Doug Ford swallows bee during live news conference

2022-08-12 7:48:00 PM

Doug Ford swallows bee during live news conference

Toronto, Breaking News

Doug Ford swallows bee during live news conference

Doug Ford 's live news conference on Friday was unexpectedly interrupted after the premier swallowed and choked on a bee.

Ford was in the small rural area southwest of Barrie to announce an investment of $500,000 in the Ontario-based company Greenlid, which produces compostable and sustainable products.The insect could be seen flying around the premier’s head before landing on his lower lip and eventually making it’s way down his throat.

“I’m good, he’s down here buzzing around right now. He has a lot of real estate,” Ford exclaimed as he reached for a bottle of water.Ford was a good sport about the incident and told reporters in attendance to replay the “blooper.”“That’s a good one. That’s the best I’ve ever seen,” he said as the news conference concluded.

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christieann25 That’s horrible! johnnycarvalho Heeeeeeey johnny!!!! Same energy Lol!!! The funniest thing I’ve seen lately…literally in tears 🤣🤣🤣! Isn’t that old news? get_this_v He looks confused wondering if he should spit or swallow 😂😂 Not a bee…A crane fly. Have other Politicians seen this ? Jo guesses Yes He's Build FORD Tough ! Why ? BEE-cuz he has just proven HE'S Build FORD Tough ! Way to down that Drone Bee Dougy, and carry on Grump Trump would just Jump Slump,THUMP,then CRUMPle & go sit on a stump to have a dump ! ~ J🐝

The American news item: 'Holy Christ, I just swallowed a bee' 'Violently choking' Really ?

Toronto's mayor will soon have the power to do pretty much anything Doug Ford likesAs promised, Ontario's PC government tabled new legislation today that, if passed, would give the mayors of both Toronto and Ottawa super powers — ... That sounds like the worst possible way to run a city Get rid of Tory Doug will be the TO mayor one day.

Good thing he didn’t get a bee sting as he might have needed to be rushed to an emergency room at the closest hospital only to find it closed due to staff shortages. fordnation your reaction getting lots of attention and laughs...You reacted much better than News Reporter, IsiahCarey! A glass of Ontario MilkAndHoney may sooth your throt & tummy 🌝😂🤣 HoneyBee OntarioHoney

Perhaps that’s a message!😂 🤡🤡🤡🤡 I remember when his brother went viral for a video as well…. Poor bee 🐝 mistaken his mid-section as a honey pot. 😂 Bee. Is that the new code word for Crack? Eh, Dougie? Who's buying? Who's selling? I found a new book for you fordnation chaptersindigo A billion dollar beeway needs to bee built. Forget the nurses and O.D.S.P. people. Looks good on you mofo.....

These are the new powers Doug Ford wants to give the mayor of TorontoHere's a rundown of some of the changes Doug Ford 's government is proposing for the mayor’s office: So with all these new changes I’m guessing Michael Ford will be running for mayor this fall. TOpoli Revenge for taking power away from pothead Robby Ford

I think the bee just didn’t want him to talk anymore lol anything he says is just verbal diarrhoea anyway. All talk and no action while us healthcare workers can barely stay afloat. Also bees are a threatened species so I need animal advocates to speak up for the hell of it. 🤣😂🤣😂 Doug's a beast! I 🐝live in you fordnation .

Oh no!! Bring back the mask mandate to protect us from bees. Seriously though, I’d freak out. Did it sting him The minute Doug ford say the word health care sector the bee fly straight into his mouth the bee is telling him to fix it as A premiere BarstoolBigCat the fords stay winning Swallows a bee but spews bull

Greedy fat bstd Get rid of all your mandates as well, they are harder to swallow Classic

Doug Ford swallows bee during live press conference in DundalkSocial media is buzzing after Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford swallowed a bee during a live news conference in Dundalk, Ont. I hope he didn’t need medical services….. Social media should be “buzzing” about Doug Ford saying “HOLY CHRIST” four times. Ford is so “religious” he has to “God Bless” us - yet when off script is not there he breaks the Third Commandment! 🤔 onpoli FakeChristian DougFordIsUnfitForOffice All those buzz words catching up to him

Hmm. Did he actually swallow that bee? I ask b/c I almost swallowed a wasp last fall. It was in my beer. I spat it out almost as quickly as it got in my mouth but not before it stung me and gave me a fat lip. Bees are not as aggressive but Ford’s lucky he wasn’t bitten. TeamBee FordFailedHealthcare What the hell don't shallow the bee Mr Premier Doug Ford

Breaking news It followed the hot air to the source c_loxx Absolutely highlighted my day fordnation Nicec timing by the bee on that one...right after the words health care Dougie had his Lunch at least he was a little polite about it 🤣😂 LMFAO

Doug Ford swallows bee during live news conference Doug Ford 's live news conference on Friday was unexpectedly interrupted after the premier swallowed and choked on a bee. He want destroy out health care this news to u guys Wow! Slow news day Quick hide Dougie's EpiPen

Swears like the good Christian he pretends to bee 🐝 😝 😆 😂 Holly Christ? X2 'Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain;' Exodus 20:7 So we know that he uses God's name in vain. Not the thing one wants to hear in these trying times. BobbyBatFlip UPDATE: Doug Ford reports that swallowing that bee has cured his gout 'I can finally eat duck fat again'

😂🤣 Maybe he should mandate everyone to wear bee keeper suits. If it saves even one person from a bee sting it's worth it Bees and wasps always seek out a big, dark, empty hole to inhabit. The irony and possibly karma of this happening during his response to a health sector related question is just

Doug Ford just swallowed a bee while talking about privatizing health care | CBC NewsPremier Doug Ford found himself in a squishy situation on Friday when a bee entered his mouth and got down his throat. Did u see this ScottFoxonair KatCallaghan Too bad he didn't get to experience ER visit Bee4OrderOfCanada

