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Prince Harry, Harry And Meghan

Donald Trump says U.S. will not foot security bill for Prince Harry, Meghan

Last month, Canada said it would no longer provide security once the couple were no longer working members of the British royal family.

2020-03-29 11:38:00 PM

Trump wrote on Twitter that “now they have left Canada for the U.S. however, the U.S. will not pay for their security protection. They must pay!”

Last month, Canada said it would no longer provide security once the couple were no longer working members of the British royal family .

Canadian taxpayers will no longer pay for Harry and Meghan’s securityCanadian taxpayers will no longer pay for Harry and Meghan’s securityThe Royal Canadian Mounted Police had been assisting London’s Metropolitan Police with security for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “intermittently” since November, when the couple began a six-week vacation in Canada, Reuters reported in February.

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Story continues below advertisementThe couple stunned the royal family in early January with an announcement they would be stepping down from their roles as senior royals, in order to gain freedom from the intense media scrutiny that has followed them for several years.

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Hey I really admire Mr.Trump 👏👏👏👏👍 I despise Trumpty Dumpty but I agree with this. Why should anyone pay except themselves. After March 31 they are just hollywood celebrities and should foot the bill just as.........does.! I may not like Trump but I totally agree with this. If they can afford to buy a mansion in California, they should be able to pay for their own security. I hope they won't come back to Canada. I rather use our tax money to help poor people and needy.

Good for Trump they are. Rich they can pay themselves Did they ask for the U.S. to pay? That's placebo... how about y'all investigate the life of an Uber driver today.. and the 'benefits' we get from driving today. Believe it or not we are humans too even if y'all can silence us with 'quiet preferred ' in the app. So f... prince Hairy and Trump and focus on people!

Who cares? move on to some other sensationalistic global news. Good. Two parasites. Yes because it really matters during a crisis. Why post this nonesense? I’m just glad they left Canada. Like we don’t have enough progressive but jobs over here at it is. A bunch of them are running the country. So now that Harry is a nobody he’s just going to move around like a Gypsy unemployed? What a bum..

Better than sock boy who wants Canadians to pay for everything.... Good. Why is this written like what Trump said is negative Fck those two, and I'm Canadian Now that's a great leader wasting time on twitter posting National Enquirer headlines instead of working. No wonder America is so fucked. Seriously who cares. Look at what's going on around us. This is not even worth talking about.

This soldier doesn't need help. As a reminder to all, his Grandmother is the head of the RCMP,RCN,RCAF and the Canadian army and it's royal regiments, and we Canadians are so happy with Her Royal Majesty's family. hawk Man when trump is gone wtf is the media going to do? Canada is not paying their security either. So why is trumpy baby making such a big earl of this. Most people figured she’d miss being in front of a camera, or a voice. Hence.....they go to Hollywood to satisfy her ego.

You say that like it's a bad thing? If only JustinTrudeau had ONE of Trump's balls we'd be 💯 X's better off than we are now...PS = garbage They don't need security, everybody loves them. Good! Don't tell him where you're going next!! It'll drive him crazy. He won't know where to build his next wall!! LOL!!

Ok Global, what is the point of this story? Out of coronavirus material? Oh Let them rot. They are on their own now , which is how it should be . Money needs to be allotted to this crisis not to personal security. Why do they need security? If Trudeau and trump are still alive I don’t see how they could be in any danger!!

Damn. I agree with the dumb shit on this one that’s scary. Good riddance to the lefty elitists. So glad these two imbeciles left Canada. MeghanMarkleTheCharlatanDuchess What a statesman POTUS is..... I agree with that they are on their own now. They must front their own security bill no matter which country they live in - wither that be Canada or the USA

As it should be. Canada shouldn't have paid either. The two of them are worth over 30 million. They can afford their own security. 👍🇺🇸✅ God Bless Trump ! Love him or hate him he will not be taken advantage of ! Canada and America see through her crap ! Poor Harry Am I the only one who doesn't give a shit about Harry and Meghan and where they live? I feel like there's bigger fish to fry.

