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Elxn 43, Federal Election 2019

CTV News | Federal Election 2019

Justin Trudeau has set in motion the 2019 federal election campaign. Follow @ctvnews election coverage here: #elxn43

2019-09-11 5:59:00 PM

Justin Trudeau has set in motion the 2019 federal election campaign. Follow ctvnews election coverage here: elxn43

Full, exclusive federal election coverage. Breaking news, features and latest poll results on the 2019 Canadian general election.

A post shared on a popular Facebook page earlier this week claims that a Liberal MP wants to extend the “Canada pension” to new Canadians after they’ve been living in the country for just three years. The Liberal in question made no such proposal; she hasn’t even been an MP for eight years.

Florida reports 15,000 new COVID-19 cases in one day, setting record Canada's largest Indigenous police force has never shot anyone dead A mother with COVID-19 gave birth to a baby girl who also tested positive

Truth Tracker: No, Trudeau did not ask Kenya for a million immigrants Read more: CTV News »

ToddCTV it would be good if the audio worked! ToddCTV HANDING OUT ANY MJ? All polls close at 9.30 eastern, except BC at 10pm. How are you going to entertain us from 7pm until then? Yes, to see how Canadians have made the same mistake again. Who in their right mind would vote for any politician or political party especially when we have the capability to have a direct democracy. Politicians are the problem, removing them is the answer. cdnpoli

You couldn't pay me enough to watch Don Martin, the liberal lapdog. ToddCTV ToddCTV 🤮 ToddCTV No thanks. It's constantly pro-Liberal... Pro-Trudeau... Until there is balanced coverage... I'll wait. ToddCTV The best part is the news guys eyeliner at the end. We all know CPC_HQ will win the election.

niknanos These polls always overestimate NDP/Green support and underestimate Conservative support...but carryon loves. niknanos Stop using Nanos for polls lol niknanos I have a problem believing this one Nanos!!! niknanos niknanos Problem is he is a Liberal in orange! niknanos Singh calling Canadians racist as a whole is no better than what Trudeau does. Some people are racist, all Canadians are not. Why do these left leaning politicians keep insisting on calling Canadians names? Uncalled for. May has said the same thing.

niknanos That was 4 years ago when Canadian choose charm over talent, a lesson doesn't need to be learned twice, life has become double expensive already. Does it need to be quadruple to understand? niknanos I think he’s wonderfully entertaining and has some nice one liners. I like him as a person. But if people think he would be the best for PM they are insane.

niknanos CTV News activates - FULL-THROATED PLAN B - to help their CONs. Promoting a groundswell is tough - when first you must create one. Only hope for CONs is a win-by-default - which needs NDP/Green help. cdnpoli Elxn43 CanadaVotes ctvelxn niknanos Absolutely not true. Anybody voting for Singh obviously didn't watch the debates. He's clueless, I lost all respect for him.

niknanos Whatever, do you think we would vote for another clueless wonder? Think not! ToddCTV Don't forget, don't vote for Trudeau!! 😁 ToddCTV Why would I waste my time watching government propaganda? ToddCTV Trudeau is FINISHED. The Libs have decimated their credibility beyond repair. DON’T vote for another globalist puppet! When you're ready for ACTUAL, honest, sincere, principles/policies + the REAL intent to follow through on them, click here:

ToddCTV More scandals from the Conservatives! ToddCTV A round up of today's election headlines is none of the candidates are qualified to run a post office with only 5 people living in that town let alone a country. ToddCTV No to Trudeau!!! 👎👎👎😡 ToddCTV Why would anyone watch CTV re: the election Just as Liberal biased as CBC. Your reporting has been so juvenile, I turn it off.

CTVAtlantic ToddCTV cdnpoli ToddCTV Like give me a break TrudeauCorruption is a big issue if you don't get it you are as dumb as he is!!! ToddCTV Why are Canadian politics so cringy xD ToddCTV Looking forward to being on the show tonight cdnpoli UWinPol ToddCTV Liberals called the election today ... the Liberal CorruptionIsOurStrength Campaign 2019 has begun. cdnpoli cdnpoli

ToddCTV I'm hoping for fair and honest coverage... not leftist propaganda. Right JOKE JOKE JOKE. Too bad climate science is driven by politics, so... no! Green Party Leader Elizabeth May will need to find real science, not these political science like GIEC and UN Can you tell ElizabethMay (and cathmckenna) and Greta that that's all anyone wanted from the beginning.

Enough with the fear mongering. More and more scientists are saying to ignore the climate alarmists. ElizabethMay is part of the problem. CTV - why do you let her bloviate without asking any real questions of ElizabethMay ? Like these. FactsMatter elxn43 cdnpoli What has blocked us? How about fear of mass deaths? Anarchy? Chaos? Should a potential leader be allowed to be so dangerously misinformed? cdnpoli elxn43

Time for May to sit down. Period. Ask her if she ever deals in reality. These are Canada's emissions since 1990. What 'science'? The 2 degree C target was set arbitrarily in the 1970's by an economist! It's a delusion. And ONLY political! elxn43 cdnpoli ElizabethMay so if its driven by science there is no climate change.....you dope!!!!

