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Cdnpoli, Trudeau Silent About Trump

Don Martin: The 21 seconds of silence that said everything about Canada's reaction to Trump

2020-06-02 9:11:00 PM

Don Martin : The 21 seconds of silence that said everything about Canada's reaction to Trump cdnpoli via DonMartinCTV

SHAREOTTAWA -- Watching Justin Trudeau’s daily COVID-19 briefings lately is to believe the time has come to shelve the ritual as being well beyond its best-before date.When billions in emergency program spending were rolling out and course corrections were a regular feature of these media encounters, it made sense for the prime minister to personally face a nervous nation.

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Recently, though, it’s more about rehashing the government agenda and taking credit, deserving or otherwise, for pandemic responses. In other words, it is no longer must-see TV.Then came Tuesday’s 21 seconds of silence.Trudeau was asked for his reaction to U.S. President Donald Trump’s threat

to use the military to suppress George Floyd protests while tear-gassing peaceful demonstrators near the White House so he could stage a Bible-holding photo-op outside a nearby church.What made the question particularly daunting was the second part of reporter Tom Parry’s question: “If you don’t want to comment, what message do you think you are sending?”

Trudeau stared at the camera - and said nothing. The sign language interpreter folded her hands. Not a bird chirp could be heard.Finally, Trudeau sought verbal refuge in acknowledging everybody has challenges with systemic discrimination, including Canada.

Now, there are only two ways to explain how a prime minister was caught flat-footed when asked for reaction to Trump behaviour that has outraged the United States and is reverberating around the world.Either his spin doctors had a huge fail before the briefing by neglecting to arm Trudeau for a question that was obviously going to be asked.

Or some genius in his communications army suggested the best escape from a no-win predicament was for the boss to simply stand at the podium for an uncomfortably long time while appearing to struggle for the right words.One of my friends figured the teleprompter had stopped working, leaving Trudeau tongue-tied for his rehearsed lines.

But, even though it often seems that way, there was no electronic babysitter ready to spoon-feed a script to the prime minister.So we might never know how Trudeau came up with a perfect way to express his personal outrage without giving the president cause for a cross-border counterpunch.

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But perfect it was.No American president has never seemed this foreign to the vast majority of Canadians, unleashing behaviour that defies comprehension with such deadly consequences.Yet no president has shown the capacity to take politics so personally, reacting with a vengeful temper to real or perceived slights.

That gives Trump immunity from candid criticism by allies who know the economic cost for incurring his wrath isn’t worth the political benefit of saying the right thing.Hitting the mute button is particularly challenging for Trudeau, a prime minister with the habit of being preachy about gender, visible minority and indigenous rights to other nations while his government falters on taking action on its own.

Of course, deploying the sounds of silence against a disturbed president was a one-off, if it was indeed a deliberate communications strategy.Trudeau can’t keep saying nothing when asked about a president who is just getting started on dividing his nation to conquer the electoral college.

But, for at least one day, Justin Trudeau managed to condemn without commentary, to convey disgust without decibels and to muffle any Trump backlash without saying a word.That made Tuesday’s COVID-19 briefing something worth watching.RELATED IMAGESPrime Minister Justin Trudeau heads into the House of Commons at West Block on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang

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He does the same in parliament every time he gets asked a question. Crickets! Trump doesn’t care for his own people why would he be nice if Our leader said anything against him Look out missals would be coming His tanks are at the border now All we have is a gopher brigade They would just take us over No worry’s about pipelines or exporting

I expect no less from a ......drama teacher... Prime Minister Trudeau knows when to speak and when to stay silent. Too bad our neighbouring head of government isn't able to do the same. 😔🙏 Media hoes! Teleprompter issue, plain and simple! Justin has never had an original thought, MSM describing it as anything else is hilarious!! cottageboy JustinTrudeau CDNpolitics Blackface

They say you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I feel like I’ve just been groped. 😰 Yep! Silent treatment...women know about it 😉 It was brilliant CTV bought and paid for anti-trump liars Trump leaves us all speechless with his behaviour unfitting for a president. Actually, no. Trudeau is a globalist and doesn't speak for many of us.

