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Canadian Politics, Climate Change

Conrad Black: What did Canadians do to deserve this government?

Conrad Black: What did Canadians do to deserve this government?

2020-01-25 12:26:00 AM

Conrad Black : What did Canadians do to deserve this government?

Canada is a great country crossing the desert of self-chosen and misguided leadership. There is no vision except platitudes and quixotry

I was invited in each city to give my opinions on several subjects The principal points I emphasized on resource policy were that just as China and India, representing nearly 40 per cent of the world’s population, settled into hot pursuit of economic growth 30 to 40 years ago, raising demand for base and precious metals, energy and forest products so that they were much closer to being vendors’ markets than consumers’ markets, a confluence of improvident circumstances assaulted the oil and gas industry. Following the decisive defeat of the international left in the Cold War, the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the collapse of international communism and the defection of China to the virtues of a market economy (though still with a heavy command ingredient), the international left, evicted from power and even intellectual respectability, fetched up in the camp of the conservationists, those who cared most demonstratively for the environment. They shouldered aside the long-standing opponents of untreated effluent and advocates for natural habitats, and assaulted capitalism from a new quarter, waving the green flag of ecological radicalism rather than the red banner of Marx. Capitalism was not to be overthrown in favour of socialism, but rather the more incontestable goal of saving the planet. The left, for once, deserves high marks for improvisation.

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The left, for once, deserves high marks for improvisation In its way, it has been the most pure Leninism: the founder of the Soviet Union said “If you can’t get in the door, use the window.” This is what Marxist Naomi Klein was celebrating with her book “This Changes Everything,” claiming environmentalism would derail capitalism. And the affected militancy of generally respected figures of institutional finance, Mark Carney and Jim Leach and others, in turning themselves into a pressure group for green-friendly investment through the vacuous concept of sustainable finance (though Carney has reservations), are proving the truth of Lenin’s prediction that “The capitalists are so stupid they will sell us the rope we hang them with.” A green test of investment grade will be as complete a fiasco as was the spurious attempt to invest in companies according to the imputable quality of their corporate governance. Fad follows fad; the only yardstick for measuring the quality of investments is capital appreciation, and those that don’t rise in value will not be sustainable.

Greta Thunberg, the tiresome Swedish teenage scold, has been sailing around the world reproaching the planet’s adult population for failing our progeny by mismanaging the planet environmentally. This is a demonstration of weakness by the environmentalists, not strength. Successive claims of imminent doom by the climate alarmists have consistently failed to materialize. Our oil and gas industries are not being strangled by the irresistible veracity of the climate change movement; the entire world except Western Europe and Canada are carrying on without any obvious sign of believing their carbon emissions are threatening human civilization.

In September, former U.S. vice-president Al Gore repeated that we have 12 years to prevent irreparable climatic damage to life; he said much the same thing a decade ago, and a decade before that. At least he got a Nobel Prize and became a centimillionaire for being so repetitive. Every informed person in the world has realized for over 50 years that we had to be careful to reduce environmental pollution and protect endangered areas and species. The sudden injection of far-left militancy drove the argument to anti-capitalist hysteria and hijacked a vehicle formerly filled with virtuous ecologically minded people. And useful idiots are telling resistant groups like the benighted province of Alberta to enjoy their martyrdom and adjust to impoverishment.

The chief meteorologist of Japan disembarked from the climatist movement several months ago, saying it was unclear what was happening to the climate, if anything unusual. The whole policy of dismantling and discouraging most of the energy industry except the hopelessly inadequate and horrendously costly solar and wind power boondoggles has been officially rejected as based on unproved suppositions by all major governments except the principal Western European countries and Canada. Since the science is divided and the proportions of the whole climate question are impossible to judge, Canada should devote itself to neutral and exacting research to seek, urgently, to ascertain what is happening, instead of singing our hearts out in the chorus of doom, like catechism students, as we strangle our greatest potential source of export revenue and greatest manufacturing cost advantage, our oil and gas industry.

Canada should devote itself to neutral and exacting research to seek, urgently, to ascertain what is happening Countries that are not defined by an exclusive culture, like Poland, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Japan and many others are, and cannot claim a unique secular-evangelical mission and mythos, as the United States claims as the redeemer, exemplar, champion and guardian of democratic government and the free market, must define a community of interest, amplify and equitably distribute prosperity, treat its different component regions and cultural groups fairly, and endow themselves with a distinct purpose. What is needed is a vision, without which, as is recorded in Proverbs and is engraved at the entrance to the Canadian House of Commons, “the people perish.”

