Donald Trump Jr. granted permit to hunt Alaskan grizzly bear

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He will be hunting duck and deer in November as part of a $150,000 trip auctioned off by Safari Club.

Donald Trump Jr., Alaska


Donald Trump's oldest son applied for one of 27 licences designated for out-of-state hunters in the area, a permit only two other hunters applied for.

He will be hunting duck and deer in November as part of a $150,000 trip auctioned off by Safari Club.

that each person applying for a hunt “is entered into the pool and names are selected randomly (like pulling names out of a hat).” 1:01 Former NHL player receives backlash for grizzly bear hunting Former NHL player receives backlash for grizzly bear hunting Trump is required to pay a fee of US$1,000 for a nonresident tag in order to proceed with the hunt. He will also be required to pay $160.00 for a nonresident hunting licence, . Trump is scheduled for a hunt in November, as part of a trip auctioned off this month by Safari Club for a youth hunting program. Aboard a luxury yacht, the winning bidder would join the politician’s son in coastal areas of Tongass National Forest, hunting Sitka black-tail deer and sea ducks. READ MORE: The “dream hunt” trip went for $150,000. —With files from the Associated Press and Reuters. Read more:

What did the Grizzly do to him Oh wait he wants a rug he can shag on Pos 😡 No one cares. We know he hunts. Do better What a man! I like to see him go up against a bear without a gun. A slow news day? Lol Are you bloody kidding. When does it stop. Alaska uses hunters to manage grizzly bear populations . BC and Alberta prefer to use tax payers money to manage grizzly bear population. The end result is the same, dead bears the difference is who pays for it.

So fucking what. odd, what about the seal hunt Canada puts on every year? oh, I forgot that would mean a taint against the Liberals..of course you would never write about that... Yawning 🥱......who cares?

Trump tours Taj Mahal, visits Gandhi's former home on first India state trip | HIGHLIGHTSU.S. President Donald Trump and his wife Melania were welcomed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad on Monday at th... Enjoy the WINNING! TrumpInIndia

I guess he likes hunting innocent creatures. Definitely not a sport. Prick! Omg global get a fucking clue. How is this news? Wow. Canada is rapidly becoming Venezuela, and this is your lead? You mutts are the only people who could make Rosie Barton seem like a serious, unbiased , actual non-Justin-fan girl type journalist.

Could you please post a picture of the other two or did you fail to research that? 🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂 Thanks Global (fake) News. More hard hitting journalism that effects Canadians. Brilliant. This just in!!!! NO ONE CARES GLOBAL!!!!!! Why is this News? This is news for global That guys awsome!! Hey how is this news worthy with all that's going on in Canada? Are you trying to throw shade over the Trumps? How about reporting factual news about Canada & Canadian issues. Report the truth, and not the Liberal banter.

1980 'Miracle On Ice' Players Slammed For Appearing At Trump Rally In KAG CapsThe infamous hockey team is facing backlash for wearing “Keep America Great” hats Atenatioweren Keeping America mediocre at best By the angry mob!! That night, they all played right-wing.

Todays headline should have been ' Trudeau chases 7000 more jobs out of Canada as Teck gives in ' That man is insane grizzlys will hunt you. He’s going to get ate So, it is a legal permit he applied for, legally? Ok then... So your point is So he applied for a licence to do something that is deemed legal with proper licencing? It's only newsworthy because of his last name. If people have an issue with hunting that animal, then take it up with the stat that allows the licences!

So what He’s doing it legally 🙄 How is this news? When's the HumanHunting begin & how much will that fee be !! Old news!!!!

India pours on the pageantry with colourful welcome for TrumpTrade tensions between the two countries have escalated since the Trump administration imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum from India Canada loves you mr Trump OMG. What country next has to endure this individual? I smell more tRump hotels 🏨 coming up. Total disaster for India 🇮🇳 I don’t recall Trudeau getting this type welcome when he went there.

Grizzlies are overpopulated in some areas of Alaska, harming other wildlife populations. I'm not sure why this is news. Change the company name to Garbage News. Although that might be disrespectful to garbage. So? Great reporting about some Canadian news... Who cares Can I apply since I'm Canadian?

Whoppity do daa!!! 😂😂🙄 And? So what? Now do the train wreck we live in.

