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Conservatives propose declaring Parliament an ‘essential service’ amid COVID-19 crisis

Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer calls for Parliament to be declared an essential service. READ MORE:

2020-05-22 10:00:00 PM

Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer calls for Parliament to be declared an essential service. READ MORE:

Up to 50 MPs should be allowed in the House for 'normal' sittings, starting Monday, and 18 of them should be Conservatives, Tory Leader Andrew Scheer said Friday.

READ MORE:Trudeau open to ‘hybrid’ model for Parliament as parties negotiate return to CommonsMPs need to be able to ask questions on behalf of their constituents across the country, Scheer said.The Liberals, he said, have announced hundreds of billions of dollars in new spending to mitigate the damage caused by the pandemic-related shutdown, but have provided no formal financial update. Canadians need to know how the government is spending their money, he added.

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0:41Coronavirus outbreak: Trudeau says Canadians want a ‘functioning parliament’Coronavirus outbreak: Trudeau says Canadians want a ‘functioning parliament’“The government should not be allowed to hide the information from Canadians or to pick and choose which questions they want to answer and when,” said Scheer.

Story continues below advertisement“This is not a partisan issue. This is about whether or not a country like Canada can have a functional Parliament during a crisis.”3:06Coronavirus outbreak: Scheer says return of parliament allows for ‘better legislative process’

Coronavirus outbreak: Scheer says return of parliament allows for ‘better legislative process’Scheer proposed that 50 MPs should be allowed in the House for “normal” sittings, starting Monday, to conform to public health requirements on physical distancing. He said 18 of them should be Conservatives, proportionate to his party’s standings in the full 338-member chamber.

Trending StoriesDollar fight? Loon killed bald eagle with ‘shot through the heart’He said the number of support staff in the West Block of Parliament Hill could be reduced as well. Scheer also said he wears a mask while on the Hill, but he took it off for his Friday press conference. Scheer said the party whips can decide how many MPs can safely meet to debate and vote on legislation while respecting physical distancing.

READ MORE:He said all Commons committees need to resume regular hearings via video as part of a plan to restore a “normal parliamentary business cycle.”[Sign up for our Health IQ newsletter for the latest coronavirus updates]Currently, the Commons has turned into a special COVID-19 committee, meeting three times a week, twice virtually and once in person.

Trudeau said he wants to see a functioning Parliament, and is open to a “hybrid” model where some MPs could participate via videoconferencing. He said the parties are negotiating a way forward.Story continues below advertisementCoronavirus outbreak: Trudeau says Canadians want a ‘functioning parliament’

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Coronavirus outbreak: Trudeau says Canadians want a ‘functioning parliament’“We want what Canadians want, to make sure that there is a functioning Parliament that will ensure that questions and preoccupations from across the country get heard,” Trudeau said Friday.

MPs could debate non-pandemic matters, but he said that would remain the government’s focus.“All parties are united in wanting to ensure that we continue — as we have been — to demonstrate that our democracy is strong, and our institutions are functioning not just despite the crisis but because of the crisis.”


Agreed parliament should resume in house. AndrewScheer shouldn't apply for employees money payout. Shut up Thief! How much did it Cost us to pay for your kids schooling tell him shut up. he is far from essential.. he can go back to the states with his american citizenship..oh wait they probably dont want him either

Sheer needs to use his time more wisely. Every level of business has been using video conferencing for years. Parliament is already using it, it is working. Move on. In a true democracy, damn right. Lay him off, and let him collect CERB for a couple of months. And kick him out of his paid housing. So those of you who think the government isn’t working - have you missed the daily announcements, the programs to help as many groups as possible? Surely not, you have been complaining about the “free $”, even though we have not even been in the top 10 most generous countries.

can we get Andrew sheer himself 6x6m distance from any microphone or camera, so tired of listening to this non-leader whine? GlobalBC Probably just doesn't like the new 'ban' wagon the government is currently on 🤣 And Churches. Parliament should get back to work, I have. Lol, how is this even possible? How are liquor store attendants essential but own government isn’t, yet? So sick of Trudeaus morning show. 👳🏿‍♂️

to I’m surprised they are still letting this clown speak. And I mean PC executive. Shame to let this moron continue. Same old same old. Do us all a favour in your goodbye OFFER something positive. Don’t put others down to make yourself look good. Don’t insult. Don’t whine. Try it!!! Why do you even cover this dolt ?

GlobalBC AndrewScheer he has American citizenship, go live there! We're going through enough! to GlobalBC Thank you. Get that crooked pos out here. Pretty sad he has to try & force the other parties to go to work. We're the only country in the world whose government refuses to work. If ismt isn't can I essentially ignore your requests for a portion of my earnings? Or ignore your nonessential rules?

