Conservative MPs accuse Trudeau of pushing 'vaccine vendetta' as convoy protest heads to Ottawa | CBC News

2022-01-25 1:25:00 AM

Conservative MPs accuse Trudeau of pushing 'vaccine vendetta' as convoy protest heads to Ottawa. Truckers opposed to cross-border vaccine mandate plan Parliament Hill protest.

Conservative MPs accuse Trudeau of pushing 'vaccine vendetta' as convoy protest heads to Ottawa. Truckers opposed to cross-border vaccine mandate plan Parliament Hill protest.

Conservative MPs fiercely opposed to the federal government's new vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers have slammed what they call Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's 'vaccine vendetta,' saying that a policy requiring truckers to show proof of vaccination will disrupt the country's supply chains.

Loaded Politics Conservative MPs accuse Trudeau of pushing 'vaccine vendetta' as convoy protest heads to Ottawa Conservative MPs fiercely opposed to the federal government's new vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers have slammed what they call Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's "vaccine vendetta," saying that a policy requiring truckers to show proof of vaccination will disrupt the country's supply chains.Social Sharing Canada's molecular testing regime has hit a wall — and rapid tests are extremely hard to find.Article was updated 50 mins ago JOIN THE CONVERSATION Hundreds of truckers and supporters left Calgary on Monday as part of a journey to the nation’s capital in protest of a federal vaccine mandate.Social Sharing Mandate for cross-border truckers went into effect on Jan.

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Its time to drop the whole Covid mess, like the stinking pile of BS that it is. There are close to 90% of the population vaxxed (with a vaccine that has not proven its worth). The 'baby' vaxxes that most currently have is at 85%- we should be good enough now! Set us free! Canada is waking up against Justin Trudeau government regime

He wouldn’t be wrong! CdnMediaFailed … you keep reporting on a small group of truckers who know full well that they cannot enter the USA unless they are vaccinated. And PierrePoilievre is a proven liar and you know it why don’t you report that I’m as tired as anyone with all this shit … but FFSs. Just get vaccinated and this crap will end. It takes 10 mins to get vaccinated. Why protest and fight shit for months and months? Life is too short to complain and whine. Christ it’s a vaccine.

Thanks JustinTrudeau ! 9/10 of those truckers driving by are vaccinated. Bravo to them and 👎 to the 1/10. Note the vaccinated trucker only too happy to see his/her fans and give the horn a yank! 10/10 for the picture and 1/10 for the stupid story CBC. Promote the photographer and fire the writer. Skippy is a fascist cockwomble pillock, just like O' Foole and every other conbot. They couldn't tell the truth even if the Truth Unicorn flew over them farting truth dust on their heads!

I can't be the only one who thinks Canadians are softer than baby shit after a warm milk feeding.

As U.S. accelerates distribution of rapid tests, critics call on Ottawa to catch up | CBC NewsAs Canadians grapple with the highly transmissible Omicron variant and a molecular testing regime that has all but collapsed, rapid antigen tests have become a much-needed lifeline — for those lucky enough to get their hands on one. In the U.S., 875 million at-home tests will be distributed this month. What, bypass the provinces who sat on the last batch? JPTasker I wonder how many of those inaccurate rapid tests get brought over the border by truckers 🤷🏼‍♂️ Oops! Never mind… 🤦🏼‍♂️🥴 TruckersForFreedom TrudeauNationalDisgrace FreedomConvoy2022 CdnPoli DefundCBC 🥳 JPTasker Can't even tell the truth there, rapid test might get to some Americans in 2 weeks, but you knew that you just didn't want to say it! All you're really here for is to divide and conquer! You're not really a news agency are you? The propaganda's agenda! Defund the CBC!!!

SMH🤦‍♀️ CdnMediaFails Dear CBC, Adrienne, Andrew, Rosemary, Ian...please take a minute to thank all the vaccinated truckers who are out there on the road right now delivering the products we need. They deserve to know how much they're appreciated. About supplies: We will endure! With you to Ottawa. Go truckers Go!

His Yellow Vesters can give the hungry some of their $2.5 million from the Go Fund Me gift. DeniselxN Headline makes this about Poilievre when its really about supply chains. And if unvaccinated drivers are such a disruption to the supply chain then why are domestic drivers not required to be vaxed? Would that be because that would further disrupt the supply chain?