Don, he looked like an idiot good gawd. It was not perfect. Groundhog Justin should go back to hiding under the bed. 🙄 21 seconds while his handler tries to feed him an answer. Dear Canada, Can we have him when your done. Sincerely, America It's a glaring fault of our media that they fawn all over Trudeau on something like this, but when he and cafreeland open their arms for a warm welcome of Trump's chosen coup leader in Venezuela , crickets. MSM sucks.

Silence speaks louder than words Im wondering. Does it seem possible that JT might be having information fed to him by a small earpiece that we can’t see. This seemed like too long a pause to be formulating a response. Even for this guy. I just don’t think he’s smart enough to answer things on the fly.

Are we making too much of this? Maybe he’s just not that quick This is how the cowboys dressed in movies as there robbing trains and banks.... things haven’t changed much I’m glad our prime minster was a drama teacher....some transferable skills for the PM job It does. Incoherent, awkward vapid and unprepared. An international embarrassment to Canada.

Canada uses military cause we are sovereign... don’t know about USA .... Captain Dipshit!! JustinTrudeau The idea that Trudeau made this brilliant move accidentally is an index of the extent to which right-wing rot has settled into Canada's media to a shocking extent. They seem resentful that they're living in a stable democracy at a time of international chaos.

In these times we are living in, stop being such haters, stand back and think. Reading all the replies makes me sick. hatersgonnahate His silence spoke volumes. The inner conflict between what he’d like to say as a private citizen, and what he must say as Prime Minister. Kudos Mr. Trudeau. It showed us the struggle of always trying to say the right thing, in the moment. 🇨🇦

That’s a big yawn. Media making a big deal that JustinTrudeau took a few seconds before he responded . nothing wrong with that move on. Told us he's an idiot When I was in school, a 21 second pause meant you didnt know the material being ask of you. It sure did speak volumes. It said you werent prepared

So now Canadian MSM (puppets of the globalists) want the riots to come here .. that’s the globalist goal! Mark my words... after Brexit went through, Trump being elected and the EU falling apart .. the globalists need to make their move or they’re done ... this can’t be allowed! A man of real conviction would speak up. Justin Trudeau is out of his league when it comes to international issues. He is the Great divider of Canadians and easy peaceful target on the most part. Vote Trudeau out. I'm speaking as a former Liberal. All Canadians deserve better.

his earpiece fell out Butts needed a bathroom break Aw, look at all the conservative faux outrage when confronted with a mature response. The drama teacher couldn't even act like he was thinking of a response. He just stood there looking like the fool he is! Better to be thought a fool than open your damn mouth and confirm everyone's suspicions

21 seconds of the true PM when someone asks a “ real “ question and not some pre- scripted wet noodle of a question that a 5yr old could answer Only Canadian MSM and Liberal voters think a 21 second brain fart that produced a pretty average response was a stroke of genius. The bar is so low now for federal leadership that we now celebrate average achievements.

No. The 21 seconds of silence that said everything about Trudeau's reaction to Trump. The PekingCuck finally learned his place. cdnpoli It actually said nothing but keep keep exploiting silence I would do the same if someone asked me the same Question trump is a nuclear bomb that would destroy the world.word to describe trump can’t put in writing it’s so nasty. Trump is a bomb to go off

Martin, the forever ring-kisser of Trudeau is trying to do damage control for him. It really just showed once again how over his head Trudeau is when it comes to doing anything more than virtue signalling or telling us how WE need to do better. Even his fans must have cringed. NO NO the LEFT WING MEDIA'S REACTION Smart people know what's going on. FakeNews EnemyOfThePeople

Trudeau is not Canada. His earpiece radio cut out. Nothing to see here, move along. It says how dangerous Trudeau considers Trump and his administration. Lol what? He forgot what he was told to say. That's it. Right on. For once Trudeau did the right thing. He just couldn't reply to this question, because he's dammed if he does and he's still dammed because he did say anything about President Trump.