Trump struggles a bit with his pronunciation during speech at cricket stadium in IndiaTens of thousands of people packed into a stadium in western India to welcome U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday as he began his first official visit to t... Still, I am sure he won’t be as embarrassing as Trudeau. Nobody can top that Trump's speechwriters making sure he mispronounces difficult Indian surnames. Yep, they don't like him either As left-wing news outlet like Global News try hard to find fault in Pres. Trump. Our little Groper Trudeau would probably get his A$$ kicked back to Canada. Like Jagmeet Singh he is not welcome in India.

I guess all is quiet in Canada right now, no problems to report - oh sunny days ☀️ Ok If anglers hunt as a food source and animals are not on the protected from extinction species list or even in the consideration stages of the process ... HOWEVER ... HUNTING FOR SPORT SHOULD NEVER BE NORMALIZED OR ACCEPTABLE TREATMENT OF OUR WILDLIFE PERIOD!

Junior loves to hunt in British Columbia. Lol ok keep up with the grade school journalism, Global, we all know you're FakeNews trash. So? He applied for a hunting license big hairy deal! So what? How is this news ? Lucky guy. Newsworthy? Not the least! Your TDS is strong. What about real news in CDA? Right, you’re not going to cover that

Ya...... Just print the news, thanks.

India pours on the pageantry with colourful welcome for TrumpBasking in adulation from a massive, colourful crowd, U.S. President Donald Trump and India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi lavished each other with praise Monday in a reaffirmation of U.S.-India ties. 125,000 people in the stadium and massive overflow outside! Our boy trudeau got the same welcome... or not? Now a good country for the NEW US to emulate...with the caste system, extreme poverty throughout and the recent turn towards authoritarianism as well! A lot in common! Also laws don’t apply to the wealthy or politicians in India👍👍👍👍

Cause thats journalism. Why don't you start investigating the Trudeau/George Soros/Open Borders connection. Do your damn job! I know its hard with your Nait//Sait/Ryerson certificate...but give it a go Who cares So, let me get this straight... An American, applies for a permit to hunt legally in an American state, for an animal that is plentiful to the point of needing population control. Is Gullible News THAT hard-up for news?!

You think this is 'Trending' newsworthy? all things considered in Canada and the world? Or could it be you blatant foreign interference in an upcoming election? Shameful waste of copy. who cares? They are currently systemically mutilating children in British Columbia. Wallace Wong over 500 kids from the social welfare system go into his Transgender program. You wanna cover that?

Headline Hunter legally applies for and obtains, out of state hunting permit. Is this really news covid19 & pipeline protests how about some depth on either of those 2. And?! Big deal. Imagine caring about this at all We have terrorists killing people with hammers in Toronto, do you really thing I care about this?

Trump returns to domestic squabbles on India tripReturning to domestic squabbles, U.S. President Donald Trump lashed out at Supreme Court justices and his Democratic rivals on Tuesday during the second and last day of a whirlwind trip to India. India is becoming a terrorist state. Genocide of Muslims is in progress I guess he has to answer the Stupid questions like the ones asked by CNN's Jim Acosta! Acosta goes half way around the world to be stupid! Wow look at her, shes a blimp now wow

Lets hope his gun jams and he gets eaten. Sad Who really cares!!! Slow news day I see. I think you need to report the news and stop trying to make something out of nothing. Disgusting! Hunter applies for hunting license, awesome story, May the best predator win. Hopefully he's only authorized to use a sling shot.

🤮a disgusting human. I hope he becomes dinner for the grizzlies. How many do BC & Yukon grant for out of province hunters? Biased embellished reporting. If the individual was someone besides a “Trump” doubtful Global would report it. Fake news. At the risk of insulting pigs, this man is a pig

He's coming for the hunters! hopefully the bear will get him first Sweet. More FakeNews TrumpDerangementSyndrome Canada doesnt shoot the Grizzlies. We sell their land to corporations, promote deforestization and completely destroy their habitats. How is this news? 27 licenses, 3 applications, seems like a non issue. Perhaps you can talk about the domestic terrorism happening in your own country?

so what? The permits are there to be used. Now, let's turn your focus on Canada and what's really going on here. Illegal blockades, unemployment rate skyrocketing, business fleeing, Coronavirus & Trudeau handing out cash outside Canada like it was candy at a pedo fair. Good for him Who cares! An American hunting in America is not a Canadian concern. Focus on the BC Grizzly bear hunt if you must... which is still illegal in “red neck” Alberta btw.


which 22 year old lib is running your twitter feed? Awesome and the money raised will in part go back to bear conservation Whoopteedo. Good lord Canada is falling apart and you report on this!! why not cover the crimes our Prime Minister and his cabinet have committed ? LJT_is_me this is what Canada new fusses about.