Bees are very, very scary, they can sting people, which really hurts really bad. Yakkk! 🤢🐝 That bee is my hero even it knew no thought out, educated opinion was coming out of that mouth. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🐝😜 I suggest it was thw “LORD” trying to shut him up. That wasn’t a bee it was a new demon to replace the old…

Wasn’t a bee it was a hornet or a wasp nathanielrittne LOL! Karma Must of been quite the

Premier Doug Ford swallows bee during live press conference in DundalkTwitter is buzzing after Ontario Premier Doug Ford swallowed a bee during an announcement in Dundalk, Ont. on Friday. Bring back man&tory masking! Hard to swallow this story as news … Beggars can’t be choosers

The guy in the background… drown ‘em, drown ‘em … Looked a lot more like a fly, but I guess saying that would lead to a lot of jokes about what flies are attracted to. Even the bees want to shut him up I wonder what else Dougy Swallow’s. lol Even the animal kingdom is revolting! If you do that a bee tree will grow in your stomach

BUCK-A-BEE 🐝 It was a fly going to its main home 💩 Who cares Holy, this is most liked thing about him!

Simpleand natural guy. Flies prefer to go to sweet places Poor guy! Hope he is okay and doesn’t have allergies! To Bee or not to bee! Please paralyse the vocal cords on the way down to stop the self serving BS. To Trumpian for me I agree. After a closer look. It was a fly not a bee. But the bee jokes are really swell.

That’s what happened if you lie 😂😂😂 Gods worker bee sending a message. As soon as he said “health centre” the bee entered Glad he’s 👌 I heard Ford’s favourite singer is Sting 🤣🤣 Something had to stop the lies coming out of his cakehole. I hope he went to the ER at the hospital and had to wait 6 hours like the rest of us.

He’s tough Too bad . Cutting funding for disabled in Ontario you fat dissident. I see your not missing meals . Start of “Never get it done Ford22 virus”! Common man’s response and it was funny. Suspect it is now fighting to get out. Even a bee can’t survive with all that bullshit Hilarious Murder hornet next time

kate_logue I'm sorry lmao... But you literally said that what DrFullertonMPP said was hard to swallow and then I see this 🤣 Karma, much 😂😂😂 fordnation Oh and 50KIsNotOk !!! Perhaps,the bee was informing Premier Ford that the poor will be denied health care if he privatizes it in Ontario as it will serve first those who pay. In the U.S., over 25 million Americans are without healthcare as they cannot afford the costly private insurance.

Ever notice when you're having a few beers outside bees like to fly around your mouth

I'm more inclined to believe it was a nano drone piloted by CarymaRules I thought the government wanted us to eat bugs? There was a shitty premier who swallowed a bee live on tv I don’t know why he swallowed a bee – perhaps it was a yellow jacket Busting up Fords racket? Always so elegant & eloquent! 😂 Oh Doug, Ontarians re-elected you in spite of a terrible, awful, horrifying first term so you absolutely deserve each other 🤷🏻‍♀️

Not all heroes wear capes. Thanks for trying little bee Poisonous? Asking for a friend. Plastic bottles Doug! Maybe is lyng!!!Kkk Hope he is Ok! 😌😌 Looks like swallowing a bee is way less traumatic than your dog stepping on one.

Looks good on him Ford has one thing on his mind (forget the bee): intentionally letting the health care system collapse (to make people angry and lose faith in health care for all) so he can bring in private companies. He felt entitled to do this when he was chosen to lead again. fordnation Media takes Ford word for was a fly.

Thank- god you didn't have to go to the ER Doug, wait times are 8 hours plus. That would of stung. We are burnt out. Pay healthcare workers more inflation is at an all time high. Help us out “I'll be rushing to the hospital to get this bee out of here.' Hope the first one he arrives at is one that’s shut down and then waits 20 hours at the next one.

Wow! Good thing he isn't allergic! Would have been a completely different press conference then... Even the bees want to shut him up Hahahahaha😂😂😂 'Holy christ' 'Holy Christ, I swallowed a bee' . fordnation drinks diet

Karma lunch WHO CARES CANADIAN FAKE NEWS Not a burger... 🤣 Imagine he had to go the hospital and see what a mess he made... I've never seen a cp24 story get over 11k likes 😂 I saw it 'live' & was wondering what lies & denials on privatiz is ford telling 2day & then he started choking mid-sentence...among other things he said 'the bee has a lot of real-estate' aft he swallowed it. 🤣🤣 Rip🐝

You gotta admit, he never acted like punk. He gets my respect for that reaction Good thing he didn't need emergency hospital treatment (in a closed or understaffed emergency department) mmmm... lol Oh let it bee Bee Lives Matter! ✊️

Lmao The hot air coming out of his mouth. Oh I’m conservative It wasn’t a bee. It was a fly. That was a shit fly not a bee. It was attracted to what was coming out of his mouth. I think I can safely say that I would not have handled the situation as calmly or as well as he did. Snortin 8 balls and swallowing bees fordshit

I hope he's okay. louise18914038 If you were wearing a 😷 Maybe too much lip balm Let’s not blame a Bee.. it was more likely a wasp/yellowjackets..

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger Bees like pigs? Interesting. I just ate a bee DougFord That would make a good and free source proteins. Why not? Guten Appetit. Bon appetit! And, still, he just wouldn't shut up. I don't think it was a bee What tastes better? Bees or wasps? 😳 Karma😉 Too bad the bee didn't sting inside his throat and it closed up!

