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COMMENTARY: On the question of Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau’s pause puzzles his critics

Trudeau's remarkable hang time of dead air after he was asked about President Donald Trump continues to resonate, Mike Smyth says.

2020-06-04 5:43:00 PM

COMMENTARY: Clocking in at 22 seconds, Trudeau’s remarkable hang time of dead air was heard and analyzed around the world, says MikeSmythNews.

Trudeau's remarkable hang time of dead air after he was asked about President Donald Trump continues to resonate, Mike Smyth says.

3:36George Floyd protests: Trudeau says Canadians watching U.S. with ‘horror and consternation’ Read more: »

MikeSmythNews Nothing Trudeau says or doesnt say is 'heard around the world' he is laughable. MikeSmythNews I've gone back & forth on 'the pause' but then I read the piece from Peter Donolo on this & it turned my head around. One advantage of being a close friend is you can be frank when it's needed. Surely this must be such a moment, right? It feels like it

MikeSmythNews Holy cringe global MikeSmythNews His handlers were scrambling to get him a answer to his earpiece! Hasn’t had a original thought yet 😡 MikeSmythNews It cracks me up that the deluded still believe this was some deep moment or him collecting his thoughts 😂 MikeSmythNews You could see the gears turning and his teeth clinging together with a little steam out the ears while he had to think off script

MikeSmythNews He’s brain dead! MikeSmythNews Only thing remarkable, is the retards that voted for him a second time MikeSmythNews Anyone considered that it was intentional? And he doesn't have enough courage to actually put into words what he really thinks. Just an alternate theory. I don't agree with a lot of what he says & does but he's opinionated & by no means a dummy. Maybe it was his actual 'line'

MikeSmythNews The question was a lousy setup. The hook was the phrase 'what does your silence say'. Well, mr smartass reporter, it appears the silence says a lot more than you bargained for. The reply, in its entirety, was brilliant. MikeSmythNews Was more looking like the poor art and education graduate than a PM on this one..By the way did he really graduated?

MikeSmythNews Oh FFS! The media are a parody. Is this TheOnion ? JustinTrudeau’s 21 seconds more like Pluto than Plato. MikeSmythNews His moment of silence was genius! Why comment on someone so stupid. No need! 👏👏👏 MikeSmythNews Maybe he was thinking before speaking which is acceptable at an educational level

MikeSmythNews I think his pregnant pause was praised in some circles because it was such an improvement from when speaks. MikeSmythNews Dramatic pause? After all, he was a part time drama teacher! cdnpoli MikeSmythNews Anyone that thinks paper box water bottle guy didn't rehearse that all frickin night in his jammies is too stupid to be alive, let alone vote.

What is a diplomatic way to tell someone where to go and what do when they get there? And what whether to say it in English or French? 🧐🤔 MikeSmythNews His silence speaks for Me! When one has Nothing to say, one doesn't say it!! MikeSmythNews It was AMAZING!! Two thumbs up! MikeSmythNews The message for his incompetence is being shunned by all Canadian media sources . You do not live in a democracy and as the Liberal fist closes , you will see the full force of their directive path . They control the narrative, RCMP, Supreme Court and the senate. God help us

MikeSmythNews Legit people dont require that long to awnser. I should hope he has thought before.The world laughs while I fear the worst. MikeSmythNews Trudeau is a fool. He is not capable of thinking on his feet. He follows a script and when you get him off script, this is the result. Another famous pause was a few years ago when asked about Jung Un. His reply was pure stupidity

MikeSmythNews An actor finding himself without a script.... until 22 seconds later realizing that he remembers and old script that is entirely unrelated. Hoping no one notices; hoping stupid people interpret it as discretion or deep thought. Completely hollow. MikeSmythNews Mission accomplished. MikeSmythNews Love it! Fuck you to trump without saying it.

MikeSmythNews Did he eat edibles before walking out there? MikeSmythNews It's called a 'Pregnant Pause' shocking how it can expose how many people think they can 'read minds' MikeSmythNews Hes a genius when it comes to trump MikeSmythNews Look...if he didn’t pause and think about that he was going to say...we would have heard another juice box water box type of speech.

