Don't send weapons to Russia for Ukraine war, U.S. warns China | CBC News

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U.S. intelligence suggests China is considering providing arms and ammunition to Russia, an involvement in the Kremlin's war effort in Ukraine that would be a 'serious problem,' Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.

U.S. intelligence suggests China is considering providing arms and ammunition to Russia, an involvement in the Kremlin's war effort that would be a "serious problem," Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.China could be considering lethal support of Russia's war effort, says Antony BlinkenU.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, left, leaves the Capitol on Wednesday in Washington, D.C., after a meeting about the Munich Security Conference.

"We've been watching this very, very closely. And, for the most part, China has been engaged in providing rhetorical, political, diplomatic support to Russia, but we have information that gives us concern that they are considering providing lethal support to Russia in the war against Ukraine," Blinken said in an interview that aired Sunday.

"It was important for me to share very clearly with Wang Yi that this would be a serious problem," Blinken said.U.S. warns China not to aid Russia in Ukraine warU.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned China not to provide assistance to Russia to help with its war against Ukraine.


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China processes 85% of rare earth products and are largest exporter. There's only so hard they can be pushed without commercial retaliation. U.S. is arming Taiwan, China can claim that arming Russia is just equivalent. Words may be all Mr. Blinken has.

Quit being the aggressor and Putin won't need to defend his country.

Time to start winning souls over for Christ.🤷🏼‍♂️

If it’s made in China , they will fall apart

I wonder how close we are to nuclear holocaust? Will I be at work when it happens, because that would suck....I wanna spend that time with loved ones..will it be tomorrow, maybe a week...I'd like to spend my last week with my loved ones doing something we all like...not working.

So its encouraged to send money and wepons to Ukraine but not Russia🤔

Bwahahahahaaaaaa........You can't make this stuff up!

But it’s ok for Canada and the states to send munitions and arms ? Stay out of this charade before they close their agendas which will end in world war. Which will depopulate as per the initial plan is.

Good 👍🏽 If other countries are armming ukraine . Fair is fair.

Durrrr.. what did you expect? America amd Canada can supply Ukraine but no one will supply Russia? Get real.

This is great news! If Ukraine's allies can stick their noses where they don't belong, why can't Russia's do the same? Anything else is a double standard.

tit for tat

Isn't NATO training, arming and funding Ukraine?

Mitchell Obama is testing the waters

Sure hope China stays out of it. If they don't, time to sanction China big time.

I’ve been hearing ad nauseum on CBC for the better part of 10 years how trump has been propped up by Russian, citing “anonymous sources”. Now CSIS themselves say JT was elected with CCP support and the silence is deafening!

Hypocrisy gets real boring

Hope it will happen soon

US wants China not to what? Or US warns China not to? Is there a difference?

Never saw that coming… what a joke

World wars start like this.

So the west can provide weapons to the nazi regime in kiev who isnt even a NATO member, but China, the strategic partner of Russia cant do the same ? 🤣🤣 these western clowns really are a total joke.

So the Russians will sell them more advanced weapons after this is all over

Still nothing on the peace, anti war protests in Washington.

This is not a news organization, it’s a govt agency.


Israel just killed 5 people shelling an apartment in Damascus Syria who are dealing with a natural disaster. Where is Blinken's 'Rules based order?' Where are the sanctions? By the way, Biden is still an illegal invader in Syria, refuses to leave, stealing their oil.

All going according to plan

Self awarded exceptionalism of hegemonic US who filled Ukraine with everything but troops doesn't like it if someone else does it. They use Ukraine as a proxy. Sacrificed it! And they expect you to believe they care about Ukraine? Surely Canadians are not this naive, are they?

Biden blew up Nordstream, act of war against ally Germany, other NATO members. Article 5 should be invoked. Biden impeached. Act of war, environmental/industrial terrorism without congressional consent. With allies like this, you don't need enemy's.

