Coronavirus: Travellers coming back to Canada will be mandated to isolate, feds say

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Health Minister Patty Hajdu is invoking the Quarantine Act to mandate isolation.

Breakıng, Coronavirus


BREAKING: The government is now invoking the Quarantine Act -- forcing travelers to self-isolate upon their return.

Health Minister Patty Hajdu is invoking the Quarantine Act to mandate isolation.

CBSA ‘looking into circumstances’ of traveller who died of COVID-19 hours after landing in Toronto Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said that mandatory isolation will apply to all travellers, including those from the U.S., but that it will not apply to those deemed to be doing “essential work.” Travellers will also be barred from using public transit to get to the place where they will be isolating. “It will, from midnight tonight, be a legal obligation of people entering Canada from outside Canada to self-isolate for 14 days,” Freeland said. “In terms of the specific penalties and enforcement mechanisms, we will be giving you more information later today.” She added the measures will not be retroactive for people who have already entered Canada in recent weeks, but said border officials will be taking the contact information of everyone entering the country as of midnight so that they can monitor whether they are obeying the mandatory isolation. Story continues below advertisement The government has faced questions over its border screening measures for weeks, particularly with regards to whether the screening being done on the ground was effective and why measures like temperature testing were not being rolled out at re-entry points. 1:43 Kenney issues special warning to snowbirds returning from U.S. to self-isolate Kenney issues special warning to snowbirds returning from U.S. to self-isolate Officials have said things like taking temperatures are not effective and that the screening being done at borders includes questions about a person’s travel history and health designed to identify who needs to be directed to further resources. Even earlier on Wednesday, Trudeau had been asked about why his government had not made isolation mandatory for travellers coming into the country. “It is required for people to stay at home for 14 days,” he said, but was repeatedly pressed by reporters who noted that there was no legal obligation to that request. He gave no indication that the government would, within hours, invoke the Quarantine Act. 1:54 Prime Minister Trudeau losing patience with people who don’t practice social distancing Prime Minister Trudeau losing patience with people who don’t practice social distancing View link » Read more:

Wow, I self isolated when I came back almost 2 weeks ago when it was not mandatory yet, I rented a whole place which cost me a lot where me and my son can stay - away from even family.. Now, are they paying for it? I have a hotel in GTA & a guest made a reservation on bookingcom. He just got off the plane & wanted to check-in. bookingcom told me that I had to accommodate him or pay to find him a new place. I said he was breaking the QuarantineAct. They helped put him in another hotel!

astartecreative I would be willing to bet JustinTrudeau never heard of the Quarantine Act before a reporter asked him about it at his press conference. He ducked the question multiple times. lostinspace Same for healthcare workers This is excellent because we were worried about our CEO actually staying in his house, which happens to be in the same yardsite! I was the only one in the office & had all doors locked & posters from Alberta government website plastered on the door. Now if I seem him I can call

Make them sign a document that they understand and agree.... It will be clear then ..... 'Crystal Clear ' It’s aggravating when ppl come home from international holidays and go shopping the very next day argh. Damn, stay the hell home How will they actually enforce this? A little late...... GlobalBC Trudeau could have stopped potentially hundreds or thousands of infected from coming here and the rest could have been quarantined. Instead of preventing those ones he is now off loading the full cost and consequences of this virus on the entire Canadian population !!

And how do you force it.

Coronavirus: Should Canada restrict travel between provinces, territories?Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he is scheduled to speak with premiers Monday evening about “measures that we can take as a country to move forward.” Let's talk about the Sherman's... lets agree to do as responsible adults or that's just to hard for people. well it wouldn't hurt to lock down Alberta. They hate the rest of Canada anyway

GlobalBC Oh F hey ! Only a F ing month too late !! I don't mean to be such a defiant prick on here, but I genuinely care about the well being of others. Its the only way to be. What Bell Media International (not Canada) does is extremely irresponable and immoral! I am not going to listen to people who are devoid of respect.

That’s late .. No better than Premier Kenny, his Minister of Health and his Chief Doctor at a Press Conference sharing and touching the same podium. Good role modeling guys!😡 Can we get a real answer from the airlines as to why they are not actively screening? Issue them all instant read thermometers. Takes 1.5sec to get a reading but all they're doing is 'looking out for' people exhibiting symptoms.

