. It is not a pleasant experience. I feel for the guy. Swallowing is better than inhaling IMO.

the_beeguy Bee or no bee, why is he so red? SUCH a liar. That FLY flew away the second he recognized a viral opportunity. What swindlers these conservatives are. That is so scary Surely a bump of coke will ease the sting off that. Your move, gourmetspud

‘He’s buzzing in there!’: Doug Ford accidentally swallows bee during press conference |'Man, he went right down the hatch,' Premier Doug Ford said after accidentally swallowing a bee during a press conference Friday. Finally proof that masks work. 😂 🙄 The bee was shoving the message down Ford's throat; Ontario doesn't want privatization of our Healthcare system Not the first, nor the last, to be gobbled up by Ford, I'm sure.

the honeyed tongue of a politician trying to sugar coat bullshit I LOVE THIS. Had it happen to me once…. This dude handles it Well His brother did that We're abuzz with disbelief that this non-story has been highlighted by Twitter's What's Happening for a couple days now. How much did that cost you? Even the bees knew this man lacked sweetness inside

Those bees can really cause havoc dougford Do you think that bee in his mouth was a sign in regard to lies and greed in regard to ODSP living in poverty while he/they live high on the hog as the cost of living is unbearable for some stuck in bug infested low income housing? Shame?! Is it sweet?😆😆 That was very clearly a fly, not a bee, which makes sense seeing as how flies are attracted to bullshit

Holy Christ this just got Doug re elected.

Doug Ford delivers new law that will give sweeping powers to ‘strong mayors’ in Toronto and OttawaThe mayors of Toronto and Ottawa would have sweeping new authority over municipal budgets and the hiring and firing senior staff under Premier Doug Ford ’s “strong-mayor” legislation. Poll: Should JohnTory resign? The mayors of Toronto and Ottawa would have sweeping new authority over municipal budgets and the hiring and firing senior staff under Premier Doug Ford’s “strong-mayor” legislation. I might be for it if it wasn't fordnation enacting it. There's an agenda here and it can't possibly be good. Yep, that's adhominem. Ad a lot of hominems. | kristynwongtam

🤣 Oh brave little bee, we thank you for your selfless sacrifice. ... was the bee OK ? Oh no!! Eek! Packs more of a punch than cocaine i guess Congrats Canada, on your next Premier. He’s also pitching private healthcare 👂 Reptilian

Why one tutor thinks Ontario's direct education payment plan is 'a horrible idea' | CBC NewsPremier Doug Ford 's Tuesday throne speech pledged $225 million in direct payments to parents 'to help their kids catch up' but some aren't sure that's the right solution.

Bro think he Tyler, the Creator 💀 As the bee population declines Ford's waistline continues to expand. God works in mysterious ways! Sht flying in my mouth. I can't SEE. 🐝 Seriously though how is that possible...I hope he's okay. I would have died on the spot. I would have started screaming and never stopped

All I can hope for is that the emergency room gives him a large dose of ipecac. 😲 Doug Ford is a bee killer BeeLivesMatter 😤🐝 Why are so many doctors dying LanaLokteff Hhmm a demon attacking? What a champ! He handled that like a pro. My sympathies to the bee. 🐝

These are the new powers Doug Ford wants to give the mayor of TorontoHere's a rundown of some of the changes Doug Ford 's government is proposing for the mayor’s office: So with all these new changes I’m guessing Michael Ford will be running for mayor this fall. TOpoli Revenge for taking power away from pothead Robby Ford

Sweet! Hopefully, his throat wasn’t in stinging pain. I’ll see myself out. He took it like a man 👊 He really handled himself very well. I would have freaked out. That's some candy man sh!t right there😬 At least his dog didn’t step on a bee😖 😂 cultofdusty1 'i might... like, die in a few minutes- sorry abewt that guys' 🤣

Least he didn't step on him caolans55 thus is what's going on down here rn

LIVE: Premier Ford makes an announcementOnt. Premier Doug Ford will be joined by Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation, and Trade, to make an announcement.

the puns Why is his water so nasty looking? damn. i thought he'd be allergic he washed him down It could have been a whole ball of wax or a swarm 🐝 Rob Ford would've taken it up the nose. RIP. To bee or not to bee… That be must've been buzzed What a very Canadian thing to happen😄... TeamBee

Toronto's mayor will soon have the power to do pretty much anything Doug Ford likesAs promised, Ontario's PC government tabled new legislation today that, if passed, would give the mayors of both Toronto and Ottawa super powers — ... That sounds like the worst possible way to run a city Get rid of Tory Doug will be the TO mayor one day.