40 rockets fired into non military, civilian only targets in Donetsk city. Children's center, library, homes. Israel shells Syria as it searches for people under ruble from an earthquake. Where is the G7? US/NATO? Western MSM, Munich security council? CBC, silent!

I dont know why china and the usa can't just coexist as partners, destroy Russia and Iran together.

A negotiated end brokered by an honest country with no US input wud b desirable. But what crap this is from that dolt Blinken: we’ll arm anyone as we choose to but China must not do the same. In the absence of a resolution, China shud do whatever it chooses and call the US bluff.

Training class for CBC journalists.


WWIII starts when that happens. When does MAiD become available to draftable citizens?

Can US Intelligence under Joe Biden really be referred to as Intelligence?

'U.S. intelligence suggests China is considering providing arms and ammunition to Russia' That's a good move ! US only sent money and weapons to Ukraine Fair is fair !! .

Yes only we can help in that war, not you.

Yankees surprised that only one side of a war can have outside funding? This is hilarious shit.

Well then maybe america shouldn’t send weapons to Ukraine. This what China will say back

How is that different that the US or NATO supplying Ukraine?

Yes, we must support Ukraine

Blinking 😳 more like eyes closed😂

The plot thins

Taking advantage of a weak US administration and the' big guy' who got 81 million votes🤔

ChineseEmbinUS is playing a dangerous game supporting the Russian war. Russia invaded Ukraine. Not the other way round. Put missiles in Taiwan if China gives weapons to Russia.

We need a good old fashion world war, to help bring inflation back under control.

I’ll believe the government is serious when they identify the Chinese spies that were candidates in the last federal election.


European shall wake up, is it hard to understand the intention of US?

2-2 was supplying Chinese manufactured ammunition is that ammunition supplied by AEY that was malfunctioning were found to have the marking (cn) on the rim case as is the case with all Chinese State munitions, particularly those that come from Norinco Poly Tech

1-2 This would change many future aspects of the war if this is subsequently found to be true And I would encourage Conservatives among Liberals to support the same crippling economic/ SWIFT sanctions put on Russia The way the USDOD in 2008 was able to determine that AEY inc

Hey JustinTrudeau cafreeland melaniejoly AnitaAnandMP marcomendicino what say you? PS - What was the reason Canada was not invited to join AUKUS? Did it have anything to do with China?

We’re all sleepwalking into WW3

China owns Trudeau and Biden so what are they going to do about it

Well Russia has pretty much disarmed nato and the western nations at this point

'US intelligence ' how many shots does it take a 3rd world country to hit a balloon 🤣🤡

It's OK for Canada, US and western countries to supply weapons to Ukraine but China is bad if they supply weapons to Russia 🤔😡😂

The west has armed terror groups for decades. Bragged about instigating coupes in foreign lands. Yet this will be a problem!?!? Give your head a shake.

US intelligence also suggested (then fabricated) that Iraq had WMD. How that turned out? FakeNewsCBC dont bother to verify anything ever 😁😁😁Once Fake News, always Fake News. Even if they do, you have a right to support Ukronazis, China has a right to do anything they want

They already are. Have been as well. China is just ramping it up now. Our leaders in the West have bungled this all horribly.

China Joe . China Justin . China owned and operated . Best for Canada to boot China Justin to the curb .

Why can’t they, we fund corrupt Ukraine

So it's ok if the US or Canada supplies arms to Ukraine but not the other way around Got it 🖕

What did you expect? Really?

So, wait...It's bad for a country to send weapons to another country to fight a war with another country? Gimme a second...I just gotta go see how many tanks we have.

Is it still ok if the West supplies Ukraine with weapons? Just asking for a friend.

Simple to fix…tell China…’1 bullet sent to Ukraine will result in 100 nuclear weapons being provided to Taiwan’

So let me get this right, you can send weapons to Ukraine but China can’t send them to Russia Kind of a double standard don’t you think?

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