CKNW How are they enforcing this How? to Now? After almost every single Canadians in the world have been back and airports shutting down? I have no words. Better late than never. GlobalBC Just now? Then what have I been doing for over a week?

Community spread and travel now equally blamed for COVID-19 cases in CanadaAn equal number of Canadians who have tested positive for COVID-19 contracted the virus within their communities and from travel, according to Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam. There would have been no community spread if Trudeau and his fellow lightweights had put restrictions in sooner. And Air Canada will be gone soon too. No bailouts. Trudeau is not in control. Who is the puppet master? Follow the money. He's a plant. Isn’t it a shift because all they were testing at first were people who had travelled? 🤨

My brother immediately quarantined himself upon return from Mexico 11 days ago - went straight home & has stayed put. This guy just has a high school education but he's clearly a lot smarter than anyone who needed a Quarantine Act to obey the directives of medical authorities This may have been helpful a week ago 🙄

am640 Those who are ignorant in regards to the recommendation(from now obligation) to self-isolate should be automatically placed at the back of the line when in need for a ventilator. The best way to disseminate this new information would be at a Walmart checkout. coronavirus COVID2019 Too fucking late

😂😂😂 Too little to late FORCING travelers to SELF-isolate is like telling your teenage kids to self impose a 'no house-party ban' while you're out of town for the weekend NOT GOING TO HAPPEN 😷🇨🇦 Should have enforced no travelling before spring break. And those returning should’ve had to wear bracelets or given stamps on their hand like what has been done in other countries that identify you as someone that needs to be in quarantine. Merely asking isn’t going to work.

This would have been great a week ago

Social distancing is crucial, but Canada also needs more coronavirus testing: experts“You can’t win a football game by defending, you have to attack as well,” said WHO director-general Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing I'm going to question the logic behind spending resources on excessive testing. Treat mild flu symptoms as COVID19 and isolate for the required time. If as I've heard 20-30% of cases will require medical attention focus resources on them & use their numbers as a predictor Expand testing. With knowing how severe the situation is, people will be more responsible to keep social distancing.

And pray tell how this will be enforced? Wtf not retro active for already here? Uhm. Yea it should include them. After keeping us inside for 10 days now? Taking away our regular lives, causing mentalhealth breakdowns and stopping economy while keeping the door wide open. Not even fever screening at Pearson yesterday. PattyHajdu CPHO_Canada JustinTrudeau fordnation epdevilla

The government is too freaking late with that quarantine act! In the beginning of March, thousands of Canadians begged the government to issue travel advisories for countries in Europe that had lots of COVID-19 cases. They did nothing which either forced people to travel or lose$ Could we not have done this sooner? Seriously.

It’s nine days after they “apparently” stopped internationals flights from non citizens steeletalk It’s odd to see so many people cheerleading the removal of civil liberties. Maybe it should have been done sooner but any removal of civil liberties should be viewed with much ire under any situation. Will they listen? The government had been saying this since March 1st. This government was too slow in response to the threat of the virus. Now we will all pay for their slow action.

Should have made this mandatory from the beginning with bringing back Canadian people!! TYRANNY!

COVID-19 in the house: How to isolate with the new coronavirusAs the number of cases of COVID-19 continues to rise across the country, the Canadian government is advising people on how to isolate at home if they or a loved one contracts the virus. Would be great to follow this but there isn’t a mask or a pair of gloves to be found anywhere!

AM980News About about temp scanning coming off of planes!! I came back on 22nd from India I locked myself completely in my downstairs suite. After the horses have long since left the barn. Took them fucking long enough. CanadaPotstocks It’s quarantine!!! No outside activities Three weeks too late as usual. Meanwhile the laundry-list of non-citizens being allowed into our country continues. Allow only citizens in and put into supervised mandatory quarantine using hotels near airports. Cheaper & safer in long run.

Is there a ink stamp on them to identify travellers or just going by their word they will self isolate to Good luck trying to enforce that. Will there be mind readers on the team? Sorry but this is very late. How many essential service workers are now infected and self isolating without the possibility of even getting tested in order to get compensation because there are now not enough tests? Travelers had already joined the panic shoppers days ago...