Is it racism? He didn’t hesitate when being asked about Hongkong riot. He said he was very concerned. CanadianPM JustinTrudeau your silence today and failure to call out realDonaldTrump for his attacks on peaceful protesters was shameful and embarrassing. White silence is white violence. 2020Protests GeorgeFloyd blacklifematters

Like what? Can some explain to me? All I got was that Canada could not do anything. Actually all it was is a problem with his ear bud and Butts couldn’t communicate to him what to say. 👀 Stop putting him in a bad spot !!!! Stop asking him stupid question!!!! Do you want to start a war? Shut up all you damn reporters and leave our PM alone Do you all realize how volitile Trump is

He was blaming on China about HK. Now he keeps silent on US. What a good dog of US ! So CTV’s golden boy has a serious brain fart and the liberal shills in the media try to convince us it was deep thinking. Hilarious. Your articles are very boring. You are not a seasoned journalist. Take a break. They if feel strongly about this pandemic . That he been preaching for 3 months too us . Then he should also condemn the protester . No matter how just the cause is . There now 21,000 people infected by this protest and counting . Preach about the second wave . You think 🤔

Soon well more about obamagate and trudeaugate Trudeau is a pedophile liberals are covering it up Trudeau is a pedophile There was an earpiece malfunction and they couldn't feed him his lines. Proof that he's too fucking stupid to form a coherent thought! is FakeNews as is DonMartinCTV FakeNews TrudeauBlackface TrudeauDictatorship

Bullshit. Always better when the Prime Minister of Canada doesn’t say anything he’s a ...... The p.m. hast to get his own act together before he can tell others what they should. Lawlessness needs stopped not pandered 3...2...1 out come the con bots, trolls and haters. Not even intelligent enough to realize that silence was the answer

Lol.... we know who is paying Dons bills....The LP of Canada. Yeah it shows he’s a brain dead fool like everyone at this network. The 21 seconds the Emory headed puppet was waiting for butts to get back from dropping a deuce to whisper his response in his ear. Canada looking at USA. In Canada or any COMMUNIST country, the defendant is found guilty, hung and then given a TRIAL. In any FREE and sane country, the defendant is not guilty until convicted by a jury. AFTER ALL OF THE EVIDENCE HAS BEEN LOOKED AT.

Ya - clueless. Or is he really keeping his mouth shut because he knows he is so corrupt and the US government have the proof. He is FAKE just another talking head puppet!! Trudeau got to be careful. I think in this case Canadian media need to be more compassionate. It showed he forgot his lines. Trudeau’s agenda not Canada’s relationship.

wow, this boys got some balls commenting on another Country's crisis, he could however teach Trump how to shut down a Government so they don't have to answer any question: he is a 10 out of a 10 in that regard subsidized media at their best he stood there with a dumb look on his face.. he is a shit leader; I am surprised he didnt come out in black face, with a pick in his head, and hold a fist up

Personally, I like Justin, but honestly, is the whole press gallery on the payroll? Also, a good shave would do, anytime. Spin Doctors working overtime. Of course nothing but praise from the Corrupt Trudeau Venomous (CTV) network!! Really he is such a chicken shit The 21 secs was a drama teacher playing a solo part. All scripted yet unconvincing. The virus is winding down & people are losing interest in the daily Trudeau show. Seeing as the PM has a long history of racist behavior the msm uses Trump as a deflection from Trudeau's failings.

