Diane Francis

Diane Francis

Diane Francis: Rail blockades could turn into a full-blown secession crisis — and Trudeau’s government is to blame

Five years of pandering and subsidizing 632 First Nations leaders has led to this catastrophe


Diane Francis : Rail blockades could turn into a full-blown secession crisis — and Trudeau's government is to blame

Five years of pandering and subsidizing 632 First Nations leaders has led to this catastrophe

The illegal road and rail blockades perpetrated by Indigenous radicals across the country are not about pipelines or fossil fuels. It’s an existential threat to Canada and its sovereignty — and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government is to blame. , which is being spearheaded by five unelected hereditary chiefs in British Columbia who claim their nation — the Wet’suwet’en — is exempt from Canadian laws and regulations. They claim sovereignty over a 22,000-square-kilometre swath of land, an area the size of Israel, and have successfully invoked nationwide solidarity protests that have crippled portions of the country’s rail system. Wet’suwet’en hereditary leaders and their accomplices have defied court orders and ignored agreements signed by 20 band councils, including their own. The issue at hand is the building of a 670-kilometre gas pipeline to a $40-billion LNG plant on the coast, but at stake is the future of Canada itself. On Dec. 31, the B.C. Supreme Court ordered protesters to allow workers access to a remote logging road in northern B.C. But Wet’suwet’en activists continued to block the road and, days later, 28 were arrested (six of whom were released without charges). Now, dozens of arrests have followed across the country. Such lawlessness has been emboldened since 2015, when Trudeau decided the federal government would not enforce the First Nations Financial Transparency Act. The law requires Indigenous leaders, often inherited chiefs, to be accountable and transparent by forcing them to publish audits of band expenses, including their compensation. Along the way, Ottawa has also sidestepped disputes involving corruption, rigged elections, no elections, nepotism and charter rights violations. By ceding its oversight powers to band chiefs and councils, without checks and balances, or any semblance of accountability, the feds have allowed the rights of the Indigenous people who fall under the control of these chiefs and councils to be trampled upon, according to Indigenous lawyer and activist Catherine Twinn. Now, the rights of all Canadians are being trampled on. These self-appointed potentates are not only thumbing their noses at the rule of law, but at their own members. For example, Wet’suwet’en member Philip Tait told CTV that he is hoping to get a job with the project. “Right now, this is probably got one of the biggest job creations in the province here, and we want to be part of it,” he said. “The hereditary chiefs’ office, they don’t speak for the whole clan.” Another member, Bonnie George, added that, “A majority of our people do want to see this project go through. The reason why it’s not out there is because people are afraid to speak up, but that’s starting to change.” This week, faced with a propane shortage due to the blockade, Quebec Premier François Legault demanded Ottawa must get “involved, because it (the blockade) doesn’t only concern Quebec. It concerns all provinces.” Yet the federal government’s response has been irresponsible at best. Transport Minister Marc Garneau said enforcement of court orders is up to provinces. The Prime Minister’s Office and the Crown-Indigenous relations minister referred media calls to the natural resources minister’s office, which, in turn, said the matter was a provincial issue. When asked, the prime minister merely said the protests were “an issue of concern” and that he is encouraging “all parties to dialogue to resolve this as quickly as possible.” In the absence of federal intervention, the crisis will escalate. The chiefs are now demanding that B.C. cancel all permits for this and other resource projects and that the RCMP and provincial authorities vacate the territory. They also invoked a groundless report by the United Nations committee on the elimination of racial discrimination, which urged Canada to stop the Site C dam project, the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion and this Coastal GasLink pipeline, on the basis that the rights of indigenous people have been ignored. Now a full-blown secession crisis is underway, thanks to the the Liberal government’s abdication of its responsibility to uphold the laws, democratic rights and courts of Canada for all Canadians. It’s a disgrace. Financial Post Read more: National Post

Smoke screen! This is a communist take over, divide and conquer! Venezuela in two weeks in the dead of winter! Nowhere in this diatribe does Francis explain how there's a sucession crisis. We're supposed to take her word for it? And, she starts by praising the 20 bands signed on to the project, but later insists they're illegitimate. incoherent

'Sorry , Trudeau is currently experiencing extremely high volume calls from not only UN agencies, but Canadians please leave a message and , good luck '....... RECONCILIATION is a joke, and everybody knows it. Things are getting worse and it will be a very interesting summer in Canada. Send in the military. Enough is enough

Soros is in control of Canada. Marc Garneau was more helpful to Canada floating in space. garden_nome1 I would suggest that every PM and Premier, House Senate are all culpable for not dealing fairly with First Nations for decades! Trudeau inherited a broken promise tragic systemic writing of First Nations Treaties and poor solutions. They kept reservation system too long.

And the National Post will do it’s best to fan those flames! Does the govt of BC bear no responsibility in this? When the FLQ threatened the safety of Canadians then PM Trudeau took action to stop the Terrorists. Why won’t our current PM take serious action to stop the terrorism being perpetrated on Canadians by these Indigenous groups.

