CTV National News: Andreescu returns home

Canadian tennis star Bianca Andreescu talks to @HeatherCTV about her U.S. Open victory:


Canadian tennis star Bianca Andreescu talks to HeatherCTV about her U.S. Open victory:

After a whirlwind media tour sparked by her victory at the U.S. Open, Bianca Andreescu is back home. Heather Wright reports.

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CTV National News: Aftermath of DorianSeveral Halifax apartments were suddenly evacuated over the danger presented by a crane toppled by Dorian. Todd Battis has the latest. battisctv I didn't hear of any injuries due to this collapse but hope not any!!

CTV National News: Taking over the tennis worldBianca Andreescu's magical run in New York continues as she made the rounds on morning talk shows following her U.S. Open win. HeatherCTV has the story:

CTV National News: 'The environment is a huge one'Marking a major shift, the environment is set to become a major ballot box issue in this year's election. Genevieve Beauchemin reports. CTVBeauchemin No it's not. Give it up! CTVBeauchemin Elections matter CTVBeauchemin No it’s not FakeNews

CTV National News: Handmaid's Tale sequel releases35 years after writing The Handmaid's Tale, Canadian author Margaret Atwood has released the much-anticipated sequel. Paul Workman reports. PaulCTV The Handmaid's Tale: Tokyo Drift

CTV National News: The undecidedMeet the undecided – seven ordinary Canadians who remain on the fence about which way to cast their vote in the federal election: ppc Not moi! Don't like liars! On the fence, as in u feel no matter which way u vote, ur still gonna feel like u got a fence post up the arzz.....

CTV News | Federal Election 2019Full, exclusive federal election coverage. Breaking news, features and latest poll results on the 2019 Canadian general election. It is disgusting, inexcusable & shows an enormous insensitivity for the leader of any country to hold a press conference about anything other than to honour 9/11. We are teaching our kids to never forget, but here is JustinTrudeau pursuing his own personal agenda instead. Gross. On September 11th? Makes a day of remembering a tragedy about him. Typical and typically disgusting behaviour for him. TrudeauMustGo TrudeauForgets911

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