It was all staged. Trudeau knew the question would be asked and planned on trying to appear as a thoughtful PM, instead it came out as an amateur drama play. Or just JT trying to be dramatic! Not falling for it! Oh my CTV spinning the Liberal a broken record. Is it Manopause week? My second guess is fetal alcohol syndrome

It says Justins a moron Trudeau has no right to lecture anyone about race. Trudeau is the world record holder in blackface appearances. He is amoral vermin. And a racist too. That’s why doesn’t answer questions that aren’t prescreened, he’s got nothin. He cant think on his own. He probably just went blank

Ahh come on Don... Seriously that's what u took away from that response !? BE BETTER DonMartinCTV what were you hoping to hear JustinTrudeau say? Everyone knows most sane people worldwide see Trump for what he is. Your question is ignorant but I'm sure you will get the negative response about Mr Trudeau you were after. Take 21 secs&think.

I understand that seeing someone 'think' might be a strange or foreign concept to some of you, but don't be afraid. Take 10 deep breaths through your mouths and you'll be fine. Well written I thought he was just holding back a hiccup cdnpoli DonMartinCTV i guess the cheque from the liberal_party must have cleared into your bank account eh?

It was a brain fart. Don’t attribute intelligence to a rock. onpoli cdnpoli ' The 21 seconds of silence that said everything about Canada's reaction to Trump ' Or put another way Trudeau had no script for an answer and was dumbfounded. You media folks are so gentle with our sock boy! TrudeauMustGo Seriously? Come on DonMartinCTV that's a reach and you know it. 21seconds was him completely blanking. You could hear the crickets.

The expression on his face did not give the impression that he was pondering the question. He looked like he was just waiting for the next question. His theatrics didn’t work because no one really knows what he was trying to accomplish or why the long pause. So, fail. Trudeau is probably a founder of the ANTIFA and did want to incriminate himself.

Oh Don, stfu. It’s a moment of weakness because he doesn’t know what to say. He wanted to 'pretend' that he supports the anti-racism cause but he has no column because he is afraid of President Trump's reaction as he is afraid of confronting the Chinese President regarding Canadian prisoners. He didn’t answer the question. Even after 21 seconds he couldn’t answer the question.

LOL 😂 Love you MR Trudeau Who dared to ask a question that wasnt prescropted?(The Bribery of MSM was not enough). The delay is simply trying to type an answer on the telepromter...Peek A Boo Cottage Boy is not that smart! realDonaldTrump BorisJohnson RobertFife BBCWorld PierrePoilievre cnnbrk Trump 2020

Ear piece or teleprompter glitch, so we watched while his brain tried to engage! Trudeau showed what it is 2 'man up'. Ppl talking smack about him after this just grasping at straws. Bringing up whatever that can think of but in reality I'll give credit where credit is due. Proud of our country. You mean cowardice, non scripted reactions, and unintelligent? Sorry.....not Canadian. Just Trudeau TrudeauMustGo CowardOfTheCottage cdnpoli TrudeauBlackface

I think it says a lot more about our prime minister than it does about our feelings towards trump. These are the kind of articles that truly show just how lopsided the media is in Canada. They live in an echo chamber....and they refuse to hold Trudeau to account. Then, MSM wonders why they are losing credibility.

All it said, was that Trudeau is a very bad actor, with a smirk! 😏 When is JustinTrudeau going to resign? He wore Blackface and neither the Liberal Party or the people removed him from office. That’s clear racism. Yet, every moderate Black leader has excused it. The best 21 sec of silence of the year , can you just shut the fuc.... for the rest of the year Justin ?!?!?

Hey JT looks like he's apart of ANTIFA...hmmmnnn.... I just wished it was all of Canada who got to deliver the message and not him. That would have been powerful. But we had to settle for the drama teacher who probably practiced that pause in front of a mirror, sadly. He knows nothing of the common person, only privilege.

I trust he would condemn the actions of Trump and his administration but why get embroiled in a Twitter fight? By not attending the G7 or agreeing to Russia joining them speaks volumes in itself Liberal and proud of it, thank you. Peanut gallery comments are all the Right has Trying to find an answer that won't piss off President Trump in a time like this was probably the biggest challenge of his political career.