Oh my I hope he wasn’t allergic notsoodazed Karma 🤣🤣 I also like honey on my toast Hes a vegan honey is a vegan product right? Also reporting bc the bee is the healthiest thing Ford has ever willfully ingested… newsworthy 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Only the media makes this a huge story. Who cares? This is what used to be called light news and would air at the very end of a newscast. Now cp24 and star run it on a headline. I don't like him but Jesus.. Go find some news.

It’s a wasp, not a bee. Bees don’t hover around garbage and junk food. theryanlasala what powers do you have?

Bug lands on lip then flies away Good excuse to take off 4 more yrs . Just keep ur liberal coloured shovel handy . Other countries' politicians... I'm so jealous sitting here in America lol He doesnt know how to spit - lol, must be a fast eater lol This is real dumb news...but I guess people could use a haha....

Dude been swallowing that glass pipe for a while to. The bee is nothing. The funnier brother died That man is the closest thing to a Simpsons character that exists in our world Putting the Bee back in building

Does swallowing a bee reveal who you are? ThePerezHilton Bee Happens. 😂🤣😅🤪 buzzfeed BEE GATE!! It wasn’t a bee!!!! It was a little wasp. Masks have many benefits Is the bee ok? You don't need to print the swearing, .

Finally something that masks work against. I love his comedic clap back. Talk about quick on his feet. My condolences to the bee's family. He's a bloody lucky bloke. Many years ago here in the UK, a guy out for a recreational bike ride accidentally ingested a wasp. It stung him in the throat on the way down. Everything swelled up, and he choked to death. Bees don't sting as freely as wasps thank god.

Now he wasn't expecting that to happen. He got buzzed, but not stung. That made my day. XD jonstewart StephenAtHome need immediate comment from either of you on this RIP BEE Nothing tops this though

When its not the F word or the C word ; Couldn’t he wait until after the press conference? I suspect it was really a fly attracted to all the bullshit coming out of his mouth Did he live? He deserved it, as Canada is a fascist country now. Paf000001 Well, as they say, the bee stings in life are free. The Cons blame Trudeau yet! 😏😏

I hope the stinger doesn't hurt the guy (or his digestion). it looked like the bee flew off to his right... poor bee So funny TorontoStar Now talk about how DougFord wants to privatize everything ‘Let them die’ 👇🏻. ..indeed

Pecafan Somewhere, a bee is high-fiving a fly. 📽️🥚👻 Is that the guy that had a cocaine problem or the brother of the crack addict? I once had a bee fly into my mouth, never did so much fast spitting. The bee flew back out, unharmed. The hazards of gardening in the heat, panting from exertion. You don't forget an experience like that. 😂

He must thought it was a flying bee(r) Poor bee. That’s just nature trying to shut-up a liar.. 😂 😐 Wow, Ford rebounded pretty well from that incident. Just was barely shaken...

I believe that bee was on a suicide mission. I bet it was a fly That’s crazy 🐝 👄🫣! At least it’s not crack. (Only a little buzz) I do hope he doesn't suffer the same fate as happened to the woman who swallowed a fly! Killing wildlife .. just like his highway will.... 🤮 On those who voted for this quack

He's just trying to be the best he can bee. 😉 I'll see myself out. 😂😂😂👏👏👏👏 Hope he didn’t react and end up in ER…oh wait they’re closed! “Canada”, “Ford” and “Politician”. Why do I feel hungry for crack? AskingForAFriend

Whoa that's wild Evidence of Doug Ford catching a buzz Take care To bad it didn't sting his throat. Love that he was able to laugh about it. I would have been flailing about and doing my best Nicholas Cage impression. My dog swallowed a bee Bees actually provide a beneficial service in nature as opposed to politicians. Just one more tragic injustice imho.

Guys, it was a wasp. 😜 It clearly flew off.

