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Don Martin: Trudeau is the pandemic polar opposite of Donald Trump

Don Martin: Trudeau is the pandemic polar opposite of Donald Trump #cdnpoli #coronavirus via @donmartinctv

2020-05-21 5:19:00 PM

Don Martin : Trudeau is the pandemic polar opposite of Donald Trump cdnpoli coronavirus via donmartinctv

When it comes to pandoptics, in real words being displays of shared symbolic pain during this COVID-19 crisis, Justin Trudeau is without equal in Canadian and perhaps global politics, writes Don Martin in his weekly column for

Then there’s that hair – unshorn for months, increasingly wild and infuriatingly thick for the follicly challenged like me, it wafts with the wind only to reveal, incredibly, no sign of grey hair.Trudeau could summon his regular stylist and have it trimmed without a backlash, but that would signal a disconnect from the shaggy-haired masses who appear to be dying their roots grey so he happily lets it flow in the breeze.

Wuhan tests 10 million people, finds few infections Trudeau positions Canada as champion of co-ordinated global recovery plan Sidney Crosby: 'What happened to George Floyd cannot be ignored' -

And now this:Trudeau has publicly vowed to wear a face maskwhenever he’s at risk of encountering anyone who might get too close for coronavirus comfort.Ironically, he shunned a personal COVID-19 test at first, even after his spouse came down with the virus.

But that too was a defiantly symbolic act by a prime minister who didn’t want to be seen jumping to the front of the testing line which, in his case, was clearly warranted.All this has positioned Trudeau as the pandemic polar opposite of Donald Trump.

The U.S. president clearly hasn’t missed a day without extensive expert attention to keep that coiffed creation in cover-up position andhe’s never allowing a maskto touch his artificially-bronzed face in public lest it show he reacts to viral fear.So while Trump with his business-as-usual behaviour and mask aversion are motivating Americans to ignore precautions, Trudeau is showcasing his compliance with public health ordinances to inspire Canadians to follow suit.

That begs this question: If the face mask is an essential health precaution for a prime minister, should it be mandatory for everyone as a reopened Canada creates crowded indoor environments?If a face mask reduces the risk of catching the virus from that sneezing, coughing shopper passing you in supermarket aisle 6, shouldn’t it be compulsory?

Personally, I hope not - and not just because they’re uncomfortable, steam up your glasses and make everyone look creepy, especially in a bank.It just seems a drastic step to cover up your face or cough up a fine, even in this new world order of heavy-handed public health power, while some provinces edge tantalizingly close to eradication without it.

But the face mask goes beyond the subtle symbols Trudeau has displayed since this crisis began.With his actions and words, Trudeau is saying face masks reduce the risk of a public health hazard that’s killing thousands of Canadians.That sets up the prime minister for a test that goes beyond harmless symbolism.

Police monitoring chatter of 'some sort of misbehaviour' at peaceful weekend protest, Tory says Trump administration to bar Chinese passenger carriers from flying to U.S. beginning June 16 If Trudeau won't stand up to Trump, how will regular people: Singh

If pandoptics matter, the prime minister may have to support mandatory face mask legislation.If he doesn’t, it unmasks Trudeau as a pandemic poster boy showcasing for political gain. So he might as well get his hair cut.RELATED IMAGESview larger image

U.S. President Donald Trump listens to Tony Stallings, vice president of integrated supply chain at Honeywell International Inc., right, during a tour of a Honeywell International plant that manufactures personal protective equipment, Tuesday, May 5, 2020, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

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DonMartinCTV He sure is, Trump is doing a great job, all while being stonewalled by communist governors and a purely evil media, Trudeau is destroying our country with communist China’s help and the media applauds him DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV Trudeau is a joke. He hides under his bed. DonMartinCTV Snowflake Don blocked me bc j told him his career is meaningless for spewing propaganda daily.

DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV Yes. I sure wish Canada had a Trump! DonMartinCTV This has been paid for and brought to you by the liberal party of canada... Journalisms is dead DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV Trudeau is the polar opposite of a man who is competent, knowledgeable, & intelligent. DonMartinCTV Trump is out there and taking questions. Trudeau dismisses democracy, hides in a cottage and won’t go to the HoC. Yep, I’d say they’re polar opposites.

