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Coronavirus: More than 40,000 health-care workers taking part in hydroxychloroquine trial

The study seeks to determine whether chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine could play a role in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

2020-05-21 8:40:00 PM

A new study is looking to determine whether chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine could play a role in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

The study seeks to determine whether chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine could play a role in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

, including one that U.S. President Donald Trump says he has been taking.The study, involving more than 40,000 healthcare workers across Europe, Africa, Asia and South America, seeks to determine whether chloroquine andhydroxychloroquinecould play a role in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

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Demand for hydroxychloroquine surged after Trump touted it in early April. He said this week he was now taking it as a preventive medicine against the virus despite medical warnings about its use.READ MORE:The lead investigators in Thailand and Britain said their ‘COPCOV’ trial, in the works for several months, would cut through the heated and unhelpful debate.

Story continues below advertisement“We still do not know whether anything is beneficial in COVID-19,” the University of Oxford’s Professor Nicholas White, the study’s co-principal investigator, told Reuters.Trending StoriesCoronavirus: Non-medical masks now recommended for Canadians, officials say

“The only way we can find out if things are beneficial overall is to do large, well-conducted clinical trials,” said White, who is based at the Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit (MORU) in Bangkok. “These are extremely well-established drugs.”

4:33COVID-19 questions answeredCOVID-19 questions answeredThe COPCOV team said laboratory evidence showed the anti-malarial drugs might be effective in preventing or treating COVID-19 but there was no conclusive proof. Accord Healthcare has donated the hydroxychloroquine and matched placebo.

[]Medics who have tested positive will not be able to take part. More details can be foundhere.Trump said on May 18 that he had been taking hydroxychloroquine and many frontline medical workers were too, although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning about its use.

READ MORE:Manitoba scientists examining potential of yet-unproven COVID-19 treatment with controversial drug“I’m taking it — hydroxychloroquine,” Trump said. “I’ve been taking it for the last week and a half. A pill every day.”Professor Martin Llewelyn, the lead UK investigator, said many health workers were relying on social distancing and personal protective equipment but the measures were not perfect.

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Story continues below advertisement“Anything that can be done to reduce that risk further would be an enormous break through,” he told Reuters.4:18Donald Trump’s anti-malaria drug admission infuriates health policy expert Timothy Caulfield Read more: »

It’s already been proven it works Studies have already shown that it shouldn't. Oh no now the vaccination won't be as profitable. Oops. Global is about 3 months behind the times like usual. OF COURSE it works. is ridiculous. How many other countries have already done studies and proved this works? Ffs...let me guess. Someone at Global is being treated with it and now they don’t want to look like hypocrites again. FakeNews

What this study does is prove that taking the drug is safe. 40,000 health care workers wouldn't be taking it if it was as dangerous as the msm has led us to believe. This is a good thing. More studies, more data, more knowledge. Yes it works. Are we using this in Canada now? Seems even Hollywood some 17 FLIPPANT YEARS AGO knew Chloroquine can treat Novel Corronaviruses that originate in China. Yet Mmedia just catching up just now🤣..At around 3.55mins you see the jaw dropper on the link video..

Un F-ing believable just mere weeks ago MMedia were making fun of the US Admin for pushing these well established drugs. Now here MMedia pretending they invented the wheel what a joke. How many lives lost because MMedia complicit in trying to kill this effective therapy. You need the Z-Pack and Zinc as well.

How much is America getting paid for telling ppl to take it .. you’ve got to love pharmaceutical companies !!! ( I honestly don’t believe that trump is taking it) China uses it, dozens upon dozens of foreign doctors say it works very well so what are these idiots waiting for? fordnation needs to light a fire under his CMOH or fire him right now. EndtheshutdownNow Hydroxycloroquine + onpoli onxit TrudeauMustGo

Cant believe this Absolutely will not trust any information coming from Trudeau's poutine media. You're a total disgrace of an organization. Canada is already using it. Man our MSM sucks. Asleep at the wheel is Gobble News What if your these people? Good. We can find out one way or the other, scientifically. Covid_19

Ha ha! The article says it's 40,000 healthcare workers OUTSIDE of Canada in the trial. Hatred of Trump has killed so many people unnecessarily. When will people start researching for themselves instead of believing Lamestream-media as gospel? eg why is India's death rate so low? Well we knew that 15 years ago. Why the delay?