It's a good thing he didn't have to go to the hospital... Just sayin' cc goldiehawn 🤣 someone shouts out drown him Bees are on the verge of becoming extinct and here he is eating them Ford has one thing on his mind (forget the bee): intentionally letting the health care system collapse (to make people angry and lose faith in health care for all) so he can bring in private companies. He felt entitled to do this when he was chosen to lead again. fordnation

bee. bee. bee. build back better Hey Gen “Z’s” !!! Start a bee swallowing challenge !!! You see it’s a trending thing 🐝😋 The Premiers words are often hard to bee-lieve? Probably a dung beetle.

Lmao Ok Westworld nbcsnl What a great sport about it Can we move on now adogslifeTO 🤣🤣🤣 🐝 Swallower 😹😹 Lizard shapshifting elites casually fucking with the public DAS_KONZEPT_

Look at how tan than man is… more time at the office is needed Aww, honey, hope you're OK 🐝 News worthy why? Well done the Bee. However, K.I.T.T. & I have studied this video for hours... & Ford appears to spit rather than swallow. Therefore all of us here at the Foundation consider your tweet misleading and borderline obscene. K.I.T.T., please copy in BearGrylls and DaveBensonPhill

I bet that’s gonna sting when he watches replays of the news conference Doug Ford to Mike Pence: I'll see your fly 🪰, and raise you a bee 🐝. 😂 Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. Wasn’t the first time Ford got buzzed and end up with a stinger in his mouth. (I don’t even know what that means) Bon appetit!

ya, super fascinating, but what about him privatizing healthcare, are we just gonna look past that Poor bee.

I guess he didn't like jazz Westworld Na he never swallowed it if you pause it at 0:15 then move the slider slowly the bee although faded out some clearly flies away to the left, man faked it 🤪 It was a kamikazbee 😂 😂 SHAME on Ford for starving us all on disability. 😔😔😔 Even the bee's hate him for starving the disability community he said holy christ? what happened to knowing Jesus at Christmas time 😳 😰😰😰

Got his uvula tickled… I wonder what iamcardib has to say. Significantly better than some of the stuff Rob Ford swallowed no doubt Tell me, would you feel my love?

Is that how bees vote? This is my tweet over a month ago Did the bee survive? Response from beeTV after one of their own was taken by Doug ford DougFord Ontario Canada Today this is so funny holy christ 🐝 Worth a Bee-minus. More likely a wasp. They're always around the mouths of trash cans. RealRadioJesus

It wasn't a bee, it was a fly. Flies are attracted to shit, so it went right after it!

I'd vote for this bloke he's got a good buzz about him. He is startled because he prefers 🦗🦗🦗 Just wanted to let you know! Finally a news outlet with journalistic integrity and a nose for the important issues. Thank you Toronto Star ♥️ sandieptimm kimtracyprince I cannot even Omg! That totally sucks, I wonder how it compared to me sitting on a wasp and it stinging me directly in the A hole?

Considering Healthcare crisis in Ontario, did Ford, have to wait Hrs? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? To get looked at. Because under health emergency priorities, (no mention of allergic reaction) this should have been at the bottom of requiring medical attention. onpoli Save the bees....don't eat them! 😅

Bee nice

No, you didn’t! Omg lol. Well.. He took it like a champ. Damn! I'd probably not be able to finish my broadcast. 😅😂 cartersp1 Would have been interesting if he needed medical help Laxatives anyone? Rip Bozo I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Thanks! As funny as it was to see your reaction, it could have been serious. Glad you were ok.

hasanthehun Lol stomach acid kills everything 'I don't know why he swallowed the fly'. I'm sure it was just a fly, watch the replay frame by frame. I don't think it was a bee. fordnation

Thats not very Vegan 😉 This is the height of Canadian politeness. Only in Canada a fly is called bee to cover up the smell. Not content with the destruction of humanity within Ontario's walls Premier Ford surprised everyone when he declared an act of war against the Bees by eating their Ambassador who was in attendance. Mr. Ford responded in post saying 'I skipped flies altogether and hurt bees!'

