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Elxn 43, Cdnpoli

Debrief at the Desk: Lisa LaFlamme speaks with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau

Debrief at the Desk: @LisaLaFlammeCTV speaks with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau #elxn43 #cdnpoli


Debrief at the Desk: LisaLaFlammeCTV speaks with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau elxn43 cdnpoli

In the second of CTV News Chief Anchor and Senior Editor Lisa LaFlamme’s five-minute interviews with the major federal party leaders, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau speaks about “the choice facing Canadians right now,” what would or wouldn’t be negotiable in a minority government scenario, and how he’d approach international matters like the relationship with China, and the still-under-review light armoured vehicle deal with Saudi Arabia, if re-elected.

Eleven days to go and still a third of Canadians have not decided who to vote for. It seems like the one thing that they have decided though, is that they are losing confidence in politics. They’re losing confidence in you after four yearsof what they say are promises that they did not see fulfilled. So, I just wonder if you bear any responsibility for that erosion of trust?

Well, the Conservatives actually haven't put forward an election platform… Elections are choices and the Conservatives are saying exactly the same things that didn't work under Harper, and that's all Andrew Scheer is putting forward and we are saying: ‘we've got to keep going.’

Crumbling infrastructure that has not been fixed, that was a huge promise in 2015.

On investments in youth, on investments in seniors, on investments in small businesses, on investments to fight climate change. We believe that the best way to prepare for a challenging future is to give people the tools to succeed today. Not cuts, not austerity, not tax breaks for the wealthiest like Andrew Scheer wants to cut $50,000 in taxes from multimillionaires. That doesn’t make sense and it doesn't help anyone.

If there's one defining issue, its climate change. You’ve been having to walk that tightrope between being a champion of the environment, and also the guy who bought a pipeline. So in the case of a minority government, you're certainly going to get pressure from the NDP and the Greens to abandon the Trans Mountain expansion. Is that negotiable?

I'm working to make sure that we still have a strong government that's going to be able to stand up to Jason Kenney and Andrew Scheer, and Doug Ford, who are not wanting us to do anything on climate change. That's my focus right now, and that's been my focus for four years.

I would say that certainly there are Canadians… the farmers, canola farmers they don't feel that. They feel very vulnerable right now and at the mercy of this fractured relationship.

We've continued to defend the hardworking Canadians in London, Ont. who have worked hard on this contract that Stephen Harper signed that has massive penalties if we get out of, but we have not admitted any new export permits since the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, and we're going to continue to stand strongly for human rights against countries like Saudi Arabia that haven't been respectful of them.

On that military contract in London, Ont., you’ve said for months now, for a year, that the contract is under review. Is it still under review?

I have consistently said that my job every step of the way is to stand up for people's jobs, stand up for Canadian workers, and stand up for the public interest, while at the same time respecting the rule of law. I accept the ethics commissioner’s response, but I don't agree with it.

So the end of that is then that ethics commissioner is wrong?

It’s an important choice Canadians are facing. Are we going to keep moving forward? Or do we go back to the Harper years?

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LisaLaFlammeCTV Great job to keep pressing the questions Lisa. In all fairness, you could have interviewed me. My responses, Canadians, Jobs then repeat and deflect. Very disappointed true answers could not be given to your great questions, that all Canadians wanted to know LisaLaFlammeCTV Would like to know where the follow up interviews for the rest of the candidates are. Not a good look LisaLaFlammeCTV to show extreme bias toward one leader. Canadians are talking about the media manipulation in this election and it's not favorable. Do better!

LisaLaFlammeCTV A very sexist debate. Where were male reporters. LisaLaFlammeCTV Why, oh why does CTV constantly put Elizabeth May and her policies for a new way of doing politics, in the shadows? LisaLaFlammeCTV What a scum bag. Stand up for jobs of snc? What about jobs in Alberta and the west? What a lying ahole. hypocrite stand up for phoney Quebec jobs... But not for 10 times more in Alberta. TrudeaMustGo

LisaLaFlammeCTV I hope your first questions were about blackface and the SNC scandal LisaLaFlammeCTV LisaLaFlammeCTV Boy this was kept quiet. Where are all the other candidates, oh forgot this is part of the pay off from Trudeau. CTV are as bad as the CBC. Laflamme is such a brown 👃. Going for the op next week to separate her nose from up his arse.🤬🤬🤬