MikeSmythNews MikeSmythNews Simple Analysis: He took his time on how to respond to a question.. Id rather that then some idiot who just talks in circles about how great he is, or how the ratings for his appearances have been hugggeeee. MikeSmythNews How could he not know what to say. Questions have to be submitted two days ahead of time in order for him to prepare a scripted answer. He doesn’t have the ability to answer questions off the cuff. What a clown we have for a prime minister. lol

MikeSmythNews Soory Global. My vote is still......massive brain fart. No matter how you try to spin it for your sock prince. MikeSmythNews How about, we have a leader who thinks before he speaks. And what a world we live in that a simple act of restraint and maturity needs to be dissected. MikeSmythNews Love Trump

MikeSmythNews I thought he would say “ I smell burnt toast” MikeSmythNews I’d like to see canadians riot and loot like down south and then see how much longer the media and the left will call people simply “protesters”. we act so perfect up here like the canadian govt wouldnt handle the riots and looting in the same exact way which is police force

MikeSmythNews MikeSmythNews It’s hard to take in everything that Butts was telling him through his ear piece. MikeSmythNews MikeSmythNews Breaking news: Politician pauses to think! MikeSmythNews He was high as a kite! MikeSmythNews MikeSmythNews No puzzle. Trudeau cannot comment directly on Trump without risking our agreements with borders, food and medical supplies. Trump is unpredictable and petulant. He could retaliate against Canada in a heartbeat.

MikeSmythNews Can't a man have a moment to think before he speaks?! It was a deep and important question. MikeSmythNews Who asked the 21seconds question...wonder if this journalist has felt Trudeau’s wrath yet? Sure applaud this journalist...stand up and be counted please. MikeSmythNews EmbarassmentAroundTheWorld

MikeSmythNews He took a long pause because he realized he’s a hypocrite. Mr crocodile tears can’t criticize Trump for condoning violence against POC when JustinTrudeau did the SAME THING to First Nations people in February. Shut the front door, Justin. MikeSmythNews Bs reporting ... 22 seconds of shitty reporting

MikeSmythNews It would be nice if more politicians reflected on their words before they spoke. MikeSmythNews He was thinking of his own racism in his backyard I bet MikeSmythNews Ok not 21seconds but 22secinds MikeSmythNews Poor PierrePoilievre and ErinOTooleMP , you have to feel sorry for them. Skills and personality they will never possess.

MikeSmythNews We are sitting next to a ticking time bomb. 45 is not rational or thoughtful,he does things in a knee-jerk manner. He relishes taking out revenge on others. In my mind Trudeau was taking time to calculate his words as to not set off the bomb. MikeSmythNews Canadians always seem so surprised when people actually notice them.

MikeSmythNews It's a good idea for Zero Influence and Pathetically Powerless Terrorist loving SJW Socialist POS Canadian politicians to keep there Powerless Moistly Speaking Mouths SHUT!!! MikeSmythNews Trying to turn this gaff into anything other than a fool lost for words isn’t journalism, it is partisan hyperbole.

MikeSmythNews I was rather pleased to have 22 seconds of not having him speak. MikeSmythNews It was not analyzed by the world. The Media does what it does best.. They covered for him. MikeSmythNews 🤣 ⬇️ Last sentence in the video pretty much sums up what the black community thinks of Trudeau’s 21 seconds

MikeSmythNews Anything for exposure. MikeSmythNews This is what actually happened. MikeSmythNews Not entirely sure anyone can really take that seriously since he's worn blackface 3 times. This is the dumbest analysis I've ever read. MikeSmythNews MK-Ultra glitch? What if Trudeau is a Manchurian Candidate and brain is melting? 🤔 The people of Canada and CPC_HQ should be demanding a rigorous mental fitness evaluation.

MikeSmythNews He can only answer questions that are rehearsed...cant think on his feet..he relys on his teleprompter..without it he's fucked...just like he's fucked up all of Canada with his corruption and ridiculous policies. MikeSmythNews He was angry. He’s a caring man. MikeSmythNews Look. guys. Sometimes there is an audio delay between Beijing and Canada ok? Please understand.

MikeSmythNews Yummmmmm...duh....cause he's braindead? worstpminhistory trudeaupause TrudeauBlackface TrudeauLied TrudeauDictatorship TrudeauSpeaksMoistly TrudeauSellout TrudeauNotFitForOffice TrudeauBreakingCanada TrudeauCorruption sorospuppet MikeSmythNews Option1: He stood there like someone that forgot his lines. Option2: His ear piece malfunctioned Option 3: Nobody home for 22 seconds The world in awe of the Canadian thinker.🤣

MikeSmythNews Did the little hamster stop running around its wheel for 20 seconds? Meh. His beard was far more impressive to all of ya. MikeSmythNews Do any global employees have any shame MikeSmythNews That 22 seconds of silence is the most intelligent thing to ever come out of his mouth. MikeSmythNews His brain fart was heard and analyzed around the WORLD? Bahahahahahahahahaha...