DonMartinCTV Thankfully; Trump has proven time and again he's nothing more than a pawn. DonMartinCTV Trudeau and his media supporters are the polar opposite of anyone capable of thinking DonMartinCTV And has better hair. DonMartinCTV Trudeau runs a country Trump runs a business Canada your doing a great job ... Thank You

DonMartinCTV Yup. DonMartinCTV Trump is always positive. Trudeau is always negative. DonMartinCTV As in his done nothing and hides in the house? DonMartinCTV Wow! Ungrateful much west coast people! DonMartinCTV longhairhot DonMartinCTV Trudeau's mantra through the whole thing has been 'I'll take care of everybody!' How can I buy votes? Seriously, is there *any* group left that hasn't gotten a gov't handout? Oh, I know ... hard working, white taxpayers!

DonMartinCTV He’s useless. DonMartinCTV Because he hid in his mansion for over a month & sold out his country to China after giving them Canada's emergency PPE stockpile? Yup, opposites all right. FakeNews DonMartinCTV That's not a good thing. DonMartinCTV Trudeau is a TRAITOR! DonMartinCTV Yes he sure is. Trump is working for his country and Trudeau is screwing his.

DonMartinCTV & that may serve him well in future 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇨🇦 DonMartinCTV You say that with a straight face. How quaint. DonMartinCTV Leaving it here... You decide. TrudeauWorstPMEver DonMartinCTV you've become just another one of the Liberals Presstitutes in the Canadian Media. DonMartinCTV Your comparing Trudeau to President Trump who is a true leader because Trudeau wears a mask and doesnt get his hair cut and isolates himself in the cottage?

DonMartinCTV Our PM is whipped big time! We need new and improved candidates for us to vote on. Who will pay for the lives lost and the economic loss due to to this pandemic? So the CCP will get away with it!!! DonMartinCTV JustinTrudeau and Trump were both slow and incompetent There are other countries in the world you know

DonMartinCTV I am within a hairs width from closing my Bell Fibe TV account. Why? You are overly giving air time to the Reforma Con Evangelicals. Do you know that they represent less than 20% of CDNs? DonMartinCTV Agreed, Trudeau Is a Virus 🦠- That is what you meant eh? bribemoney DonMartinCTV Yes, you have gotten something right.

DonMartinCTV Trudeau is pretty much the opposite of any male. DonMartinCTV TrudeauWorstPM is the polar opposite of anyone with a brain. DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV In this global epidemic, PMJT has been one of the most prudent and capable leaders who has managed this difficult crisis wisely with the most advanced scientific and experimental methods. Absolutely he's definitely doing better than Trump and protecting the lives of his people .

DonMartinCTV Propaganda orange man bad TrumpDerangementSyndrome DonMartinCTV cowardofthecottage TrudeauMustGo TrudeauCorruption TrudeauDictatorship DonMartinCTV ThankYouTrudeau ThankYouLiberalParty DonMartinCTV Keep on humping Justin’s leg, maybe CTV will give you a taxpayer-funded raise. DonMartinCTV I spit on you.

DonMartinCTV Thank goodness. DonMartinCTV ...I for one appreciate it!!!! DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV Thank goodness! DonMartinCTV He's a chicken shit DonMartinCTV This is a great thing. DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV Yeah tredeau a coward and trump like him or not isn't!! DonMartinCTV Trudeau needs to stop with the bullshit.

DonMartinCTV THANK YOU for acknowledging the Complete and utter failure of TraitorTrudeau. Trudy would never in a million yrs have support rallies like Trump2020LandslideVictory Trump rally North Carolina Thousands upon thousands show to Support . Trudy cant get 50 DonMartinCTV Your right, ones out in public and the other is in hiding.

DonMartinCTV No JustinTrudeau is worse DonMartinCTV If they’re really “polar opposites”, why are BOTH countries in the top 12 in COVID19 deaths/million population? DonMartinCTV TrudeauMustGo TrudeauGate DonMartinCTV He’s the polar opposite of intelligent. DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV Thank God DonMartinCTV The term polar opposite stands out to me. Apparently at this stage in North America, we are either far left or far right. I really wish we could find some balance in the middle from any party. Somebody please stand up!!

DonMartinCTV True, Trump didn't put in a tax increase on food and give himself a raise during a depression... DonMartinCTV Yes he is - the polar opposite - doing NOTHING but tossing money we don’t have to every group in Canada while keeping us in lockdown. DonMartinCTV At least Trump is not caving in to the corrupt communist dictators!

DonMartinCTV Thank the Lord they 🇺🇸 got Mr. Wacko DonMartinCTV It’s nice to see Justin knows how to colour his own hair, AND trim it and his beard... I guess he’s not as useless as I thought!! DonMartinCTV That's a low bar but without the NDP pushing him to do better he'd be closer to the establishment Democrats.