Cue the spin doctors.... Pathetic... That was...acting...he knew he would get that question eventually.... CTVAtlantic I fcking love Trudeau. The pains he takes to not be a flaming piece of garbage politician are remarkable. He has earned our trust. An extraordinary leader for our time. Does he go out in public like that?!

You can't be serious? He is supposed to be the leader of Canada. That was a person who didn't like the question and wasn't prepped for it. Canada's reaction to Trump ABSURD rationale. Not worth even responding about that imbecile. I applaud our prime minister. It doesn’t help to have leaders personally calling out other country’s leaders in a time of crisis. What he JustinTrudeau said was exactly what he was supposed to say and only after he processe the question. Small minds think alike CTV.

I bet he was swearing in his head...then proceeded to be Canadian. What could he say? Our borders are too close. Trump’s a maniac! ohCanada TrumptheManiac bunkerboy Don Martin. Your age and your experience didn’t provide you with any wisdom. Canadians are glad Trudeau posed before he spoke. How many in US have literally told TRUMP to shut. Trudeau was smart for not shooting from the hip to give you material to write about.


DonMartinCTV What silliness DonMartinCTV. The PM’s silence spoke volumes. It’s the most Canadian response possible. DonMartinCTV That may have been Trudeau's 21 minutes of being black, afraid to say anything because of white backlash. Walking on the eggshells of his ancestors. DonMartinCTV It's called a moment of silence in solidarity fuck ppl are stopped

DonMartinCTV the PM is not 'Canada' he is merely one employee of the citizens DonMartinCTV It said everything about Canada’s reaction to Trump, there is much to be said but couldn’t be said in Canada’s best interest. Understandable because trump is sending Troops against his own people. DonMartinCTV It said he’s being spoon fed answers through an ear piece 👌

DonMartinCTV Fortunately Trump has done nothing to warrant condemnation from world leaders....YET! World leaders cannot admonish any government for how they react to civil unrest unless it crosses a line. No different than if Trump or other world leaders commented on the blockades. DonMartinCTV Remember daddy and calling in the War Measures Act and the military in to PQ. It's a family ritual that this puke wouldn't hesitate to do. 'Just watch me.'

DonMartinCTV 21 seconds to ally with Antifa and other far left radicals. DonMartinCTV When are these retired old white men going to get a life. We all need to pause for a few seconds & stop with the stupidity, name calling & Blaming. Trudeau couldn't catch a break by the right if he made everyone in Canada a millionaire. Don Martin is yesterdays news.

DonMartinCTV Now we have a baseline: it takes him 21 seconds to form a sentence when he's not regurgitating a talking point. DonMartinCTV I think it was his ear piece losing signal DonMartinCTV If this is Canada's reaction to Trump, don't include me in it. DonMartinCTV More verbal fellatio by Don Martin... I’m not sure if he’s better or Rosie is. Who do you think is Trudeau’s greatest defender?

DonMartinCTV No apologies for the fact I side with law/order & not anarchists who just killed citizens & officers & destroyed communities. How would YOU PEOPLE stop the violence? Honest to god. If they were at your door throwing molotove covktails and about to beat you what would you do DonMartinCTV Imagine that - thinking before you speak. Some people should try that for once

DonMartinCTV The dead air was supposed to be Trudeau in deep thought, as reported by his paid for media. In reality he forgot his lines, froze like always until the word salad resurfaced. DonMartinCTV He is learning, does not want to be bitch slapped by Trump anymore. Lol. DonMartinCTV There's something in your hair, Don

DonMartinCTV Canada’s Reaction or Trudeau’s Reaction? DonMartinCTV Makes me do proud to be a Canadian DonMartinCTV You can’t even get a headline right, just bury your heads in a hole and never thanked them out. That way you can listen to your garbage all day and the leave the rest of us to it. You won’t be missed CTV you’re failing miserably and are anti Canadian

DonMartinCTV He wasn’t caught flat footed. He was telling everyone what he thinks without creating more Trump backlash. DonMartinCTV Talk about fake news. Your spin doctors are working over time. Trump is a leader. Trudeau is a creepy coward DonMartinCTV No, it speaks about the politics of Justin Trudeau and his blank mind.

