'Don't date if you're sick': Canada's top doctor gives Canadians 'the talk'

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Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam says single people should assess their own risk when it comes to having sex and seeking relationships amid the pandemic. Click here to read more:

So Canada's top doctor is giving Canadians "the talk." Yes, that talk. And she wants you to take things slow.

First off, she said Canadians need to assess their own risk — including whether they have underlying conditions, who they might be in contact with and whether those individuals are high risk.Tam also wants to make sure Canadians take their intimate encounters seriously, noting that they’d be entering into a "serious social contract" with the other person.

She also wants Canadians to try to be true to their partners. If you can’t have just one, try to keep the number low — because these people are now in your bubble, she said.


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Also, if you are bald and don’t need a haircut, please don’t get one. 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

I just don't TRUST her

Wow.....how profound

hey folks should we all pitch in to help pay Dr Tam so she can get her teeth fixed?

Another captain obvious statement. Maybe some natural selection is needed for anyone who actually needed to have that spelled out for them.

What about the swingers? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Isn't that just common sense? Are we really that stupid?

Canada's top doctor... 😂😂😂😂😂😂

As a Canadian tax payer, I demand that she be fired

Of course TeresaTam, because people just love going on dates with a fever, cough, and/or the runs. 🙄. Is this the best statement you could come up with? Wow!!

What idiot asked the question

Okay then... 😂😂😂

If you have to be told this, you won’t listen anyway!

With professionals as this no wonder Canada is about to be in the dumpster, who in the hell dates someone who's ill

Wear a mask 🤷🏽‍♂️

This is one strange lady

Mask it, Wrap it and Fuck it ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯

No mask yes mask Tam is a disgrace

Wear masks . Don’t wear masks . Now mandatory to wear masks. In a year - study shows harmful affects of breathing through a mask. They tell us what to do and we do it like a bunch of gimps .


What? Now the government is giving us dating advice?

Dr flip flop swipes right on dr obvious aurora_gamine COVID

But don't wear a mask but wear a mask . . .

But protests and looting with thousands is safe Why no condemnation of that Hypocrites....

Again no consequences for criminal behaviour. Anyone that puts other people at risk for a date should sit in a jail cell. As a result of the lax approach, Britain is restricting access for Canadians. Weak government.

Is this person supposed to be an expert in the field? She sure doesn't sound like it.

Genius. Can I get a tattoo if I have hep C?

Who wants to have sex with someone whos sick with any flu or cold. Thats just gross. Youd think stuff like this be just common sense. The fact we need an article on this makes your wonder...

Good I’m too ugly to date!

'No glove, no love' takes on a whole new meaning.

Don’t worry I can’t score a man anyways....

I take my dates to protests so we're good

Mentally or physically?

'Dating' is something she obviously knows nothing about


Would this kiss transfer covid19?

Sage advice coming from Dr Who

People could be asymptomatic, so no one should date

We are not dating, we are protesting against being single.

So random hook ups are still good? Asking for a promiscuous friend


Lot’s of don’ts from the eggspurts. Not a lot of do’s. It’s about time you started letting people what they can do because if you don’t, they’re going to say... Fuck You.

I don’t need a fucking zombie to tell me common sense.

Well no duh doc..don't need to be.a doctor to know that.

I would be more concerned about the thousands of prostitutes who are using their own apartment, condo, house for “incalls” and are whoring themselves out all day. Sometimes with children in the other room while mommy works. The bigger the city, the bigger the problem. OpenHouse

Wtf happen to our health care leaders. This is just dumb shit

In the REAL world TAM would be fired.

I wouldn't touch her with your _ _ _ _! Machino

what a weirdo

facts some ppl needa learn a lesson

I think she won the title of captain f***ing obvious, someone give her a gold medal

That should be common....oh right that died a long time ago

Ummm....this is fairly obvious.

But go protest dont date dont see your patents dont see your family but go protest that’s pathetic

She has a Robot 🤖 voice

But what if we're sick for love 😞

How about stopping the next Chinese virus at the border instead?

Professor Tam received the knowledge about COVID-19 and sex from the well respected Tedros Adhanom.

Is she really 'top' doctor? hahahahaha. Just reciting a script handed to her week after week. flipfloptam

If you need to tell these basement dwellers this ,then Toronto is in deep shit..

Lick my ass

Shut the f up already!!!

You want to live ignore this dumb shit.

I fail to understand why she still has a job. She clearly just recites WHO misinformation. Can't we just get a smart phone to do that?

One of the last people we should listen to is “Dr “ Tam.......even it she says something remotely smart she will mitigate it with something off the wall within a week.....

Thanks tips

Canadas top doctor...

She hadn't said anything about swingers....no ?

Somebody should have told that to Sophie before she went on the European trip away from her husband and came home with the virus. Allegedly...

Well, that’s easy for HIM to say.


What if I take my date to a protest & we don’t yell.

Who dates while sick?! Not my idea of a fun evening lol.

