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Consider releasing some inmates to stem COVID-19 in prisons, minister requests

Consider releasing some inmates to stem COVID-19 in prisons, minister requests

2020-04-01 12:25:00 AM

Consider releasing some inmates to stem COVID-19 in prisons, minister requests

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair has asked the federal prison service and the parole board to look at early release for some offenders to prevent the spread of COVID-19 behind bars.

Newsletter sign-up: Get The COVID-19 Brief sent to your inboxThe Correctional Service and the Parole Board of Canada had no immediate comment on the minister's request.The prison service said Monday two inmates had tested positive for COVID-19 at a maximum-security prison in Quebec, the first confirmed cases involving prisoners in a federal institution.

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The service said nine employees who work at the Port-Cartier penitentiary also tested positive for the virus.The Union of Canadian Correctional Officers, which represents officers in 49 federal institutions, says the release of a few inmates would not stem the spread of COVID-19 in prison but would increase the risk for Canadians.

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How about releasing the cure and your captive citizens Lets talk about AVIGAN Avigan thecure healhumans bringbackourworld BillBlair but why? Is there not places to isolate the mild cases? Who is visiting these people; how would the virus get in there? I personal would worry these are the people who chose not to listen and obey. So putting them out in the public is making a higher risk, I think.

Hoping this is an AprilFools joke🤨 Idiots! And they’ll self isolate right! NOT! Where will they go? I'm for it if they're non violent and can immediately shelter in place Still a no from me. Yeah great idea. Send criminals back into the public where they can continue crime and looting Well there’s dumb - then there’s stupid

Not a good idea. Isolate prisoners inside. Changes should have been made inside prisons weeks ago to have more possibilities of self isolation for inmates. Days later this idiot forgot what happened to YRP officer at a mall bc of changes made to the bail hearing. In this case please provide me the right to carry.

Are you kidding me? Like there isn’t enough crap going on No they stay where they are. You obviously don’t see what these repeat offenders are going to do and make this situation worse not better Anarchy you moron that is what will happen JustinTrudeau BillBlair you mean like this guy who was given bail base on 'COVID CONCERNS'!!!! great idea!!!!! Not!!!

And just two days ago, a York Region cop was seriously attacked by an offender released an hour earlier. Mr. Blair....? The release idea has got to be the stupidest thing yet. So give someone who has nothing to lose a playground and a weapon and let them play? Kick the food trays under the door. idiocracy

Like a bad batman movie... No. Hard no. They committed crimes. They deserve to be in prison. That's where they should stay. How dum just stop visits to prison and they are fine the virus didn’t fly stupid Done right, it sounds like a good idea, but you’re basically making attack ads for the cons. Fucking politics.

As an elected government, aren’t you supposed to represent the views of the people? Who, but you, is asking for this? Keep them locked up where they belong His face looks like it is melting I'm sure the law abiding inmates that are in prison will respect the social and physical distancing and refrain from non essential travel and activities given their new found freedom. logic

Hilarious NFW This has to be an April fools joke. My gun is cocked and loaded All non-violent criminals with less than a year left should be released. If this gets into the prisons it would be a disaster, and a massive burden on our healthcare system. Make them work as an ESSENTIAL worker like thousands of others. I have no choice on working, nor should they.

That's a hard no, idiots! LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder Another friggen stupid idea from the stupidest people that were voted in by morons! No way do we need more criminals walking the streets! Go check out the DTES all Provincial governments need to say NO! If they stay in lockdown, there shouldn’t be any spread. 🙄 stupid suggestion

Why would that even be considered? Is there Covid cases in MB prisons? StayHome Liberals releasing criminals in our streets, in Canada. Yea really think that’s a good idea Bill? They’re in jail, which in Canada is really difficult because we hardly send anybody to jail? Maybe just actually keep them in “lock down”. It is a jail right?

Bill Blair is a fuckin 🤡 Fuck right off with this Only on a one for one basis with incompetent Liberal politicians Who ever voted for this idiot should go to jail! Can we buy guns to protect our properties? Smh dumb idea imo Hell no! I have enough open cases to deal with And the crime rate increases. Like there’s not enough on the plates of our police force. Give me a break!!!

How about they get treated like real prisoners. Lock them down like our seniors are. Put them in solitary confinement like the rest of us. Is he daft?!!! Gotta be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. Board up your windows folks we’re going full apocalypse lol 🔥⚡️☄️💥🌪 Another brain dead liberal idea. How can anyone with a brain vote for a party that would consider this?

Im not even eligible for EI or CERB cause I was a full time student this year. And I can't job hunt either. If I can't get financial support or find a job, how the hell are they going to take care of themselves when they're released into this environment!? cdnpoli Stupidity at its finest.. Dumb stupid inept f$king lieberal

You think a fresh out of prison inmate is going to self isolate to keep the public safe? if only we could keep them some place they could be forced to isolate. Endanger the public to protect convicts. genius idea. I'll bet all the rich, connected inmates get out first. Hey CTV News, why don’t you go interview the cop that almost got beaten to death in the Hillcrest Mall parking lot last week why don’t you ask him if it’s a good idea, as I understand the guy who almost beat him to death was let out early due to Covid!