To bad the bee didn’t bite him inside

'You will eat ze bugs' MilesJones 😂😂😂😂 Can this guy ever stop eating? eatzeebugs TeamBee MantaPlant I think you'll enjoy this lol Teehee Even the bees are done listen to fordnation BS!! It was prob a fly we all know what flies are attracted to DownloaderBot

Shame he didn’t have to go to the ER and experience the wait times/see the stress on healthcare workers Considering Healthcare crisis in Ontario, did Ford, have to wait Hrs? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? To get looked at. Because under health emergency priorities, (no mention of allergic reaction) this should have been at the bottom of requiring medical attention. onpoli

Lol Slow news day Scripted and fake. Trying to show us how 'it's no big deal' to eat bugs. CarymaRules ItsDeanBlundell Big deal! This is the greatest moment he's had since becoming Premier. Congrats RandyRainbow He was talking about privatized healthcare and the Bee wasn’t having it. Now he can produce real HONEY

meeegzzz Just like old times. shit ain't sweet Who cares? Nice One! pewpewpew Buzznet right below! Haha! Every nurse in Ontario.. you tried bee .. you tried..TeamBee OntarioNurse NurseTwitter MedTwitter onpoli KillBill124 beesrule DougFordFailedOntario pewpewpew How I would of reacted if that was me:

That’s Mother Nature saying privatized healthcare is a 💩idea

WhereDidTheBeesGo When even been knows you are a lier Ford’s always looking to catch a buzz He swallowed the bee to kill the spider that ate the fly I don't know why He swallowed a fly Perhaps he'll die 🎵🎶 If he ends up in the ER, the healthcare staff should leave him on a stretcher in a hallway and ignore him.

That tiny thing was no bee... It was an innocent fly seeking that fresh pile of 💩💩💩 being spewed from Ford's mouth Poor bee. Lick your lips after scarfing down a pound of wings. Looked more like a fly, how would he know the difference. TheBabylonBee He'll swallow everything if we let him. dofo ODSP ontariohealthcrisis

Just like Dyl!! Fat bastard was hungry My premier swallowed a bee...this sounds strangely familiar to the Johnny Depp trial. Too bad he wasn't wearing a mask. This prick aint waiting 19 hours in the ER! GOTTA “B” careful Dougee! Hahaha to see Douguie eat a bee but feel devastated to see another bee gone 😭 😢

Let’s call it The Bee Movie or The Bee Sawllower or Just plain DougBeeFord 😂

I don't know why he swallowed that bee/ I guess we'll see. GetVid_ What bee? Poor old premier, he swallowed a fly. Their honeycombs are already in that building. As a Christian, I love that he invoked the Lord's name in a moment of distress. 🤣 Lighten up people. Life's too short.🍻 🤣🤣🤣🤣 This makes the news but no one wants to talk about Trudeau’s oxymoron airplane trips to scold people for climate change while using flagrant amounts of fossil fuels in tax pay trips across the globe for meetings that could take place through zoom?!

Good thing he didn't have to go to the hospital and see first hand the 'non crisis' Growing up I always read a book in “There was a lady who swallowed a fly” now I witnessed seeing a video “There was a man who swallowed a fly” Poor bee tho😂😂

All I read is Doug Ford Swallows Mother Nature reminding him to beehave himself, to do his best to be an honest politician or else Sucks to bee u Douggie! Has anyone checked on him for super powers….. Too bad there was no lightning 🙄🙄 See what happens when your lying with Pinocchio his nose grew long with Doug ford the bee comes to sting him!

It is a manifest desire to deal with reality that has Ford and his minions refer to 'creative' approaches to health service shortcomings. Privatized medicine would only see the public system downgraded. The minister and his government show a lack of respect for the public. Very important MSM news reporting. How is Chinada doing?

So that’s where all the bees 🐝 are going , Damn Doug The bee took one for the team. RIP little buddy. nbmcnl the bees are on our side

Caught him sucking back a bee at the right moment. Fraudnation fordnation Why is this news? No DougFord is swallowing families and their futures BaixadorDeVideo I guess those were the protesting worker bees 🥺 What is it with insects & creepy politicians? ONpoli Score one for the Grey County bee! Were the ERs in Durham and Markdale placed on high alert? Or were they Closed.

Oh and suddenly bees are a big joke to you guys!? DougFordBeeMurderer JR_Ramos95 bro... 😂😂 MikeJohnKelly Omg lol the way this would kill me

Extra protein :) Quick, rush him to the closest ER! Oh wait…. Got what he deserved Classic Good thing he didn’t require an ER visit, I heard it’s a long wait 😉 Looked like a fly pure protein Lol. That is all. Thanks for the non political laugh Dougie! No wonder he is buzzing around! I hope it stings him to his end!

A normal person would definitely have used f*ck or sh*t. Phil_Lewis_ Dont let them kill healthcare! Be the be and stop him. Lol, he does really eat anything he can get his hands on 😄 TeamBee baby! 🐝 boy they sure whitewashed tbat That bee was supposed to “bee” there to stop him from spewing some BS about health care. Karma. 🐝Hopefully if he went to the ER he had wait as long as everyone else does.

This y'alls mans? Lmaooooooo

One more reason to wear a mask nycsouthpaw Looks good on him emmpeethree1 this is Exhibit B on your Bee thesis The bee was a microchip sent by Putin to keep tabs on Trump2.0 🤣🤣 lib_crusher Looks like a fly Didn’t know that bees are attracted to shit. nycsouthpaw I love Canada Smelt those honeybuns he was eating

nycsouthpaw Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy The ER is closed hopefully his respiratory system will bail him out! nycsouthpaw I don’t know why…. I had no idea that bees were attracted to Conservative hot air! Soon we are going to harvest 🍯 in his respiratory system 🤣😂 Wonder how long he will have to wait in emerg

It’s not “unbeelievable” that bees are Anti-Ford, they are super organized after all 😂 Competition with crickets fordnation Lmfaooo The bee knew you were not saying something right. So, it tried to shut you up

Too bad he didn’t have to go to the emergency department and actually realize how bad it is. Today my mother in law had to wait 8 hours while in excruciating pain. fordnation Peta will be on his case lmao God is a nurse. Sigh. Any word on his condition? The bee that is. Boug Ford. I mean the timing of that …as he’s referring to the health care sector he swallows a bee… lol

Poor Doug! It's not really funny because some people can be allergic to bees. really is this newsworthy? This is news? I guess you got bored of spouting fake news, what's next covering cats up in trees being rescued by firefighters?