Oh G


What a nimrod

Next she'll be saying that you need a vaccine for a virus that has a 99% chance of survival rate

No brainer

That was awkward

Don't listen to anything this goblin says. He's been feeding us information completely opposite to what we should have been doing from the beginning of the Chinese Virus coming to Canada. cdnpoli

LMFAO finally something that she MAY actually be an expert on NOT DATING!! Because she sure as fuck has proved she is anything but an expert when it comes to other advice regarding this WuhanVirus parroting tge fucjing Chibese puppets WHO WRONG on borders, masks & CHINA!!

Tam coming in here like she's some love expert I-🤣

Hang on, you guys are having dates

Well shit.

Is being mentally ill ok? Asking for a friend.


Who's dating ? Sure as hell not me !!!

Only sue can give Canadian's the talk

Yes Mother.

Best thing for a head cold is a good orgasm for a few mins.

Has this not always been the norm? Or have I been doing it wrong this whole time 🤔

Nobody wants to date Tam 😂

Haha, I got friends postponing their marriages and we talking 2021 now

You mean Dr. No Mask - Mask - No Mask - Mask?

As if I'm going to listen to this clown about having sex.. besides, who wants to have sex while simultaneously having the, 'flu' anyway?

Somebody let her out of her tomb again?


U have to be a doctor to give that advice?

She's still working?

I consider Tam to be THE pre-eminent expert on Not-Dating.

Sex, don’t even think about

I do the exact opposite of what this incompetent CPHO_Canada says! She's a useless tool!!😡🇨🇦

Who cares and listens to him anymore?

For all those who complain about her, look at the state of our cases compared to other countries. She and provincial leaders have managed this well.

Do this please

The general rule is: if Trudeau or ScamTam say something...do the opposite. They've proven to be unreliable and they're no longer credible.

Please stop the reputation repair on Dr.Tam.

The Local Weather anchor has more credibility

Don't listen to MSM, Trudeau, or Tam. Your mental health will thank you. scamdemic2020

Dr. Bonnie Henry, has done a much better job; she should be Canada's top doctor

Dr Tam has been pushing masks recently. That's OK with me. My last 3 girlfriends even suggested I wear a mask.

She will change her mind by Monday.

Fire this moron now!

Mostly, Mental Health Support, Wellness Check become the crime tool manipulated by criminals! Minister Patty Hajdu, Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi, Councillors Sean Chu destroyed a lot of people using mental Health Support illegally! Minister Patty Hajdu criminal!

Does anyone listen to Tam anymore? How does she still have a job?

so what if you are not sick and decide to date, and you happen to fall on someone who decided to date even if they are sick ? Does it mean nobody should be dating ? See how stupid this is ?

Thats a man not a women Also a pedo

yeah, she's kind of lost all credibility with her flip flopping

Give it a month, people. She'll tell us we must date when sick.

Is she an idiot? Lol

Wtf is this chick

For now... because the Liberals plan to and WILL control EVERYTHING. Enjoy your semi freedom while you still have it.

that was extremely uncomfortable to watch - it was like watching someone trying to answer a child about where babies come from😁

How much are they paying her to keep this going?

Seems logical why would this be a thing to ask its your body and when you have sex yourtaking a risk of getting multiple desieses all the time what idiot wants the gov to tell when its safe to have sex

🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 CPHO_Canada

That would be so hard & I feel bad for all the single people out there for the foreseeable future.

Prep stops COVID, right?

I think we should all be assessing our own risk when it comes to any activity. Unfortunately the government has not permitted this. Why are movie theatres not open (as an example). If everyone is mandated to wear a mask the odds of transmission is low.

What if I jerk off with someone’s else saliva?

I feel like the longer this goes on, the more obsurd and ridiculous the things she says become - which only lessen any credibility she has left.

What if you want to have casual sex if you're not single?

See Dr Tam. When it comes to sex with strangers, you suddenly understand the concept of personal responsibility and assessing ones own tolerance to risk Now apply this same logic to all of your public health policies. And there you have it

We need a chief public health officer to tell us that, what are we eleventeen?

'I'm not a dating expert.' Actually you and all of the other Bill Gates minions like Deena Hinshaw aren't even human. Do everyone a favour, and FOAD.

Who needs sex? Canadians are getting F’kd daily by this Liberal government!

My comment is this. Stay out of our houses. We are not communist China (yet) but I know you want us to be. I want to see her credentials. My body my choice

Theresa Tam & CPHO_Canada should STFU & get out of our govt & our country! She's NOT Canadian, she's a foreign national. Theresa Tam has no business in our govt! GETOUT

Nobody cares what she says

Ya try to meet someone when you Dr. Theresa have everyone paranoid up the wazoo that even trying to meet someone on a dating site is impossible not to mention at the bar! Just cause your not getting any Dr, Theresa quit screwing over the rest of us single people!

Don’t forget to wash your hands before, during, and after.

Orgy at Tam’s!!

She basically said ..watch pornhub and jerk-off

I think people should be responsible and assess all the risks always, not just during a pandemic but I'm not a doctor

I wonder if she can save me money on my car insurance?

Please stop!

Just wait a week and Theresa Tam will say the exact opposite. She has absolutely no clue what she is doing and needs to be fired.

A private sector executive would have been fired, not Dr Tam:

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