You guys at know that unvaxxed truckers cannot enter the US, right? I mean, you’re journalists, right? So you know that all 🇨🇦mandates regarding unvaxxed truckers are irrelevant now that the US has made it IMPOSSIBLE for unvaxxed truckers to cross the border. cdnpoli What a lie. You buying into this? Why promote Conservative propaganda? The empty shelf photos are from the UK or when the 🇨🇦snowstorm hit. Shelves were filled next day. Why are you serving the disinformation of the right wing of Canada? Pretty disgusting. IStandWithTrudeau

Why are you spreading this idiocy? CdnMediaFailed to be anything but CPC stenographers, yet again. Who is hungry in Canada? How much food was thrown out by supermarkets just over last week? If anyone is hungry they can go to any food bank in any town or city to get food! Too many people got paid during Pandemic, that's problem! Unvaccinated people, people travelling is problem

I went grocery shopping at a major chain in Saskatoon. No shortages on the shelves. The only shortages were staff to man the checkouts. Off due to Covid.

Convoy of truck drivers protesting vaccine mandates continue trek to Ottawa as supporters praise ‘modern-day blue collar soldiers’Convoy of truck drivers protesting vaccine mandates continue trek to Ottawa as supporters praise ‘modern-day blue collar soldiers.' Story by lexharvs Hundreds of truckers and supporters left Calgary on Monday as part of a journey to Ottawa to protest a federal vaccine mandate. Dubbed the “Freedom Rally,” they are expected to arrive Saturday with stops in cities including Windsor, Toronto and Kingston. lexharvs They must make tons of money, driving empty rigs for hundreds of kilometers. lexharvs Rewrite that headline. None of those truckers are ‘soldiers’. I support what they’re doing but they aren’t soldiers!!

The only ones causing any issue to others are the ones who refuse to get vaccinated. Imagine if this occurred in the fifties. We’d still be fighting polio, rubella, etc. Hey, CBC send your coterie of newscasters out to survey every grocery store in the city - every single one. Putting quotation marks on what PP said, does not indicate anything but the fact that you’re too lazy to go look for yourself.

Conservative MP Pierre Poilivere plays Canadian media like suckers, getting them to parrot back purposely misleading talking points, leaving some Canadians to ask why CBC journalists are so easily manipulated? Nope! Only 10% of truckers are AntiVaxxers! AndrewScheer & PierrePoilievre demonstrates that they're Pro increasing deaths/hospitalizations in 🇨🇦? CPC_HQ is led by AntiVaxxer_Terrorists?

CBC I stopped watching, not showing the truth about awareness of what has been going on, only what is approved and manipulated from the gov. Bless our FreedomConvoy22 Truckers and everyone supporting them. Thanks to our true Canadians wanting the best for our children's future I call BS Put trucks on trains

Poilievre îs fear-mongering and he is trying to divide Canadians by appealing to the knee-jerk right. Actions like these may lead to unnecessary panic buying and won't help to mitigate supply chain issues (which is a global problem). This obsession from TruAnon to be saying 'what about the US, what about Biden' as if it's a justifiable way to defend JustinTrudeau and his incompetence is pure insanity. liberal_party policies and mandates are causing the shitstorm in Canada. TruckersConvoy2022

It would be so simple,,, just get Vaccinated like 83% have already. Being a Selfish Bully is not fair to the rest of the Team.

Hundreds of truckers set off from B.C. for Ottawa in 'Freedom Rally' against federal vaccine mandate | CBC NewsHundreds of truckers are headed to Ottawa from British Columbia to protest a federal vaccine mandate. A GoFundMe raising money for the trucking rally collected over $2.5M as of Sunday. So it's either follow the rules I made or I'll cut off the food supply to the townsfolk..... wasn't this a plot on Game of Thrones? $2.5 million for a rally. They should have donated that to a hospital or to poor people. Everyone has a choice ✊

Conservatives, always reaching for the low hanging fruit. The CONS are spinning again to raise more money for a leadership review Repeating what politicians say is not journalism These numbers are always complete bs. If the policy goes into effect as planned I guarantee the actual number will be a tiny fraction of this. It is simply impossible for the vast majority of these people to give up their income. Almost all will relent.