RIP poor bee 🐝💓 Hopefully he doesn’t end up on ODSBee. Lizard people tell tale sign it's feeding time of delicious insects and bugs. This would explain many things. that poor bee did not deserve to meet its demise inside Doug Ford's mouth Are we sure it wasn't flown by miss frizzle? Slow news day….who cares

Guy took it like a champ

Iswydt..😀😀😀 These are the kind of bizzarely wholesome headlines I need in these trying times. I hope he got checked afterwards 😳 Slow news day? TeamBee 🐝 Love it ...... poor bee. Wow! Bravo to the composure, Premier Ford! I’d have screamed out loud 😊 Ford worked for years on choking and killing the budget of the health sector to make it fail. All in the purpose of justifying Privatization. The great Canadian system that was built by grandparents is being pulled down now by mercenaries for hire.

You have to give him the credit, he is pretty cool about it!😁Lot of people would have freak out! You can see the bee fly away gullables. He never swallowed shit fordnation never swallowed a bee someone zoom in and show us it flys away you can see it. He's a pathological liar. Or was there two bees. Why am the only one who sees it fly away . This is a distraction only

That was pretty funny. Have to admit he handled that pretty well though lol. If it was Trudeau his security detail would have escorted him off and we would not be hearing of him for at least 2 weeks as they try to pass legislation to ban bee hives. This is a totally different Doug than the one who said hey folks I have a favour to ask. Pandemic Doug looked like someone was holding his family hostage.

Wow he just declared war on the Green party. SaveTheBees Ok, but the way he responded to it was classic. at least he didnt smoke crack At least he maintained his composure and we have something else to talk about other than the pandemic or the great reset. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy Kinggx2K

Maybe the bee is a little upset at hwy 413 and the privatization of basically everything? a HERO to be remember... Must’ve been a fly… Bees are attracted to pollen & nectar. Flies aren’t quite so fussy, rotting detritus etc.. The bee represents Ontario health care... Doesn't he know they are endangered? Or was the bee taking one for the team?

Hopefully the ER is open 🙄 Oh wow , What a fun video to watch :) dubmatic808 Slidebait808 Was it an actual bee or just a fly? Lol Wow he sure took swallowing a bee 50000x better than I would have

That was a wasp. Not a bee. Now this is what Twitter lives for! 🐝 😭 Leftovers of sugar pie dessert! He should have washed his mouth before! Fuck! Is the bee okay It was probably a fly or mosquito he wouldn't know the difference That poor bee. Is the bee ok? It was a fly and it never entered his mouth, it flew away.

Poor little guy..I mean the Bee not the other Jackass..🙄

stickers not for sale in the bee hive Is the crack guy. The poor bee BeBest Doug! What a trooper ! What's the cost of allergic reaction in private health care costs? I'm in tears 🤣😂 This Guy is absolute GOLD 🤣😂🤙 Wow. They have really tiny bees in Canada, eh?

Isiah did it better Reporter turns ghetto in 3 seconds - YouTube SethDillon Stop it. my condolences to the bee Poor bee🐝 Impressive. Ford swallows “a bee” and takes it as just part of his job. Not sure how he knew that it tasted like a bee, not a wasp or fly, but that’s also quite impressive. Yikes. My friend’s friend swallowed a wasp while drinking from a can. He died.

christoaivalis lol Anybody see my radioactive cyanide soaked trained bee? Nothing gets between Dougy and ol snack time. NOTHING! Not a big Ford fan but he handled that hilariously well.

NPersico Oh he of honeyed words... My home province for 17 years voted for this schmuck and will now pay the price. Canada’s richest province has then worst health care system. Thank Ford Why did the bee go in his mouth? Bee cause he was talking smack about the government. Sweet smelling breath. Diabetes …. or alcoholism?

The poor bee was simply telling him to shut up! wish he was gone and not the bee Hang on, I need to go laugh forever. -Maybe 'a bad omen' for Ford is he doesn't improve health care soon... The poor bee. We need every one of them, but can do without this bloviating miser. Still, it’s things like these that give credence to a certain old adage.

HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHA Bee couldn’t take it anymore Doug Ford has a potty mouth. Hopefully he'll take this as a sign and drop this privatization bs Must be a slow news day for the liberal star 🤡 the Quran tells us of the down fall of nimrod (tyrant) was a mosquito going up his noise Good ol’Dougie always killing the Buzz 🐝

Lol! That bee is a hero! Mother nature:)) is this a bee area?