DonMartinCTV TrudeauMustGo DonMartinCTV Is there some sort of secret government aid package for semi-retired Liberal media pundits? DonMartinCTV Wow... You are really have no idea. Trudeau is a coward, Trump is a real leader. Trudeau is a UN puppet. He lies and refuses to call out the Chinese Communist Party for unleashing the Wuhan virus, while destroying Canada spreading money everywhere. You are sad. 🤦‍♂️

DonMartinCTV And yet international flights are landing in Canada everyday, no need to wear masks until now...yeah Trudeau’s failed and Canadians died. DonMartinCTV Actually, he is everything Trump is accused of. Groped women, one while wearing blackface, multiple ethics violations, fired 🇨🇦’s first female Indigenous Ag for standing up to his corruption and on and on.

DonMartinCTV Too long of a headline. Stop after the word 'pandemic '. DonMartinCTV TRUDEAU FOR MANSLAUGHTER!! DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV Ya, Trump is working everyday. Trudeau is to scared to leave the cottage. DonMartinCTV Andrew Cuomo for prime minister ... NYGovCuomo ChrisCuomo DonMartinCTV Truth. JT is th polar opposite of a world leader.

DonMartinCTV Best laugh I have had all day. DonMartinCTV Turdeau is also an NWO puppet. Socialism for all! TheNewsIsDead DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV Sadly DonMartinCTV Trump reacted before JT, he shut down foreign travellers, closed the economy, mobilized companies to make ventilators, and enabled drug companies to work quickly on a treatment and vaccine. He did this while Trudeau was in his cave and came out once a day to look for his shadow.

DonMartinCTV DEAR LEADER KIM JONG UN CONVEYS HIS PRAISE TO COMRADE DON MARTIN FOR THIS BRILLIANT STATE PROPAGANDA ARTICLE PROCLAIMING THE GREATNESS OF CANADIAN DICTATOR AND JUCHE LEADER, JUSTIN TRUDEAU. DonMartinCTV He sure is DonMartinCTV Trudeau done a better job handing the pandemic than Trump. Lmao ya’ll all saying Trump done a better job. 😂 Look at the statistic of infections in the US. Our prime minister not only help us financially but he actually speak scientific facts.Trump talks about Lysol and UV Lights

DonMartinCTV Yeah. Ones a capitalist and ones a communist DonMartinCTV The one thing this pandemic has proved is that we elected the u.n. so no shit its polar opposite of trump. Trump is ensuring American sovereignty while Trudeau cant even tell the airlines to repay people without 'waiting to see what others countries do' (u.n. directions)

DonMartinCTV That sucks for Canadians DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV Pretty much! DonMartinCTV Couldn't agree more, the boy is a failure from day one. Everyone else is more important than Canadians. DonMartinCTV Trump motivating Americans to ignore precautions, when and where did he do that fake news and what about your artificially-smerked fat face

DonMartinCTV And therein lies the problem. DonMartinCTV Oh Gawd - stop encouraging him. DonMartinCTV Now compare Trudeau with New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern, who acted much more quickly and decisively on quarintine at borders. DonMartinCTV He is, Trump was right to shut down flights, while Trudeau and his motley crew didn't, and and 1000's of elderly Canadians are dead because of Trudeau's failure to lead!... Trump loves his country, Trudeau is trying to destroy his.. yup!.. Polar opposites!!.

DonMartinCTV you made me puke DonMartinCTV And POTUS doesn’t have an ankle monitor on DonMartinCTV Justin Trudeau gets up early every morning, gets down on his knees and thanks his God( and the Chinese) for this covid-19 pandemic. It has been a life saver for him and the liberal party and a great cover up for all his previous ill deeds and corruption. So sad so bad. Pathetic

DonMartinCTV thank god, I get on my knees and give thanks I live NORTH of the border every day. DonMartinCTV Trump will be re-elected again. What is wrong with Canada? The media is what is wrong with Canada. DonMartinCTV And economic opposites. DonMartinCTV I iS jOUrnAlIsM i hAs fACts DonMartinCTV Nice verbal fellatio Don.

DonMartinCTV Yup. JustinTrudeau is a complete failure. Through and through. cowardofthecottage DonMartinCTV Trumps a man who puts his country first,Trudeau is a soy boy who puts the corrupt UN first DonMartinCTV You don't say. One is right-wing and the other is left-wing. DonMartinCTV Whether you like Trudeau or not, it’s hard to not agree with this. Nothing is perfect yet we are managing better than other countries. I would have liked our airspace and borders closed much earlier but that’s in the past. We can only work together for our future.