Why did my mind immediately go to the “there was an old lady who swallowed a fly” song from when I was a kid? 😂😂😂 Doug Ford - obviously the language that came out of your mouth is used to coming out . I sure wouldn’t want to swallow a bee either but I’m definitely less impressed with you after hearing your verbiage on TV 😡

He could turn into Hornet Man ! rozee93 Lmmfao😂 I don't think he really swallowed it 😎😎😎 Where is the nearest open emergency dept About time

mig30m6 Karma. Karma It was a fly attracted to all the bullshit coming out of his mouth! Not a fly on his head during a debate, but it'll do just fine. Great, now do news The bee knows! Karma Let it Burn Doug!! 🔥 So You Can Go Privatization With Healthcare Help You Buddies Out !! Corporate 🐖 Shame On You!!

Jajajajaja… 😹😹😹😹

Not sure why people are overthinking this 🤔 a bee flew into the man's mouth what would you do ? Probably be 'vulgar' too lmaoo __hxssain rizvif110 and your ass was scared of one in your hair He should have ate it like a Tim Horton's Breakfast sandwich made with freshly cracked eggs Even bees can tell when he’s lying.

lizsteel199 If it was Trudeau he would run in hysterical fear like the coward he is By the way, the public can make fun... But in terms of healthcare, we don't want privatization, we don't want private delivery. We need more doctors and nurses (repeal bill 124, provide better working conditions, increase placements at medical schools and nursing programs).

That’s pretty impressive composure All those woke articles about how we're supposed to stop eating beef and start eating crickets... Dougie is leading the way. Common trait among dangerous people. Nice to know we're having a slow news day.

This just proves that WE NEED MASK MANDATES. EVERYWHERE AND FOREVER. It's more PROTEIN Doug, no problem! Just clear your throat... can't say what will happen when you have to PASS it though... To bad it didn't sting him and force him to go to the hospital so he can wait in line to get help. That caption was on his face longer than the bee

Course in some cultures that's what happens when you tell lies....... Wasn't there a kid's song like that? 'There was an old Premiere who swallowed a bee, l don't know why he swallowed a bee, perhaps he'll die.' August wasps suck fr I feel bad for the 🐝 …the likes of fordnation are destroying our green spaces, places on which 🐝& other wildlife depend. Now he’s swallowing them bcz he can’t pause his dumb speech for one sec & use his hands to wave them off. That one 🐝 was more useful to us than him.

Doesn't Premier Ford realize that pollinators are important for the environment

Fordsy was buzzing during this presser. RoyMcAvoyPGA wendelmcnasty .fordnation not news tbtahir1 What does Ted Cruz and Doug Ford have in common? Lucky for him it wasn't a cricket. Revenge of the Murder Hornets DayOfTheLocusts Biblical HolyChrist Just a pre dinner snack for liberal fordnation Rob ford would NEVER have betrayed Ontario as Doug has

Nice language, probably the first honest thing he has said in eons. Knew he was a buzz kill.

I've heard about this 57 times, but I still haven't even heard what the conference was about.. If that had been Tru-Douche, he would have banned bee s after collecting himself. Funny, but not as funny as this… although Some ppl may wish him ill,he's lucky he's not allergic to bees.✌️ 😂😂😂 Got to admit, he handled it like a pro. I would have cancelled the press conference completely 😂

We need to SAVE THE BEES, Doug!! You're crappy all around 😭 I thought Doug handled that pretty well… a sense of humour! Can’t criticize him on this one. I am sure all the naysayers would have smiled and continued. 😉 Mothernature gotta love it

At least he's on our side. I don't want to eat bugs either. Protein or no protein. Got that Trudeau? Wow, thanks for cursing 🤣🤣🤣”holy Christ” that’s hilarious JT would of took the week off Lmfaoo Hope the bee is okay ? Ewww! Doug on TV to promote, Our province and sugarcoat. But a passing bee, Most tragically, Could not escape Doug's throat. limericks poetry ontario cdnpoli canada insects

I can't stop laughing!!! 😂😂😂 A bee could not outwit, Doug's ability to spit. Now he wonders what? Trapped in Doug Ford's gut, And how soon he'll turn to shit. limericks poetry ontario cdnpoli canada insects I think that bee was a conservative. It gave its life for Doug Ford. It was all a set up to make him look like a regular guy, they just needed one bee to take one for the team and it proudly came forward. It will not be forgotten. Before I get hateful comments, this is sarcasm.

at least Doug has a sense of humour Haha took it like a champ Tiff_it_is Poor bee. Was Doug rushed to a public hospital? Wait, he’s letting them shut down one by one since he won’t staff them, right I don’t really care what Ford swallows. I care about protecting and investing in our public healthcare system. He’s deliberately dismantling it! He’s dangerously incompetent and misleading! You can’t have private healthcare that is free! It’s just complete idiocy to suggest so!

Even the bees are like 'fuck this guy'.

A NEW Liberal would have invoked the Emergencies Act!!! To eat the bee or not to eat the bee...THAT is the question.😂😂😂 cobra771 Let’s see Justin do that ? Coincidentally it’s the bee he was supposed to watch in the basement Ford is such a dork… lol WEF approved 😂 Did he blame Trudeau for dispatching the bee?

Now he swallows the horse to catch the cow to catch the goat, to catch the dog, to catch the cat, to catch the bird, to catch the spider, that wriggle and tickled its rider, he swallowed the spider to catch the bee, but I don't know why he swallowed the bee, perhaps he'll flee. sternbutchill unkyhellas

Killer Bee?

I feel his pain. I sucked in a wasp that crawled into my slurpee straw. It did not end well for me or the wasp. I’m so embarrassed by Ford Don’t appreciate his swearing repeatedly Don’t feel this should have been broadcasted TrueTorontoGirl 👀 It's the best thing he's ever done. Conservatives attract bugs. Remember Pence and the fly?