LisaLaFlammeCTV Media swooning over 600Million. Goes easy on Trudope. afraid to challenge and ask hard questions. Gives Trudope a free pass. LisaLaFlammeCTV LisaLaFlammeCTV Lisa Lafamme:so, why the blackface? Justin Trudeau: Harper Harper Harper Harper Harper Harper Harper Harper Harper LisaLaFlammeCTV You guys are a joke! Bought and paid for press promoting your boy! Disgusting

Chris Selley on why the only English election debate with Trudeau was the worst: 10/3 podcastOn today’s TenThreePodcast episode, National Post columnist cselley tells BreakenridgeYEG why last night’s leadersdebate2019 was the one of the worst debates he has ever seen. Listen now on your favourite podcast app. canadadebates2019 elxn43 cd... TenThreePodcast cselley BreakenridgeYEG No Liberal likes watching Trudeau get owned.

LisaLaFlammeCTV Speak slowly so he can keep up. LisaLaFlammeCTV LisaLaFlammeCTV Thank you for asking important questions and for at least attempting to slice through the talking points and rhetoric. And thank you for addressing the issues of the ag sector👌 LisaLaFlammeCTV Anybody count how many times he said Harper and Ford after he was called out on it?

LisaLaFlammeCTV $600 mil at work LisaLaFlammeCTV LisaLaFlammeCTV I replied with this before you deleted your first tweet. LisaLaFlammeCTV Ms. Laflamme is either uninfomred or was unwilling to call out the pile of lies Trudeau unpacked for her. Those 'investments' Trudeau is referring to is the $13 B dollar pre campaign spending promises he made. It's all vapour.

LisaLaFlammeCTV Wow look at that love in by CTV not even trying to be unbias ...sick LisaLaFlammeCTV Don't forget this one. Who wares a skirt teaching children. Justin Trudeau. Gender bender.

Trudeau heads to the North as Scheer and Singh make for Toronto after debate Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is touting his party's climate-change policies in Iqaluit today, the first party leader to go to the North in this federal election campaign. Canadians are much more interested in what MaximeBernier has to say. Looks like not much One runs and hides, bring it on October 2019!

LisaLaFlammeCTV LisaLaFlammeCTV LisaLaFlammeCTV LisaLaFlammeCTV LisaLaFlammeCTV lame interview, it wasn't about jobs, it was about kickbacks by a company that pays them. Media is salivating over the 600 million coming from Mr. Blackface if he wins. CTV has no credibility with these softball questions to Trudeau, I have seen 6 yearolds be tougher on Trudeau

Truth Tracker: Concerns about non-citizens getting voter cards in the mail, and what officials are doing about itSeveral instances of non-citizens receiving voter information cards have gone viral, sparking concerns about fraudulent ballots and even allegations that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is trying to earn illegal votes. How will foreign votes be validated? Why did Trudeau allow Canadians gone from Canada more than 5 years to vote? Where do foreign votes tally once counted? There are upwards of 2 million Canadians foreign and the homeless, illegal aliens with registration, fraudulent election?

CTV National News: Truth TrackerTruth tracker: RichardMadan analyzes claims made by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau that Canada will meet and surpass the emission targets for 2030. RichardMadan And the lie detector determined that was a lie. RichardMadan Justin will not make past next week. All of those liberal fools are gone RichardMadan Either truth track them all or admit biased reporting!!!! biasedmedia

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon MediaFinally, his true colours, let’s pick on immigration a true conservative move. Scheer doesn’t believe in obeying the law - international or domestic. He just makes it up as he goes along. Now who does that sound like? Begins with T and ends in P

CTV National News: A national crisisA growing crisis has hospitals stretched to its limits with about 5M Canadians without a family doctor. Chief Anchor Lisa LaFlamme reports. LisaLaFlammeCTV Not a Campaign issue, funny, it would only prove how incompetent our elected representatives really are, fed, prov & tert, just don't care LisaLaFlammeCTV Their more worried about the climate hoax. Not real issues. LisaLaFlammeCTV Indeed. Why isn't health care at the top of the list for Canadian political leaders?

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