Where in the article have you mentioned using Zinc with HCQ? Trump was right again. The man just keeps winning. I FKN LOVE IT!!!! Trump 2020!!!! If only he could be in charge of Canada too. Sigh. Side effects include heart damage, retinal damage and death. Maybe it reduces the longevity of the infection (not the severity), but is that worth it?

Why not just ask 100s of doctors in Europe who used it with huge success Doctors in France said that 2 months ago Trump has been saying this exact thing, for quite a while now. Are you guys noticing your pattern yet? It goes, Trump says something, media starts crying Orange Man Bad, time passes and then media starts toting Trumps idea, media covers with a new Orange Man Bad hot take.

a new study? Are you joking. Man it isn't hard to see why in recent studies, the vast majority don't trust you anymore. Hospital ICU in Piauí, Brasil, is empty after hydroxychloroquine treatment. 'brutal change in death rate' Early treatment of COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin: A retrospective analysis of 1061 cases in Marseille, France

COVER UP: Fauci Approved Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine 15 Years Ago to Cure Coronaviruses; “Nobody Needed to Die” Hydroxychloroquine: The Drug Costa Rica Uses Successfully To Fight Covid-19 Say it with me now, all at once, you can do it Global! 'er, um, Trump, um, er, may of suggested iiittttttt.' Finally you’re seeing the light global. Start to see the right global. You have close to 40% of the population wanting A MSM outlet that’s shares their thoughts. Brad Shaw make global the fox north, it will be best business decision you will ever make.

So... Trump may have been right? Finally.... It’s works. Now use it. Global, fuckin born yesterday. People should smoke a joint and not believe everything the Jews say... I know there a lot of new scientists and virologists now on Twitter. I’m not sure if most ppl even click on the link or just read the headline.... I’m not sure ppl even read that this study isn’t in Canada? There are a lot of areas that have been using the drug..1/

A New Study? Have you been comatose for the past two months? bribemoney A new study? Haha. Just getting caught up are you? Both versions of that drug have been used successfully for weeks now. cdnmsmsucks So now it’s good, but when Trump takes it, then it’s bad 🙄JoyVBehar I thought I read that this malaria drug can cause heart arrhythmias that can kill a person. It does work for malaria, but there are big risks. Are you sure that we couldn't stick to a covid serum or vaccine?

Gee ya think?! They're giving out 41,000 doses a day in one district of France alone. It's in use all over the world, against covid, no reports of related deaths or serious complications. Only people being saved at 90%+ success rates. It has already been done, but this story makes it look like it is still in question which is the whole point of it.

Old studies have demonstrated its safety. Imagine....🙄 BREAKING: Emergency narrative change No s**t...... TRUMP already had this idea and it works. Our MSM, who is supposed to keep us updated on important stuff , is living under a rock. +Zn Been on the market for 65yrs with a safe proven track record. VA and European reports say it’s is a good drug for people in the early stages. Media wrongly reported first VA report which was elderly in late stages. VA correct them but FAKENEWS hasn’t corrected themselves

Only 3 months in and you're just getting it now! Now that's some quality ineptitude there MediaVirus mediawhores Apotex Inc can made generic Apo-Hydroxyquine for Canadians. What happened to the Shermans? Maybe they knew what was coming and had to keep this on the Q-t? And yet you said People that take it are idiots. 🤔

I wonder how the communist state media Global news will give us inaccurate information while pushing for a vaccine that will be starting testing from the CCP 🇨🇳! trudeaugate Whattttt!!! They’re going to die if they take that! Isn’t that what your experts say Global? About time But what about Trump, isn't he taking it and endorsed it as a possible treatment? It must be dangerous for human consumption then, right?