My dog swallowed a bee. 😂 😂 That bee should get a medal. Are we 100 sure it was going in? Maybe it was flying out? Who knows what lives inside there. 😂 The best thing I seen him do in his entire career lol. Deserved Hahahaha hahaha hahahaha... hahahaha I laughed at this and then a bee flew into my helmet while I was riding my motorcycle today. Karma is a bitch

Same energy:

Funnier than this 👇 YearOfTheViolet 😂😂😂 I knew an old lady who swallowed a fly, buy I don't know why this guy swallowed a bee Folkzzzzzzz Well I’ll bee damned! I HOPE YOU CHOCK ON IT YOU FAT BASTARD. LIVE ON FREE WITH OUR CANADIAN MONEY WHILE SOME IF US CAN'T AFFORD TO EAT!!! Oh beehave. I LITERALLY SCREAMED

I can’t help but 🐝🤣🤣😂😂. Hey 🪰Mike Pence, top this. 😁😂. VP45 DougFord bee FordNation humor OntarioCanada Focusing on the bee instead of focusing on the content of the press conference and reacting to it critically is how Doug Ford is able to slip a lot of shady plans to privatize everything

It could smell the donuts and wine on his breath Wow!! That sounds pretty serious. I think he should get his wallet out and get checked at a clinic........ oh wait, not quite yet..... Good. tenshi_exe Oh man, that poor bee. It deserved better than such an awful fate of winding up in Dougie's stomach, lol.

even the bugs want him to shut up There was an old man who swallowed a bee, That buzzed, stung, and built a hive in he; He swallowed the bee during a speech; I don't know why he swallowed a bee - perhaps he'll die! Hope he doesn't need to go to hospital eat ze bugs we finally caught someone losing the mandate of heaven live on tape

SaveVidBot Beepthroat. that's it. i'm moving to canada It was sent in by the opposition 🐝 Mother Nature says, bite that lying tongue! And so it was. Did he try swallowing a spider to catch the fly? I guess he'll die. Wait until the bee stings his prostate. The bee is okay, folks! I can see his parachute from here!

Choking on his lies god why the hell is he so red

Sooo lucky he’s not allergic! what was the press conference about Thanks for the laugh Doug Did it have crack on it? He does not need to worry...Watch closely between 15-16 seconds of this video I could see no bee went into his mouth though I bet it was a fly. What was that M. Night Shyamalan movie called where Nature decided not to wait for Liberals to save it?

Even the bees hate this unless excuse for a premier. If you would wear a mask, that wouldn't have happened.. get with the program!!! Amber Heard sympathizes. 🐝

He deserves worse Rob did it better Well we’re all going to be eating bugs soon anyway so I’ll have to look up the nutritional values of the bees… fordnation Doug Ford’s net worth in 2022 jumped more than 15 times from his $3 million recorded net worth in 2019 while simultaneously freezing ODSP up to a maximum of $14,028 annually. fordnation 5% increase to ODSP is equivalent to a 70 cents payraise (at $15.50 per hour).

Team Bee is better than Is the bee okay? Karma Is the bee ok? A mask would have prevented that. But seriously, I’m glad he’s ok. Just as he was talking shit..

Poor bee Wonder if any hospitals are open around there Does this mean he will be buzzing with bullshit🐝 🤷‍♀️ May it sting him a thousand times. It reminded me of this Seinfeld episode, but I wish George Costanza was Premier instead. natnewswatch Lucky he didn't need an ambulance. It wasn't a bee, it was a fly that could smell the bullshit spewing from his mouth.

That 🐝 sacrifice will not be forgotten 😂 Moments earlier:

GrantRants Even Mother Nature is trying desperately to defend us against this regime….. He stepped on a bee!!!! Hahahah TeamBee HeroesHaveWings Rest in peace, brave bee soldier. D_Dobrovetsky Living up to his 🤡 status Ouch DougFord screwed Toronto over! No one can rent here! It’s a bidding war for apartments. He’s not fit for office!

