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Electionday, Canadavotes 2019

COMMENTARY: How to watch election night like a political pro

The first results from Atlantic Canada might offer clues as to how the rest of election night will unfold, Darrell Bricker says.


COMMENTARY: Political pros will be watching to see if the Liberals lose any seats in Newfoundland, and if that is followed by seat losses in the other Atlantic provinces, writes Darrell Bricker. ElectionDay canadavotes2019 CanadaElection2019

The first results from Atlantic Canada might offer clues as to how the rest of election night will unfold, Darrell Bricker says.

Something similar applies to the NDP. In 2015, the NDP won 16 seats in Quebec with 25 per cent of the vote. Current polling has the party at less than half of this in voter support. Going into this election most analysts assumed the NDP would be lucky to hold on to any of their seats in Quebec. If they are to have a stronger than expected night, Quebec could be where it starts.

This brings us to Ontario, which has 121 seats, the lion’s share of the 338 seats being contested on Monday. Political pros will focus mostly on the 905, which is the belt of suburban seats circling the City of Toronto.

The 905 has no partisan loyalty. It goes with the winner. On Monday, if the 905 moves again in a block, there’s a possibility that either the Liberals or Conservatives could win a majority.

The City of Toronto, or the 416, is also worth watching. There are a few ridings with a history of switching back and forth between the Liberals and NDP. If the NDP is on the right side of the switches this time, it will be a difficult night for the Liberals.

In 2015, Justin Trudeau declared ‘Canada is back’— so where are we now?

This brings us to B.C. The election could all come down to what happens on the west coast this time. Along with Quebec, B.C. is the most competitive jurisdiction in the country with four parties seriously threatening to win seats.

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Trudeau did a fantastic job repairing the devastating cuts from the conservatives and people understand that money had to be spent to reverse the hurtful cuts that hurt most. Economy grew and will continue. Liberals for all, conservatives for wealthy? Liberalism is done. Liberalism is dead. Liberalism is weird. SCHEER4THEWIN

They will lose one seat in Newfoundland

LIVE: Party leaders cast their ballots in electionWatch as the party leaders cast their ballots in the 2019 federal election after a 40-day campaign, LIVE here. Hope he wrote his goodbye speech. Who cares TrudeauMustGo

The Facebook campaign trail: Analysis of ads shows shifting priorities for parties in campaign's final stretchOn election.ctvnews.ca: Part two of an analysis of Facebook political ad spending by the Liberals, Conservatives, and NDP shows shifting priorities for the parties in the campaign's final stretch.

In 2015, Justin Trudeau declared ‘Canada is back’— so where are we now?Four years later and just days from the 2019 federal election , political scientists and international relations experts are taking stock of Trudeau’s record on foreign policy. Back in debt..... in good economic times....... I've never been more embarrassed to be a Canadian.... Yes Canada is back to 50’’ I hope so but we’ll find out Monday. ChooseForwardWithTrudeau

Ignored and Ignited: Seniors feel ‘invisible’ in federal electionCanadian seniors tell Global National Correspondent Mike Armstrong that they feel ignored by political parties during this federal election . The runt of pierre's litter JustinTrudeau has promised a 10% increase to seniors provided they live to 75! If they're in a home at 75 the money of course goes to the home. promised a drug plan too but when he gave us weed he marked it up 300% The liberals absolutely don't care! NDP better healthcare,dental and pharmacare for seniors UpRiSingh I agree. Pensions arent enough. With rent going up every year too. It should be capped for Seniors at least.

CTV National News: Final day of campaigningOn the night before the federal election , jvrCTV looks back on the cutthroat campaign and how the party leaders made their last bid to voters. Elxn43 jvrCTV Every one of the politicians need to watch this video. cslubicki jvrCTV jvrCTV

How to follow election night with CTV NewsPolls are open across Canada and CTVNews is coast-to-coast-to-coast with coverage of the 2019 Federal Election . cdnpoli elxn43 Read more on how to watch: Live coverage of the 2019 federal election results starts at 7 p.m. ET:

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