Conservative Party can lead on anti-racism policy—a blueprint -

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Akolisa Ufodike, Susanna Ally and Louis Butt: In order to address systemic racism, we must discuss the Conservative Party's policies on immigration, the economy, education, cultural outreach and data collection

. As such, the Conservative Party needs to contemplate small business funding programs that target visible minority communities.

94 per cent of them wanted to achieve higher education, but their optimism about what they were expected to achieve dropped to 60 per cent For example, in Ontario, this has led to students being discouraged and streamed into “applied” fields when they could easily excel in the “academic” streams. This practice of streaming has heavily disadvantaged Black students. The Conservative government of Ontario recently announced it would end this. Decisions of this nature will go a long way in opening opportunities for minority communities.

is one such effort towards encouraging multiculturalism and ethnic outreach; this is a model that should be welcomed and replicated within other minority communities by the party.starting with party membership, party staff, candidates, political staff and board appointees. There is an argument that doing this means quotas, but this argument falsely assumes that qualified or competent visible minorities candidates do not exist.

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But first let’s solve the level of unethical behaviour and corruption in the Liberal Party.

If you are going to write a piece like this and be taken seriously you need to be fair to the efforts put forth by all parties. Otherwise this piece of fluff will be viewed for what it is, a political piece laughed at by all considering who is running the Tories today.

Why do you print this trash? Is no media organization out there not immune from calling people racist by default simply because they aren't in the liberal box. You've turned into grifters instead of journalists.

'Systemic' racism is a neo-Marxist idea that assigns responsibility and innocence to entire groups of people BASED ON RACE regardless of individual agency. We must thoroughly reject this anti-liberal, anti-Western notion. Martin Luther King Jr. was correct, not Karl Marx.

'In order to address systemic racism'... you first have to define systemic racism and prove that whatever the hell you claim it is actually exists.

farewell radical left magazine...

Right now they aren't. And I don't believe a word they say.

Conservatives are disgusting they only care about the wealthy corrupt oil corporations.

Forget systemic racism and let’s talk about systemic corruption, something that is destroying Canada

Maclean's magazine is perfect—for the 1990s.

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