DonMartinCTV Trudeau'ss a statesman, not a troll. There truly are no adequate words for what's happening in the US. DonMartinCTV Blackface? DonMartinCTV No questions should be rehearsed I'm glad that caught him off guard. What a loser. Get rid of the teleprompter. DonMartinCTV Hes very scared of trump. So tired of being under the usas thumb

DonMartinCTV Did Trudeau think about why he wore black face? And why all the closet Liberal racists still voted for him? Liberals need to hang their head in shame for promoting racism in Canada. DonMartinCTV How much $$$$ do you get for doing these spins? I used to respect you. DonMartinCTV That’s some spin.

DonMartinCTV Not “Canada’s reaction’,....this horses ass doesn’t represent me, or other Canadians who’ve been paying attention.....🇨🇦 DonMartinCTV Canada’s reaction about Trump ? What Canadians ? DonMartinCTV My opinion, he looked like a deer in the headlights. I watched the clip and thought it was not an intentional pause. I haven’t watched his presser since mid April, and have no intention to watch them anymore. He has nothing to say, as his 20 seconds of silence demonstrated.

DonMartinCTV Billions in subsidy got you right on it eh. don't forget to but on the shinny red lipstick. DonMartinCTV This clown doesn’t represent all of us. DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV Not ALL Canadians!! Please do not include Everyone in your in your statements 🤨 TrudeauNOTMyVote DonMartinCTV Sickening CTV, No ‘peaceful protesters’ were gassed this morning in Washington so Trump could take a photo. Get your facts right.

DonMartinCTV It tells me his earpiece batteries either went dead or that his brain has. You choose. 😐 DonMartinCTV WTF is wrong with anti Trudeau crowd! Why do you think you should be disagreed with everything DonMartinCTV '21 seconds of silence that said everything about Canada's reaction to Trump' ... I believe it says MUCH more about Trudeau's inability to provide unscripted answers.

DonMartinCTV Not Canada’s reaction. That is an insult. The person in this picture does not speak for Canadians DonMartinCTV 'Justin Trudeau managed to condemn without commentary, to convey disgust without decibels and to muffle any Trump backlash without saying a word.' Yes. Anyone wanting hateful rhetoric, listen to trump. It is never ending.

DonMartinCTV No, actually it says everything about the thought processes of our PM when his ear bud goes dead. DonMartinCTV 🤮 your reporting is getting worse Your TDS is disgusting and obvious The truth shall prevail ⚖ DonMartinCTV It said nothing about Trump. Instead it showed a drama teacher who has disrespected black people multiple times attempting to pull off a scripted response & failing badly.

DonMartinCTV I guess that makes this guy Einstein. DonMartinCTV 21 seconds of brain dead activity DonMartinCTV You like Trudeau or not, will vote for him or not, but this 21 seconds of silence is the best answer he, as the PM of Canada, can offer. DonMartinCTV Well that’s one way to spin it. I guess your $600 million bribe money is paying off in spades. the more accurate headline of Trudeau stands dumbfounded or 21sec didn’t fly with keeping the money flowing eh?

DonMartinCTV The media is laughably out to lunch on even the most basic issues. If the rioters had their way, poor Don would be early to the guillotine, and would be truly, sincerely shocked to find himself there. Seeing that would almost make their commie dystopia worth it. DonMartinCTV Loser DonMartinCTV Not enough! Speak out!

DonMartinCTV 🤮 DonMartinCTV Right now is not the time to start fights with other countries! DonMartinCTV Had to wait for his handler to give him the answer! Which he really didn't answer! Only proves how weak he is as a leader! Leaders lead from the front, not a cottage! Canada needs powerful leadership which unfortunately no party has at the moment. We need a whole new system here!