Is Bee 🐝 new Ontario party leader Journalists wanted to know how the bee was faring in Ford's tummy. You're welcome... BeeCarefulKids Bee careful what you say live

Omgosh! Poor bee! 🤣 truka0s 😂🤣 I've inadvertently swallowed many mosquitoes over the years. Maybe even a fly or two, but I'm not certain about flies. But I AM certain I never swallowed a bee, wasp or hornet! How did Ford get so lucky? Or was it some kind of karma? This stooge won two provincial elections ... GEEZ

natnewswatch Bee incident was a big story, I don't remember this kind of coverage or any when Trudeau publicly mocked 1st Nations Grassy Narrows protester! I don't know why he swallowed a fly, I guess he'll die (based on his impact on Ontario healthcare) We will keep sending more bees until the issues are fixed....

'Holy Christ'? Really Doug?

Ford: '...Solutions cant come from the government...', Bee: Hold my honey. I hope the bee is alright Give that bee a posthumous Order of Ontario. picardonhealth My Premier swallowed a bee 🐝 I hope it stings on the way out May he need to go to the hospital, and may he experience what Ontarians do, and see what a hell hole mess they are. May he sit for a dozen hours in the all of it.

Ok. You win for clever headline. It was punny It didn't look like a bee to me - it looked like a fly. That fly knows EXACTLY where the SHIT is spewing form!!! natnewswatch Blame PMJT.

natnewswatch I'd say that he handled it well. A bee buzzing in my throat? I wouldn't have. Problably the most nutrious snack he's had in decades. skyriders1 Doug Ford 5 minutes later: Bravo for the composure, I don’t think I would have reacted the same way with a bee buzzing around in my throat. What a pollentician. Buzzworthynews

The Toronto Star folks 👇👇👇 Reporting on the issues that matter! Poor bee 🐝

Too bad this video cut off before the part where Premier fordnation says “I’ll be rushed to the hospital to get this bee out of here” I guess he doesn’t have to worry about waiting hours and hours to access care? It might be a sign of something called karma 🤔 MouthBreather much? He's getting more protein than pwd on ODSP I hope he has insufferable heartburn tonight. 😆 🤣 🐝 🐝

aisling_murph_ Nice tan….been away? It’s the little things 🐝 😃 Maybee there's something to masking?🐝😷 All those buzz words catching up to him Social media should be “buzzing” about Doug Ford saying “HOLY CHRIST” four times. Ford is so “religious” he has to “God Bless” us - yet when off script is not there he breaks the Third Commandment! 🤔 onpoli FakeChristian DougFordIsUnfitForOffice

I hope he didn’t need medical services…..

update Article was updated 10 mins ago Social media is buzzing after Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford swallowed a bee during a live news conference in Dundalk, Ont.had an unexpected interruption during his press conference in Dundalk, the province’s two largest cities in time for the Oct.Being Black in Canada More Ontario is pledging to pay parents to 'help kids catch up.

Ford is on site for an announcement with Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation, and Trade, and was discussing the status of Ontario’s health care. Leading up to incident, a lone bee can be seen buzzing around Ford’s head before it disappeared into Ford’s mouth mid-sentence. The premier, while in the middle of answering a question on health care, accidentally swallowed a bee. “Holy Christ, I just swallowed a bee!,” exclaimed Ford. 15. “I’m good, he’s down here buzzing around right now. Ford began choking before a reporter asked, “What was that?” Read more: Ford throne speech says more can be done on health staffing; offers no new solutions “I just swallowed a bee,” Ford said before grabbing a bottle of water. He has a lot of real estate. (Jonathon Hayward/The Canadian Press).

” “This is going to be replayed over and over again,” Ford joked with reporters. He’s down here buzzing around right now,” Ford said, pointing at his stomach. As well, the chief magistrate could veto the budget. “He's wedged in my throat, sorry guys,” the Premier told media, touching his throat. “Man, he went right down the hatch. The bee was seen buzzing around the premier’s mouth before he swallowed it.” Ford, laughing, said the incident was “a classic,” assuring reporters he was fine and “the bee is building a hive down there. Ford has said the change is “a trial” and he will look at later extending the powers to “the rest of the mayors of relatively large cities,” such as Mississauga, Brampton, and Hamilton.” The Premier carried on with the news conference, taking reporter questions. And that just made Colin D’Mello’s day.

“I’m going to be howling tonight watching this tape,” he said. . Trending Stories. Still, the mayor would have the authority to appoint the chairs of council committees and create and reorganize departments.