Scheer, just step down. You’re nonessential. Go back to work JustinTrudeau stop hiding like a pansy that you are! The onlything I don’t agree with him on is a second wave. It’ll be a regular flew/cold season. GlobalBC Canadians call for full accounting of abscondingandy and the $900,000 he got under questionable circumstances (so bad even Harper had to quit). When will AndrewScheer finally come clean to Canadians? weak lamedick loser outoftouch

TheWestBlock By golly I thought they always have been. Are nuts. We don't need full parliament we need smaller more productive parliament. Every wind bag in there requires multiple staff supporting them. There just isn't the space for workers to work safely. You see the windbags not the hundreds of workers that actually get shit done

Such Radicalism PeterPanPM 🥔🧦🎈🤪🤡🧦 MagicKingdom And it should have been right from the beginning. Dr. Shiva: To MASK or Not to MASK Personally, he does NOT wear a mask... Cloth masks increase your risk by 13X! Did he run this idea past Stephen Harper? This is a no brainer. There no intelligent, rationale counter argument. This is our democratic process and Trudeau clearly can’t be trusted.

He really wants his party to lose in the next election Someone thinks very highly of themselves. its just disgraceful ... and anyone who doesn't understand exactly what the Liberals / greens / BLOC have done - should have their voting rights removed What can be more essential than running a country especially during a crisis Parliamentarians who don't want to go work shud be named and shamed and shud hv a pay cut.

GlobalBC How many times do we have to tell you, Andrew? Just. Go. Away. GlobalBC I guess the hydroxychloroquine thing was already taken. Someone probably keeps muting him in the Zoom meetings. Thank you Andrew !!! So when are the Conservatives holding their convention and finding a real leader? GlobalBC this guy still around?

GlobalBC He’s right, it is an essential service. It’s scary the amount of people who don’t think it is. 🤦🏻‍♀️ If minimum wage workers can work so can our overpaid MPs and Justin Trudeau. get back to work using the social distancing rules,not so you can put on your usual gong show,trying to score points,fyi the conservatives will never get in to government in Canada again as long as they are lead by some religeous zealot with a questionable agenda.This is Not USA

If Parliament isn't essential, then neither are MP's salaries and pensions. An American telling us how Canada should operate? Deport him there's LOTS of ESSENTIAL services that do their work remotely - see welfare/income support, DOCTORS/SPECIALISTS doing tele-med exams, EI/CRA. You can make the same remarks on skype or zoom that you can in person. focus MORE on getting work done and LESS on how to bitch about it

to These 🤡 should get a pay cut! Vote on this to Going to start calling him Trump Parliament is essential. Especially in a minority government. The current situation is untenable IStandWithScheer DemocracyNow TrudeauLied TrudeauMustGo GlobalBC GlobalBC The most un essential person in Ottawa flapping his gums about essential services. 🤣 ScheerMadness

Why does Global insist on giving this loser so much time? Let's hear from some *competent* Conservatives. GlobalBC We don't need overpaid politicians endlessly heckling the Prime Minister and not getting any substantial work done. to Sorry but you will never be deemed essential. Especially when you are the outgoing Con 'leader'

Tories want Parliament declared 'essential service,' regular House sittingsOpposition Leader Andrew Scheer wants Parliament declared an essential service so a reduced number of MPs can resume their House of Commons duties amid the COVID-19 crisis. Andy, you've never been less essential than you are right now. Maybe quit drawing attention to that fact. Does he just want everyone to get sick so he can take over?!? Please tell him to stay the Fk home!! Canadians are just English want to be’s.

Conservatives proposing motion to declare Parliament an essential service, Scheer saysThe Opposition Leader says he wants Parliament declared an essential service so a reduced number of MPs can resume their House of Commons duties globepolitics globepolitics Yawn......does anyone else think this when Scheer says anything? Like who actually cares what he thinks? cdnpoli globepolitics THIS IS SICKNING... The Union says “their is no requirement for Teachers to work online with students. Ford should fire them. Stupidity and greed. If the union is promoting ' do nothing' then they should 'receive nothing.' TAXPAYERS REVOLT NOW..

Petition calling for flight refunds amid COVID-19 cancellations attracts thousands of supportersThousands of Canadians have added their name to an online petition calling on the federal government to require airlines to reimburse passengers with cancelled flights as a result of COVID-19 . Sorry, wasn’t their fault they couldn’t provide the service. You will all get the service you paid for, when they are allowed by the government. The petition: If you bought a ticket after any travel restrictions or outbreaks reported, sorry but that’s on the purchaser

Thousands sign petition calling for flight refunds amid COVID-19 cancellationsThousands of Canadians have added their names to an online petition calling on the federal government to require airlines to reimburse passengers whose flights were cancelled as a result of COVID-19 . Should do the same thing to make airbnb give full refunds WestJet need to do this instead of travel bank credit that's no use to my parents in Ireland who had their flight canceled. Very sad that Fed Government spent billions dollars to China for faulty/defective PPE and not supporting Air Canada through this difficult time. Does Trudeau want China to buy Air Canada? Save Canadian jobs with our tax moneys, an airline of our country. Destroy Chinese virus.

Coronavirus Update: How shoring up hospitals for COVID-19 contributed to Canada’s long-term care crisisMay 20: Large companies applying for new coronavirus loan program must give Ottawa option of owning shares; Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. predicts house prices could drop up to 18 per cent Even Globe and Mail did not report in time to stop these untimely death of forever young people.

Evening Update: Tam upgrades advice on wearing masksAlso: Women in Canada disproportionately affected by COVID-19 She should resign, this evil of a woman. She might have saved lives if she did this from the onset.. Austria said from the start.. everyone in public wears masks. hey began to reopen their businesses a couple of months ago. This stupid woman has wearing masks delayed for 3 months !