How bout we release them and let them stay at Minister Bill Blair’s house and PM Trudeaus house?! This is terrifying. No. No way. NO!!! Are they even more mental than mentals? Isn’t prison a safer place to be since all the criminals can be isolated in their cells. Watch the video of the cop beat up In the parking lot by the early released criminal? Bad idea in my opinion!

The last thing we need to add to our worries are criminals that could potentially cause more harm to the public. What happens to our safety? Workers in the prison should have better screening to ensure they don't spread the virus to inmates. That should be the focus! CanadianPM Why? They had their freedom before they decided and willingly to commit a crime against society. They had their chance. Keep them right where they are and teach them to keep clean and isolate. They are probably safer there.

Only if Willie offers to go replace them behind bars, god knows he’s guilty of many things! We still have inmates With our courts and fed government how could their possibly be any inmates Wtf are you thinking? A prisoner was already “Covid released” assaulted a policeman (York) who is now in hospital, then COVID released a 2nd time 2 days later. The government has a duty to protect the public and frontline responders.

He is a complete and utter f'ing idiot. Just like his boss. Don’t we have enough problems, now this. Is this sane!!!!! NO. NO. NO. They committed a crime. They gave up their freedom when they were caught, tried and convicted. Hope they move in his posh neighbourhood Truly an idiot Our government is fake This in bat sh*t insane.’s ok for inmates to be allowed to use drugs, hard drugs, right? not just smoking a dubie or three, but it’s not ok for them to catch a virus that could be deadly? Why not just let everyone out? Makes about as much sense. Blair should be told to join them The same jackass that wants to take away legal firearms from honest citizens now wants to release prisoners. This is getting surreal. Did you not see the cop beaten by a recently released inmate? BillBlair cdnpoli TrudeauNotFitForOffice

The bars and parks are closed, where will the sex offenders go if they are released? Nope!! Have we lost our minds? There are no jobs. They’re better off in jail. Are they not self isolating now? So, all the normal people barricade themselves inside their houses while the crazies run around outside... no

Noooooooooooooo fools Not to sound heartless but why would we want to release people from prison to increase the chances of spreading the virus to everyone else? Aren’t we asking people to isolate? What about Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor? CanadianNunya The safest place for them to be is in jail, they’re getting better care and access to medicine more than folk whom obey the laws. Let them be.

How about we put them all in isolation in the prison to protect them? Seems better idea than releasing them No! Every time Blair opens his mouth he is either lying, or demonstrating an incredible lack of competence. Sure, let’s release a bunch of criminals to potentially protect another bunch of other criminals while endangering the non criminals in society.

Are they out of their minds Canadians have to go to work in hospitals and police departments and grocery stores...they have no choice but this idiot wants to let prisoners who can self isolate in their cells out... WTF? As long as the worst one released gets to stay with the guy who came up with this idea.

You would be releasing them to an area of greater risk to come in contact with Covid 19. Quick releases never end well and only put police and parole officers at greater risk! Then again, Liberals only ever care about convicts and not about peace officers! just release the 75+ year olds Do we really think these prisoners will obey “home quarantine” and “social distancing” orders from the same government that incarcerated them?

I have to go to my realistically non - essential job, while the majority of people are at home getting paid and now they wanna let prisoners out? I guess I was the prisoner all along. What is wrong with these people. This is so not cool 😡 My answer is NO, He's an idiot. Fits right in with the current government.

No way! Don't do it,that's a bad mistake, were gonna have all kinds of crimes Sure they can stay with Bill Blair no? CDNpoli KPateontheHill I can't believe the replies of some commenters. Hopefully you NEVER have anyone in your life who ends up in jail. Buying guns? Letting them rot? They are human beings. Time to seperate the past from present. Everyone changes as they grow up. Give them a chance.

What the fuck is he drinking? Is this serious advice!! HELL NO!!!! Why are they exempt from self isolation. Social distancing?

Transparency on COVID-19 response crucial: former public safety minister GoodaleGovernments must be as transparent as possible with Canadians about response measures for COVID-19, says former Liberal public safety minister Ralph Goodale. I wonder how many of those healthcare workers and first responders who are under-equipped and undeterred risking their lives everyday in the trenches selflessly will try an absurd power grab to become the King of Canada for 2 years? I guess only time will tell. thisissobad Do the words “transparency” and “Goodale” really belong in the same sentence? Like the transparency rules your former government removed? The ones Harper put in place? You’re right though..Trudeau needs to be under the microscope or this money is going to end up in every money laundering dictator’s pocket on the planet.

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