Poor 🐝! 😢 It was a fly attracted to all the shit coming out his mouth That was hilarious. He handled that surprisingly well🤣 teamBee Took it like an absolute champ😂

Gotta love LIVE tv 😂🤣😂🤣😂 This makes me laugh BDSixsmith Karma i’d use some much more vulgar language if a just swallowed a mf bee OverDrive1050 new clip/audio for the show 😂 HayesTSN odognine2 jamiemclennan29 We need to get to 1000 likes people come on! 😂😂 savethebees Is that why he’s swelling up?

He’s full of it that’s why

Hahahahaaha Did he need Ketchup? That’s better than the news blooper his brother had once (camera-face collision) 😄 hehe 🐝 Ok, someone get me out of this gaping black hole now. Please. DougFordAteMe Funny, but focus on how he's destroying the province please. Ford must have a lot of honey😄ford DougFord

Can we get a mash-up of this clip with “my dog stepped on a 🐝” RegularFeatures This man is far too calm for someone who’s just swallowed a Bee. Clearly not his first time. Must be considered a threat to the Bee Hive. Made my week, poor bee.

Wow the Bee man Too bad he didn't have an allergic reaction and end up in the hospital where no one would see him lol! Hmmm. Environment trying to send him a message? Never ever thought I’d want to see a murder hornet. But here we are HA HA! Did that sting 🐝 👅😲 He swallowed it like a champ 🤣 is he allergic?

THANK YOU BEE More like a fly attracted to the shit coming out of his mouth! Poor bee😔

I hope this is no problem. Can be dangerous 😂😂😂 Classic Good thing he didn't need to use an emergency room! That’s Karma 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 😆😅🤣😂 Bee: It’s What’s For Dinner. Waiting for him to blame PMJT 🤣🤣 for the bees! Talk about a buzzkill. Well, would have been good if he visited the ER!!! Just for him to experience the ONT ER:( Healthcare ohip fail


Just like he and trudeau are both eating my taxes and doing little to improve the country for the daily folks Reptiles eat flying things ? Poor bee. Bless the bee! We're soon going to find out which Ontario hospital emergency room is open if he goes into anaphylactic shock. I wonder if it stung him!! Hope so!

Sorry, but... 🤣 I can’t be the only one who saw this and thought of The Magic Schoolbus! Surprised there was room, I thought he had a mouthful of developers and corporate donors in there. Too bad he didn't choke to death. Now that would be real news.

🙄 😂🤣🤣 That's what happens when u eat a lot of cheese cakes! Damn. Kinda wish he choked on it and get sent to… yeah, I forgot healthcare crisis. Maybe god is sending a sign, I’d BEElieve it. Stop ruining farmlands. I salute you Bee 🫡 you will not be forgotten for your brave sacrifice.

Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. Exodus 20:7 Repent of your vile disregard of the King of kings. Day of reckoning cometh from HIM for all unbelievers but ESPECIALLY for heretics. ItsSamG did it taste like chicken........... enquiring minds want to know........ would this be good meat alternative lol

Never vote for someone that is blasphemous. Totally disrespectful. Some metaphors are coming to mind.... Our hospitals are short staffed because our government wants it that way. It was our provincial and federal governments that mandated everyone got vaxed or they would lose their jobs. Also nurses are not getting raised , thanks to our government.

TTLBoats as soon as he says health sector the bees seek revenge 🐝 Should have worn a mask 😆 It’s said, if you swallow a bee you should eat an onion to prevent the danger of swelling in your throat. Even the bees are annoyed.😜 That sound reminds me of him 😢 For anyone concerned for the poor bee who did his best to save Ontario…

R.I.P Bee RIP Bee Bee? Or Wasp? Emergency department visit after all ?

can we say KARMA............. Karma is a bitch Do you find this funny! ? Canada's 9/11 Please 🐝 do it again! TEAMBEE Poor 🐝 😂😂😂😂

holy christ, that was FUNNY!! fordnation : You can swallow anything… your digestion is good 😂 Eat bugs they say, and bug went right into his mouth! Hilarious! In other BREAKING NEWS Ford's highway is a waste of money that will cause more traffic. New disease has started “Beefatammation”; It came from someone eating a bee 🐝 and it gets you fat. Vaccine incoming.

Eating insects..the great reset on display. God has a sense of humor.😀 I love Doug 😁 fordnation Doug Ford’s net worth in 2022 jumped more than 15 times from his $3 million recorded net worth in 2019 while simultaneously freezing ODSP up to a maximum of $14,028 annually. fordnation 5% increase to ODSP is equivalent to a 70 cents payraise (at $15.50 per hour).

t_am_an_a The bee was giving him his booster

this message brought to you by SUC satanic underworld construction Jesus fucking Christ I just swallowed a bee fordnation lol, his reaction is funny. It was a fly ,blow it up Bc he is soooo sweet 😵‍💫 Witnesses describe the bee as “Legendary.” Hope he's not allergic to them requiring an emergency department at the hospital

Did I hear drown him? Ok I’m no Ford fan but JEEZ! I’d swear like crazy too if I swallowed a bee/wasp!! Are you KIDDING ME?!? no time to hold back! Poor 🐝 😂

Lmfaooooooo There was an old prem who swallowed a fly. I don’t know why… Too bad he’s not deathly allergic- ya know, so he can explain how public health saved him 😂 PELOTUDO HDP Finally something of value comes out of Ford’s mouth. Why broadcast this? Seriously, News Director is a hack. He said it was a bee. I'm guessing it was a wasp.