Diane Francis: Canada doesn’t need a UN seat. It needs a PM focused on issues at homeOttawa should concentrate on fixing what Trudeau has damaged at home. How about championing and growing our resource industries? I agree. Trudeau just likes to globetrot at taxpayers’ expense giving away millions of dollars in a futile attempt for a security council seat in UN while we have urgent matters at home. That is not leadership but avoidance of it. 100%. Help Alberta & our suffering, ethical energy industry. Trudeau is the ultimate egoist (akin to Trump) pursuing self-serving limelight at the U.N. Sharing cartoon.

WakeUpCanada1 But Trudeau doesn’t care one bit. He wants the divide. 01ravenking By a Phony First Nation backed by an NGO Who Knew This is not my Canada where the rule of law is paramount. It's anarchy! Roll in the tanks. Alberta needs to leave. Justine is in deep political waters way beyond his drama teacher political skills. As well he is psychologically hampered from a muscular proactive responce to this crisis due to his father's use of the sledge hammer of Martial Law to arrest a few members of the FLQ in 68.

Canada needs a Prime Minister with Balls that actually cares about the Canadian economy, Canadian business and Canadian workers. We are fed up with this government handing out money to the enemies of Canada who care nothing but for their own special interest. Mad as Hell!!! Why isn’t Trudeau on his way back here to deal with this? Or does his absence show his support for this?

I’m sorry, Trudeau’s not available right now. He is in Africa helping them build their gas and oil industries. Please leave a message and somebody else will return your call. Not just Trudeau's government; governments for the past thirty years or so. All terrified of the bad international press associated with any hint that our aboriginal peoples are not ecstatically happy that Europeans came over here four or five hundred years ago and won't leave.

And most believe it's a coincidence he's off the continent right now? TrudeauCorruption of one sort or another continues at a cost to working Cdns. byebyecanada

Manitoba government seeking injunction against pipeline protest rail blockade outside WinnipegWinnipeg blockade is stopping trains in both directions on a main CN Rail line They don't need an injunction they need the usless police to do their jobs and uphold the law. Do you think these idiots will respect an injunction? Are the spineless police going to enforce it? Grow a set of cohoes and clean up this mess. Their right to protest ends when my right to travel is impeded. Just arrest them already, then seek injunction

I’m beginning to believe the conspiracy theorist’s who say our PM wants to break our economy so he can control us all. The sooner Alberta & Saskatchewan get out of confederation the better. When the history of how Canada was dismantled the Trudeau family will be the central thesis. the UN agents have to be thrown OUT of Canada, their policies REMOVED from Canadian legislation and their agendas declared as CRIMES against HUMANITY!

Justin knows of 'The Silent Coup' happening in Canada and he's scared. Someone in the world wants a war in Canada for all our resources. Move the pipeline elsewhere or have the pipeline pay these natives financial compensation, a small price to pay relative to their projected profits. Peace comes at a price!

That's a seventh inning stretch if I've ever seen one. marissanovetsky Canada is done... Globalists know there’s no leader! lamphieryeg Blackface is yo blame for so many things what's one more this Canadians still vote for this incompetent leader. Just waiting for twoface to blame Harper or Trump. Power move by railroads who see their business undercut by pipelines pour and simple! A fuck you by the railway barons and conservative interest!

Via Rail: When blockades end, train service could take 36 hours to resumePrime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the anti-pipeline protests across the country, and urged all parties 'to resolve this as quickly as possible.' Read more here: cdnpoli Ohhh 😲 because of the blockades, the public are worried about their drinking water and the transportation of the chlorine. Well....boil your damn water and welcome to the club.

marissanovetsky Blocking railroad tracks with your bodies seems like a good way to die to me Great article. Completely agree. I guess this is what happens when eco ideologues are making policy. MarloRaynolds , Sarah__Goodman , Zoe Caron, s_guilbeault , cathmckenna How many more eco zealots are peppered throughout the government? That ripping sound you hear is the Canadian Confederation coming apart

marissanovetsky How in the heck can they stand out there day after day after day GET A FREAKIN JOB!! Go home! Take your dog for a walk? Don't you people have a life? Jeezzz.. Trudeau's to blame? 🙄 Two tiered policing was evident and confirmed in Caledonia. I guess our police and politicians have a short memory. The rule of law applies to everyone. ChristieBlatchford RCMP OPP JustinTrudeau cdnpoli railblockades

Stop spreading fake news. Europeans have stolen indigenous land and their livelihood. Hatred and profound desire to insult and crush our indigenous people will not work. It is alleged that NP is the mouthpiece of f(r)ascist foreign government. Thank you 🙏 ✊👍 our leaders are there to consolidate our views on how we should solve our problems. if this wasn't the case we would be no better than the sheep who follow trump. I voted liberal because I saw this coming 6mos before the election. well that and blue don't believe in my rights.