DonMartinCTV So, since we can conclude that Trudeau is fucking useless, based on your title, where does that leave Mr. Trump? DonMartinCTV He is the worst. Trudeau says “we need to listen to the experts”. They have gotten it wrong every step of the way. He is hiding under his bed and comes out once a day to give away Canadians tax dollars. Folks in Canada do need help but let’s spend the money in Canada. Canada

DonMartinCTV Martin is right trudeau has and continues to be an abject failure DonMartinCTV Wow are you reporting news or announcing you want to do him. DonMartinCTV Yeah ones country is going to bounce back stronger than ever and one will end up looking like Venezuela.. polar opposite is right DonMartinCTV One promotes laziness. One promotes opening his country.

DonMartinCTV Yayyy for canada DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV One is an actor playing a role the other is ... DonMartinCTV Wow April fool jokes? Today is not Apr 1 DonMartinCTV The four countries with the worst response to Covid-19 are England, Russia, Brazil, and the USA. What do they have in common? Right wing conservative governments.

DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV And Canadians are smoking too much grass DonMartinCTV So true DonMartinCTV to Justin Trudeau - thank you for your donation... DonMartinCTV Trudeau hates Canadians but loves their votes. He’s sucking this country dry for his personal gain. DonMartinCTV Trump signed an Executive Order yesterday ORDERING all government agencies to cut all red tape, speed up approvals, cut costs for permits to get the economy going. Tax cuts (Personal) are also going to be announced to help the economy. Trudeau has not done 1 business update yet

DonMartinCTV 6,031 Canadians are dead, 80,142 confirmed cases. Dr Tam admits Canada waited too long and Don Martin writes about the wind revealing no sign of grey hair on his beloved PM. DonMartinCTV Omg, sure, handing out millions of taxpayers $ is what we all do, hide in our fancy cottage, have a chef, up at night worrying about debt, or our kids future?! Ya he lives like the rest of us! What a crock!

DonMartinCTV What type of Shiite journalism is this. A cowardly reporter afraid of the truth. The friggin Trudeau gang screwed up royally with open sky’s as the virus was arriving. Get a new job guy, you ain’t no investigative reporter for sure. DonMartinCTV He sure is & that's not a compliment. DonMartinCTV Yea, despite whatever he’s done in the first term. He hasn’t done too badly with this unprecedented situation. At least I get the feeling like things are steady enough here instead of things being a mad scramble.

DonMartinCTV I guess you dont hold [ETHICS] to any high degree I guess. He is a traitor to Canadians! DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV Not sure why any leader is compared to Trump. The term leader and Trump are polar opposites. Trudeau is the leader we need at this time. Hyperbolic conservatives will always complain and cry about PMJT but they know their sheerstupidity is an American joke. TrudeauBestPMEVER

DonMartinCTV It is amazing how the turd polishers unite when things are most dark. Giving false praise and butt lickety licks for their blood money. 600millionreasons DonMartinCTV Yes, and JT does not hold a candle to this man, like him or not he stands for freedom👍 DonMartinCTV Put a mask on’im! Better yet put a paper bag over his head!

DonMartinCTV You mean useful vs. useless? DonMartinCTV Not sure about that; they both give bad advice on the virus. Trumps says inject disinfectant. Trudeau and Tam say don't wear a mask. Trumps says use a UV Light, Trudeau says open borders are not racist. Trump says he's taking Hydroxychloroquine, Trudeau hides.

DonMartinCTV Thank you for your donation! DonMartinCTV Well Trudeau doesn’t waste a good tragedy or emergency. Perfect opportunity to bypass Parliament DonMartinCTV Correct. Trudeau is a coward, hiding even from the media who loves him. Trump is not afraid to face media who detests him. Trudeau want the shutdown to last forever. Trump wants a return to normalcy. TRUMP IS THE LEADER THE WESTERN WORLD NEEDS RIGHT NOW.

DonMartinCTV Geee Don; that $600 million must have really warmed your heart. You definitely have been bought off long ago by liberal_party DonMartinCTV lol nah. Our gov does the bare minimum under pressure. 'we have it better' will never be good enough. DonMartinCTV This turd polishing has got to stop.