The current federal government defines its first priority to be fighting climate change, which is nonsense, making a shambles of matters of gender, and inciting egregious myths and practices in native issues. We are embracing a false national objective to oppress Alberta and Saskatchewan while encouraging charlatans and misfits to claim that there are more than two sexes and that the right of everyone to work out their own sexuality in perfect freedom is a matter for state coercion, and while inciting the inference that those of European ancestry invaded, occupied and oppressed this country in a manner morally indistinguishable from what Hitler and Stalin did to Poland in 1939. There is no vision except platitudes and quixotry. We are driving Alberta to the consideration of extreme remedies and are stuck with the authors of this visionless miasma for four more years. Canada is a great country crossing the desert of self-chosen and misguided leadership. In a democracy, a people gets the government it deserves; we must solemnly consider what we did to deserve this.

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ConradMBlack Voted for it? Twice? Because Justin is 'nice.' So Conrad black blocked me lol !!! Guess I got under his skin,, not sure why,, truth hurts I guess Opinions are from 1 person. We are doing well as a nation. ConradMBlack Well that's easy.... Canadians voted for this fool twice!! I also seem to Remember that at one point, you were fully on board. So, I'm guessing you voted for the fool as well.

ConradMBlack What did we do to deserve this government? We chose it, willingly. What choice did we have? An increasingly smug and dismissive Conservative party needed a dose of humility. Andrew Scheer demonstrated that they hadn't yet reached such a state. What did we do to deserve him? They got what they voted for...plain and simple!!!

1. I’m glad to live in a country where there’s space for dissenting opinion. If nothing else it gives us the opportunity to challenge. ConradMBlack Connie calling someone else pompous. That’s rich. No offence, your Lordship. We elected the fools. We being the royal we, of course. ConradMBlack Well there was an election .... and they voted for it... are u able to vote? Was there a prison council you were president of ?

Well it’s quite the improvement from Harper. They don’t have access to news in jail? The smear on environmentalists in the article is flat out made up. Both the Soviets and the DDR suppressed and attacked environmental movements as liabilities to economic growth, but I guess you guys don't check anything you print anymore.

Quebec and much of southern Ontario fear The conservative reform party of Alberta. I believe if Peter McKay had been the leader they would have done much better here in Ontario. ConradMBlack Sit down and shut up. Hey felon, no one wants hear your nonsense. People say voted, but I have my doubts most of those votes were legal.

Sometimes people have to experiment with different gov policies and see the results. The lessons of history often must be re-learned There are lots of very stupid and ignorant people in Eastern Canada Voted for it? The irony is, if Canads voted for the change to the electoral system (that the liberals were pushing), the Conservatives would have won and not Trudeau. Votes are skewed to the GTA

We were naive and emotional? What did we do to deserve getting stuck with Conrad Black? pauldalzell93 Eh voted for them? ConradMBlack Bernier was naively honest and Conservatives made the error of thinking a socon can win from right of spectrum. ConradMBlack Watched only mainstream media and voted ConradMBlack So, the whole re-electing Blackface McBlackface thing...

We voted. The people decided. It is called democracy. ConradMBlack they voted for it Secession would be the best possible thing ever for Alberta. It would become a giant Switzerland. Because we voted for the best fit. Vote Conrad, you know sonething you cant do in this country. You know a privalege reserved for Citizens and permanent residents? Yor opinion as a visitor, is just more NP style conservative BS.

ConradMBlack ........ You mean the government that is chasing you for all of your unpaid taxes Why are you giving a voice to a convicted criminal that renounced his Canadian citizenship? He's a pompous ass & his opinion has no value. Your generally recognized lack of journalistic credibility has been reinforced.

Should have elected the fraudulent insurance broker instead Conman Black. Lol. What did we do to deserve a blow hard like you Conrad Black didnt want to be Canadian. Why the hell is he given a voice in this paper? F that guy! They voted,. They demonstrated their constitutional right to vote. That’s what they did. It seems relatively easy to understand?