In order to be called a government, you’d actually have to govern. Trudeau hasn’t gotten to that level yet, and I doubt her ever will.

Wet’suwet’en solidarity protests continue to stall major Ontario rail line for 7th dayWednesday marks the seventh day in a row that both passenger and commercial trains have been unable to travel on the Montreal-Toronto and Toronto-Ottawa routes. Maybe it’s time to start blocking all access out of the reservations, no fuel, no food, no medical attention, and of course no exceptions. Seven days! This is absolutely unacceptable. This should have been cleared in a matter of hours. The government is breaking the Social Contract. When the government no longer protects its citizens it then becomes necessary for citizens to take back our right to protect ourselves. If violence erupts Trudeau will have blood on his hands for not dealing with this nonsense

Where’s the Minister of Middle Class Prosperity in all this ensuring the middle class has access to rail travel and public roadways. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are nothing but a world class train wreck. canpoli 🇨🇦 is weak and vulnerable under the Trudeau Liberals and the globalists know it. An article about these protests and a 'secession crisis' that never once mentions Alberta.

Doing this JustinTrudeau is the same as doing nothing. cdnpoli railblockades A Wet'suwet'en woman says people in her community who have spoken up in support of the pipeline project in B.C. have been bullied and called traitors Democratic societies decide by majority votes This country is not lead by activists...or is it?

Nothing says “Invest In Canada” like a broken transport infrastructure and a impotent police force. I just love dianefrancis1 ! Nailed it again Elect a child with zero experience and this is what we get. Thanks Comrade Trudeau 😡 The phrase 'a full-blown secession crisis' is just a convoluted way of saying 'civil war,' which quite frankly is totally insane.

He’s going to Barbados! Let them eat cake

CN Rail could shut down ‘significant’ parts of network over Wet’suwet’en protestsA blockade at a rail crossing in Tyendinaga Township near Belleville, Ont., has disrupted rail service between Montreal and Toronto for the sixth straight day. 770CHQR Can we sue those who block? Hmm ya I'm with putin on this one. Long term prison for domestic terrorism. Where the fuck is Prime Minister Photo-Op and why has he literally done or said NOTHING about this?

run the train, they'll move Last time I checked, CN didn’t own a pipeline Anti Canadians at the Post hoping for bad things to happen to Canada. Typical. cdnpoli macmastermkt This is all on the Trudeau government. Things need to change today. Our fearless leader is out of country while it grinds to a halt. Who is running this country? Long past time for the media, governments and police stop treating these protesters / blockaders with the kid gloves. Arrest them and lock them up.

Totally agree!! Dianne Francis is a fool and her husband is a crook. Diane Francis is an insane far right weirdo who for some fucked up reason keeps getting a platform on Postmedia properties. Trudeau opened the door to all these problems by biting off way more than he could chew with wild promises of reconciliation. We need to restore peace, order and GOOD government to Canada now. Trudeau needs to get his ass back in Canada and solve this crisis.

Trudeau is funding the blockades

CN Rail to shut down 'significant' sections of track if pipeline blockades continueCN Rail will shut down a 'significant' section of its rail network, unless the ongoing blockade just east of Belleville, Ont. is resolved, the company said Tuesday. When did Canada become lawless? Who is running this country exactly? Time to sue protesters for the impacts they cause.

All I can say to the headline is...yup! It's Tides Canada and its affiliates that have been sending payola to various FN societies (not the band councils, the people see nothing). They'd love nothing more than 'secession' as you put it. The protesters are citing UN 'injunctions' and are Open Borders shills.

No NP is too blame for trying to fuel this fire🔥!! For too many generations, we have marginalized, dismissed & disqualified our First Nations and/or Indigenous People’s rights & concerns. We will now need to deal with them in a more consolatory way on all of this type projects. SpiritedMensch Inter arma enim silent lēgēs

Yada, yada, yada, the only crisis in Canada is that we have to put up with your Con-shilling, Nat.Enquirer bleating. Please!! Why is the government allowing this? 'Five years of pandering...…' More than five years actually. This article says what most Canadians are thinking. There is a separation movement happening within Canada and it’s not from Quebec. It’s time for government to put a stop to this anarchy once and for all.

Yeah, but it's from the heart outwards. If this FN considers itself sovereign then why do we provide them with the same services that those FN’s with treaties get? It would be like providing these services to any other sovereign nation like the USA.

Investors now look at Canada as a risky place to invest, projects that have passed the approval process are in danger of being canceled by politicians and our railways are being blocked by a handful of protestors meaning we can’t get our goods to market. what racist nonsense Does Canada had enough of JustinTrudeau time for him to go. TrudeauHasGotToGo

Just a bunch of ‘Meth-heads’ with nothing else to do ... but then again what would Andrew Scheer have done? The POWER of the PEOPLE... sad that the National 🇺🇸Post has turned full Republican The Infallible Justin is never to blame, never! sarcasm ....As the left fights with its own political correctness, dont expect an end anytime soon. JustinTrudeau cdnpoli railblockades

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