New name. Now Doug the fly trap Trudeaus

northernlass881 That bee should be given the Order of Canada. I am sorry but Ford’s reaction looked funny and priceless. I hope Ford is alright. That’s not enough karma for him. He should have swallowed a fly! Lol the bee choke yuh saying you talking shi*t🤣🤣🤣🤣 I mean why not. He clearly doesn’t have any problem “swallowing “

Even bee 🐝 had enough of his lying 🤥! Good job Ok that was funny That’s about the most useful thing he’s done since he took office. suzannealma A bear of a man Lost a few of the Christian Right votes with that outburst.

b He best not need an ER fordnation now that you are okay, that is super funny Who doesn't love a good free meal Bee’s are better on a Big Mac!!! Karma is a bitch Doug stepped on a Most flies know where the bullshit comes from.😏 HE will eat ze bugs! :D His bro would have snorted it

😂😂😂 My Doug swelled a bee Is this from Season 4 of WestworldHBO ? Not a supporter but this has got me teetering.. legit shit there eh. Tho not sure he actually swallowed er A stinging rebuke! How is the bee? 🤣 Well played 🐝 Yep Krista Ford right now…

Dougee, how do bee's taste? How fitting!! So it’s confirmed, Doug Swallows Mr. Universe saying: 'Due to bee...' aka 'holding promises and not necessarily delivering' 🤷🏼‍♀️😊 Is it really a bee? Looks like a fly which is more credible considering what comes out of his mouth. Flies will be more attracted to crap.

Gee if he wants honey that bad, they sell it at grocery stores! That poor bee. Must have been quite a buzz Doug had. Hmmm when he farts, it may sound like a buzzer! Lucky you didn’t have to go to ER🤣🤣 Darn, I was looking forward to an allergic reaction and to hear about his lengthy wait in the ER. Breaking news in Toronto.

Lots of bees at the dump garbagebeeford

My premier swallowed a bee. 😒😩🤪 Ha Ms. Frizzle is back at it again! thats is a sign from heaven. poison speach. YnsRhz HilalPilavci1 I bet this was a lot more fun Oh!!! My!!! I hope he’s going to be alright Man went from talking about the health care crisis to being in a health care crisis Good thing he didn't have to go to the hospital!

If this was Trudeau, He would leave the country to seek medical attention.

Buddy can't use a reusable water bottle? I still don’t beelive a word he says. Perhaps a mask may have helped Hopefully he doesn’t need to go to the hospital BLM fuckers Ok I laughed when he said he “has a lot of real estate” that’s hilarious We know where Ford spent summer, that TAN, sure not doing anything for this province!!

Not a bee. A fly. Really gross. lol swallow it

Who said that there was no such thing as a Free Meal? Nice mouth on him. My dog swallowed a bee.... Haha you fucking dweeb😂 That was hilarious Breaking News. Must have been a health care drone Doug Ford swallowed. Could have followed him from the cottage to give him a nature jab. All the snowflakes SO flabbergasted about him saying “holy Christ” bahahahahahahaha

God bless the 🐝 He had better head to the ER...that bee will be out in about 12 hours!

Look at Douggie! The first one eating bugs! Way to set an example bud! 😂 I STILL WILL NOT eat ZE Bugs! You'll eat bugs, and like it 😂😂😂 Good thing it wasn't Trudeau. We'd have new mandates for bee stings tomorrow. I truly hope he doesn’t learn he has a deadly bee allergy & needs to be rushed to the ER only to find it closed….

I STILL will not eat ZE Bugs! Yes eat ze bug Doug He said the Lord’s name in vain! Exodus 20:7 says: “Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.”

Who cares It's a prophecy. 😈 I got stung on the side of the head just walking downtown on the sidewalk. Bees and warps are more aggressive this year 😂 I've done it... or at least drank the bee soup (it was in my coffee cup). I only realized after I finished drinking my coffee. Fyi: It wasn't very tasty... 😅😅🤣

Said the sacrificial bee: Buzz off! We don’t want to hear your deceptions and deflections anymore. fordnation SylviaJonesMPP noprivatization HealthCareCrisis Eeeesh! Kinda of a metaphor! The bee was sent there by the Nurse' s union!! DownVideoBot Quite the 'christian' reaction.

I'm frightened to know how big Dougie's belly will get if that bee stings him from the inside. Thank god it wasn’t a murder hornet. We don’t have a vaccine for that yet. Doug Ford: 1 Bee: 0 mydogsteppedonabee ijustswallowedabee Oh no!!!!!! Yikes!! Hope he's okay yikes well who hasn't ate a bug who remembers fear factor show people ate all kinds of weird bugs 😂

Now I'm convinced that you guys want more attention on the media... Doug clearly spat out the bee from his mouth 😑 Too bad it didn’t sting him Hey TheBabylonBee you might find this useful reinerguinasao Ooo! Poor guy! I would not wish that on my worst enemy. (Seriously).

Dannyjokes Bee’s are endangered. Is there nothing this thug won’t do to destroy the environment? savethebees GOOD 😂😂😂 So that’s where all the bees have gone. Karma CanadianTruckers Successful launch of the nanobot. Mission destroy public healthcare engage. Poor female bee🤣 LMFAAOOOOOOOOO This bee is saying “repeal bill 124”

😂😂😂good thing for him medical professionals swear the hippocratic oath

That’s a very serious news. 😁🙇🏾. Is he okay? fordnation How you behave, is what you attract. It always comes back to bite you. Karma The bees, without whom we would all starve, because they are essential pollinators, are taking one for humanity. Perhaps a sign of things to come. Hope he has a reaction and has to wait a couple days to get treatment ! Karma’s starting to get it done !!!!

A buck a bee! 😂 Nature hates him and I'm here for it. That’s what he did in the last election with the other party’s. I hope he's OK. DownloaderBot

Redbear341 MCMurrsy Kenneth_ferg Yuuuukkkkkk 🤢🤢🤢 Definitely charge My. Worst. Nightmare. Okay Next time keep your mouth shut!! ROFL 🤣 Honestly, haven't liked this guy since he made the Jab mandatory or filled his pockets with that sticker business while Canadians are still struggling. The joker right here is nothing like his brother, his brother would be ashamed of this sellout.