MikeSmythNews I just wanted to say kudos to the Prime Minister for stopping and thinking before responding to the question about Trump. That's real leadership and maturity!!!! MikeSmythNews Wow, who could not summarize that this mumbling moron lost his feed....our “leader” is a complete joke MikeSmythNews People actually think something was going on in his head. He probably has these brain freezes several times a day

MikeSmythNews FACT: If every village took out their idiots and then brought them together, Justin Trudeau would be the biggest idiot in the group. MikeSmythNews I've read now 20, 21 and 22 seconds. I know it's just a couple of seconds but come on. At least be consistent MikeSmythNews Whether intentional or not, silence was the right answer. He should have said, 'next question' after the silence. All of the many friends of the United States should observe a moment of silence for its passing. It's a long long way back from Trump.

MikeSmythNews Just think, just think if there was a major crisis that needed quick thinking and a quick reaction...he would not know what to do! He is a failure as a leader! MikeSmythNews Lol look at all you butt hurt conservatives throwing a fit. 🤣🤣🤣 MikeSmythNews A reasonable pause could suggest his desire/ability to reflect on what is an important and valid question. However, what he displayed was reluctance and uncertainty. And what is even more stunning is that – apparently - both he and his staff failed to anticipate such a question.

MikeSmythNews Meanwhile, , ctvqp & CBCTheNational remains silent on Trudeau physically ejecting journalists from asking him questions during another election style relief announcement What if this was being done on a daily basis by former PM, full time boogey man, Harper? MikeSmythNews Canada has a corrupt clown in charge, sadly.

MikeSmythNews It’s a lot less complicated than the FakeNews are making out and is exactly what it looks like - the silence of emptiness inside of Trudeau’s head is deafening. (Turn up the volume) MikeSmythNews Trudeau wants Canada to be allowed to join the UN Security Council. He can't say anything controversial about any member.

MikeSmythNews 'Clocking in at 22 seconds, Trudeau's lack of word salad was appreciated around the world' There, fixed it for you. MikeSmythNews jane_dough2020 you’re my favourite new voice on Twitter today! I feel everything you so eloquently expressed, and I agree that No elected leader IN THE WORLD can predict Trump. Silence says so much. You’ve got a new follower! Your measured voice is a rare find lately👏👏👏 TY🇨🇦

MikeSmythNews MikeSmythNews MikeSmythNews I looked at it as a real leader who as a citizen of the world is outraged at the stunts being pulled right now by POTUS but sometimes it is best to bite your tongue and focus on what is going on in your own back yard then worrying about the neanderthal south of border.

MikeSmythNews Tell Don Lemon this is why it takes Trudeau so long to answer questions: MikeSmythNews It can sometimes take quite awhile to form a thought... MikeSmythNews Experts say... Justin temporary lost communication with Butts. MikeSmythNews Of course it deserved 3 or 4 stories from your team of MentalMidgets to try & decode that....🤪

MikeSmythNews Total incompetence is now a liberal virtue. The media laps it up like good little...lap-dogs. MikeSmythNews I think this was covered in the film Bambi, when Thumper said, 'If you can't say something nice, don't say nuthin' at all.'... MikeSmythNews Hes a blackface brainlet, but hes OUR blackface brainlet 😌🙏

MikeSmythNews What a waste of time, energy, and words. is part of Trump’s war machine MikeSmythNews He was thinking about Mark Critch, they are about the same level of intelligence MikeSmythNews The world seen our fearless leader in action. He should just be thankful there wasn’t a side view somebody might have seen the smoke coming from his ears.TrudeauNotFitForOffice

MikeSmythNews Hahahhaha wow! We really are living in multiple realities aren’t we. MikeSmythNews MikeSmythNews Chauncy. In real time. With fools in media adding some gravitas, such a completely pathetic bunch. MikeSmythNews Let's get it straight. It's just his teleprompter malfunctioning and he had no clue and was probably high again. Can't doubt how much government bialout money to do to MSM. People ... Watch the video again and make your own judgement.

MikeSmythNews Who is analyzing this electronic communications and teleprompter technicians. You realized he is being fed answers and his teleprompter when out MikeSmythNews Here is a simple analysis of his silence: The gerbil in my brain has stopped for a water break, and will resume turning the wheel momentarily.

MikeSmythNews He lost his 5G Huawei connection to his ear piece. The results were catastrophic. MikeSmythNews I watch Al Jazeera, Sky News, Bloomberg, RT, all Canadian Networks, CNN, Fox, etc, etc..No one gave it more that a 30 sec segment a couple of days ago. No one is talking about it. MOVE ON! MikeSmythNews Canada is not discrimatory against simpletons and those who wear blackface.