Studies show global is full of globalist scum What’s this ‘looking in to’? It’s been proven. Any moron can research the studies which have already proven its merits 🙄 Hydroxychloroquine is what most studies are looking at, less side effects than Chloroquine. Consider them cousins. If treating a covid patient, the regimen should include Azithromycin, Zinc, Vitamin C & D. Don't wait for patient to be in advanced stages.

Don't pretend like this is some 'new untested thing' and we don't know what it does and all that lying. This is why you get called FakeNews for exactly this kind of deception and manipulated reality nonsense. We need a vaccine Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. But Trump! I heard this somewhere else.

These comments... Hey Global I’m on HCQ for RA for 30+ years. I’m alive and doing well. Fake news spews that HCQ will kill you. How absolutely disgusting. This saves people’s lives. This malaria drug has been used for 60 years. The US military take it every day, who travel all over the world. In this story & I quote “the drug has not been shown to combat the new coronavirus.” Are u going to retract this story? Side effects causing death 😂. Millions take these drugs as anti-malarial for years. The risk is incredibly small & the drug very safe.

Really? But Trump is crazy? You're a little late, don't you think? The studies have already been done! Doctors and others that care, have been talking about its effectiveness for weeks! Where have you been? Don't forget the ZPac! So, perhaps there was some truth in what the Prez has been saying, after all?

BRAVO ..... don't give in to Fear mongering by Big Pharma Lol it's been around since the 70s... 6000 doctors signed off on the effectiveness of HCQ. Is this 'new study' backed by Bill Gates or something WTAF. Question: is azithromycan the same as Erythromycan Why ask ? Well I am allergic to Erythromycan- Hives !

Excuse me? There have been lots of studies proving its effectiveness. I mean it has been on the market for 60 years lol Global news...bunch of crack pots. If they're doing a large scale study on HCQ then you know there's effectiveness in the drug to treat the virus. Obviously it makes more sense to berate and dismiss Trump seeing that our news is so fucking boring if he wasn't involved.

🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Fauci wont be happy!! How can he get a patent for a vaccine If a drug works ? Blocking Pick a lane or better yet don’t be biased A new study eh?! Fauci did a study on chloroquine's effectiveness for sarscov1 'The fact that chloroquine exerts an antiviral effect during pre- and post-infection conditions suggest that it is likely to have both prophylactic and therapeutic advantages.'

Here for the glorious ratio. Canada is so lost. 3 months behind yet getting away with blaming the “rapidly evolving virus” & “doing the best with what we knew at the time”. You own this incompetence / zero accountability, LPC voters. Is LPC in on discrediting it, buy in low, then on board?-playing stocks?

It has been proven it works, is save and very inexpensive you Globalist lap dog ball lickers I'll save you the trouble: it works. 1 day ago Global news says the opposite of this and its considered reporting ComedyNews This fucking virus should be treatable with something a simple as 'tylenol cold and corona'. Buy the pills once a year for 10 bucks and get on with your life. LearnToCode Globalist News.

You have a typo. 'Demand for hydroxychloroquine surged after Trump touted it in early April. He said this week he was now taking it as a preventive medicine against the virus despite media warnings about its use.' Imagine that. Old news. Lol, I’m not a Trump fan, but c’mon! You ridiculed Trump earlier, and now you decide there may be some merit to this? Maybe the media should start with rationalism rather than ad hominems.

Fakenews global, still trying to catch up here . All that bonus money to deceive Canadians, only works on the sheep . What balogna global employees spew . Trump 2020 FourMoreYears On front line workers? So if Canada gets the dose wrong and kills a shit ton of doctors, Trudeau can justify the Gates/ China vaccine Trudeau needs to be stopped

Wasn't Chrestontalks KellyCutrara calling Trump a moron for taking this and recommending. All those who hate him more than a possible medication. These people are dangerous. Is this from the MainstreamMedia FakeNews who berated realDonaldTrump for: 1 - Ever mentioning it in the first place? 2 - Having poo-pooed the idea a month ago? 3 - Just crapping all over him for 'Pushing' chloroquine? Just checking because I cant keep up with your lies.