Omg I hope you’re okay 🐝🙏 Now he has to swallow a spider to catch the bee then a bird to catch the spider , no ?

This is the most exciting thing that’s ever happened in Canada GrantRants compare Good thing he’s not allergic to bees as the hourly wait times at the ERs are in the double digits! Bee Health Onpoli Watch your language. Not very becoming I dont think eating during a press confrence is professional Bee clearly wasn't happy about Ford's plan to privatize healthcare. Eat me

😂🤣 BMDinTDOT Karma flying around you Doug? Not too late to do the right thing/ actually help ppl. We are waiting our food. Bery busy

How long until someone makes one of these? That bee was delivering a message, Doug. 😠 I heard it was a radioactive bee. maybe he’ll start producing some more honey for ontario. fordnation He’s Open For Buzzness 😂😂😂😂 And here I was thinking he was choking on his lies... You should’ve kept it rolling to the part where he said he might have to go to the hospital. He said it with swagger, like he’d go right to the front of the line. If they’re open today. FordfailedOntario FordFailedHealthcare

lucdanseroRDS NicLandryRDS Mieux ou moins mieux que Ken Hitchcock et sa gomme?

Looks good on him. ooh, awkward Looks like Ford is the one that will eat zee bugs! Holy Christ…. Hope he doesn’t have to go to the hospital because of this….. oh wait!!!! 🤣🤣 If I was a right wing conservative nut I would say this is a sign from God to shut up. There was an old lady that swallowed…. THAT'S MY PREMIER 😍

KEEP HEALTH SECTOR OUT YO’ DAMN MOUTH 🐝 “Ontario man dies looking for an open er after swallowing a bee”

Privatized health care is a scam. Don't make the same mistake we did, Canada! Not the only thing he’s swallowed. Karma is a bitch. Breaking: Bee confirms Ford is a mouthbreather Too bad he hasn't got an allergy... At least now we have proof he's a lizard person lol Give that bee a promotion! Even he knows.

Lmaooo he’s so relatable! UnBEElievable Facemask. Facemask. Waterbottle.

Even bees knew that you were going to tell more lies! And make sure to come back home fast before you need an ER visit. Not to say that there are no crises here, ERs are shut down for recreational reasons Karma comes in funny ways Guaranteed the bee was a Liberal. Release the bees good thing he's not allergic , he may need to wait hoooourssss at the emerge, or worst it is closed due to lack of personnel

🙌👏🐝🍯 Looking for a suitable hive. Not sure that's the best choice. That was a fly. 😂 Hahahaha Too bad it didn't sting him on the way down !

Swallows pollinator then drinks from one of many plastic water bottles... this dude couldn't hate the environment more if he tried. ClimateDenierFord Encore, encore!!! Swallowing entire Ontario wasn't enough for this guy. His brother Rob came to say hello and he ATE him! Beeeeeez!! What a Trooper...he dealt with it and moved on😁👍

A Liberal leader would have demanded a huge raise for danger pay raehanbobby I have issues (to say the least) with insects. If that happened to me, I would COMPLETELY freak out! It would be BAD! :) To my mind, he handled it awesomely! It shoulda sting up yuh bumbaclott!! 🤣🤣🤣 Our Premier swallowed a bee..

FCoollo Really interesting how he instantly reverts to vulgar language, when he is caught off guard and knocked off script. 🤔 Doug has to keep up his caloric intake. Lol in another video it shows doug ford saying “i gotta rush to the hospital”. happy waiting in the ER! in a crisis you created. That’s the universe telling you to stop talking.

That bee is a national hero Cannot. Stop. Laughing. Best thing I’ve seen in ages. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Dollar bees 🐝? FordsBee TeamBee He must have mistook it for a roach.

Hopefully he doesn't have to spend 9 hours in an Ontario emergency department! Poor bee..images getting stuck in this guys stomach. He’s used to spewing honey 'Ford's Latest Development Project Decimates Bee Population.' Bite your tongue, Doug. 😂😂😂 bee protests highway 413. Welp...we now all know what the buzz was about....I'll let myself out...enjoy the meatloaf...

Oh boy

Little Bee says Public Healthcare for all! Hope he doesn’t need emergency medical care ……. Jeez, the fat lard will eat anything Louisa666905 Poor bee That’s what happens to LIARS THIEVES & CONMEN 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🐝🐝🐝 Wish it was more. I hope it stung fordnation ‘s tongue as punishment for all his lies! Budd Dwyer was reincarnated as a bee. :- |

Haha my man’s always munching I tell yuh Cc: Eve_Barlow DojaCat

Bugs r friends Not food 😂🐛🐞🦗🐝 teambee 💪 He nearly got a taste of the deplorable state of his hospital emergency rooms. Poor bee The poor bee. Wish it was a hornet Hahahahahahahaha Honey, what’s in for supper? Honey: leftover… honey 🍯 Is this karma for not raising ODSP I think Doug is bugged. He needs to watch everything he says in secrecy from now on.

Poor bee

Well Dougie…that’s what happens when you lie 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I think fordnation should swallow a litre or two of DEET just to be safe. onpoli OntarioPCParty Karma finds us all… Mel_1245 bahahaha Hey fordnation - That’s a fly, not a bee. Typical politician’s exaggeration habits. The bee going in his mouth was way more important than anything coming out of it. 😅

Bee-gentle is the message from the bee community

Amber Heard: my dog stepped on a bee Doug Ford: and I swallowed a bee😂😂 RSportsguy1 Drown him? Are they really talking about the bee. No rest for the wicked 💞 Lucky him.. doesn't need to go to ER and wait forever Hey, Boo Boo, keep an eye on that picnic basket. I hope he's not allergic...I mean the bee.