Honestly who cares anymore- the government calls tradespeople essential, but allows portable toilets brought in to isolate you from them. So why should I care anymore - no respect received- no respect will be given

WestJet cuts 6,900 staff; Air Canada to furlough up to 600 pilots as coronavirus slashes flightsCarriers are making unprecedented cuts to flights, costs and staffing Cure coronavirus. Stop the 5G network rollout! boycott5G covid19 curecovid 5G

GlobalBC He is the worst this should have been right away this is his big news of the day 🤦🏻‍♂️ wow But illegals are NOT being turned away at the illegal border crossings..... GlobalCalgary A little late.... Good luck with that a lot people won't This is great news Should have been done before the 1million returned home.

steeletalk steeletalk Remember self isolating doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to have people come over to your house to fix and install stuff, I’m a direct result of this now I’m having to self quarantine for 2wks and not able to go to work. What took so long? to Snow birds and baby boomers:

Opinion: To battle coronavirus, Canada must mobilize resources with a war-like approachIn a few short weeks, demand for health services will exceed supply. We need a plan to make sure we are prepared GlobeDebate Put every able bodied person to work! EdwardsLorraine GlobeDebate Test everyone. Quarantine those who test positive. Let's get the data we need to FlattenTheCurve acoyne GlobeDebate Sounds good, but who’s actually driving the initiative or is it just a good idea that we’ll look back with 20 20 vision after this is over and say we should have done that! Has anyone contacted our local business community to see what they can do?

Idiots. Too little too late. A guy I know flew into Canada from Malaysia after he started experiencing a cough. He was handed a pamphlet and recommended to self isolate. That was this week. Again 6 weeks to late 'Who is this incompetent fool, appointed by Trudeau to fill a gender quota? Here’s a letter PattyHajdu’s own mother Barbara Hajdu wrote, when she could not longer stomach her own daughter’s dishonesty.' p.p. ezralevant

There’s no way to police it...unless they literally police it. They should turn hotels into quarantine spaces.. Jordan is a good example, form 1 star hotels to 5 stars. All hotels on country helped out to quarantine every single person comes from abroad. It’s too late now for Canada Uh huh, from required to mandated. If you’re the kind of person that didn’t to do the right thing for the entire country when required you won’t do when mandated either . Didn’t realize we had so many schmucks in our country .

to Not applicable to essentialworkers Its obvious the Canadian Government is risking all 🇨🇦 globalhalifax How can this be enforced GlobalCalgary Birth Control after conception, sounds about right for this government! late but absolutely

Global_NB The number of careless, self-centered idiots among Canadians is disappointing and downright embarrassing. Not to single out millennials, but I have witnessed far too many cases of the younger generation not taking this seriously; kudos to those who are. Should have been done prior to March break!

WEEKS ago this should have been FORCED the chickens have flown the coop, the JT government is trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube And how exactly do plan on enforcing this I don't trust that travelers will voluntarily self-isolate, especially when they return home to an empty fridge. Use ankle monitors.

steeletalk It will be very interesting to see how the governments plans to ensure compliance. Just like most steps the Trudeau government has taken to battle the Coronavirus, a good idea, but unfortunately a bit late. That said, BetterLateThanNever! 🇨🇦👍 Covid19 Covid_19 CovidCanada Canada GlobalBC too little, Trudeau should learn from Trump how to be a leader

About time ! steeletalk What is distressing is that people did not just voluntarily do it.

GlobalCalgary That’s great but how do you enforce it? Excellent.... Only 1 million have slipped through thus far... What could possibly go wrong? SamanthaOttawa If not, arrest them and charge them! GlobalSaskatoon As I understand it, this just does nationally what the provincial emergency measures has already done, fine those who do not comply.

This wouldn't have helped at all two or three weeks ago. The government has forgotten that we, the people, are the reason they have jobs. Without PROACTIVELY protecting us they will have no more cash flow. Too little and too late. BRAVO! Keep it up! 680CJOB This should have been done early Feb... How will the authorities know if someone on the mandatory isolation list break the law

Global_Montreal At last...

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