PierrePoilievre proving yet again that he doesn’t have a clue wtf he’s talking about I’ll edit your tweet for you: MP Pierre Poilievre, leader of the CPC, screamed, “Trudeau! Trudeau! Trudeau! Trudeau! Trudeau! Trudeau!” for six straight hours before throwing up his breast milk and crying himself to sleep on gold-plated nap mat. cndpoli

Why are you giving this fool a platform? This is a disingenuous, false narrative designed to prey on the weak minded. If he cares so much about empty shelves, where has he been on northern food scarcity/pricing, huh? SHAME ON YOU. There is 7.8 billion people in the world because earth's economy and technology allows it.

Canadians should expect our MSM to call out the misinformation and replace it with the facts when airing it on tv,SM,or printing it newspapers,otherwise you're part of the problem.

Fully vaccinated should mean 3 doses, says head of Ontario science table | CBC NewsThe head of Ontario's COVID-19 science advisory table is calling on the province to change the definition of the term 'fully vaccinated' from two to three doses, even though Premier Doug Ford said this week his government wasn't yet planning to do so. We followed the advice of 'experts', we trusted the science, yet here we are. Maybe it's time for some new axioms? Recovered from covid should be considered as better than vaccinated 🤔 Then - in 6 months - four?

You know there a mandate for truckers coming into the USA that needs to be vaccinated right it’s not just Canada He's right. I was planning when to not eat because of the inflation on groceries, long before this convoy was a thing. Absolute hogwash! I shopped for groceries at Farm Boy in Toronto on Monday and there was absolutely no shortage of anything. Mr. Poilievre is spreading fakenews

Retweet if you agree. CdnMediaFailed CdnMediaFails JustAnAsshole ‼️NO ‘SORRY’ FOR VANITY VIDEOS‼️ PierrePoilievre won’t say sorry for wasting taxpayer dollars PierrePoilievre won’t apologize for using taxpayer dollars to produce YouTube videos of himself promoting the universal child care benefit. cdnpoli

JustAnIdiot JustRacist ‼️CAUGHT LYING‼️ “You claim Canada has the largest deficit…” PierrePoilievre interrupts: “Had” The frustrated reporter laughs. “Now you’re saying ‘had’…” JustAnIdiot JustAnIdiot

Trudeau slams 'fear mongering' over COVID vaccine mandate for truckersTrudeau\u0027s remarks came after Alberta premier Jason Kenney posted photos of empty supermarket shelves and said \u0027This is turning into a crisis\u0027 What’s ridiculous is the US has the same mandate. Even if Canada lifted the mandate, truckers could still not cross the border without a vaccine. 85% of truckers are vaccinated, but hey, let’s give the 15% what they want. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Fick Trudeau Every day Trudeau becomes more out touch with real people .

JustCOVIDIOTS Vaccinated Truckers stand with CTA! iStandWithTrudeau IStandWithBiden TruckersForFreedom TruckerConvoy2022 KarenConvoy FreedomConvoy2022 wankerconvoy antivaxxers GetVaccinated WhiteSupremacy Rightwing GoFundMe cta CdnMediaFailed NeverVoteConservative JustinTrudeau Have you ever seen a median skew? Don’t use the unvaccinated as scapegoats for the under funding of hospitals, historical shortage of beds and sheer unpreparedness and lack of leadership by your government. 2 years of this yo-yo show. Fund hospitals! Open Canada

Not coincidence China & USA hate JustinTrudeau Where r reports? Post pics of empty shelf, its lies? Common sense, less truckers=less products, but Libs instant response is fearmongering, but Libs dont ever right? (During Election attach), but Cons article insinuating lying LOL Wrong - not the ones I’ve been to. Fear mongering as usual. Can someone retire that fool’s mouth

I love how CBC puts a very light title, basically saying it might not be true, but they are a news organization shouldn't they prove or disprove? And Libs say they are lying, but believe JT when he says unvaxxed are problem, while 700k vaxxed travels in Dec alone traveled If you ever need an example of Conservatives not knowing anything about how the fiscal world actually works, remember this: The party's finance critic said that vaccine mandates are 'emptying shelves' that aren't even empty and causing inflation actually caused by monetary policy

Great, you reported on what they said, now you do what's called 'investigative journalism' and report on what they said about grocery store shelves being empty because of this mandate. Spoiler alert, they're not. It's time canadian media stopped failing. Created a freedom protest instead.