AmanDehal99 navi4143 news Maybe he’ll have an allergic reaction and have to go to the ER and see first hand how hard our health care professionals work, and the critical state the health care system is in. Maybe then (probably not) he’d do something (other then privatization) to help fix it

*paging Vic Berger* Damn 😂🤣 crackconnoisser crackconnoisser I miss Rob Ford. The bee was sent by the health care workers 😫🤣🤣🤣 I thought bees are not attracted to BS!! Strange the bees know who he is, and what he is about. I take it as another sign we are fucked under his leadership. Yes Christ is Holy but He didn't do that. Maybe the bee smelled something tasty.


chrismcmillan88 Hopefully you are allergic, but your brain and ego is already swallowed My premier swallowed a bee 🐝 onclosedforbiz Did he swallow it? I didnt know bees liked pork? If he had been at QueensPark, actually working, this would not have happened. Just sayin’ Even bees hate him. The bees are flying around his mouth like flys that hang out at garbage cans.

Funny Lmao justinlanys MPLANTT funniest thing I’ve ever seen I wish he was allergic so he would go to an emergency department and understand the urgency of our healthcare system. That bee did more for Ontario than Premier Mc Cheesecake Pants We sure it was a bee and not a mini drone, like the magic school bus?

Great recovery lol Poor bee was looking for honey... instead found Ontario's COVID relief money The been wanted to know why he’s been at his cottage vacationing for the last two months Hope the nearest hospital’s emergency room is open

raehanbobby Holy Grace 😆✊🏽 my new saying, thank you Doug. Legend Eat bugs 🐝 and you will be happy lol Doesn’t fordnation know that our Bee 🐝 population is dwindling ………. Oh yah he’s not into conservation 🫤 onpoli Such a wonderful example of karma 😍. johnpagnotta Like I always say … your don’t wanna bumble with the bee. Get it done.

Wait till the bee activists see this. As someone who is allergic to wasps thank you one less to possibly sting me This is news worthy?

Why is this news? Can you please ask where the missing $4.4B is? Too bad he wasn't allergic. Doug, more protein will do your body good. You call that newsworthy. Report on how he's selling us all down the river instead. Oops, I forgot. You're in favour of that. Lets distract from the carnage with a cute little bee story. I will think fondly of it as I lay dying because I can't afford health care.

😂😂😂😂😂😂🗑😂🗑🗑🗑😂😂😂😂😂 Bee sting cheesecake, doug’s new favourite flavour Poor bee Why is this news?

content 😂🤣😂🤣 karmas a bitch. Even the bees hate him Thank you, bee. It looked like a regular house fly to me But what was the bees pronouns I hope he fing chokes on it Hahahahaha Stephen_smelly SeanTreacy17 mchurl Nece Doug says “I’ll be rushing to the hospital to get this bee out of here”. News flash: don’t bother rushing, by the time you get seen at ER the bee will have died from natural causes FordFailedHealthcare

Is this cp24 level news? How many people were killed today in Ukraine? What is the situation on the biggest nuclear power station in Europe? I think there's a better way to catch a buzz😊!!! Wow! Poolitzer prize for this amazing piece of reporting, CP24! But where were you when Ford’s thugs were beating up nurses who were protesting against him before the last election debate?

First of many thousands of calories today 😂😂 Doug gon' hate yall for this Even the bees are tired of hearing him talking 😭 The bee’s is saying speak the truth! News Director: 'Roll the B reel!'

“I just swallowed a bee,” Ford said after momentarily choking during a media availability in Dundalk, Ont.August 10, 2022 The proposed changes to mayoral powers will take effect on Nov.CONTROLLING THE CITY’S BUDGET Currently, council as a whole has the duty and power to prepare a budget and to direct municipal staff for that purpose.update Article was updated 10 mins ago Social media is buzzing after Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford swallowed a bee during a live news conference in Dundalk, Ont.

Ford was in the small rural area southwest of Barrie to announce an investment of $500,000 in the Ontario-based company Greenlid, which produces compostable and sustainable products. The insect could be seen flying around the premier’s head before landing on his lower lip and eventually making it’s way down his throat. Doug Ford’s “Strong Mayor” legislation doesn’t create housing or strengthen Toronto. “I’m good, he’s down here buzzing around right now. Council would have a prescribed amount of time to pass amendments and the mayor in turn would have a prescribed amount of time to veto amendments. He has a lot of real estate,” Ford exclaimed as he reached for a bottle of water. — Josh Matlow (@JoshMatlow) August 10, 2022 Both Toronto and Ottawa are holding municipal elections at the end of October. Ford was a good sport about the incident and told reporters in attendance to replay the “blooper. He has a lot of real estate.

” “That’s a good one.S.   VETO POWERS A new veto power would allow the mayor to override council on matters of “provincial priority. That’s the best I’ve ever seen,” he said as the news conference concluded. A spokesperson for the premier said he is "doing well" following the incident. It's a concept many online aren't entirely comfortable with for Ontario, chiefly because of how much more power this move would seemingly give the province. Ford was in the middle of responding to a question about Ontario’s health-care staffing crisis and recent comments by Health Minister Syvlia Jones regarding the further privatization in the sector. They would have to give notice of intent to consider vetoing the bylaw within two days of council passing that bylaw and would only be able to use the veto within 14 days. Jones had said that "all options are on the table" Wednesday when discussing staff shortages at Ontario hospitals which have seen some emergency departments close their doors this summer. More like, mayors to act as premier's henchmen powers," wrote one local on Twitter of the proposed legislation.” The Premier carried on with the news conference, taking reporter questions.

The new health minister was pressed on the issue during question period a day later to which she appeared to backpedal and said "OHIP cards are used in the province of Ontario to fund publicly funded health-care systems -- that will continue under our watch." Photos Ontario Premier Doug Ford is seen choking on a bee during a news conference in Dundalk on Friday August 12, 2022. "How is this a 'strong mayor'?" Ford’s Strong Mayor proposal has nothing to do with housing as he himself already admitted.   APPOINTING A CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER (CAO) Currently, Toronto City Council appoints a city manager, also known as a chief administrative officer or CAO, who oversees the municipal bureaucracy. Share: .