CC: JustinTrudeau stupid free loader royals, never worked an hourly wage minimum job in their life. Good for the royal leeches and self serving entitled assholes HarryandMeghan and hope they don’t come back to Canada as no doubt PM bozo blackface will pay Yes, but are they in isolation? I doubt they’ll ask for that! Besides, they’ll realize Canada is a much better place to raise little Prince Archie! Canada will be much nicer to them and allow them the privacy they need/want

Trudeau could have learnt from Trump on that. Told the two grifters to grow up and pay your own way. Yup we know you’re not used to a Leader doing what right for their country at all costs. I’m sure all the people who are unemployed right now really give a damn about their security. Please just change your name to globalist news.

That is what the second Amendment is for. Harry is a vet and knows his way around a 5.56 rifle. He will do just fine,. TeamCambridge2 🤣👏👏👏👏👏🤣 How do they not have money What trudeau 'says' and 'does' are mirror opposites, so we must still be paying.... Pay up suckers Canada (excluding Lefties who adore virtue-signalling from ultra-rich nitwits) is glad to be rid of them. 🤗

They never ask the US or Canada to pay for their security. These stupid stories made up by the British media need to stop! FFS! Awesome. Why the fuk should taxpayers pay for anything of theirs. Good on Trump!! That’s kinda how the American people feel about the Grifters 🤔 The fact that they never asked the US to fund their security shows there is a smear campaign against them, nothing they have done or will ever do will be worse than the pedo and MANY adulterers in the 'perfect' british royal family 😐

The butler did it. TeamCambridge2 Of course they should. Their celebrity is no more royal than anyone else’s. Best news I’ve heard all day Exactly what Canada should have done Thank heavens. That was such a rip off for Canadian taxpayers. Such a pair of users. Smart man. Why should they live in a mansion while expecting anyone to subsidize them? Cuz they’re accustomed to mansion life? They chose to be here. The arrogance is unbelievable.

Canada won’t either. This is a good thing. That’s what a real leader does. She honestly thinks people still give a fuck Harry is done for, moved to California, feminist man hating capital of the world. And he married a feminist. He’ll be divorced and alienated from his kids in no time. Good! The two people who want you to take a bus everywhere take a private plane to a country with closed borders during a pandemic. Yes, they DO play everyone for fools.

TrudeauNotFitForOffice cypress777 Just a LEADER, LEADING his country TrudeauMustGo We were paying for their security? Canada was obligated to pay for their security until March 31st as HE is a Royal...this is a Commonwealth country and HE is the grandson of her Majesty... Keep the freeloaders. Excellent, Trump has balls. 👊 They wont be on the White House guest list any time soon.

Good!! I’m glad the freeloaders are gone from Canada. Good riddance!! Something JustinTrudeau should of done We want a refund!! And this is news worthy? Global is now the new National Enquirer Good! What’s your point Global. More OrangeManBad hate speech? Try looking to our own government leader for inept leadership instead of distraction news. TrudeauLiedPeopleDied

Not a Trump fan but he’s totally right on this one... Which America greatly appreciates hearing, seeing as that was front and center on our minds in the middle of a PANDEMIC! Perhaps he could lead by example and pay some of his outstanding bills at home and abroad. And they Trump is always late to the party

Something JustinTrudeau should have done as well! However, he just can't say no to spending money on dumb shit all the time. TrudeauWorstPM At least someone in North America can recognize them for the grifters they are. Good for Trump. We should have not paid a dime here. Global News or is it CBC ? As a Canadian I feel very ripped off

I ask again to global. What was the total bill to Canadian taxpayers? Seems like a good thing to report If they’re going to leave Canada 🇨🇦 then they should return to Great Britain 🇬🇧 Won't take long for Harry to move into Granny's basement Good riddance, spoiled little brats. Go start your 'foundation' and continue to steal. You learned from the best, Obama and Hillary!

🤗 There more opportunities in LA for celebs like these two if they want be able afford high lvl protection. He is right!! Good for him! Good. They can go f themselves for all Canadians care, as long as we don't pay for it. So who gives a shit? Good Nobody asked him too I hate saying this but 👏 good job trump. People should be paying for their own security, or England should since they're the reason these people feel they're entitled to private security

Such as good news Imagine thinking Canadians should still honor the Monarch. No idea when Harry & Meghan went to LA closer to her Mom but I do know Trump could have stopped them if he wanted to. So why the grandstanding now? He is right on this one As they should. Anyone see the difference? Notice Fake News Global leaves out half the Tweet in its quote. Media credibility at all time low but they just keep pushing the narrative. Orange Man Bad

Karma! As it should be! 👍👏👏👏👏👏 Good Good for realDonaldTrump . PHarry_Meghan are celebrity grifters and freeloaders. Let the spoiled Rich Brats pay their own way! Did they even request it? Why was that so hard for Trudeau to say. Did they ask Stop assuming shit. Yes👍👍👍 JustinTrudeau learn from me. T realDonaldTrump

Sure they can afford it lol Is that what the British told Trump when he hauled his whole family off to London for a state visit and dinner at the palace? We weren’t paying for it either! They gave up that right when they denounced their royal titles lol. I hate Trump so much right now, but I can't help but to agree with him on this.