What did Canadians do to have Conrad Black back in Canada ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Why do you keep quoting this convicted felon? Stop it. You may have served your prison time Conrad, but you obviously didn’t learn from it. Canadians don’t need your opinions, regardless of which party governs. When you find yourself reading and agreeing with Conrad Black, you realize that something horribly wrong has gone on in this country, perpetrated mainly by the holier-than-thou socialists and anti-capitalists that have somehow wormed their way into power and most of the media.

We have insight to mske good decisions. We might be asking the same of your presence in Canada; out of incarceration and back writing opinion pieces, sir... What does Conrad Black know about being Canadian? Why keep giving this pompous convicted felon print space? He has nothing useful to say Thank u Conrad the first ever elite to come out against this corrupt liberal government 👍👍

chaosilikeit1 Parliament is a dark place indeed! Lead by a criminally inclined PM. He goes to great lengths to be unethical and criminal, yet the Commissioner of the RCMP does nothing! Lucki is as corrupt as Trudope. Sad when we can’t trust our National Police Farce! Trudeau or Trump. I'll stick with our guy, even though he buys those expensive doughnuts.

The problem with Canada is that 2 provinces have the ability to decide who our leads our country. All these leaders need to do to stay in power is keep quebec and Ontario happy. They were not supported by a person like you Mr Black (ConradMBlack), you we’re strangely quiet throughout the campaign. What do you think of MaximeBernier ?

Voted for it? Omg so much. Ask a native person if you're curious. Voted. Self inflicted wounds... and why are you not still in jail? What, didn’t Conrad Black go back to prison, or is he out again Well where to begin. We listened to Greta. We ignored the Trump economic miracle. We believe MSM to a fault. We were told to vote right of Center is racist. We in the east ignored the plight of our neighbours in the west.

We allowed our education system, from primary through university to be dominated by left thinking individuals... probably, in part, because the incentives for joining that profession seldom attract those who lean right... They voted!! Excellent, well written article. The fact that the insufferable, mediocre 'gary mason' mentioned, is its only cause for momentary disdain. Mason is an obtuse hack, at best.

They elected him! It’s called democracy. Felon says what? Why do you have this convicted felons musings on your pages? Is it because he is beholden to the same people you are? What did Canada do to dersetve you...a criminal. A overstepping right leads to a terrible and overstepping left. Just look at the U.S. An opposite analogy is the Dem.'s were the ones who by their own actions opened the door to Donald Trump.

“In a democracy, a people gets the government it deserves; we must solemnly consider what we did to deserve this.” 🇨🇦 Poor Conrad what a clown you've become. You're paying this crook? What did Canadians do to deserve to see this guy's opinion anywhere in print? Asking for a nation that removed him from its Order of Canada.

Well-stated. 'In its way, it has been the most pure Leninism: the founder of the Soviet Union said “If you can’t get in the door, use the window.” This is what Marxist Naomi Klein was celebrating with her book, claiming environmentalism would derail capitalism.' Yes, let's hear more about the virtues of capitalism from the man famous for committing fraud and embezzlement.

What did CND do to deserve the arrogant criminal Conrad Black? The only policy the Socks govt has to fight non-existent climate 'emergency' is to steal our hard earned money to hand to other nations and the U.N. Was and always will be a tax theft with no real benefit to CDNs. History will bear this out.

'The government was better when I was in PRISON!' Absolutely all of the idiots that voted for them amazing... Conrad this government is so much better than the cons Someone tell Conrad that when you get the most seats you are allowed to form the government, Canadians get the government they deserve and they have voted the Libs in pretty consistently for a century now

Oh brother. 35% failed to show up to vote. 21.5% (including fraud) showed up an voted for BlackFaceTrudeau The rest of us got what they deserve. What did we all did to have to keep listen to an outdated former felon for opinion pieces? Raised pampered & spoiled children who have no idea how the real world works and zero loyalty to their country.

Canada: What did we do to be saddled with Conrad Black? Conrad Black? Now there’s a fount of wisdom! Who’s talking...I thought Conrad the Con was dead... They voted while willfully uneducated. Convicted felon Conrad Why don’t you leave again....if you’re so unhappy here!!!! Nothing. That is the answer. And Opposition party impudent while destroying themselves within. Perhaps, and perhaps a totally new grass roots party is needed where the fanatics are kept out. People with proven record on management and being able to chose a leader who can talk.

Auditory & visual hallucinations.💤 Ugh. They voted for it :( This is our karma for what we did to the Natives.

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