COVID-19 'peaks and valleys' expected until 2022: new modelling

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NEW: COVID-19 'peaks and valleys' expected until 2022: new modelling

OTTAWA -- Canada’s top public health officials are preparing for a "peak" of COVID-19 cases in the fall and localized outbreaks until at least January 2022, new modelling data shows.

Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam said this projection is subject to change depending on Canadians’ behaviour. She said she is encouraging hospitals and other health-care facilities to implement emergency plans in case of a fall spike, potentially even greater than the first wave of cases in Canada.

The modelling also shows the rate of infections has hit young adults between the ages of 20 and 39 the hardest since early July, reflecting regional trends reported over the past several weeks.While the severity of illness among this age group remains low, Tam said young people are not "immune" to infection and more spikes in cases are likely if Canadians don’t remain vigilant.


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Whats worse?

Whatever you say Tam...

She stands on guard for xi

covid19Canada Key word is 'expected'; this isn't a fact & it's up to us to move the projected figures low or even have a smooth/non-existent peak. We must: Keep social distance Wear😷 included young people Hygiene We've already lost so many lives; let's save as many as we can😷

Can we plebs see this modelling please?

Sounds like more garbage to me

And we should trust and abide by this new modeling? Previous models have been so accurate!

Don't listen to her she's a fear mongering again If any of this is something she believes why hasnt feds made masks mandatory nationwide and why are they allowing provinces to ignore social distancing in schools Use federal powers or shut up

It says 404 page not found?

It not like the novel coronavirus came with a manual, everything was unknown in the beginning. Protocols changed as knowledge about it's idiosyncrasies became evident. We're still learning. Whining and complaining derogatory statements are tactics of children not competent adults

Theresa Tam knows shit. Complete guess work with no facts. The Liberal government and their media cronies with their abhorent lies to all Canadians!

Does anyone know yet if you are safe from getting it a second time?

You locked us down because of a model created by a guy in the UK that has a never been right and guess what he was wrong again. This has become the most politicized pandemic in the history of people kind. With such a low mortality rate we should have opened up

By then the Liberals will be gone and so will you, 'cousin it'

So let's cut all the bullshit and get back to our lives. Decades of fearmongering have created a population of pussies. Common sense has been replaced by graphs and models.

Cool.. so we are in this til 2022 (duh) and the government is making families wait to be reunited. FacesofAdvocacy BillBlair

New modelling? Lol

Will this be as accurate as the previous “modelling” lol only about a 90% miss

Terrence Tam, Dude we’re onto you! No more fear pandering. The people are slowly waking up to what is really going on. This was never about a virus. You work for China and the Who. You will not control this narrative much longer.

N.B. Decision Trees provide a highly effective structure within which bureaucrats could present their options & investigate the possible outcomes of choosing those options. They help to form a balanced picture of the risks & rewards associated with each possible course of action.

Is FireTam really suggesting that travelers will have to Quarantine until 2022 Can we get a vote on that, or did Covid effectively turn Canada into a Communist Dictatorship with foreign doctors calling the shots?

No peaks, no valleys

Nothing but peaks for AdrianaLaGrange thank you,she will have it no other way

Yup, just like every and all viruses we have in our lives 🤦‍♀️

the more she speaks the more I believe that there is a weird agenda behind this not so deadly virus

So the whole 'It's just 2 weeks to flatten the curve' narrative is gone out the window huh 🤔 Keep moving those goal posts. That boiling frog analogy is looking pretty accurate right about now.

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