Wow only 10 weeks late. Impressive. But....but...but.... Donald Trump said it looks promising and might help some people? Did you forget you can't agree with anything he suggests or does? Come on what gives, you didn't get the memo that Trump supports it? 🤦‍♂️ Lol. What clowns you guys are. We won't forget.

Starting to feel like a reporter since MSM Canada is full S. Minnesota Univ. is doing a 1500 person study on HCQ which will be completed in a couple of weeks. This was reported by the Head Doctor of the study on Fox News. WTF..they have been taking this in the states for weeks. Is this a joke.... AMAZING SHORT TERM MEMORY DISPLAYED BY GLOBAL NEWS AND ALL OF ITS 🐑🐑🐑 SUPPORTERS AGAIN!!! HCQ has been working for a while now, you think it's time to post about it cuz Trumps tweet is old enough now? Useless little college girls working at global...

Which is bizarre because St Joseph’s Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario has been conducting a trial since April 7th 🤔 knowledge shared by my cousin who is a nurse there It’s been proven effective. No wonder people perceive your journalism as cartoonish? And once again Canada is 2 months behind the curve. When I originally posted this, the lunatics claimed it was far-right propaganda. Damn, it sucks when facts get in the way of feelings.

Globalist news doesn’t get out of their basements much.... Oh how hiding Facts, is getting harder for Fake Media. Great for humans, regardless of political leaning. A little late to the game don’t you think ? Here's a measure of the quality of reporting involved; 'Demand for hydroxychloroquine surged after Trump touted it in early April. ' Trump made his comments March 19, not in 'early April'. From the phrasing the writer couldn't even be bothered with a 20sec google. Quality!

Just Canada lagging behind the world again. Thanks liberals. clearly, lots of ppl here didn't read the whole article but only the misleading headline Excuse me but what about all the existing studies? They started one with some seniors residences from across Canada back at the end of March - seems like we should have heard something by now - 8 weeks later. A little reporting please.

Finally Isn’t this interesting Canada, always the last to do what’s right Hope it goes well. It's generic and cheap OUTRAGE!! It can't be used because OrangeManBad We must follow cowardofthecottage -Nothing to fear -Fear everything and everyone -Open border -Close border -Allow border crossing while denying it -Don't wear mask -Wear mask

Without zinc this is a garbage study For months leftist media repeatedly claimed scientists and medical professionals said it had no effect on Corona virus.. Was the media lying? Or were the scientists and medical people you selected to consult with lying? Notice the doctor said 'These are extremely well established drugs'. You wouldn't think so if you listened to the Trump haters. Hydroxychloroquine has only been used safely for 65 years! Longer than most of the delusionists who rail against it.

Seriously? The studies have been done! Denial is the problem. Anti Trumpism is the ONLY problem here. As far as I’m concerned, let those that choose to have hydroxychloroquine treatments, have them. Those who who don’t want them can suffer. Remember: it’s MY body, MY choice🤷‍♂️ Well they can’t do that!! If it proves to help 99% of the MSM and all the left wing Trump haters will have their heads explode and be jumping out of buildings !! 😱😱😂😂

It already is, way to stay behind the curve. Wait!!! Wasn’t Global just railing against Trump the other day for taking this prophylactically Why yes, yes they were! It’s a clinical trial people. And nothing will be concluded until the trial has ended. This doesn’t mean trump was right. He’s still likely wrong. As usual.

was doing it yesterday. Our media is so stupid. They wonder why no one believes anything spouted by them. Global News proves once again that it’s complete garbage. GLOBAL FAKE NEWS/HEALTH CANADA You’re are either way behind the curve, censoring, twisting or distorting. It’s too late. You’re busted. Old news

But I thought Trump was wrong and bad and evil and stupid for using it? Did GoebbelsNews get caught lying again? It's already been determined. Anyone pay attention to all the potential side affects of medications advertised on television, radio and printed out with prescriptions. Just asking. Why not just google REAL EXPERTS and start saving Canadians! You incompetent communist collaborators. CPHO_Canada PattyHajdu

