Conservative MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay apologizes for tweet linking Freeland, Soros

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The Conservative MP retweeted a video of Freeland, interviewing billionaire George Soros, when Freeland was a journalist with the Financial Times in 2009.


The edited two-minute clip shows Soros advocating for then-U.S. president Barack Obama to bring China into what the financier describes as a “new world order, a financial world order.” Findlay deleted the retweet Saturday afternoon and apologized, saying she never meant to endorse what she called “hateful rhetoric.”


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I wonder if she introduced Trudeau to Soros. As bad as Castro Trudeaus buddy

Do you mean the interview where Soros talks about the New World Order's agenda ...that one? CTV IS CONTROLLED NEWS

Why, it was truth ? you going to fact check it?

With a name like Freeland, I just think it was too much for Soros to resist.😂😂 Seriously though look up the Pound Sterling crash of 1992. Soros is evil personified.

So she apologized for telling the truth

A real big tent moment . How stupid could she be ?


Even though we all know the link is there

George Soros is one of the most evil people on this earth. Google his name. I read stories of him back in the 70s. And still watch for his BS.

She should know not to use Trump style politics in Canada. The progressives & MSM will forgive Trudeau for doing Blackface, breaking ethics law, obstructing justice wrt SNC, stopping multiple justice committee investigations into himself but they will never forgive this.

Saying 'I'm sorry you think so' is NOT an apology.

She apologized for the source, not the anti-Semitic sentiment in the tweet.

Can someone please explain: Soros, a billionaire, is supposedly funding communist groups. Communists hate billionaires and want to take their property. Why then is Soros, according to rightists, giving money to a group of people who hate him and everything he stands for?

Findlay is full of merde, and O'Toole is full of white feathers.

Other news sources have said O'Toole's office will not be commenting. That means 'tacit approval' to me. Unless he condemns this type of nonsense, he's part of it. But since O'Toole is fond of using a lot of Trump phrasing, we shouldn't expect much from the CPC_HQ cdnpoli

The comments here are extremely hypocritical!

Pantywaist progressive keyboard warriors are all upset again....🙄😂

Every single thing she said was absolutely 💯 fact.

Don't apologize for telling the truth and exposing evil people.

More fucking never fucking ends.


Freeland and Soros go way back to Davos in the 90's. Read the Red Notice by the crook Bill Browder. She's in it.

An apology is too little, too late.

South Surrey - White Rock, be embarrassed and do a better job of voting. You elected a racist who dabbles in Qanon conspiracies. bcpoli cdnpoli

so new leader same crap...

It's ACTUALLY Trudeau & SOROS! Find the Pictures.....Freeland?

There shouldn’t be any apologies only firings.

From the horses mouth

not to worry - Erin said ' zero tolerance ' to racism .....

There is no limit to the gullibility of the right wing. They ignore Bezos, Zuckerberg and the Waltons, but instead believe in the shadowy control of a Jewish man.

CPC_HQ is always sorry after the fact

whats the problem? its the truth... oh wait i see..

Soros is a monster

They are...

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