I just got back from Safeway - and there’s not an empty shelf in the place. WTF are you talking about, Pierre? 🤣😀😀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The mandate just took effect and last week was a major snowstorm. Before that storm was the one in the US. Let's also not forget the insane shelf sweeping that keeps happening. Shelves here, other than Walmart last week after storm, are full. Prices went up months ago.

There is no reason for the federal government to have a vendetta against independent truck operators. The absurdity of some people, one must wonder the type of thoughts circulating in their head. It's irresponsible to incite hatred, especially among politicians. He’s taken a page from Minister of Bullsh_t and Propaganda Lecce’s playbook.

You can't comply your way out of totalitarian control! We all need to stand up now, look at what's happening in Australia, Quebec it's an outrage, it's a crime on humanity !! Our Rights Have Turned To Privileges That Can Be Taken Away. PierrePoilievre is a close second to Trump for the most lies per word spoken. It seems to go beyond politics and verges on the pathological.

Falsely. Your headline missed a key word, he's falsely claiming that. cdnpoli

OMG finance critic? CPC_HQ scraping the bottom of the barrel? They don't believe in education? PierrePoilievre needs to take a remedial Economics course. Time to block the Liberal propaganda machine. That will not happen Why the fuck is CBC covering that angle as their story!! Don't make excuses for the unvaccinated

Lies After Conservatives posted fake empty shef pics, they've lost all credibility with Canadians in Canada. We aren't qanon Republicans over here. Conservative MPs side with an anti-vax fringe group - shocking!

Lying Pierre Poilievre, aka Pierre Poutine? First the Progressive Conservatives slid into the Reform/Alliance. Now sliding into PPC likely under PierrePoilievre. The cpcGOPwannabes slide into the depths of irrelevance. cpc If only they understood what really is keeping Canadians hungry. Which is a lie. We all know it's a lie. Yet CBC for clicks continues to spread the lie.

So…no it’s not. Production shortages due to lack staffing playing a huge role across the entire supply chain, not just transport CBC ethos, cherry picking on how to cover national new to fit their mandate. Poilievre = NUT CASE Shelves are not empty but there is less and less availability and the prices are soaring and packages getting smaller and in the last week I m starting to see factories not get goods and materials .there is no denying things are not going well

'Claimed'. Why not 'said' unless CBC can disprove him.

Report the real news, Canadians have had enough. DefundCBC Correlation is not causation… as a finance critic he should know better. Blaming Canadian politics on a geopolitical problem is misguided. New Zealand has a ton of new strict measures and vaccine mandates. I guess Ardern has a crazy tyranny agenda too! Might be time for Justin to go…but Jesus Christ Poilievre does nothing but spew anger and nonsense

Go truckers Go!! “Claimed” ”Accused”. Truth hurts eh? Wow you guys really are pushing your liberal paid $$$ agenda fear mongering. It is now to the point where it has become childish. Go have a liberal snow fight, now that we have a lot of snow thanks to the climate change pandemic ! Lol 😆 Our government is based on a system that obviously don't work, for each party is corrupt as they all pushed for this tyrannical mandate. They say everything must crumble before it can be rebuilt. A Salute to the FREEDOM convoy, thank you and we'll see you in Ottawa! WHOOP WHOOP

With comments like that, it’s a good thing MP Pierre Poilievre is merely “finance critic” and not “finance minister”.

The Science is out - The Oakes Test is comming - Emergencies Measures Act is NO LONGER CONSTITUTIONAL. The loop hole is closed ! Those who know it are pivoting . Those who chose to stay course better have a good scapegoat when the hammer hits. 🙄 Bovine Scatology True The fear patrol are on it: He should go back to Alberta and polish belt buckles.