DonMartinCTV You called it exactly the way it went down. Cheers DonMartinCTV Don Martin serious question Are you ignorant of Canadian history 1970 a PM by the name of Trudeau evoked The War Measures act and proceeded to break into Quebecers homes and removing people and his son and you forget that. Try some honesty the both of you hypocrites

DonMartinCTV Liberal media covering up for Trudeau. I am shocked. Wow media can read minds now...FAKE NEWS...BS.. DonMartinCTV Stupid drama from the drama teacher. DonMartinCTV trudeaudoesntspeakforme DonMartinCTV Big friggin deal. Fake news DonMartinCTV Was thinking more along the lines of 'Trudeau is just not ready'

DonMartinCTV No words can describe the actions of a narcissistic arrogant dictator in a democracy. DonMartinCTV It only signals his teleprompter broke and he wasn’t able to deliver the message his controllers wanted him to deliver. DonMartinCTV Said nothing he was just go thru which non answer would fit the question Not the prepared question he was expecting Media is firmly in his pocket as they allow these non answers to stand then try to fabricate a story from themDont report on anything but a direct answer

DonMartinCTV Do you actually believe that? Holy crap. believing that said everything. DonMartinCTV Hitler used to pause between his sentences too. DonMartinCTV He doesn’t speak for the silent majority. DonMartinCTV Who on this earth, thinks that the U SA gives a fiddlers fu. what Canada thinks or does. For the love of God do your job and report on Canada’s idiot. Why he’s in hiding? Where’s his wife and kids? When will parliament open? You know the things that are of interest to Canadians

DonMartinCTV nah, JT just had to wait for Butts to swallow his coffee before telling him what to say in that earpiece DonMartinCTV Don’t try to make this out as a stroke of genius on Trudeau’s part, he isn’t bright enough. DonMartinCTV Fetal position leader DonMartinCTV Well, now I’m blocking CTV. Adios.

DonMartinCTV Trudeau doesn't speak for me DonMartinCTV DonMartinCTV I can't stand Trudeau, but man, he did absolutely the right thing. Whether intentional or not, the 21 seconds of silence was a powerful FU to Trump, without saying it. If intentional, well played. I'll still vote against you the next election, but not all your moves are wrong.

DonMartinCTV This article (although a good one) is giving Trudeau way too much credit. He's not playing 4-D Chess. DonMartinCTV They said the same thing when Bush didnt jump and and immediately respond when being informed of the attack on 9/11. Good job JT,not usually a fan,but way to make your point without causing political harm with the US.Unfortunately, a lot of morons wont be smart enough to see that

DonMartinCTV Fake news CTV and Blackface do not speak for me. DonMartinCTV Bravo! Trudeau! DonMartinCTV Nice try Don, but even you can't believe that. We know a deer in the headlights when we see one DonMartinCTV OMG! This article makes me want to vomit. Don obviously has his head so far up he's squeeking.

DonMartinCTV No. What Trudeau does, does NOT reflect my opinions DonMartinCTV I see that the trolls are out in force, as usual, as soon as the name Trudeau is mentioned. These trolls work overtime, don't they? DonMartinCTV Yes Martin, almost as intellectual as “because its 2015” DonMartinCTV Not all Canadians.

DonMartinCTV Wow, it took him that long to come up with an answer for an unscripted question? Pathetic. DonMartinCTV That was not a statement Don. It was a Windows Hard Boot. It was Justin confirming that he’s not his father. And yes I was in Ottawa for just watch me. So I am tweeting in irony. DonMartinCTV JustinTrudeau stop wearing a mask just for photo op

DonMartinCTV The less said about this new America the better. DonMartinCTV What it said was JustinTrudeau is a weak little potato that cannot handle being asked not canned questions pre written for him. At best he’s a shit stain in a suit. DonMartinCTV Scared to speak DonMartinCTV 100% staged only a fool would receive it as sincere in anyway. PM with no ⚾️⚾️s, passive aggressive wimp, the 2 faced blackfaced Canadian Liberal way!