Science is based on the opinion scientists . Facts differ, some would argue a cut on the finger means you’ll have to cut off your arm to save your body . Also time to end ANY talk of separation in Canada! I guess she also has no issue with bill 21 or the racism from the CAQ these days. I'm sure the head of the World Meteorologist Organization agrees with you. Cut the alarmism, look at the science. 105 out of 108 climate models predicting temperatures higher than we've achieved is not good science.

Climate Change is a HOAX Go to 👉 and a TAX GRABBING SCAM perpetrated by the U.N. Globalist One World Communists The green party or is it just goene moldy now? Why don’t , CBCNews, globalnews ask ElizabethMay about her “climate refugee” policy? It’s interesting and shouldn’t be skipped over or swept under the rug. I think the Canadian public would benefit from hearing more about it.

It's money that has stoped climate action. Business are fighting to be able to pollute. From what I have heard big corporations are only paying 20% of there carbon tax while your average citizen as to pay the entire amount. Here is the science from unlike the priest ElizabethMay people who try to give people the reality. The whole truth not just a part of the truth. In short lies.

She is a drunken hypocrite, whoever votes for this party are completely dead from the neck up. A made up party of bullshit. He’s wasting his breath, Quebec voters actually expect their politicians to be implicitly corrupt 🤷🏻‍♂️ Month of SNC Hooray... platform She’s laying off hammering back a 40 of vodka until later ?

Make sure it’s science from a scientist not from political science Elizabeth May!! Lol Ok. Science says Canada’s emissions are statistically insignificant. That means Canada should focus on selling our oil and investing the profit into sustainable practices of all kinds, including environmental ones. Export our smart tech. No to taxes. No more Arar payouts!

TrudeauMustGoToJail Sorry I don't understand... is he debating for or against Quebec sovereignty? At this point, most of Canada would be glad to see Quebec as a separate country. Vive le quebec libre. CTV global CBC they all lie like they are paid to do by the Liberal government! 24 Canadians killed by Islamic extremists in NY today out of 3000, a day to remember, as little has changed with the resurgence of Iran. (And Trudeau’s disdain for their deaths is shown by his calling an election on this day).....worst PM ever...

ctvregina ctvregina Wave privilege and let RCMP do their work STOP lying to CANADIANS He grop a woman why does nobody talk about it TrudeauMustGo TrudeauCorruption TrudeauWorstPM We want a future with you and liberalsGONE!!! It is the same song and dance out of the same book, platitudes, platitudes, platitudes. Broken promises and lame excuses. And the media falls for it. Anybody ever asks how much our debt has been ballooning and how much money our prime minister leaves behind where ever he goes? !

Look who this scumbag hangs out with. Moronic conservative supporters say this is akin to Boris Johnson suspending parliament 😂😂😂 Sadly they get to vote too 🙄 Trudictator. On September 11th? Makes a day of remembering a tragedy about him. Typical and typically disgusting behaviour for him. TrudeauMustGo TrudeauForgets911

It is disgusting, inexcusable & shows an enormous insensitivity for the leader of any country to hold a press conference about anything other than to honour 9/11. We are teaching our kids to never forget, but here is JustinTrudeau pursuing his own personal agenda instead. Gross.

Everything you need to know about the 2019 federal leaders' debateHere's how you can watch, listen, and engage with the two official leaders' debates in the 2019 election campaign. Like the guy in the middle not the 4 clowns to the left and right of him. Except no MaximeBernier. What a joke.

Everything you need to know about the 2019 federal leaders' debateWhat do you want to ask the federal party leaders? Your question could become part of next month's live debates. Here's how to submit your question: CanadaDebates2019 debatdeschefs cdnpoli uses the debate commissions rules on who's allowed to debate even though the rules were made after the cutoff time and therefore should revert back to the old rules which would allow the PPC to participate I guess is legitimizing Liberal corruption What are you intentions with SNC after the election? GlobalNational If you were elected Prime Minister, would you voluntarily resign if the budget wasn’t on the way to being balanced after 2 years of your term? Would you increase OAS and remove the tax from CPP + OAS?

Game on: Federal election 2019 underway as Trudeau visits Rideau HallGovernor-General officially launches the campaign that will pit Liberal leader against Conservatives’ Andrew Scheer, NDP’s Jagmeet Singh, Green’s Elizabeth May and others globepolitics Canadians now have a choice between another 4yrs of Donald Trumps clone or one of the other parties Be interesting to see if Canadians choose integrity over ideology although I don’t have much hope given the excuses currently being made concerning the PM. globepolitics nice globepolitics It's a sad day when the only newspaper I even half believe thinks the Canadian federal election is a 'game.' Ugh!

CTV National News: 'It was outstanding'All 24 crew members of an overturned cargo ship are safe and accounted for following a daring rescue effort. JoyCTV has the details: JoyCTV That is wonderful news!

CTV National News: Aftermath of DorianSeveral Halifax apartments were suddenly evacuated over the danger presented by a crane toppled by Dorian. Todd Battis has the latest. battisctv I didn't hear of any injuries due to this collapse but hope not any!!

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