MikeSmythNews “remarkable” You really should try and pry your lips off Justin’s arse. Not a good look for an outfit that purports to “do journalism” MikeSmythNews I heard the a Great Crested Fly Catcher Bird in the background ! MikeSmythNews This dude has a 20 second brain fart and it's called 'epic' and 'remarkable'.. Next time I have pregnancy brain and forget the word for 'spoon' I'm gonna remind my family of this.

MikeSmythNews Let me analyze: he’s a drama teacher and it was pure acting. Justin is fake. MikeSmythNews Prime minister says nothing for 20 seconds=front page news🤦‍♂️ MikeSmythNews It was almost like he was a mindless disingenuous incompetent, unable to form a sincere thought unless it's a rehashed banal platitude or carefully rehearsed response fed to him by his advisors. Shocker😲

MikeSmythNews What!! 'remarkable'🤣🤣🤣 'heard n analyzed around d world' yeah, now d world just confirmed how idiot Trudeau CowardOfTheCottage is! Is lining up its journos to compete 4 the most JustinVaginaLovers 1 fan title? PressTitutes LameStreamMedia BlackFace CDNpoli MikeSmythNews Don’t overthink this. He’s just brain dead.

MikeSmythNews Every time Trudeau fucks up he becomes an even bigger Liberal rockstar, Canada 2020! MikeSmythNews Settle down, he was just re-booting... .... MikeSmythNews Live footage from inside Trudeau’s brain during the “dramatic pause” MikeSmythNews I think his ear piece malfunctioned and with no one to supply the words, he only had dead air.

MikeSmythNews Its wise to pause before you confront a rabid dog like Trump. MikeSmythNews I’m sorry but his latter response where he tells us he hears us? How can he when he knowingly painted his face to be a different color for a play. You can say what you want about him and his responses and how he sounds empathetic. But to me he sounds like a liar and a fake.Racist

MikeSmythNews That pause was BRILLIANT!! Silence said more than words. MikeSmythNews WHITE SILENCE IS VIOLENCE MikeSmythNews If this country twice elected a man who wore blackface at least 3 times, then maybe we DO have a systemic racism problem. MikeSmythNews It was an actor who forgot his lines. Trump has him shaking in his boots.

MikeSmythNews It was intelligent, professional and absolutely told more than words could. Some people need to learn how to use silence as a voice.

Donald Trump Has Made The U.S. ‘No Longer Safe,’ Elizabeth May SaysNDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is also calling on Trudeau to denounce the U.S. president’s actions. Really? Elizabeth May the mentality of a bucket of crabs? The more the propaganda lamestream media pushes these lies, the more people realize how fake the narratives are.

Trudeau Responds To Question About Trump Military Action With A Very Long PauseTrudeau responds to question about Trump military action with a very long pause Yeah cause hes days away from probably having to do the same thing up here and doesnt wanna tie his hands with pointless virtue signaling. No, that was a pause of relief that no one asked him to try and estimate how many times he has worn Blackface in his life...

Biden: Trump 'consumed' by ego, not leading during crisisJoe Biden on Tuesday blistered U.S. President Donald Trump a day after police drove back peaceful protesters near the White House so Trump could pose with a Bible before a damaged church. Biden said Trump's 'narcissism has become more important than the nation that he leads.' And Blackfaces Trudeau is haha imo That's been kind of obvious for the last 5 years... Senile Biden will never be president. He will be replaced before Nov. I'm certain of it, they cant run this old fool. HidinBiden

Trump pulls Republican National Convention out of North CarolinaDemocratic governor would not guarantee relaxation of physical-distancing rules in time for August nomination Wow sent it south to realDonaldTrump your supremacist base and encourage the close contact and ignore social precautions. You may lose some voters as a result ! I believe they rejected him Good job realDonaldTrump ! North Carolina is a shit hole state. No one wants to go there

If Trudeau won't stand up to Trump, how will regular people: SinghNDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has accused the prime minister of hypocrisy for calling on Canadians to do more to combat racism but refusing to condemn inflammatory remarks by U.S. President Donald Trump. Hopefully President Trump will soon put Trudeau and his merry band of thieves in jail where they belong. Trump2020 His silence spoke a million words! Singh you will never understand true leadership until you understand this!! Trudeau is a coward. He's not his father. Remember his mother was nuts.

Trump may be backing off military threat amid George Floyd protests: sourcesThe Defense Department has still drafted contingency plans for how to deploy active-duty military if needed, according to documents. Did somebody tell him it was illegal? oh right someone told finally him it was actually against the law. VanStreetDog 'The eyes of the city are opening Now it's the end of the dream'