DonMartinCTV That was 21 seconds that the country wasn't marching closer to a $1 trillion debt 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 DonMartinCTV Mabe a Forest Gump moment when the mike went dead then as it came on « that’s all i have say about that « DonMartinCTV it was not enough in my opinion. world leaders HAVE to start calling him out. hes calling everyone else out but all the world leaders are remaining silent. silence mean complacent

DonMartinCTV Don Martin. Hmm ..I thought that liberal bootlicker retired. DonMartinCTV His ear piece wasn’t working. And he doesn’t speak for me or lots of other Canadians DonMartinCTV The fact that every Liberal party member of the commons industry committee voted against the revival of the 1985 Canada investment act says everything you need to know about these traitors. They don't care about Canada. Perfectly willing to let China buy strategic companies here

DonMartinCTV Baloney he’s too stupid to respond. DonMartinCTV Don Martin 🙄 DonMartinCTV Marijuana is known to slow down the thought process. Good job JT. DonMartinCTV 🤣🤣🤣. That’s right up there with speaking moistly!!🤣🤣🤣 this guy is something else!! DonMartinCTV The left are traitors and terrorists. They made politics their RELIGION and like crazy cult members, it is their way or no way at all. The left need to be locked up

DonMartinCTV Don't speak for me

Trudeau's long silence: PM pauses, avoids Trump's name in reaction to protestsPrime Minister Justin Trudeau did not speak for 20 seconds when asked to comment on U.S. President Donald Trump 's handling of protesters in the United States, ultimately avoiding even saying Trump 's name in his eventual response. thats the problem no world leaders are calling him out. The pause says a lot and maybe it was meant to. Canada needs America and can’t completely condem their president without massive tantrums coming back to affect trade, safety, and economy.

Media targeted: U.S. police shoot, tear-gas and arrest press members covering protests Trump : ‘The Lamestream Media is doing everything within their power to foment hatred and anarchy’ It’s cnn, fake news! Forcing law abiding Canadians to stay home and socially distant from friends and family for months giving up their livelihoods while at the same time cheering on the rioters and looters whom are gathering in large numbers and committing violent crimes. This is Liberal Canada. Author Bianca Bharti - in the world of news organs, she's an appendix.

'Anti-black racism is real': PM Trudeau calls out Canadian racism after Floyd protestsAmid protests in Canada following the police-involved killing of George Floyd , Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says 'we can't pretend that racism doesn't exist' in Canada. That's rich JustinTrudeau : 3 times blackface (at least) Cut Indigenous man's hair to humiliate him Raged at Black female caucus member Pressured then fired Indigenous Cabinet Minister Called Jagmeet Sing 'Marge Simpson' He is the racist and has no moral authority on this issue. NONE.

Media firms, celebrities join #BlackOutTuesday protestsStreaming giant Spotify Technology said it would feature an 8 minute and 46 second long track of silence in select podcasts and playlists on Tuesday globebusiness What a joke...the worst virtue signalling manoeuvre yet... globebusiness

Canada concerned some of Israel and China’s policies undermine freedom, Trudeau saysTrudeau is denouncing Israel's plan to annex parts of the occupied West Bank. Concerned SOME hahaha 😁🤣🤣🤣. You don’t say. 🙄

Israeli, Chinese policies 'concern' Canada, undermine freedom, says TrudeauPrime Minister Justin Trudeau waded into the foreign policies of Israel and China on Tuesday, expressing concerns over separate but controversial positions that he says undermine peace in both places. If those concern you, you should see the US! As does his LPC!! Our homegrown dictator who banned guns, suspended elections, and arrests people who go outside, has concerns about the only actually free country in the Middle East. If this is not the definition of irony, I don't know what is. TrudeauCorruption cdnpoli TrudeauLied