Watch him become dinner and the bears put his head on their trophy wall Hope a nice hungry one happens upon you when you miss your shot😕 And Trudeau’s brother suddenly became a highly sought after “movie producer” when hired by the Iranian regime that shot down Canadians. I must’ve missed your report on that, cause it’s so irrelevant in comparison 🙄

Asshole Oh My God The Trumps are humans too. Lets shame them when they want to just live like all of the rest of us in peace and with Gods love. Oh No he got a tag to hunt shame him. Global is corrupt. Bankrupt Global. Not of fan on hunting unless for food. But if it is is legal do not get your panties up in a bunch.

This is news for Canadian's? Why does this matter. Canada has many problems right now As Canada sinks, the propaganda machine spews out useless US news. And? immichaelmoore Not helping at all 🤦🏻‍♂️ So what? Have fun. I can’t wait to see bad karmas happening to him.

do the folks even live in Canada? bears are a HUGE nuisance animal and very dangerous all across Canada. The ministry of Natural Resources hands out 1000s of unused tags to kill bear, and their populations are alarmingly out of control in some areas. And..... 😡😡😡😡😡 Why is this news? I hope nobody mistakes him for a Bear with all that fakial hair!

I’ll put $20 down on the bear. Hey, a guy can dream. Grizzlies don’t deserve to be hunted by rich entitled offspring of tte most despised President since Nixon. Unless you need to hunt for actual food, it’s cruel and inhumane. This has more to do with his little dick than his love of hunting Nothing wrong with that. It's control of the populations and it's beneficial for them. Also, death is swift, no suffering or terror involved.

So what?

Fuck him no way Can we provide guns to the grizzly bears? 24 open tabs for grizzlies if anyone else wants to spend the 1160 for one. More Trump Lies He cheated and Bribed to get the hunting Bear Licences. 🤬 Hope the grizzly gets him. Trophy hunters are psychopaths who found a legal way to kill for fun. Junior certainly qualifies.

Bear murderer! shroffanimallaw Almost as bad as Obama ordering Extra judicial assassinations using over 2,800 missle strikes... 🥱 Why?

Holy shit it must be a tuesday I hope he finds a trophy bear We can only hope the bear gets him first. He should hunt for his father’s love. That’s something he’ll never find. report Canadian news like all the corrupt crap Trudeau has done? Dig, report. Yea and your point? hunting is cruel + barbaric. Though unlikely I hope the Grizzlies win


Why is this news? You know- Trudeau is currently dividing Canada worse than it has ever been. A $20B project just got cancelled, The Buffalo Declaration is setting things up for western separation, native protests everywhere- you may want to focus your stories on that stuff I'm rooting for the bear scumbag

So what? Oh, so he joined the Clippers Stay out of Canada 🇨🇦 Maybe the bears will win SO! Why not focus on the useless tool heading up our own Government! Wow is he ever lucky So what. What business is it of ours CNN oops sorry Global?

And... What’s your point. Canada is literally run by a corrupt dictator and the anarchy can do what it feels. So there’s 24 more license available! Who’s up for killing a man eating grizzly? Sounds like a good trip is you can afford it. Hunters become the hunted. Q Old news Thanks for this news ! Great Canadian Coverage of the realDonaldTrump Family, eh ? CBCNews also retweeted this story, eh ? Canadians pay taxes that pay Canadian news media that retweet USA “news” to Canadians ! Oh Canada !

Could you focus on Canadian news? Or is that too much to ask? Getting really tired of the Trump hate train. Last month a hunter shot a father and daughter to death because, according to him, they were standing in the middle of a herd of deer. Dang! Not a good place to stand. And do you remember the time a hunter murdered a mother hanging laundry in her backyard? Hunters be mental 🤢

Someone needs to be paid to keep this trashbag out of Canada. No tire fires to cover? How about uncovering who the OUT of county paid protesters are and how they should be booted out of the country ASAP... Need more story ideas perhaps? Yeah I know the you don't do investigative reporting at all anymore.

I hope he forgets to load the gun and...... Awesome, I wasn't aware that DonaldJTrumpJr was a hunter. It's fantastic when people know how to take care of themselves👍 MAGA2020 it’s a PERMIT guys you’ll have to do better than this It’s time to eat the rich K? Good for him, it's all legal. Cry more libs. Cool.

What if the bear hunts him? Lol go bear! While Canada burns you report this? And?

That's all you got. Do Trudeau now. Because it is a 10 mile walk over mountains.

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