Honestly... who the hell cares. Don’t we have more important things going on at the moment!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canadians didn’t want to pay 600,000 dollars but we were forced Toby our lousy liberal government, glad to see them go. R14ScoRae Of course you left out the first part of the tweet in your headline because you are FakeNewsMedia

Hah.. Trump writes a lot of useless info on Twitter.. nothing to see here folks. lol I'm tired of their story. Did you offer any help for the current crisis Covid-19? Covid_19 Only one thing to say. Harry got taken Good for him. Canada shouldn’t have paid for these two self absorbed brats either. They use people.

Thank you Pres are an amazing leader and decision maker Next country? Right decision by Trump, anyway 🇨🇦 off the hook. 😀😭😀😭😀 they are silly? They think in USA 🇺🇸 going to be safety ? Of course not unsafety. Here in Canada we are more safety than any country around the world 🌎 today. Trust me ! All it dependent in us if we follow rules and all dependent in us how we care ourselves & faith.

Isn’t Meghan American? Do they want to go to America This is hilarious. Damn straight! Well done USA, no country should spend any tax payers money for royal families, let them live like other human being. Daddy help. Nobody likes us. Now that's a leader looking out for his country. Get a job, the supermarkets are hiring.

Losers Mexico will pay Unless they're willing to do him a favor though.... yawn

Trump says U.S. will not pay for security protection for Prince HarryTrump wrote on Twitter that ‘now they have left Canada for the U.S. however, the U.S. will not pay for their security protection. They must pay!’ 🇺🇸👍🏻👍🏻🇺🇸 Where will the parasites go now Americans shouldn't be paying for the Trump family's security protection.

Trump says U.S. will not pay for Harry and Meghan's securityU.S. President Donald Trump says his government will not foot the bill for Prince Harry and Meghan’s security costs in the U.S. amid reports that the couple has opted to live in California rather than B.C. as originally suggested. If he won't foot-the-bill for the American populace, why would he for these two? Who cares what he says.. his country is in major trouble right now and he’s worried about Megs and Harry Unreal There's the difference right there. Decisiveness and not a pussy.

Report: Donald Trump reached out to Alex Rodriguez for coronavirus advice - TSN.caUnited States president Donald Trump reportedly called up former baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez to get his thoughts on the country's response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has brought America and nearly the entire world to a halt, according to ABC. Actually usual. TRUMP. BEST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

COMMENTARY: Why Donald Trump’s coronavirus border plan is much ado about nothingWhile the mockery that this U.S. plan has engendered is understandable, the stern denunciations from some of the political echelon have been a bit much, Matthew Fisher says. Most of what he does is much ado about nothing. As a Canadian, I'm very concerned about what is happening in the US with mismanagement of the Trump Virus. I believe it is time for a wall on the border. America will pay for the wall. Its called smoke and mirrors. He's trying to prove his need for wall and bullshit. Who in their right mind wants to go there anyway.

Trump considering quarantine for COVID-19 hotspots NY, NJ and ConnecticutTrump considering quarantine for NY, NJ and Connecticut If only he had paid attention earlier- sigh He lacks authority to quarantine. That power belongs exclusively to the states, local governments, and tribal governments. what about Florida TrumpGenocide TRUMPGENOCIDEFORPROFIT

Coronavirus: Trump weighs tri-state quarantine as N.Y. postpones its presidential primaryN.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo postponed New York's presidential primary from April to June while Trump told reporters at the White House that he was considering a quarantine of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. LetsTalkAboutCanada Just watch Trumps live briefings instead of how the media describes them. Google Trump daily briefings, fast forward to when he comes on, listen to opening, then watch Questions. Always skip media analysis and use your own mind. CKWS_TV Good. He should. And Ford should do the same with Toronto and surrounding communities.