DonMartinCTV In their actions and response, this is true. But, both are driven by big egos, and both are acting with the intention of returning to power in the next elections; except Trump has less runway than Trudeau. DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV Stop the BS Don you know the rest of us don't have gov't paid mansions and cottages to send our kids complete with servants nannies and tutors.

DonMartinCTV Thank God DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV So you are going to compare dumb & dumber🤦 DonMartinCTV They are opposites indeed. Trump doesn’t pander to Communist regimes. Trump believes in borders and sovereignty. Trump supports pipelines. Trump thinks the UN is ineffective. Trump has a backbone. Any further questions?

DonMartinCTV He's done a real good job. DonMartinCTV I’ll take realDonaldTrump over Turdo any day! FightTyranny MAGA2020 DonMartinCTV Don Martin speaking to the obvious... that's why Trudeau will get another term or two.. and trump will be in jail this time next year DonMartinCTV How do you sleep at night with a throat so badly bruised from all the liberal sucking up you do? Did Trudeau threaten your family? You’ve taken groveling to a new level. Everything Trudeau has done has followed Trump - capital injections/travel bans/snowbirds TrudeauMustGo

DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV PMJT GOAT DonMartinCTV Trump has gone south..Trudeau has gone North!!..this is the difference!! DonMartinCTV Don Martin should be writing for a Hollywood entertainment magazine. He is very focused on PM Trudeau's physical features, isn't He? And by the way, when's the last time Don ran a country? How'd he do with that?

DonMartinCTV Good! Trump is a car wreck!! DonMartinCTV Like the rest of us. Trudeau lives in a 22 room mansion with servants. His kids have nannies and tutors, they're staying at a cottage. Exercise room included. They have chefs and nurses on grounds. WTF although Martin tries to make this an even handed pieve its propaganda.

DonMartinCTV Yeah he sure is, wont even mention the Chinese lack of transparency in disclosing the virus was human to human transmittable, until it was spreading throughout the world! DonMartinCTV Making dumb decision to inflate his ego, while selling out Canada to communist china. DonMartinCTV Prime Minister Trudeau makes me proud to be Canadian

DonMartinCTV ddhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…………….. His grasp of the obvious s simply uncanny. DonMartinCTV Well 2 things to say to that, When it all began there should have been no bringing Canadians home from abroad without going into quarantine 1st where they were at...... DonMartinCTV Neither of them have handled this well and they both have their faults. The problem is you won’t report on Trudeau’s faults because you receive taxpayer funded bail outs.

DonMartinCTV You mean a UN puppet? 🤣 DonMartinCTV 😂 DonMartinCTV The coverage is opposite. The reality is virtually every first world country has seen similar results. rachaiello DonMartinCTV It took 3 yrs and a pademic for that to be realized? LOL. WTF? DonMartinCTV Getting chapped lips yet? DonMartinCTV Yes he is...spineless comes to mind...backing down from china ...the total opposite of Trump. Trump has balls..Trudeau has lady parts.

DonMartinCTV I actually just burst out laughing when I read this headline...thanks for making me laugh today DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV Wishing I was American rn. DonMartinCTV And that's a good thing! DonMartinCTV Why is he collecting a pay check when he refuses to work? DonMartinCTV Anyone who doesn’t see this is pretty dense.

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COVID-19 Exposes Canada's Uncompetitive Economy, Experts Say“We no longer can actually produce the basic things we need in order to survive (in a) pandemic...' WORTH A LISTEN You meant Plandemic Instead of backing the Canadian Dollar with debt, it should be backed by the goods and services produced by Canadians.

Canada Will ‘Continue To Support’ WHO Despite Trump Pressure, Trudeau SaysCanada ‘will continue to support’ WHO despite Trump pressure, Trudeau says cdnpoli Have you ever worked for a boss who had professional aspirations well beyond what they were doing? The job they were in was a stepping stone and you were being used to make them look good. Welcome to the way it is in Canada with Trudeau. The WHO UN terrorism organizations. Of course he’ll say that because orders are coming from china.

'No institution is perfect': Trudeau promises to support WHO in wake of Trump ultimatumAs the World Health Organization (WHO) comes under increasing fire from its critics, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada will 'continue to support' the organization while seeking answers regarding China's role in the organization. of course he would, defend the globalist agenda. WHO for anyone in the know, realizes the head of it was corrupt before he ever became the head of it. HE IS NOT EVEN A DOCTOR put there for what reason and by whom. PM of Canada is a disgrace Trudeau is such a coward, he just cannot stand up to anyone or criticize anyone.