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Dollar fight? Loon killed bald eagle with ‘shot through the heart’

An autopsy has revealed what may be the first-ever documented case of a loon killing a bald eagle in defence of its chicks.

2020-05-23 1:14:00 AM

Cute video alert: Say hello to these two very tiny fawns who were found behind a rural home in Fenwick, Ont., earlier this week. RELATED:

An autopsy has revealed what may be the first-ever documented case of a loon killing a bald eagle in defence of its chicks.

It’s illegal for humans to shoot bald eagles in the U.S., and a game warden initially suspected that this eagle had been shot in the chest.However, a radiograph found no evidence of metal inside the dead eagle’s body, prompting experts to suspect that a clever loon might have delivered the killing blow with its beak while trying to defend its young.

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“The size of the puncture wound was similar to the size of a loon’s bill, and it extended straight to the heart, which likely led to a quick death,” D’Auria wrote.READ MORE:Real ‘Lord of the Flies’ story had a happier ending for castaway boysShe added that “such a case has not been documented before,” but loon-eagle conflicts have become more common as the bald eagles’ population has grown.

Loons have sharp, pointed bills, and they will often use them in fights with one another, she explained. The birds will dive beneath the water and then come surging up toward the surface to puncture a foe’s chest.Story continues below advertisement Read more: Globalnews.ca »

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