Freedom openup stopthefear Just a tad overblown......... Way out there ! Truckers should quit whining and find another job if they don’t like the rules. Most are vaccinated so we won’t starve! Govt. should deal with all the other real issues such as flooded farmers who have lost their livelihood not created by them.

You are not obligated to repeat his lies you know.

PP flapping makes the news again . Well……he is…… I think he is a big mouth that says what would benefit his agenda. Doesn't matter if it's true or not. PP, always bringing that gnat energy. Propaganda is most effective on people living in pain, fear, hate and ignorance. The CONs were working hard on it in the provinces, cutting pay to nurses, etc; but then a deadly virus helped them; but they still need to manufacture more with fear-mongering.

Want the truth? Search Superstore here on Twitter and look at all the full shelves of groceries in photos taken in the last couple of days. Since when do Conservatives care about Canadians that go hungry? The minute they're in power they are all for the millionaires. It’s true folks. He posted proof earlier.

The US had this mandate in place back in October. They seem a bit late to the table. On the up side, I'm sure they are convincing people that we can't get autonomous vehicles fast enough, and I'm betting some software company is working hard to make that happen.

Conservatives push warrantless idiocy that has raised millions in grift money on the right. In case you think it's not - biden made it impossible to cross into the US without a vax. Won't change anything Same rules on the other side of the border, follow the rules Hundreds of American trucks are also joining the convoy.

The Tool is Canada’s version of the American pumpkin Head . Dear CPC - you are on the wrong side on this issue. Hire more truckers that want to follow the rules … Please defund the CBC , we deserve better Reformacons sounding more Trumpian by the day!

Will their next stop be Washington? Oh wait. The US won't let them cross the border because they are not vaccinated. Everyone has to be vaccinated to cross the border, both ways in both countries. Why should 10% of truckers dictate to the rest of us? We are in a pandemic. Try to focus. I suspect this is not really about vaccinations or mandates, rather a hatred of Canada and her government.

I am not sure what this protest will accomplish. Only a small fraction of truckers are unvaccinated, they can't cross the US border anyway, grocery store shelves are full, and yet the Conservatives are trying to use this to divide Canadians. Its been 26 months now for Express Entry file applied in November 2019 still not been finalized inland applicant no response to web from please clear back log of application applied in 2019. IRCC do something 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Hey TruckersForFreedom show your appreciation for the support from CPC_HQ & PierrePoilievre and bring your convoy through Manotick ManotickVCA All I see is a party leader pandering to a minority group. Anti-Vaxers do not represent the majority opinion of the people of either Canada or the United States. Anyone with valid medical reasons is free to apply for exemption. Has anyone with a valid exemption been fired?

Who cares what a few gripers say? Considering the US has the same mandate, this is rather an empty protest is it not? And comparing this to soldiers going off to war to protect our freedom- disgusting. My dad was a vet. Not acceptable. Of all the hills to die on...political madness.

BREAKING: JustinTrudeau has been pushing his personal vendetta against Canadians for 6+yrs, not to mention his attempts at destroying The Charter. This liberal_party insanity has got to stop! NoVaccineMandate TruckersForFreedom TrudeauHasGotToGo This is hilarious. Your headline should read “Conservative MPs have reached such a low level of intelligence they don’t know a border has two sides.”

Who's expressing a vendetta? erinotoole What exactly is a vaccine vendetta? Of course it’s just matching the US policy, right ? do better How many months have these truckers had to get fully vaxxed? Get the Jan and be done w this nonsense. And shame on the PCs for promoting anti vaxxing So I guess the Conservatives want no vaccine mandate so that Canadians can die! Wow their just like their brothers in the USA - the GOP! The Liberals will keep the people safe while the Conservatives will let COVID run rampant!

You missed a word. Conservative MPs stupidly accuse … Will the truckers thank JT when they claim their diesel fuel as a tax deduction?

It should read , all canadians accuse trudeau of pushing I don’t get it the US has this mandate too I thought they were protesting road conditions. Should read - 'opposed to all vaccine mandates' NonConfidenceVote TrudeauMustGo So why don’t you tell us what this is about instead of parroting the right wing crowd who organized this? And remind us that the US has the same regulations so that can’t even cross the border.

But it's the US that won't let them in?