It's hard to believe they are talking about same drug that's been used around the planet to save lives, for decades. Most in the media never heard of this drug till Trump mentioned it. Hydroxychloroquine became a medical pariah the minute Trump mentioned it. Pathetic journalism. You hacks have been having a 💩 hemorrhage ever since Trump mentioned this drug. Numerous studies already show great benefits and success with it. Guess Trump was right, once again huh Globalnews? 🤣🤣🤣

It keeps malaria away while the coronovirus takes over your whole body. Take Aspirin too and you won't get a headache either. It's been proven that it works already.. Old news. Many countries now using it with great success, for months now. Where have you clowns been? Wake up! globalismnews FakeNews Once again, a little late to the party!

Another new study🤔 Funny how a lot of the Canadian public knew this three months ago global News? Maybe Justin Trudeau didn't want a fix quite so soon. WTF ? a few hours ago it was poison And everyone shitting on Trump hahahaha Medical docs in Asian countries have been using it as a treatment for months!!!!!!

No mention of including Zinc and to my knowledge they work together. This is also what I have read in the smaller studies. Worked good for 70years what could be wrong with it now? If I was really sick in the hospital fine. Otherwise I'm not taking that. OMG... Canadian media is a joke!! Hydroxychloroquine, has been proven to work already!! It is not the same as just Chloroquine.

And the media is crucifying Trump for taking it. Also read somewhere that a lot of people in governments are taking it. Go figure 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Well well well New study my ass, it’s been known for some time now that it helps. Why was so much information on the drug pulled off of YouTube and google? novel [ˈnävəl] NOUN a fictitious prose narrative of book length, typically representing character and action with some degree of realism. 'the novels of Jane Austen' · [more] synonyms: book · paperback · hardback · story · tale · narrative · romance · work of fiction ·......

So you are just reporting on this now? Little late to the show no? Want to get ahead of the FakeNews on Hydroxychloroquine - and enter 'HCQ' into the search box. Let's not forget the coup against realDonaldTrump on which you are not reporting. Hasn’t this been done in the US already The results weren’t good!

Meh whateva I’m not taking that shit. If someone else wants to start popping it go for it. But but the media told me it was poison!!! Yet the media has an aneurysm when President Trump takes it prophylactically I hope they have different results than the New York study that found no significant benefit.

There is already a mountain o evidence that it works...Liberals staling.

B.C.'s top doctor says visits to long-term care homes might be possible next monthB.C.'s provincial health officer says visits to long-term care homes might be possible as early as next month, if the coronavirus curve remains under control.

Coronavirus Update: How shoring up hospitals for COVID-19 contributed to Canada’s long-term care crisisMay 20: Large companies applying for new coronavirus loan program must give Ottawa option of owning shares; Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. predicts house prices could drop up to 18 per cent Even Globe and Mail did not report in time to stop these untimely death of forever young people.

For-Profit Nursing Homes Hire Tory Insiders To Lobby Ford GovernmentSince the coronavirus pandemic began, three companies that run long-term care homes have hired lobbyists with ties to Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives. That’s because for profit long term care homes know they are in the cross hairs; as they should be! They’ve had roughly four times the COVID deaths as public or non-profit facilities so there’s something seriously wrong here! 😷🇨🇦 I guess the lobbyists know the death toll caused by for-profit care homes better than anyone FuzzyWuzzyTO I don’t think they need to considering he already supports For-profit care homes..Mike Harris

The side-effects Trump risks by taking hydroxychloroquine include death and seizuresTrump: ‘I’m taking hydroxychloroquine. I’ve been taking it for the last week and a half. A pill every day’ 🤞

Canada reports 1,040 new coronavirus cases, including 70 more deathsCanada has now recorded 79,101 cases of the novel coronavirus, including 5,912 deaths.

Ontario Closes Schools For Rest Of The YearThey won’t reopen until September due to the coronavirus pandemic. fordnation ‘Risk’ is being a resident in long-term care in Ontario. fordnation I think it was the right move. Quebec is the canary in the coal mine right now. Let’s see what happens in a few weeks. fordnation Better safe, then sorry. I respect the decision 👌🏻